Again, I know it’s kinda short notice, but I will be interviewing Island Def Jam/So So Def artist Johnta Austin on Wednesday (August 1st). Following a label switch (from Virgin to Island), the talented singer/songwriter is set to drop his ‘Ocean Drive’ album on September 4th. Please drop any questions you may have for Johnta in the comments section. Note that only genuine and reasonable questions will be considered 🙂

*The Jagged Edge interview will be up soon*

The video for Eve’s latest single ‘Give it To You’ (ft. Sean Paul) premiered yesterday. Directed by Melina (who was behind most of Beyonce’s ‘Anthology’ clips), the video is great; and aside from ‘that’ blond wig, Eve is looking on-point too. The vid really manages to capture the song’s summer vibe. Eve’s new album ‘Here I Am’ is set to hit stores September 18th.
What do you think of the video?
After a record-breaking 10 weeks at the top of the Official UK Singles Chart, Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ has been dethroned by Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’. The track, which features newcomer Keri Hilson, swapped its #3 postion with Rihanna to claim the top spot. It’s not bad news for the Bajan singer whose next single ‘Shut Up & Drive’ rockets #65-#18 on the chart – based on downloads alone.
Finally! ‘Umbrella’ was a grower, but after a while it was like ‘who’s still buying this?’. Considering I feel ‘The Way I Are’ to be one of the better tracks from Timbaland’s overhyped ‘Shock Value’ CD, it’s great to see the track enjoying chart success. Rihanna really seems to be doing it BIG over here too, with ‘Shut Up & Drive’ on course to peak at a high position.
Any thoughts?

As part of their Hip Hop Week, MTV2 screened a ‘Hottest MCs In The Game’ special this past weekend. In constructing the list, a panel of MTV News staff that looked at the most prominent MC’s of the past year and took into account the following: straight-up skills, success (both musically and entrepreneurial), impact on the game, an MC’s ‘cool’ factor, and how they carry themselves on and off recordings. As with BET’s ‘Top 25 Dancers of All Time’ list, this is sure to raise a eyebrows. Check out the list:

1. Lil’ Wayne
2. T.I.
3. The Game
4. André 3000
5. Kanye West
6. Young Jeezy
7. Jay-Z
8. 50 Cent
9. Common
10. Jim Jones

For the most part, I’m ok with the list. Yet, where were Nas and Fabolous? Also, 50 Cent has no place on there – aside from reason of his business success.

Do you agree with the list
According to E! Online, Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds are engaged. Check out the report:

ET has learned that EDDIE MURPHY and his girlfriend of 10 months, TRACEY EDMONDS, are engaged! According to OK! magazine, the 46-year-old ‘Dreamgirls’ and ‘Shrek the Third’ star proposed on July 25 with a “massive,” roughly 8-carat CARTIER yellow diamond engagement ring.

A friend of the couple says, “They’re very adorable together, very happy,” adding that they plan to tie the knot before the end of the year with a private wedding: “something low-key and romantic.”

Not sure why Tracy’s in such a rush to marry a guy who still hasn’t taken responsibility for his child with Mel B. On a lighter note, I wonder what Johnny Gill thinks about this lol?

Your thoughts?
In a statement to the Associated Press today (July 28th), Usher’s publicist announced the singer’s marriage to fiance Tameka Foster has been cancelled. No reason was cited for the cancellation of the ceremony -which was set to take place today – however the statement plead for the privacy of the pair during this time. The couple’s first child is due in the fall.
Though the circumstances surrounding the cancellation are unknown, one has to wonder if Usher succumbed to the pressure and pulled the plug. With the way Usher’s been on a war path to defend Tameka, I’m kinda surprised by this all. This whole situation gets weirder by the minute…

Why do you think the wedding was called off?
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It was announced a few months ago that Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson had signed a deal with Avon to become the face of their best-selling fragrance ‘Imari’. The above pics are the first shots of Hudson’s campaign for the new Imari Seduction’ line (on sale in August). In other news, shooting for Jennifer’s new movie ‘Winged Creatures’ which also stars fellow Oscar winner Forest Whittaker has wrapped and the film is set to hit the big screen next year.

What do you think of the pics?
The full/high-quality version of Jennifer Lopez’s new single ‘Hold It, Don’t Drop’ it has finally surfaced; I previewed a clip of the track a few weeks back. After hearing the Midi Mafia produced song in it’s entirety, I still feel it’s sub-par and definitely not the sort of material J.Lo should be putting out if she’s hoping for a successful comeback. At best, it’s listenable, yet it highlights most of what has stunted her recording career in the last couple of years – little substance and poor vocal delivery.

Hit or Miss?

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Hip Hop Police

Rapper Chamillionaire is set to release his sophomore effort ‘Ultimate Victory’ on September 18th. Following the controversy surrounding the use of the ‘N’ word in Hip Hop, Chamillionaire decided to no longer feature profanities in his songs; a concept featured in both of these new vids. The first, ‘Hip Hop Police’ sees the rapper take on the role of an ‘offender’ on the run. In ‘Evening News’, fun is poked at America’s idea of newsworthy news. As well as being pretty funny, I’m liking these because he’s stepped out of the box and gone left-field – something Urban acts don’t do enough.

Evening News

What do you think of the vids?

Lil’ Kim attended the star-studded Beckham ‘Welcome’ party earlier this week in Los Angeles. It’s well known that Kimmie’s been under the knife a few times, but this just drove it home…she looks a mess. Why she decided to tamper with her previously pretty face I’ll never know, but this is just sad. On a side note, I’m still waiting on that post-prison album, as -looks aside-Kim is still one of the best female MC’s.

Any thoughts?

Rapper Trina is sporting a new look in preparation for the release her new album ‘Da Baddest B*tch 2’ (due August). It seems she’s been paying close attention to Rihanna’s recent image overhaul, as the self-proclaimed ‘Baddest B*tch’ looks eerily like the ‘Umbrella’ singer. Still, it suits her well – it’s a major improvement over the blonde Tranny look she was rocking the last time she was out.

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What do you think of Trina’s new look?

In an interview with Ozone magazine, UGK’s Pimp C let rip on a number of issues – namely Ne-Yo, Russell Simmons and Atlanta. Check out extracts from the heated interview:

On Ne-Yo:

“I ain’t out here dressing up trying to be sexy licking my lips like old gay a** Ne-Yo. Licking lips and shit, n***a. Pussy d**k in the booty a** n***a wearing all that gotdamn lipgloss at their video shoots and letting n***as put makeup on their face. Yeah, I said Ne-Yo, you heard what the f**k I said. N***as putting all that lip gloss on they f**kin’ lips looking like they’ve just been eating a pork chop sandwich with no hands.”

On Russell Simmons:

“I just made peace with the lil n***a Short Dawg cause on the cool, it really wasn’t his fault. It was ol’ d**k-in-the-booty-Russell Simmons fault for not taking the message back to him and telling him to change his name. Yeah, I said ‘d**k-in-the-booty.’ I know what I’m talking about. B***h, I’ll air you out too.”

On Atlanta & The South:

“Atlanta is not the South. Atlanta is not the South, gotdamn it, when you go to Atlanta what does your clock say? When you get off the plane from Los Angeles or Texas, what time do it be over there? Atlanta is East Coast time. You n***as ain’t in the South.”

I’m in hysterics right now lol. C didn’t hold back. I don’t know what either Ne-Yo or Russell must have done to him, but he went at them hard. He’s crazy for getting mad over time zones lol. Having said that, Ne-Yo’s ‘Because of You’ vid did remind me of a MAC cosmetics ad though…

Ignorant or telling it like it is?