Lil Nas X Talks DaBaby Backlash, Loving Azealia Banks, & Abandoning Atheism in ‘GQ’

Published: Monday 15th Nov 2021 by Rashad

‘Call Me By Your Name’ hitmaker Lil Nas X sees his name printed a-front the cover of the 26th annual ‘GQ’ magazine ‘Men of the Year’ issue.

Crowned GQ’s ‘Musician of the Year’ for easily being the year’s most talked about music star, the 22-year-old – under the lens of famed photographer Pari Dukovic – struck quite the creative poses while donning Dior, Gucci, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, and other high fashion brands inside the pages of the men’s magazine.

Dishing on his meteoric rise to success and a few other social hot topics (including the backlash against fellow chart-topping hitmaker DaBaby due to a homophobic rant over the summer), look inside to see highlights from the feature.


“…I thought about was how blessed I am. About where I was three years ago. Nobody even thought that I would be here. Everybody was like, “One-hit-wonder this, one-hit-wonder that.” And now it’s amazing that my competition was Drake.

Plus, Drake’s my idol. There are too many other wins to be upset.”



“I actually am,” he said when asked if he is an Azealia Banks fan. “Azealia shits on me too much, though [to duet with her]! And I think it’s funny in a way. I still love Azealia Banks’s music.”


“I was [an atheist]. And 66 meant, like, “You need to ground yourself, spend time with family,” and stuff like that. And I’m not going to lie, I had a plan that was like, Okay, I made it. Now I can focus fully on being what I have to be, and I’ll send my family stuff every now and then. “


“I’m not going to lie, I feel bad for DaBaby. I hope he grows from it. I hope he’s able to. But I don’t know. The whole landscape is very hypermasculine. It’s so great and so amazing that all these female rappers are breaking through. And, in a way, female rappers are the biggest rappers right now.”



“It’s just acceptance of gay people. And they see that as a bad thing: Like, they’re trying to normalize it. You know what? Yeah. That’s actually what I’m trying to do.”


“I started actually dating my last boyfriend this past year, who I’m still on really good terms with. I love him to death. He’s the best. I feel it was the most serious relationship I’ve ever had.

[But], I like to go missing for like a week to focus…not talk to anyone and focus on myself. And I’m more in love with what I’m doing than people.”


Click here to read the in-depth interview in full.

[photo courtesy: Pari Dukovic for GQ]

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  1. Hstylez November 15, 2021

    His album flopped big time. He sold less then summer walker lmaoooo

    • Adelefan November 16, 2021

      Lol so only the first week sales determine if your album is a flop or not.. Bruno Mars first album sold 55K in the first week n it’s now certified 5x platinum.. so u sound dumbas.. besides lil nas x album is already certified platinum let’s hope summer can reach that status

      • 🐝 November 16, 2021

        The lies you tell…platinum where? 👀

  2. Marylins BACK 👠💋 November 16, 2021

    This queen is more of a main pop girl than that ugly illgál clown A P EMILA 😹😹💯💅🏻

  3. True Tea November 16, 2021

    So PREDICTABLE!!! I already knew how the photoshoot would turnout before clicking the link. Hun the “shock” value is slowly dwindling.

    And you’re definitely NOT the only boy embracing his “feminine” side nowadays.

    Time to focus strictly on the music because you really showed out during this era hunty.

  4. Are You Kidding Me? November 16, 2021

    He has such good hair and eyebrows.

  5. Are You Kidding Me? November 16, 2021

    A gay blog and the gay commenters have a problem with a huge gay Black artist.


    • 🐝 November 16, 2021

      Umm….you sound dumb and deluded.
      Yes, the person who runs the blog May or may not be gay, but how does that make it a gay blog? It’s an entertainment blog d**chead.
      And people don’t have a problem with him for being a black gay artist, they have a problem with him because this man simply has no talent and relies heavily on shock value to keep people talking and real music fans are sick of it.
      Sit your sensitive a** all the way down.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 November 16, 2021

        This 💯

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 November 16, 2021

      So we HAVE to like someone ONLY because of their sexuality? F*** off. His sexuality has nothing to do with it. He is an overly-privileged American brat with ZERO talent.

  6. J November 16, 2021

    15 minutes are up m***********

    • Black November 16, 2021

      You said that a year and a half ago…He is still here and it’s dumb to think that his singles are double and triple and that his cd wouldn’t do the same

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