Sada Baby Apologizes for Wishing Death on Lil Nas X: ‘I Only Said It Because of the Devil Shoes’

Published: Tuesday 6th Apr 2021 by Rashad

6 months after ‘Whole Lotta Choppas’ star Sada Baby caused a whole lotta controversy for resurfaced tweets bashing the LGBT community and wishing death on Beyonce (click here to read), he’s back in headlines for more of the same – this time wishing death of chart-topping singer-rapper Lil Nas X.

After Nas slammed the vile comment as ‘f*cked up’ (and his devoted fans rushed to assist), Sada issued an apology for the vile comments.

Hear his statement inside:

Video courtesy of IHH:

Taking to Instagram to respond to the negative press surrounding the death wish (as seen in the video above), Sada apologized to LNX and explained why he wished death on the 21-year-old.

“I said what I said in that post because of the shoes,” he began. “That’s it. The Devil shoes, the Devil in the video. Giving the Devil a lapdance. Wild, that shit crazy. That will never be no shit I sympathize with or empathize with or agree with. But I wasn’t wishing death on blood for real, nobody want a n***a dead.”

Later in the clip, Sada said:

“His main audience is kids. What you showing to kids is you giving the Devil a lapdance. I don’t want to walk in a room anywhere with any of my family and see my kids imitating what they see in that video in any way. That’s not something I agree with. But yeah, I apologize to Lil Buddy if he feel I wanted him dead.”


The ‘devil shoes’ referred to in the apology are Lil Nas X’s partnership with MSCHF (seen above).

As extensively reported here on That Grape Juice, Nas’ Satanic sneaker – inspired by images found aboard his latest music video ‘Montero’ – is a reworked take on Nike‘s Air Max ’97’s and bears the bible scripture Luke 10:18 (which refers to the story of Satan’s banishment from heaven. The $1,018 price-point reflects the verse too. Further, each pair is touted as featuring real human blood. Only 666 pairs were produced.

Nike quickly distanced itself from the venture, even having a judge issue an injunction to halt sales.  Click here to read more about it.

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  1. Oliver April 7, 2021

    Look at those ignorant thugs. Talking not even thinking then come to apologize. Ok you have your 1 minute fame what’s next ?

    • BUZZ OFF April 7, 2021

      He wished death on Beyoncé too, so what else can you expect..

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