Watch: Brandy & Monica Perform ‘The Boy Is Mine’ & ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ Live For #VERZUZ Battle

Published: Tuesday 1st Sep 2020 by Rashad

Although ‘The Boy is Mine’ has been the biggest hit of their respective careers, Brandy and Monica fans have always complained the song not gotten its just due on the live front over its 22-year life span.

In fact, their follow-up duet – ‘It All Belongs to Me’ – has been treated to more live televised performances despite not having as substantial impact on the Hot 100 as its Rodney Jerkins-produced forerunners.

For these reasons and more, the duo’s most devoted followers were all too pleased when they closed their history-making #VERZUZ battle with a live rendition of the tune.

Did you miss the action when it was broadcast live on Instagram from Tyler Perry Studios Monday night (August 31)?

You can watch it inside:


Throughout the battle, the two addressed social injustice, prison reform, and the necessity of voting.  They even exchanged ad-libs and sang verses of Sam Cooke‘s enduring, socially conscious hit ‘A Change is Gonna Come.’

See it below:


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  1. Audreyherbsburn September 1, 2020

    Y’all sho love to lie for clicks, but go off

  2. #TheTruth September 1, 2020

    They didn’t even sing The Boy Is Mine, they basically played the track, that’s it. How lazy of them…

    • Pat September 1, 2020

      Change Them to Monica boo. She wanted no parts of brandys vocals At least she knows her limits

    • Audreyherbsburn September 1, 2020

      Verzuz has never been about performing.

    • IAMME September 1, 2020

      Billboard also said that Madonna had better videos then Michael JACKSON…LOL

    • whhiiittt and blllacc bitchess September 1, 2020

      this site cant admit that Brandy won , yes BRANDY WON you cant change that she won

    • #WAP September 1, 2020

      Of course brandy won. Monica is a gospel one trick pony kind of singer. Brandy is a true artist

  3. Jackx September 1, 2020

    Brandy that outfit is just a no. Love you though

    • #WAP September 1, 2020

      Monica couldn’t even sit in her outfit, and Monica’s pants are baggy in the pic above. Nobody wants baggy leather pants…and big rabbit teeth 🐰

  4. Unicorn September 1, 2020

    Brandy vocals 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. #WAP September 1, 2020

    Brandy is so pure and genuine. Monica is still bitter and angry and jealous and it showed last night. Mad she wasn’t included on the waiting to exhale soundtrack? 🙄 Not complimenting brandy like she complimented her. 🙄 just nasty and bitter

    • FMcL September 1, 2020

      She gave Brandy a lot of props for her accolades both in music and acting…did you miss that?

    • Paulo September 1, 2020

      you used to be cool with your old username, but how come changing to WAP made you bitter? is the P for PRESSED or what? they both complimented each other last night and the love was genuine from both sides

      • #WAP September 1, 2020

        B****, who the f*** are you? I didn’t join this site until August, when WAP came out. Stfu and suck a fat one you crusty rat.

  6. Paya September 1, 2020

    Yup Brandy definitely won even this morning I told myself I was gonna listen to a few Monica songs from the battle and I completely forgot What the heck they were even called what the heck they were even called lol

    • Paulo September 1, 2020

      funny how the iTunes charts are currently saying otherwise. you thought you did something with this, but it was just lame.

      • Sparkle September 1, 2020

        What exactly are you trying to get at here? The iTunes Charts where 3 of Brandy’s albums are in the top 10 R&B? One of which is currently #1 And 5 in the top 20? Top 5 on the main charts?

      • Paulo September 1, 2020

        You got internet to read and get in your feelings for nothing but not to check that Monica is doing the same feat on the singles chart. Last night was a win for both of them but Brandy stans just can’t accept that people love both of them. 🙄

      • Sparkle September 1, 2020

        And Monica fans are innocent in the matter? Y’all been trolling and bullying Brandy and her fans for years. Then y’all wonder why Brandy’s fans be on 10.

  7. Borderline September 1, 2020

    Bran was being authentic and real and even letting the other one have her moment.. Like who sings at a versus battle ?? Monica was being bougie and uptight low-key shady exactly why I can’t stand her yodel stank ass. Brandy wins off of being more memorable

  8. DioraCouture September 1, 2020

    That was a horrible rendition….

  9. Your Name September 1, 2020

    Why didn’t Monica sing? I think we were all looking forward to a performance from them ugh.

  10. Lj September 1, 2020

    They were just having a good time and didnt want to battle. But this came across very half assed. There could have been more vocal share but they are too worried about breaking the competition speculations.

  11. Eric September 1, 2020

    I was waiting the whole night thinking they would actually perform together in the end. I guess Tim and Swizz don’t want to spend the money to clear live performances. It was a bit of a letdown.

