Nicki Minaj Claps Back at Vaccination Critique, Cites Malcolm X

Published: Thursday 16th Sep 2021 by Sam

Nicki Minaj has been under fire this week after her remarks about not being vaccinated and claims about issues with the vaccines went viral.

The aftermath saw the femcee spar with the likes of Joy Reid, Piers Morgan, and more. Even the health minister in her home country of Trinidad expressed frustration with her comments.

Unfazed, Minaj has hit back at the collective furor and has drawn on the journey of civil rights leader Malcolm X to illustrate her stance.

See what we mean below…

Taking to Instagram Stories, the rapper wrote:

“Y’all gotta stop pretending to love ppl with backbones. If Malcolm X were here, he’d be asking questions and most of y’all that holler “black lives matter” and ‘protect black women’ would be telling him to shut-UP and fall in line. Y’all say these people’s names but embody the spirit of a coward.”


Your thoughts?

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  1. Justme September 16, 2021

    If she would just let this go the controversy surrounding her would go away. We’re talking about a virus that has killed 600,000 ppl, who keep talking about that, and for what reason. Once she cited tucker carlson I was done with her and it🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Maurice Cassidy September 16, 2021

      and what exactly did she do that was wrong?
      GURL!! Please, y’all need to get a backbone fr fr. Y’all just wanna hate Nicki, then just say that. It’s ridiculous at this point.

      • ISaidWhatISaid September 16, 2021

        We HATE Nicki. There, ya happy? 🤣

      • Maurice Cassidy September 16, 2021

        shouldn’t u be douching your hole out, miss mamas.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021


    • Questions September 16, 2021

      Right any life lost for any reason is not ok! However, we MUST question the motivation behind a vaccine requirement. Yes, over 600k ppl have died I’m the USA alone. But do your research! In 2019 the year before c**** started 428k dead from stroke, 410k children were reported missing, 396k dead from cancer related issues, 316k died from heart issues in the USA alone! Are we calling those pandemics?

      Let’s look deeper, 37 million people have been “infected ” by this “virus” in the USA but has a survival rate of 99%. Do you hear anything about the fact 36.4 million people survived? Nope we’re stuck to fear the 600k that died only. In 2019 33 million Americans had the flu according to the CDC resulting to 197k deaths. On top of that we have a man named BILL GATES who is not a scientist nor doctor leading the charge on this vaccine who is closely connected to a lot of people pushing for mandatory vaccines. This is the same man who for years said the best way to help decrease and control the population is through vaccines.

      I’ll do you one more solid, it’s your choice to be vaccinated or not. I will not fight any person on that decision, it is your body but we should question things when we’re being forced to get something in order to work, or utilize a service. Question things when vaccinated people are still becoming infected or randomly dying or passing the virus to others still. I have lost 2 family members with no health issues just weeks after the shot. Now possibly a 3rd as my brother sits in an ICU with no known health issues until he got vaccinated. Lastly, where I work out of the 170 cases we’ve had 103 were break through cases MEANING FULLY VACCINATED INDIVIDUALS! So again do what you feel works best for you, that’s your right, but I have reason to question and pray we all take steps to remain safe

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        This is all to usher in the New World Order.

      • stan September 16, 2021

        don’t take the vaccine then. if you get horribly sick, stay home and don’t go to the hospital, since you clearly don’t believe in modern medicine.

      • MrCommonSense September 16, 2021

        some people seem to forget about Long Haul c**** victims with lifelong health issues and the virus does mutate from one person to person and becomes even worst and more contagious. People who are fighting against caring about this are fighting a losing battle!

  2. Maurice Cassidy September 16, 2021

    tgj, what’s the sigh for?

    she’s absolutely right – cancel culture is a disease and these days, if I don’t call Sam Smith a they, people throw a fit and say you are “gender shaming” them. Get real. Gen Z wouldn’t have survived a day in 2005, let alone the 50s and 60s.

