Report: Destiny’s Child Courted For ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Soundtrack

Published: Friday 22nd Jun 2018 by David

Destiny’s Child and Lupita Nyong’o in the same project?

It’s a possibility.

An exciting report below…

In the year 2000 Drew Barrymore fronted/produced a cinematic version of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ story with pals Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz much to the delight of Columbia Pictures which saw it sweep up $264.1 million at the box office.

A major driving force? An original song recorded by Columbia RecordsDestiny’s Child.

Now it seems the studio is keen to replicate its success with help from the R&B supergroup.

A source close to the studio told ‘The Metro‘…

Sony Pictures credits the group’s smash hit, Independent Women, for much of the last movie’s success and is actively courting the group with hopes they will reunite to record another song for the forthcoming reboot.

The group is open to a reunion but the delay has been caused by the fact that they would like complete ownership of their name and music as both are still owned by Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles,’If they can come to an agreement that works for everyone the group will then begin talks with Sony about the soundtrack. ‘They’re especially excited by the movie because Lupita Nyong’O is in talks to star as one of the Angels.

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  1. iamdiego June 22, 2018

    Mathew not giving up. a mess.

  2. eric June 22, 2018

    You wanted to be “independent” of Mathew professionally; can’t go crawling back now.

  3. Meme June 22, 2018

    and he shouldn’t. He owns that brand. Beyoncé cut him Out of everything else so I don’t blame him.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 22, 2018

      The issue is not Matthew. The problem is Beyonce. Their DC contract expired. He has no legal hold on them forming together again as a group under a different name and copyright. Truth is Beyonce does not need Kelly or Michelle anymore and she is more comfortable brinin them out on stage for a couple songs as guests for her fans but won’t tour with them or record / promote a whole album with them. All 3 women are in shape and the studio should have asked DC to play Charlie’s Angels in the movie.

      • ??? June 22, 2018

        lmao the studio aint stupid. they are not gonna ask 3 non acting roaches to play those iconic roles lmfaooooooo

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. June 22, 2018

        @Jasmine.. – The truth is NO ONE CARES ABOUT BEYONCE ALONE. The truth is DESTINY’S CHILD is owed by Matthew and HE SHOWED be compensated. The people have spoken and no one cares about Beyonce with the same bedazzled onesy or stage moves. They want something fresh.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 22, 2018

        Lol I get all that but Beyonce is not doing DC again. She has choices and she made her choice to be a solo artist. Hell her dad pushed her to be a solo artist. Yall are thinking about this from a fan’s perspective but you should see things the way I do which is from a business perspective. She makes more money solo than with DC. It is not about what “fans want” but rather all about the money. She thinks bringing Kelly and Michelle as guests for a couple songs on her solo tour is enough to please her DC fans and it works.

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. June 22, 2018

        @Jasmine.. – I’m looking at this from a business perspective. This MATTHEW’S group, PAY HIM. In regards to this article, I think you’d better read. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE BEYONCE or DC3 do a “Charlie’ Angels” ANYTHING. The article is about a POSSIBILITY but for Matthew and the general consensus and reality is that if they WERE to they’d have to pay Matthew and that’s the end of that.

        No one wants to see Beyonce, HELLO her tours aren’t even sold out! She has NO creativity on her own. Destiny’s Child 3 isn’t going to happen for Charlie’s Angels or anything else and NO ONE CARES but if they TRY IT don’t be slick and cut her FATHER out of it because he’s owed that.
        #Not Even A Fan
        #F^ck Beyonce
        #F^ck Destiny’s Child
        #F*** DC3

      • Dee June 22, 2018

        Professionally I don’t think any of them need each other. Yes they may not be as successful as Beyonce but I mean Michelle has side businesses going on she’s the owner of a WNBA team. Planning a wedding.
        So the problem is getting all their schedules lined up to even do it.
        I mean I think all of their careers will boost with a DC3 concert or song on the soundtrack.

      • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) June 22, 2018

        Why couldn’t they just hire a PR firm and rename / rebrand the group. Essentially Matthey Knowles just took Girls Tyme and rebranded to make DC. DC could rebrand themselves and come up with a fancy name like ‘Jasmine Angels’ or ‘Beyonce and Dem’ which would essentially rid of Matthew Knowles.

  4. pat June 22, 2018

    nobody’s checking for that anyway

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. June 22, 2018

      @Pat – Thank you!

      • Ispeakfacts June 22, 2018

        @ Pat
        Speak for yourself!!! U don’t speak for me or any other DC fans!

