Avery Wilson Goes Public With Boyfriend Joseph D

Published: Monday 28th Dec 2020 by Sam

Avery Wilson is sharing his love.

The R&B singer made headlines in July when he came out as bisexual on his 25th birthday.

Now, he’s opening up about the romance he has in his life.

Taking to social media, he shared a clip of himself loved up with popular fitness guru Joseph D Fit:

Wilson first rose to prominence after vowing millions on The Voice and went on to be signed by Clive Davis at RCA Records. 

And as his star ascends, it’s clear he wants fans to know him on a deeper level.

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  1. We hatee whyy blacc bitchhzz December 28, 2020

    Dude saying bi with the bye 👋 hand up.. So he still gonna be with girls his boyfriend not gonna like that neither will the girlfriend

    • Incognito December 28, 2020

      Everybody ain’t like you darling, your issues about your own insecurities are yours and yours only 😘

      • NoLie December 28, 2020

        The devil is a liar!

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        What do you mean? Who’s the devil?

  2. OOPS December 28, 2020

    Avery has a nasty pompous attitude. Good luck Joseph

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

    We don’t even know you chile so we don’t care. Good luck but keep it moving.

  4. PinotNoir December 28, 2020

    Avery can sang. . .but headlines? Why any artist helmed by Clive is bi? Mr. Wilson’s tweet was a cop out – ya can’t be bi and come out with a boyfriend.

    • Danny Bey December 28, 2020

      Why not. Bi literally means you like both men and women. So if he likes both, why can’t he have a bf? If he had a gf would that make it better? Or y’all would still call him gay? Chile the double standard. Just say y’all hate black men who like d*ck and p*ssy and move.

      • Interac December 28, 2020

        In this case, I do believe “bi” is an attempt to save face, given his profession and the content of his music. He doesn’t want to come off as someone who has been intentionally deceiving his fans. I knew he was gay when I saw that video of him and seven streeter on stage lol, I think they kissed, just awkward. None of this matters anyway, the boy can saaaang!!

      • PinotNoir December 28, 2020

        His bisexuality would have been more credible if he had flaunted a girlfriend online before, simultaneously, or after his current boo. P.S. take cues from Interac on how to counter-opine politely.

      • Isaiditandwhogonecheckmeboo December 29, 2020

        Some of these comments are ignorant asf. Why does it matter to y’all who he is with. As long as they are happy together that is all that matters. Some of y’all need to catch up and get a man and get your own houses in order instead of worrying about other people 4 walls. Periodt!

      • Danny Bey December 30, 2020

        Or you can take pointers on not gaf about who people sleep with and what they identify as if you had that much attention in your own miserable life. But go awf sis. ISWIS.

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