    Nicki, though I don’t agree with her on everything, is absolutely right on this; she’s allowed to pose questions about a vaccine that was invented just a year ago. Like, clearly y’all are used to letting ish in your body (through your b00ty hole), but don’t put that on all of us. We are allowed to ask questions!

    Speak Queen! True icon sh%%t.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021


    • Chemayque September 16, 2021

      That b***h and this b***h just need to shut the faq up. It’s okay to hand an opinion but based off facts. Not whatever benefits you. The flu is still killing people each year, flu shot or not. It’d it’s your time, it’s your time. As a nurse, the shot was not just “invented” last year. C**** has been here for over 20 years and over 20 years of research. You don’t want the shot? Fine. But dont b***h that you are missing events because of it. Choices.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Based off facts? Because the media base everything off of facts, right? And “choices?” That’s just it, the government are setting out to take AWAY your freedom and “choices” and this mandatory “vaccine” is just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. ISaidWhatISaid September 16, 2021

    Girl shut up. You’re canceled.

    • Tanya Maräj September 16, 2021

      You wish ☠️

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

      Because who said? You? lmaoooooooooo 🤣

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Stop using my screen name you lunatic!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Shut up, Farrah, you loser.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Shut up, wannabe Shayla, you loser.

  4. Chyna September 16, 2021

    You idiots in the comments talking about how she’s not wrong need to take your head out of her ass. Some of y’all will believe anything this fool says. This isn’t about her having an opinion, it’s about her spreading false information which can be dangerous. Did y’all go to college or even finish high school?

    • Lanafan1 September 16, 2021

      Says the person that thinks college and high school means anything today lol

    • Smh September 16, 2021

      True……then again most people aren’t doing their own research and just taking a vaccine for a “virus ” with a 99% survival rate. You just believe the propaganda of it all. Not saying by any means this woman is right but I suggest people at least do the real research. Example being yes there are some FDA approved vaccines but the APPROVED version won’t be out until 2024. Hey its your body your choice though. Just do your own damn research!

  5. What would Whitney do September 16, 2021

    After reading Nicki clapback she act like it’s a joke….y’all crazy

    • What would Whitney do September 16, 2021

      And I’m done with y’all

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        We’re done with you and Nicki

  6. itiswhatitis September 16, 2021

    I understand her skepticism about the vaccine, there are so many false narratives out here about the vaccines that it creates mistrust and doubts about it. Persons who have been vaccinated have still contracted C****. Every persons genetic makeup is different, so it would have different effects, you might take it and nothing happens, i might take it and it causes inflammation of my heart. Not once did i hear her say she is against it, she is saying she is doing her research, that way she can determine which vaccine is the right one for her. I agree she should have kept her stance to herself, given she is a celebrity that wheels influence. However, i agree that its her decision, her right and ultimately she has control of what goes into her body.

    • Fauci the FAKE September 16, 2021

      The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from catching or spreading C**** even though the government makes it seem like it does! It’s SUPPOSED to lessen your chances of becoming severely ill, hospitalized and even death and that’s not a guarantee either. There are plenty of fully vaccinated folks who have become very ill and/or succumbed to the virus. Of course the media isn’t gonna tell the truth about those numbers.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021


      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        The vaccine saves lives!

  7. Farrahs Luggage (8k Camila) September 16, 2021

    Is it drugs? Is she losing her mind? Or is she deflecting from her husband pleading guilty?

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

      Sit this one out, stop projecting and leave us adults to continue our conversation. This is neither the time nor the place for your Nicki Minaj hate train!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        You sit this one out. Everyone knows I am the real Shayla Kayla Jenkins.

  8. Keith September 16, 2021

    Nicki should really just stop now. I don’t understand her (or any wealthy person, for that matter) need to go “back and forth” on social media…

  9. Dc September 16, 2021

    Making things worse with every tweet

  10. Moose’s Wig September 16, 2021

    She’s always been an ídîōt.