  5. Navy Gravy June 22, 2018

    And he SHOULDNT let up. Leave it up to Trap-oncé and the song will be Jay-Z featuring Destiny’s Child. Matthew pushed Beyoncé to be extraordinary and once she sent him on his way she thought she had nothing else to learn. There isn’t much growth in these last 3 albums vocally or sonically. Matthew would have never let Beyoncé record or release this EverythingisLove crap. He would be looking at her like “really b*****”? If they want even a fraction of the success that was Independent Women, Beyoncé can’t have much say in the production or creative process. She has no idea what a hit sounds like. I don’t see this being fruitful at all. History should be left in the history books, some things can’t happen more than once. This is one of them.

  6. Erica June 22, 2018

    Pay that man!! he might now want that, because he probably get royalties from the group every month. And I’m pretty sure he knows how much money DC will make off this

  7. Tori June 22, 2018

    I think they should have some say so, but DEFINITELY not complete ownership. None of the girls or their bar and has been the same since they cut Mathew (except Michelle, “Journey To Freedom” was her most commercial release yet). Beyonce and Kelly musically matured once Mathew was let go but their commercial success has been TRAGIC. The only reason “BEYONCÉ” was as big is because she toured the year prior and released the album surprisingly with 17 videos. Jay Z has her thinking she never has to promote again and settle. Kelly doesn’t even try anymore. Shes been sitting on an album for 3-4 years now. Every time she gets ready to release, she stops because she picks up more projects KNOWING shes gearing up for an album release. Michelle has walked away from music all together. DO WE REALLY WANT TO GIVE THEIR LAZY ASSES FULL COMPLETE ANYTHING?

  8. ??? June 22, 2018

    lmao guess roach needs something to do since Everything Is Tanking has FLOPPED lmfaoooooooooooooo

  9. Intro June 22, 2018

    Well then maybe they should change the group name to “DC” and release under that.

  10. BYISI June 22, 2018

    Matthew is getting up there in age, if he keeps this up, he will die before those ladies ever have a real reunion. He should just sell it to them and get a percentage. Legally Matthew has the right to reboot Destiny’s Child at any time with all new members, he just knows it would be a disaster.
    Also Everything is Love is far from crap f****** idiot. Trap Yonce is better than majority of these female artist. What was she supposed to do, continue in the vain of 4 and continuously flop? Dropping randomly is great marketing in an era where people don’t buy or listen to albums anyway. No growth between self titled, lemonade, and everything is love? You really don’t know music if you don’t hear the growth. They gone mess around and have it like what happened to the supremes. Motown got sold by Barry, Diana became a solo star and fans didn’t get any new material until 40 years later on rereleases. What makes it so bad is that majority of their fans are dead now. If we don’t see a real reunion in the next two years,it’ll happen again.

    • Keith June 22, 2018

      C’mon now, lets be honest…even if you like the music you can’t possibly say “growth” is evident between Diva, Feelin Myself, Flawless, 7-11 and those songs. Sure, she’s rapping now but she’s been with JayZ for awhile…she SHOULD have some flow. She is very talented but her achilles heel is her catalog. 4 was at least an attempt at artist growth in a more mature and complete direction, Drunk In Love and Partition were simplified pablum. Enjoyable but not substantive.

      • Francis June 22, 2018

        I hear you and I agree with some of it, but people need to hear other songs besides the singles or the ones that are poppin. ‘BEYONCÉ’ has substantive songs in there, that show some artistic growth, like ‘Ghost/Haunted’. Same goes for ‘Lemonade’, with ‘All Night’ or ‘Pray You Catch Me’.

        The problem here is the labels or the artists, most of the time compromise their albums with generic songs. Nicki’s ‘PinkPrint’ has amazing songs like ‘The Crying Game’, but the general public don’t give a s*** for that when she chooses to have a song like ‘Anaconda’ represent that album. Year after year the labels are getting worse in terms of choosing singles and that can cost an era for an artist, look at Lady GaGa with ‘Artpop’ (the record is good, but the singles choices and rollout was the worst).

  11. SMH June 22, 2018

    Instead of this nonsense, where’s the post about Aaliyah’s MAC makeup line selling out on it’s FIRST DAY of release???

    • eric June 22, 2018

      That’s not exactly true, although it would’ve been a nice achievement. Half the product sold out online the first day, but items from the collection are still available online and in stores.

  12. Keith June 22, 2018

    Hope that comes together….would love to hear DC instead of Trap Yonce!

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