‘Real Housewives’ Producer Slapped With Kathy Griffin Cocaine Claims

Published: Monday 30th Oct 2017 by David

Andy Cohen, the brains behind the ‘Real Housewives’ empire, has been accused of engaging in misogyny and drug use by his former friend and NBC employee Kathy Griffin.

Ready to hear Kathy’s story?

A tale of hiring, firing, jealousy, cocaine and wild ‘Housewives’ below…

Griffin claims that NBC (which housed Donald Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’) have joined forces with TMZ to destroy her career after she came under fire for attacking Trump by posing for the snap below.

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  1. Fancy BISH October 30, 2017

    Kathy, you destroyed your own career! And in my opinion, you’ve never been funny, hunnie…I remember being a teenager in the 90’s and being a fan of REAL comedians who had me ROLLING…Chris Rock, Monique, Jerry Seinfeld, Sommore, Sheryl Underwood, Martin Lawrence, the list goes on…you was always the stale chic…I remember thinking who TF is gassing this bish? Bravo gave you your biggest success and you earned two Emmys, so NEXT! Go find someone else to bankroll your staleness and dryness…Andy is cute AND hilarious…you ain’t funny and you damn sure ain’t cute…toodles poodle lol

    • China October 30, 2017

      This G_ay KNOWS he does COKE and allows boys to have him…….He has a NYC Reputation

      • Fancy BISH October 30, 2017

        That doesn’t change the fact that she’s bitter like turnip greens and she’s wearing the EXACT same dress that she had on in the Trump picture! lol ?

      • Faf October 30, 2017

        He doesn’t allow boys to have him he tries to top I heard around these New York streets
        He tries his luck with the black and Latin girls who want his coins

    • Cbeylive October 30, 2017

      Obviously she was funny cause them tours were sold out while you were at home renting?

      • Fancy BISH October 30, 2017

        That BISH couldn’t make me laugh if she had on hot pants twerking to a Future song in the middle of the street! Stop trying to make fetch happen lol

    • Caleb October 30, 2017

      Andy is neither cute nor hilarious. I saw Kathy Griffin in concert a week before the Trump controversy and she was funny af!

      • Fancy BISH October 31, 2017

        Andy has charisma and you know it! Ya’ll can believe this heffa all you want…she just said Andy wanted to BE HER? ROFL doing cartwheels like Gabby Douglas! In what world is ANYONE Single White Femalin’ her? ANYWAYS, Happy Halloween Caleb! Support YOUR GIRL KATHY…I’ll be supporting Andy! I watch Bravo plenty! Bish didn’t say NOTHIN as far as I’m concerned lol…Andy is a sweetheart and gave this heffa a job, and now she’s going nuclear over a Mariah “I don’t know her?” OK…she crying begging for jobs and ya’ll glazing over that…but it’s whatever…and Andy looks better than she does, that’s on ERRYTHANG lol…I said what I said…and don’t let Andy make a 17 minute video about her behind…I’ll be popping popcorn for that! I KNOW Mr. Cohen has the 411 lol

  2. Bernardete October 30, 2017

    My congratulations to the site / blog are sensational, because it is easy to read and understand, I love to be always here, to continue with the excellent work.

    • TruthHurts October 30, 2017

      Sam, is that you????

      • Caleb October 30, 2017


  3. Arthus & Nico October 30, 2017

    Andy is so hyper on Watch What Happens Live, just saying…

    • Blak October 30, 2017

      lol #True LAMO!

    • DS October 30, 2017

      Maybe now his messy @ss can geek out over these allegations, laugh, and throw kindergarten shade at himself and the producers on that circus of a late night show…. because Andy THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOU… TO PLEAD THE FIFTH!

  4. grapejuicefan October 30, 2017

    she’s not lying she’s not an actress lol

  5. ??? October 30, 2017

    lol i believe kathy. that queen knows damn well he’s a coke head lol.

    • Blak October 30, 2017

      LAMO! I’m falling out I never thought about it but I guess it kinda makes sense now! lol

  6. Bravo!! October 30, 2017

    I always tell myself Andy high af! I seen a damp spot under his nose a few times before though. But I didn’t need Kathy telling me Andy uses cocacaine.. I made that assumption a year ago. So now Kathy you being real petty now!

    • Blak October 30, 2017

      LAMO! #EatsPopcorn

  7. Casual October 30, 2017

    This was always overblown. Kathyo’Nique Griffin should’ve slowed her roll to a stop right after the photo fiasco, issued an apology Trump about the effect the stunt had on his son ONLY, waited a couple of months, and then announced the Laugh Your Head Off Tour, which is what she’s doing now. She should have skipped that crying press conference, chilled for a minute, and let all of this die.

    She’s digging the hole deeper, but she has a huge fan base to sustain her. She can come back from this if she lets some water flow under the bridge.

  8. Fancy BISH October 30, 2017

    BISH needs to buy her a new wig too, with her George Jefferson hairline! And she tried it by wearing the same damn dress! She knows that picture destroyed her asss that’s why she’s trying to make fetch happen lol…hunnie, your wardrobe is as tired as your stand-up routine! You trying to take people down with your stank asss but it won’t work…watch what happens! lol ?

    • Electrikblue October 30, 2017

      Her comedy tour is currently soldout. The reason her hair is like that is because she cut it all off with her sister who recently died of cancer.

      • Fancy BISH October 31, 2017

        I’m sorry not sorry like Demi hunnie…I see right through this calculated video, same blue dress and all! She wants sympathy, yet she’s being petty Patty! *Plays The Jeffersons theme song*

  9. Jasmine October 30, 2017

    Kathy has never tried to help people of color by hiring them as producera or crew for her shows. She is self-centered and has enjoyed white priviledge all these years. I do not feel sorry because if the same situation happened to a black woman she would give no f u c k s and continue on with her priveledged day that does not involve people of color. I see right through this man-faced old hag.

    • Fancy BISH October 31, 2017

      Thank you Jasmine!

  10. Paulo October 30, 2017


    Had no idea Andy was a producer for the Housewives franchise.

  11. KodakRedd! October 31, 2017

    I Completely believe Kathy!…She really connected the dots to a lot of things…smh…and I donot know why people are tripping…Most Americans hate our President. We know those electoral votes were tampered with by the Russians. Period. Mofos are not being indicted for no reason!

  12. Tu Ta Vu October 31, 2017

    I believe her.

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