The finale (and rumored last ever) episode of Making The Band 4 aired last night. Hosted by MTV’s Sway, the night saw the former members of Danity Kane (sans Aundrea) come back together to discuss the demise of the chart-topping group.
While I’m cautious about taking sides, I will say this made great television! You could cut the tension with a knife; the bitchiness levels were off the Richter. Besides the back and forths between Aubrey, Dawn, D. Woods (Shannon, as ever, seemed to take a backseat to it all), just watching their body language (and seating arrangement – notice how it changes after the commercial), made it all the more evident that there are still issues between the ladies. A shame, as they, IMO, were one of the most promising collectives to emerge on the music scene in a long while. It’ll be interesting to see how the future plays out for all five ladies…

Your thoughts?
Regular readers of That Grape Juice will know that I’m none-too-fond of the current dynamic of The Pussycat Dolls; IMO the one-singer/nameless back-up dancers/’singers’ format is not the business. After all in you’re in a singing group, surely you should be able and given the platform to…erm…actually sing! 
While PCD’s team etc seem to be slow to hipping to the fact that people aren’t feeling the ‘Nicole & Co’ set-up (See: ‘Doll Domination’ sales), they do seem to understand that we do want to hear what the other girls are working with. So, on the ladies recent European tour, each ‘other’ member (basically everyone but Nicole) got to perform a cut solo (their solo cuts from the ‘Doll Domination: Deluxe’ edition). Peep the professional clip from this January’s Glasgow, Scotland show to see all 4 of the other girls perform:

After watching this, it’s kinda easy to see why some of the other ladies aren’t singing lead (aside from Melody, as she actually nailed her performance. Did you check the whistle note?). However, the odd line to sing here and there for the other ladies would not go amiss. Hearing Ms. Scherzinger on every single track is beyond jarring IMO and is probably the reason her solo album is still sitting somewhere unreleased. Equality, people, equality. 
Your thoughts?

Rapper Lil’ Kim delivered her first performance on Dancing With The Stars, which didn’t impress the judges all that much – with one labelling it ‘underwhelming’. That said, the pint sized star, who performed the Rumba with dance partner Derek Hough, still got a pretty decent score from the judges. For what it’s worth, I liked it :S
Your thoughts?
That Grape Juice To Interview Keri Hilson
*Update* Interview now slated for later this week. You can still submit questions!
R&B star Keri Hilson hits London tomorrow for her promo tour, and I’ve just received word from her label that we have confirmed phone time with her late tomorrow afternoon (London time). Short notice, I know; however, as usual, I’m throwing it to you guys to submit any questions you may have for the talented singer-song-writer in the comments section below. As usual, only legitimate questions will be considered. Thanks guys 🙂
*Please note, as I’m sure you are aware of already, plans can change at any given time. However, at present, all systems are go… *
Superstar Beyonce stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman last night, chatting it up with the talk show veteran about her 115 date ‘I Am…’ world-tour, singing for the Obama’s, Jay-z, sticking up for Solange, her new movie ‘Obsessed’ and more. Bouncy also performed current single ‘Halo’ also. Check it out below:

Great interview! It’s refreshing to see a more relaxed, less-media-robot Beyonce in interviews these days; it certainly helps makes her more relatable.
About the performance, hmmm…something about these ‘Halo’ live performances aren’t really rocking my world. While, as ever, there’s no flaws with the vocals, something about her delivery live on the track – which I can’t put my finger on – doesn’t do it for me….
Your thoughts?
Peep the official album cover for, what is being billed as, Eminem’s big comeback ‘Relapse’ (due May 19th). 
Great cover; that said, I’m thinking, judging by the material heard thus far, that the cover may very well be the best thing about the record.
What do you think of the cover?
New Song: David Guetta - 'Love Takes Over (ft. Kelly Rowland'
The official radio/Pop version of David Guetta’s new Kelly Rowland assisted single ‘When Love Takes Over’ finally surfaced today. For the last few months, several remixes of the cut have been floating around the net. 
About the track, I’m liking it a lot. Granted the Dance/House production isn’t my usual listening preference, Kelly’s vocal delivery (singing full voice) really makes this one a winner. Raw, impassioned and believable, Ms. Kelly shines on this one more so than I’ve heard from her before. Great catchy track, which I envision being a success here in Europe. 
Tidbit: Kelly is set to record the video for the clip with David shortly.

