After a calling it a day with the US labels (following the complete and utter mishandling of her last album ‘Liberation’), R&B songstress Mya has turned her attention to Japan. Now signed with Manhattan Records, the 29 year old is set to release her new LP ‘Sugar & Spice’ over there this December. The video for ‘Paradise’, the LP’s lead single, made its debut this week and what can I say other than…appalling. Cheap, uninspired, trashy…did I say cheap?

Hell, with £50.00 and Windows Movie Maker, I could have done a better job myself. Not a good look.

What do you think of the song/video?

The video for Rihanna’s ___ single (I’m losing count) ‘Rehab’ premiered moments ago. Directed by Anthony Madler, the clip is visually engaging simply because Ms. Fenty looks stunning. Aside from that, rubbish, boring video for a rubbish, boring song. Justin just seems to be there for being there sake (yes, he co-wrote the song, but still).

I cannot comprehend why her label continue to dish out the cash for this chick – single after single, video after video and she still isn’t selling anywhere near what she should be – even with that crappy re-release. With Mariah unable to catch a hit if she tried and Janet long gone, it makes me wonder if investing all the time and funds they have into Ms. Fenty would have been better spent on their other projects – projects which if handled correctly could have been major. Anyway…

What do you think of the video?

With ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ released this week, Beyonce is everywhere promoting the record, which will no doubt sell like hotcakes. Check out her recent set for AOL Sessions below:

Single Ladies

If I Were A Boy

At Last


As ever, flawless performances.

What do you think of the performances?

Grammy Award winning star John Legend knows where to keep it locked:

Your thoughts?

Your Top 5 Songs Of The Moment?You know the deal; That Grape Juice, once again, wants to see what you all are listening to. Which 5 tracks have you got on constant rotation at the moment? Remember, it doesn’t have to be limited to Urban music; could be something new, Throwback, religious, even something you made yourself LOL. Drop a comment in the comments section. Mine are – in no particular order:

1) Go Girl – Ciara
2) Music (ft. Lauryn Hill) – Joss Stone
3) Stroke You Up – Changing Faces
4) Believer – Mary Mary
5) Halo – Beyonce

What are your ‘Top 5 Songs Of The Moment’?
After more than a decade on the air, MTV’s flagship show, Total Request Live (TRL), aired its final episode last night. Filmed live from New York’s famed Times Square, ‘Total Finale Live’ boasted performances from Beyonce, 50 Cent and Ludacris, Nelly and Snoop Dogg. Check out the performances below:

Beyonce – If I Were A Boy, Single Ladies & Crazy In Love

50 Cent – Medley

Ludacris, Nelly, Snoop – Medley

Awesome performances all round! Beyonce, though…wow…she really is on some next platform. Three back to back performances of vocally taxing songs and she still delivers. Hottest Chick In The Game with good reason…

Anyway, it’s kind of a shame that TRL is ending. No matter your locality/nationality, you’ve likely heard of the once popular show. Hell, even, other markets tried to launch their own version (does anyone else remember the crapper than crap UK version?). I guess all good things must come to an end. Word has it, FN’MTV is to replace it.

Your thoughts?

Danity Kane Step Out As Trio Danity Kane Step Out As Trio
Following the recent controversy surrounding Danity Kane (which led to the axing of members Aubrey O’ Day and D. Woods), remaining members Dawn Richard, Audrea Fimbres and Shannon Bex made an appearance at Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. The ladies are also said to have performed at the club.
Danity Kane Step Out As Trio Danity Kane Step Out As Trio Danity Kane Step Out As Trio

They all look great, Audrea especially, however I’m just not warming to the idea of the group as a three. Technically, the group could work as some of the remaining ladies are arguably the most talented in both line-ups. However the lack of Aubrey and D. Woods is just oh-so-apparent and needed too. This isn’t the inter-changeable Pussycat Dolls (aka Nicole and whoever they decide to shove behind her…I’m still shocked at how they dyed one of the random chick’s hair red when redhead Carmit Barchar left. I guess it worked as many didn’t even notice! Enough of my ramble LMAO).

What do you think of the pics?

Hot on the promotional trail for her ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ LP (look out four our review shortly), Beyonce took over Saturday Night Live last night. As well as performing current smashes ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ (above) and ‘If I Were A Boy’, she also did a must-see skit with Justin Timberlake (all I’ll say single Ladies. Leotards. Heels LOL).

