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Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige took to the stage at the Neighborhood Ball in honour of Barack Obama last night in Washington, DC. Check out their perfromances below:

Mariah – Hero

Alicia Keys – No One

Mary J. Blige – Just Fine

Introduced by hubby Nick Cannon, Mrs C’s performance…(…)…got better towards the end. The belt-y parts really gave a nod to ‘the voice’ we know and love(d). Not the most apt of songs to sing considering her vocal state, yet one very befitting to the cause.
Alica and Mary nailed it!!!
What do you think of the performances?
Barack and Michelle Obama shared their first dance as President and First Lady last night at the Neighborhood Ball in Washington, D.C. Beyonce was on hand, giving a rousing rendition of Etta James’ aptly titled ‘At Last’. Awesome moment.
It really does feel great to be living through history.
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As I’m sure many of you know, Barack Obama today officially became the first ever African-American president of the United States. For those who missed his historic speech, you can watch it above..
What a great day for the world at large. It goes to show, that sky really is the limit.
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This week’s classic From The Vault clip is TLC’s 1995 sensual smash ‘Red Light Special’. Lifted from the trio’s Diamond selling LP ‘CrazySexyCool’, the song, which reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, saw its racy video become a staple on music stations across the globe and to date serves as one of their biggest hits. Check it out:

Cliche sounding, perhaps, but back then really were the good ol’ days of R&B.

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Carey's 'E=MC²' Soars Straight To #1
It appears Mariah Carey is wasting no time after her last LP ‘E=MC²’ failed to ignite the charts in the way, I’m sure, she and her label would have hoped. The 38 year old songstress is currently in the studio recording the album’s follow-up:

The-Dream just dropped his new single “My Love,” which features Mariah Carey, but that’s not all the two have been up to lately.

The-Dream stopped by L.A.’s Power 106 with Big Boy In The Morning, and talked about his new album and the fact that he hadn’t gone to sleep yet because he was up all night with Mariah working on new material for her.

According to The-Dream, Mariah is already working on a new album and he’s been producing some hot new tracks for her.

As you may already know, The-Dream is responsible for producing Mariah’s huge hit “Touch My Body” off her current album E=MC². {Source}

For all my (justified) criticism of Mariah, it’s kinda unfortunate that she has called it a day on ‘E=MC²’. Though not the best album of hers (not by a long shot), there was still enough winning material on there for the album to have fared much better (See: ‘For The Record’ & ‘Migrate’). 
It’s pretty evident that Mimi knows that at 38 there is only so much time left for her to be cranking out such bubble-gum mediocrity like ‘Touch My Body’ and using her ‘sex appeal’ to sell a record. As the Janet’s and Madonna’s know, once near or over the ’40’ hill, such antics are greeted with a collective side-eye (hey Fresh!) from the masses. I’m kinda hoping Mariah’s next release sees a return to her making quality albums, that have longetivity in their own right – unlike some of the rubbish she’s been putting out recently.
Your thoughts? 
Rihanna Grammy Promo Ad
{Click pic to enlarge}
As the 51st Annual Grammy Awards draw nearer, a poster of Rihanna for the awards’ ‘Celebrate The Music That Makes Us’ promotional campaign surfaced this week.
All of the text used for Rihanna’s portrait contain song titles from artists who have influenced or affected her life and career. Miss Fenty’s selections included the Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’, ‘Butterfly’ and “We Belong Together’, as well as Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Lose My Breath’.
Granted there’s a lot that could be said (LOL), I’ll leave it at: Nice pic.
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Michelle Williams Preps Remix Album
Following last October’s release of Michelle Williams’ ‘Unexpected’ LP, the singer has revealed that she is currently working on a remix album. While little is known as regards producers etc, the set is slated for release this year. {Source}
As one who really enjoyed the album’s first release, I’m eager to see what she serves up with this new(ish) project.
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Randomly sitting at my laptop wondering why I could count on my one hand how many televised performances I’ve seen from the uber talented Keri Hilson. I hit up Youtube and stumbled upon this clip of Keri performing new single ‘Turnin’ Me On’ on KTLA TV a few weeks back. A pretty decent showing, I must say.
However, I can’t help but be a little grated by the fact that it’s this song that is performing the best of all the Keri material released thus far (radio spins in the US are a-mazing and the track is gaining on the iTunes chart everyday). The far superior ‘Energy’ and ‘Return The Favour’ are more deserving of success IMO. That said, I can’t hate on Keri at all; she’s getting her foot in and making a name for herself. Here’s hoping she sustains the success, so that her better material gets a chance to be heard by the masses.
What do you think of the performances?

Peep this behind the scenes look  at Beyonce and Solange on the set of their latest L’Oreal commercial. I have to give it to Solange; be it down to big sis, Papa Knowles or whoever, she really is getting her face out there. More power to them.
Your thoughts?
Nas & Kelis Expecting First ChildAccording to reports, rapper Nas and wife of 3 years Kelis are expecting their first child together:

From “Milkshake” to mommy!

A source tells the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now, that singer Kelis, 29, and her husband, rapper Nas, 35, are expecting their first child together.

“It’s all they are talking about. She is carrying hip-hop royalty!” says the insider, who adds Kelis — currently in her first trimester — already has a little bump. “They are so excited.”

A rep for the singer had no comment.

The couple tied the knot in a small ceremony in Atlanta in January 2005. {Source}

If true, much congratulations to Nas and Kelis.

Randomness: I’ve been itching for another Kelis album. ‘Kelis Was Here’ was top notch.

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