Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty Takes Shocking Aim at Offset [Video]

Published: Saturday 16th Sep 2023 by Sam

In a shocking clip that has surfaced online, Kenneth Petty – husband of Rap star Nicki Minaj – is seen taking fiery aim at Offset – husband of Cardi B.

As of writing, it’s not clear what ignited the war of words, however, the clips appear to show Petty and his crew stationed outside of what they appear to suggest was the Migos star’s hotel.

Together with a group of cohorts, Petty can be seen and heard saying “plan that vacation, you gonna be planning your funeral p**y!” 

He added: “my ear always to the street…let’s play.”

Watch below…

UPDATE: An unbothered Offset took to Instagram Stories with an apparent response:


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  1. Paulo September 16, 2023

    Now watch the same Garbz calling every move of Offset and Cardi ‘ghetto’ somehow praise Kenny the P*** for this… 🗑

    • detruth September 16, 2023

      Her and her husband are bullies

      • September 16, 2023

        and what is Cardi B and her husband?

    • PB September 16, 2023

      Absolutely not we don’t like it, this s*** is embarrassing, we want Nicki to send this man back to the streets IMMEDIATELY🤮

      • PB September 16, 2023

        Like not all this during an album roll out. I’m sick 🤢

    • Niggy Minature Talent September 16, 2023

      Nicki and her convicted hubby: murder s****** PLEASE!

  2. XYZ September 16, 2023

    As pity as his wife

  3. September 16, 2023

    That offset was threatening Akbar V, and wanted to run up on her, so where is that energy for Zoo? only has woman strength little studio tough guy, I really don’t support violence of any sort, but if you going to push that then stand your ground when throwing subs and got called out..other than acting scared and unbothered playing the victim, and so on.

    • BeyKnowlesBest September 16, 2023

      He’s not from New York and he don’t know what type of regular trash girl cardi really is, she’s gonna get him real hurt & all u stupid f@qz talking about albums and music this is real life you don’t throw shoes at the Queen and think it’s over, her man gonna pay for what she did …..Ps cardi career is Frozen dead cold‼️

  4. Flo September 16, 2023

    Bout time someone stood up to the bully stripper ho b and her flop husband onset

    • Josh September 16, 2023

      Grow up dude.

  5. Greg September 16, 2023

    Offset a punk he’s threatening females. Someone needs to put him in his place

  6. Ashanti September 16, 2023

    It’s only black men, that despite money, family and all that, still act like trash and get an audience for it..I think that explains a lot in this world

  7. Hmm September 16, 2023

    I’ve never heard Offset come at Nicki on any level. That being said, there’s no need for her husband to go on social media and put on a show for the drama thirsty public.

    • Venom September 16, 2023

      Nicki thinks everyone talks about her. No one is checking for Nicki.

    • JSF September 18, 2023

      Stfu Kenny been quiet this whole time UNTIL Cardi called him “a zero” on bozos so no doubt he’s gonna come at her husband so he can check his wife. TF? Ya pay attention to what ya want and act blind and deaf to the real issues.

  8. Kendrick Slaymar September 16, 2023

    This bítch really married an ugly, aging r***** that tries to act gangsta. He ain’t s*** but a broke puśsÿ

  9. Urg September 16, 2023

    Imagine a grown asz man pushing 50 in the streets wanna fight with a 30 something old man but then again look at his wife a perfect match made in hell. Both of them are bullies and are so childish.

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