    • akathexfactor September 16, 2021

      And you’ve always been a sheep. Fall in line like rest! 😆

  11. J September 16, 2021

    That vaccine just doesn’t work as well as it should. Can we just face the truth without being bashed? My uncle just died last week and I’m pretty sure he was vaccinated yet he had a heart attack. Our family has heart issues so imagine my surprise when young men were getting inflammation in their hearts after the vaccine! Nicki, don’t make up a lie, just say you don’t trust the government! I don’t and I’m not getting it 🤷🏽‍♂️

    You mean to tell me we produce other non MRNA vaccines like Novavax and Astrazeneca yet we can’t use them here for emergency authorization? BULLSHITT.

    • Clarksooooon The Cooooon September 16, 2021

      Very sorry for your loss. Sending hugs to you and your family. However, you literally just said your family has heart issues, but you’re trying to blame the vaccine for those heart issues? Nicki, is that you?

      • Luvlee September 16, 2021

        Ummm my comprehension took J as saying, PRE-EXISTING heart issues already run in his family.

        The vaccine can cause inflammation/blood clotting. That’s a proven fact.

        J is very wary about getting the vaccine because of this. My condolences to you, J.

        I, too know someone ( a friends grandparent) who passed away from C**** whilst being fully vaccinated. They were older and sickly but the vaccine didn’t protect them. The relative who gave them C**** was hospitalized. It’s really a gamble.

        Your body, your choice.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

      Sorry for your loss, J! And that’s genuine! 💔💯 I agree with all of this though and I’m not getting the vaccine either!

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Stop imitating me you troll! You aren’t getting the vaccine because you arent even a US citizen

    • Lance September 16, 2021

      Sorry about your uncle. Vaccines are not a cure. They’re a resource to help mitigate the spread and lessen the symptoms and severity. If a vaxx is 94% effective, like Pfizer & Maderna, there’s still a 6% chance of a breakthrough illness. So there’s still a small chance of getting infected. But the benefits of the vaccine still out weigh the cons. The more people who take it, the less potent the virus will become. I encourage you to speak to your doctor and really consider taking it.

      • Biden’s bloody hands September 16, 2021

        Lies. Look at Israel. They have an 85% or higher vaccination rate and C**** numbers/hospitalizations are through the roof. We’re being lied too and you’re taking the bait. Less people died last year and there was no vaccine. You mean to tell me the vaccine is resistant to the new variants or something? Please make it make sense for me because the math ain’t mathing sis.

      • Lance September 16, 2021

        First, you need to research how viruses and vaccines work. Israel’s cvid deaths are still significantly lower than other country’s because of their high vaccination rate, despite the waning efficacy of the vaccine. As the virus jumps from host to host, it gets stronger if the hosts aren’t vaccinated. This is why there are entire lists of vaccines that have been required for ions for children to attend school and employees to work in hospitals.

        I’m convinced that most anti-vaxxers could care less about facts. There are anti government entities that are intentionally trying to be disruptive and pumping misinformation out there to get paranoid and easily misled people into going against the grain, if for nothing else but to cause chaos. You all believe what you believe, no matter how illogical. If it was only your health at risk no one would care. But in this instance what you do or don’t do can adversely affect your neighbors.

  12. Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

    She’s NOT WRONG! Y’all ARE that way. For the first time EVER, since the last few days, I respect Nicki!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

      Stop imitating me you dirty troll.

  13. DeanD September 16, 2021

    A repost of a comment I made on the Trinidad post.

    This has nothing to do with the vaccine. This ALL started when her husband was arrested for not registering as a s** offender and this was her way of pulling a Trump to distract. Pulling out of the VMAs, Met Gala and now this vaccine idiocy. And it worked. But at the cost of making her a national punchline. Everybody is roasting her and her cousins friend’s balls. But at least people aren’t talking about her husband’s potential 10 year jail sentence for not registering as a s** offender or his manslaughter charges for shooting a man. Well done, Ms. Minaj.

    Edit: Now, I can’t believe if she’s this ignorant or loves that she’s getting world-wide attention. But again at what cost? Bad press isn’t always good press. Especially since the government and lame stream media have bungled the messaging on c**** so bad that we’re 2 years in with no end in sight. I don’t blame Nicki for being unsure, most people are. I blame her for continually playing the victim for her own actions.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to post this message on every article. But were missing the forrest for the trees. And no one is going to “win” this. Not here on this site, not on Twitter and not in the hood.