Hit or Miss?
Preview Ciara's 'Fantasy Ride' LP
You can now preview Ciara’s hotly anticipated 3rd studio album ‘Fantasy Ride’ (due May 5th) over at Say what you want, but the album is sounding like the business IMO. Judging by the clips, stand-outs (of the tracks that haven’t ‘surfaced’ in their entirety online) include ‘Tell Me What Your Name Is’ and ‘Like A Surgeon’…

Your thoughts?

Central London was brought to a stand still this afternoon as 100 Beyonce impersonators launched into the now iconic ‘Single Ladies’ routine in Picadilly Circus. The spectacle was used to promote Bey’s Trident Gum sponsored free concert here in London at the 02 in November. To be in with a chance of snagging a pair of tickets from the 13,000 available, all you have to do is buy a pack of Trident Gum. Competition is open to UK residents only.
Probably one of the best promotional efforts I’ve seen or heard of in a while. It’d be awesome if labels, marketing teams etc dabbled in such unconventional advertising more often. Great stuff.
Your thoughts?

The Pussycat Dolls (aka Nicole and ‘the others’) stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show to perform their current single ‘Jai Ho’ recently. While the song has grown on me considerably, the ‘sameyness’ of the group’s dynamic continues to jarr me. It’s like damn, give one of the other chicks a chance to say something…anything…’hey mom’…something!!!
In all fairness to Nicole, I doubt she has much say as to who sings what (although I could be wrong); it’s most likely the team/producers behind them. Yet surely they should know by now what the masses are calling for – to hear Melody and co sing (and for them to produce better material ala the first album). I mean, if you watched the performance closely, the other girls (whose names I’d bet good money you don’t know) barely, if at all, hold the mics to their mouths.
Baring all of this in mind, it does kinda make one think about the whole ‘only one person singing’ in a group debate. For years many have argued about the unfairness of a group (usually female) only having one lead; however increasingly I’m finding more people saying ‘shoot, I’d fall to the background. After all it’s a cheque at the end of the day’. That said, and I know this is kinda random, but would you rather…
a) Be in a group that gave each member some kind of shine


b) Fall back, keep quiet and accept the money for essentially being a nameless face in the background?
Alexandra Burke Update
Since hitting the US this month, Alexandra Burke has been keeping her Twitter followers informed about the progress of her album and US experience:

Alexandra Burke has been introduced to a host of top US music producers as she starts work on her debut album.

The X Factor winner flew out to America earlier this month and has since met with Timbaland, Red One and Jay-Z.

Writing on her Twitter page, Burke suggested that a track with Stargate, who have previously worked with Rihanna and Leona Lewis, could be her next single.

“Oh my oh my! This song is the ONE!! Stargate man… U Guys are just amazing!” she wrote.

The 20-year-old fuelled speculation that she would be pairing up for a duet with Beyoncé after confirming that they had met up.

“Oh my GOD I just met Beyoncé again!! And this time I didn’t cry!! She listened to my songs!! My heart is racing,” she added. {Source}

It’s kinda hard to not share in Alexandra’s excitement for this record; the growing producers list has me salivating at the prospects of what the album could be – a winner. Let’s hope so…

Your thoughts?
The British version of America’s Got Talent, the aptly titled Britain’s Got Talent, is currently underway and making headlines across the globe. While the last couple of weeks has seen a star born in Susan Boyle (Youtube), the most recent episode of the show saw 12 year old Shaheen become a favourite. Peep the video below to see what went down:

Amazing performance! Mind you, Simon’s random interjection and the OTT editing, kinda has me thinking it may be a little suspect (which reality-esq shows aren’t these days?). That said, the boy can ‘saaannggg’ LOL. His runs and riffs sound on par if not better than some of the artists dominating the charts now. Here’s hoping he goes far…{Thanks Ashley F!}
What do you think of Shaheen?