Justin Timberlake Readying New Solo Tour After It Emerges No NSYNC Tour Is In The Works

Published: Saturday 16th Sep 2023 by Sam

Justin Timberlake hit headlines this week after NSYNC reunited at the MTV VMAs 2023 and announced plans for new music.

However, it appears the lion’s share of the singer’s focus is squarely on his solo career.

Full story below…

Demand for NSYNC has reached a fever pitch after the Pop quintet unveiled plans to release the new song ‘Better Place’ – from the ‘Trolls Band Together’ movie soundtrack.

As reported, though, sources confirmed that that will be the upper limit of the group’s activity – with no new album, tour, or residency in the works.

What is coming, however, is a JT solo tour.

According to Billboard, Timberlake “has holds on [2024] dates at arenas in North America for a major run”

Citing a source close to developments, the report adds that the dates tally with an incoming album from the star – whose last LP. ‘Man of the Woods,’ was largely left out in the woods by listeners upon its release in 2018.

This also aligns with Timbaland‘s recent spill on the 42-year-old prepping a new LP featuring his productions for early 2024.

As for where that leaves the notion of squeezing more out of the NSYNC reunion, it’s been claimed that the idea of a Timberlake-less, four-man setup had been floated. Particularly after the remaining members performed alongside Ariana Grande at Coachella 2019. However, word is that the band is in agreement that any such reunion offer would need to include all members to be considered viable.



On the one hand, Justin is grown and successful enough to proceed with the path that he sees fit. And if solo is his vibe at present, then he definitely has the right to do as he chooses.

However, through a pure brand vs. brand lens, one could argue that there’s more stock in NYSNC in the here and now than JT solo.

He didn’t necessarily leave off on the highest note. For, while the ‘Man of the Woods Tour’ did well, the album was a non-event. Similarly, his ill-advised, Janet Jackson-less Super Bowl headlining slot in 2018 did way more harm than good (in the long run).

By contrast, nostalgia is bigger business than ever at present and could give JT the bump of positivity needed to then go on and revisit his solo endeavors after.

As for a four-piece NSYNC? We wouldn’t be mad at it. Throw JC Chasez a headset and Justin’s parts alongside his own and we’d be good to go.

Whatever the case, we imagine we’ll see more from NSYNC at some point down the line. But before then, it looks like Mr. Timberlake is set to take another swing of the bat. Are you excited for his return? As ever, let us know…

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  1. BoyToy1814 September 16, 2023

    Give the fans what they want! We ain’t gonna be here forever & NSYNC tour would smash arenas/stadiums worldwide! Stop faking the funk JT😎

  2. Hmm September 16, 2023

    Nah we don’t want this. It’s a hard NO for me.

  3. detruth September 16, 2023

    Of course he’s like Kandi and Beyonce they think they just too big for those groups anymore. I know Kandi did some stuff with the other 3 but she didn’t really want to haha

  4. Theman September 16, 2023

    Justin is a superstar! His solo tour will still do great! A Nsync tour would do incredible! Also, while his last album wasn’t as big as his others, it was still a success to a different degree. It had a top ten and is gold or platinum. His Super Bowl performance was actually good. He has a loyal and big following.

  5. eric September 16, 2023

    Nothing else worked, so he humbled himself and used his bandmates again for self gain. It did the trick as far as creating the excitement that his song with Tim and Nelly was supposed to do.

  6. eddie93 September 16, 2023

    Justin, you need to crossover to Gen Z to make this tour the huge success you want it to be. Kylie Minogue and Shakira defied the odds and did it in 2023. Hopefully the lead single is a big comeback hit and has tik tok appeal.

  7. Piper September 17, 2023

    Justin is too self-absorbed to allow his group mates any degree of success that could rival his own as a solo artist. NSync could be a force to be reckoned with again with the right song (like Bye x3, not Gone). I doubt this Trolls song will do the trick tho. Too bad Justin’s ego has to ruin the other guys chance to enjoy the limelight and a fat payday. JC, Joey, Lance and Chris deserve better. I hope Justin’s tour flops!

  8. TonjaMichelle September 17, 2023

    He really thinks too highly of himself. Yes he has talent but the greatness was from the whole group. They were all talented. He needs to quit being a sell out and give back to the group that helped make him who he is.

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