Snoop Dogg is not a fan of Oprah Winfrey. 

The Hip-Hop icon has taken aim at the media mogul and her friend Gayle King – accusing them of disproportionately targeting black male figures while ignoring the controversy of others (such as Harvey Weinstein).

Moments ago, Snoop slammed Winfrey and Gayle (who made headlines this week for what many have deemed to be ill-advised comments about recently deceased NBA star Kobe Bryant).



Despite their efforts to fight for the rights of sexual abuse victims for several decades, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King now find themselves accused of turning a blind eye to crimes committed by powerful figures they once called friends.

Much of the criticism comes from spectators who feel that the powerful women are targeting black men accused of rape in an effort to sink their legacies.

The latest man they say has been targeted by the pair? The late Kobe Bryant.

Gayle’s response to the conspiracy theory?

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Amirah Vann of ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘ is making her way to the ‘Star Trek’ universe.

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When it comes to Emmy and Academy Award winner Viola Davis, ‘booked and busy’ is quite the understatement.

As fans of hit drama ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ prepare themselves for the show’s May 14th finale, its leading star already has her sights set for Showtime as a recent announcement’s revealed she’s teaming with the premium cable network for the forthcoming venture, ‘First Ladies.’

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The respected and highly revered journalist Gayle King is facing serious criticism after she chose to revisit Kobe Bryant‘s alleged rape of a young woman in an interview with Lisa Leslie.

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Jamie Foxx‘s outstanding performance in the movie ‘Just Mercy‘ hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American Black Film Festival.

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Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson have joined forces for new Lionsgate thriller ‘Spiral.’

Issued as the latest chapter from the book of SAW, the flick tells the tale of a sadistic mastermind who unleashes a twisted brand of justice.

Rock, who also executive produces, takes on the role of Detective Zeke Banks, who is tasked with helming a murder investigation (alongside Jackson’s character). One that that mirrors some of the city’s worst criminal atrocities.

In the process, he finds himself caught in quite the predicament himself.

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The Pop princess Normani is just one of the entertainers responsible for generating $1 billion for Sony Music Entertainment.

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Mo’Nique has never been one to hold her tongue, even when the tide hasn’t been in her favor.

Recent years have seen her take aim at Oprah Winfrey and other media moguls, who she has accused of facilitating her blacklisting in Hollywood (after the ‘Precious’ promo fiasco).

And while her career seems to be slowly gaining traction again, Mo isn’t letting up in her public spar with Winfrey.

Moments ago, she went live with an open letter in which she slammed Oprah for making her life “harder,” as well as probed the differences in her approach to Harvey Weinstein and other controversial narratives.

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‘Hamilton’ is heading to theatres.

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Congratulations are in order for ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ stars Safaree and Erica Mena. 

Because, the newly married couple have welcomed their first child together.

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Joaquin Phoenix has been racking up awards this season for his stunning portrayal of the ‘Joker’ in the blockbuster movie of the same name.

And while his winning streak proved no different tonight at the UK’s BAFTA Awards (the country’s equivalent of the Oscars), his speech hit quite a unique note.

For, in picking up the honor for Best Actor, he seized the moment to address the pressing issue in the room. That issue being a lack of diversity.

Leading up to the ceremony, even BAFTA organisers lamented the glaring omission of people of colour put forth by nominations committee, the domination of Caucasian males in key categories, and the total absence of females in the Best Director shortlist.

So problematic were the noms that an internal inquiry is being launched with a view to implement change ahead of next year.

Lighting a match under that cause, Phoenix did not hold back with the demand for change. He specifically stressed the need to dismantle “systematic racism” and even identified himself and his privilege as part of the problem. Intimating that it thus rendered him and others in the room key to establishing a solution.

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