  14. Hmm September 16, 2021

    Why is she going down this rabbit hole? Her misinformed OPINION will have zero affect health standards set by federal agencies. Her rants are mindless chatter that only make her sound as stupid as she usually looks.

    • Detruth September 16, 2021

      Nah but it will make a difference in ppl doing their research that’s why they want to silence her. Its nothing wrong with her suggesting ppl do research we do have freedom in the US don’t we?

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Not for long if this continues! You speak nothing but facts and sense 💯

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Shut up

      • Hmm September 16, 2021

        No, she encouraging people to look for conspiracy theories to justify their fear of the vaccine. The nations top peer reviewed medical journals have confirmed the vaccines safety and efficacy. I’m not sure how much more research Joe Schmoe from the hood is going to do, but have at it. Nicki has never be accused of being smart, so imo, she acting accordingly. It just won’t make a difference with federal regulations. Not sure why she wants to highlight her lack of wisdom on a world stage like this.

  15. Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

    I am da real Shayla. I am the Queen. I sleep in a toilet, i bathe in sh*t, I suck crusty d*ck for breakfast, I have no life and no morals, and I bust it wide open for men who don’t like me or women in general. I’m worthless, and I know I’m worthless. That’s why I come on here to prove how worthless I am. K, thx!!!

  16. ReddPrince September 16, 2021

    I agree with Nicki!!!! Do your research!!! The government wants us to fall in line and do whatever they say! We are not a socialist society! It’s time for the people to stop believing the hype! It’s all fear mongering and control tactics. The WHO and CDC are clueless. Everyday it’s a different story! Biden is completely useless. He doesn’t even know his name anymore. He’s old senile incompetent. I’m not putting that stuff in my body!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

      Add to that, they all said they’d never trust the vaccine when it was under Trump and now since Biden is President, they’re trying to FORCE it! It makes no sense.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

        Stop trying to BE ME, you wannabe Shayla. I am the real Shayla! I am the one that gets filled up by janitors at truckstops.

    • LNXLOVER September 16, 2021

      Shut the f*** up misinformation! If U wanna die just say dat trump supporter !!!

  17. Aj September 16, 2021

    Yes Nicki the woman with a backbone. Same woman who married a convicted s** offender, raised his child, collaborated with Snitch19, another kiddy fiddler but then wants us to respect her talent. Same woman who injected herself with silicone which is proven to be dangerous yet is telling you not to get vaccinated. Do us a favour nicki, make like a miraj and vanish…

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 September 16, 2021

      I heard all Nicki’s around the world wear dirty jockstraps, so now I wear dirty jockstraps.

  18. Bobby September 16, 2021

    Coward? Says the surgically enhanced woman who is afraid to get an FDA-approved vaccine…and would trust the word of an STD-sick man over world renowned scientists and medical professionals. GTFOH with that…this is all to distract us from the legal drama your husband and brother are in, but we’re not distracted babe.

    • akathexfactor September 16, 2021

      Lol but the side effects are happening and haven’t been reported. What about the people on the news that are complaining since getting the vacc? What about the guy in Singapore the health admin paid money to for his cardiac arrest? Shut up or fall in line like the sheep you are.

  19. akathexfactor September 16, 2021

    I stand Nicki Minaj 💯💕💋🤳🏾

  20. Mike September 16, 2021

    I would never have thought it, that Nicki would be the one to start the rebellion, WOW!! She ain’t scared. She’s standing up.

    • HA! September 17, 2021

      LOL but she’s about to get put down like a rabid dog.

  21. Shon September 22, 2021

    Hope poppa bear isn’t left without a mother because you refuse to do what’s right. Do your research? If we don’t have a country left after the unvaxxed are gone, what rights will you have anyway? Azalea is dumb as a door know but she got you on this one Nikki. You don’t know what those enhancements will do to your body long term but you took a change. Didn’t you?

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