Beyonce / Justin Timberlake Skit

If I Were A Boy

Great performances! I was beginning to tire of the ”Boy’ showings – I mean, after all, it’s Beyonce. The masses don’t watch to see her just standing there. That said, she shut it down on both performances – especially Single Ladies, which was a MAJOR improvement over the World Music Awards performance. The Justin skit…ok then LOL!

What do you think of the performances?

X Factor 2008: Live Shows - Week 6The sixth week of X Factor 2008 live shows aired tonight here in the UK. Check out my 2 Pence on the Best of Britsh themed week below:

{For those unfamiliar with the show; The X Factor is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 25’s are eligible to enter. The show also birthed the career of a certain Leona Lewis}
After being rocked by the departure of favourite Laura White last week, X Factor regained some credibility last night after the absolutely crap Daniel Evans was sent home. What’s more, Alexandra (as ever) and Rachel both turned in fantastic standout performances, which you can check out below, along with that of X Factor alumni Leona Lewis who performed ‘Run’ on the show:

Alexandra Burke – You Are So Beautiful

Rachel Hylton – I’m No Good

Leona Lewis – Run

Alexandra really is on a roll – week in, week out delivering stellar performances. I’m just hoping that the British public continue to vote for her, because, as Laura’s exit showed, nothing is guaranteed (aside from the mediocre Eoghan and slightly contrived Diana being raved about each week!).

Rachel definitely proved her worth last night too. Glad she’s still about.

I can’t say Leona’s song or performance really moved me. That said, her featuring on the ‘Best of British’ week definitely was apt – one of the best talents – if not ‘the’ best talents – to emerge from Britain in a long time!

Your thoughts?

With Ciara still hard at work on her 3rd studio LP ‘Fantasy Ride’, a new cut titled ‘Explode’ from the album has surfaced. Earlier this week we posted the 22 year old’s performance of the song at the Wild Jam concert – this is the studio version. Check it out below:

I’m really liking this one; the seductive production and delivery are very in the veign of ‘Promise’ (which IMO still stands as Ciara’s defining track). That said, of the new material I’ve heard from her thus far, very little has stuck out as single worthy – this included. Here’s hoping she comes out with bang when it’s time for the album’s official lead single drops (unsurprisingly, her team are now referring to ‘Go Girl’ as a ‘buzz single’…could its poor performance on the chart have anything to do with it? Pretty self-explanatory LOL).
As previously reported, Toni Braxton is set to make her return to the charts in the coming months with a new label – Atlantic – and partnership with hit-maker Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins. A new song ‘Melt (Like An Iceberg)’ has surfaced as is believed to be from the recording sessions for her as yet untitled new album. You can listen to it below:

Real chill and laid-back, which though sufficient for some, isn’t really cutting it IMO. For Toni to make her mark in the current industry climate, without compromising her sound, I’d be looking for her to channel the sound/vibe she was working with on 00’s hits such as ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’, ‘Spanish Guitar’ etc. Either way, I’ll definitely be paying close attention to Toni’s new material.

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?
Jennifer Hudson Thanks Fans Speaking out for the first time since the burial of her mother, brother and nephew, Jennifer Hudson has thanked fans for their support via her official MySpace:

Jennifer Hudson has told fans that she takes “great comfort and strength” from their messages following the fatal shootings of her mother, brother and nephew.

The Dreamgirls actress wrote the thank you note on her MySpace page ten days after her slain family members were laid to rest.

She wrote: “I want to thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. My sister and I take great comfort and strength from your love and concern.”

Darnell Hudson Donerson and Jason Hudson were found shot dead at the family home in Chicago on October 24. The body of Hudson’s seven-year-old nephew Julian King was discovered in an abandoned vehicle three days later. {Source}

It’s our prayer that God gives Jennifer and her entire family the strength to overcome this terrible occurrence.

Your thoughts?
'Before I Self Destruct' Pushed Back According to a press release from 50 Cent’s label, Interscope, the rapper ‘Before Self Destruct’ LP – originally due December 16th – has been pushed back to early 2009:

Interscope says the artist was “rushing” to meet the December date but “with the deadline to secure advertising and retail placement for the album imminent,” the rapper opted to wait until next year.

The album boasts production and guest turns from mentors Dr. Dre and Eminem; producer Scott Storch helmed first single “Get Up.”

“Before I Self Destruct” will be bundled with a full-length feature film of the same name, in which 50 Cent plays a budding basketball star who becomes a criminal after his mother’s murder.

Early pressings of the album will also include a second DVD with the documentary “Two Turntables And A Microphone: The Life And Death Of Jam Master Jay,” which 50 Cent executive produced. {Source}

Is anyone actually checking for this anyway?

Your thoughts?