    • Paulo September 1, 2020

      I wouldn’t say a letdown, but yes, I wanted them to SING sing

  12. Dashhh September 1, 2020

    Brandy looks like a d***😂😂😂😂😂 Monica’s outfit looked better from afar. I thought she was wearing thigh boots at first just to find out they were baggy leather pants. Other than that they both slayed with music and vocals 🎤🎼I hope these new girls were taking notes because they SUCK lmao. Wonderful celebration. The stupid ass stan wars on here can stop now, ok???

  13. stan September 1, 2020

    while i enjoyed listening to their hits, i definitely felt a bit let down that there weren’t as many live vocals/singing.

  14. BYISI September 1, 2020

    Brandy fans love to attack every other female artist but were ghost her last four album drops.
    Brandy wins if you stop at 2001
    Monica If you start at 2003
    It’s all really just preference! Monica currently has 6 songs in the top 10 of the R&B iTunes chart, Brandy’s first song is at #12! Which is why I simply refuse to believe social media hype! Let Brandy fans tell it, Monica got washed but iTunes and streaming are showing a different result!

    • just+saying September 1, 2020

      Monica has SINGLES charting on iTunes… Brandy has ALBUMS charting on iTunes. They’re both winning.

    • Sparkle September 1, 2020

      AND 5 OF BRANDYS ALBUMS ARE IN THE TOP 20. 1 of which is #1. 3 in the top 10. 1 top 5 main charts. As always the masses are more interested in Brandy’s ALBUMS judging by her higher album sales. I didn’t even want to come in here and compare but y’all tripping tripping! Let’s celebrate both ladies!!!🙄

  15. Joe September 1, 2020

    It really seemed like brandy came for a good time, to go thru each others hits and song along together. Brandy tried so many times to get monica to sing with her… but mo kept messing it up.. starts talking or just didnt engage. Brandy tried to give us what we wanted though.

    • IWISHABITCHWOULD September 1, 2020

      Yes! You the only one in here making sense! 👏🏾 Monica fell out, rolled her eyes, put the mic down on purpose like girl..stay your stank ass home if you don’t wanna participate. Monica ruined this battle. Wait 3 hrs for her to do absolutely nothing.

    • Interac September 1, 2020

      I do wish Monica sang more but the few times she did, she ate! Period. Even when she kept doing the “ho, ho,” sideline ho lol.

    • Paulo September 1, 2020

      Brandy singing along with her younger self was definitely a highlight. She is still so passionate about her work and it’s beautiful to watch and listen

  16. Yandi September 2, 2020

    Let’s clear ALL this up right now. First, Monica is jealous of Brandy. You may not think it’s true, but it is. Brandy has had a bigger music career; she’s had a successful acting career; been on Broadway; and is revered by producers, other artists, and peers. There are a lot of US who hate (have hated) on Brandy (not me). People have called her sellout, and still hold against her some of the things she’s been through in the past. GET OVER IT ALREADY! Both ladies are talented and this is not about pitting them against each other. Monica is known, has had some success, but not much outside of music. Brandy, on the other hand, has. Brandy is a GIFT. Monica is a good artist, but not even in the same league as Brandy. There is a reason why Brandy was asked to be on the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack. There is a reason why Brandy was asked to be on the Set It Off Soundtrack. Yeah, Monica was on the Space Jam Soundtrack, but again, NOT the same. “Missing You” was a group of legends on that track. Brandy did a WHOLE album of unreleased songs and it was fire! Did y’all know that? I don’t know if their friendship will ever grow. But, let’s be real. These girls, especially vocally, are not in the same league. Brandy is the voice of a generation. PERIOD! And, she’ll forever be known as the Vocal Bible. Monica cannot touch that.

    • Musiqlovah September 3, 2020

      Although Monica is one my all-time favorites, I am equally a fan of music. Thus, I so appreciate what the Aaliyah-Brandy-Monica Trinity did for that era. It was truly something special. These days i don’t divide and concur. I see a win for 1 as win for the trinity. Although Aaliyah is gone, my pray is that Brandy and Monica will tarry on to legendary status. So despite the stan wars, I support them all, thus I bought B7 and Monica’s new single. Having said that, I will respond to a few things said.

      I don’t think Monica is jealous of B-Rocka. She just not like that. Yes she did mention the waiting to exhale thing. But i chalked it up as fun banter. I do think she wanted to be apart of soundtrack. But like Brandy said, Monica was still relatively a new artist earning her stripes where as Brandy had the music and tv, of which gave her edge. But after Monica proved herself, the movie soundtracks offers came: Preacher’s Wife, Space Jam, Fled, Nutty Professor.

      On a last note, as a fan of the Trinity, i was disappointed to learn that song TBIM is not available on Monica’s album for streaming. Well all know that Brandy is at least part owner of that song. And if she is responsible for that, then I can understand why Monica didn’t sing the song. And I would be looking at Brandy in a totally different way.

  17. Cruz September 3, 2020

    Loved this, but so confused – do they not know the lyrics to A Change is Gonna Come??? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!!!

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