It has been reported that Remy Ma has officially been released from her deal with Terror Squad/Universal. The New York rapper apparently requested that she be granted the release after the poor performance of her debut solo album ‘There’s Something About Remy’ which sold a disappointing 75,000 in it’s opening week. Speaking of her next move, Remy had to say:

I’m sitting in meetings all day, everyday politicking my own label, with me being my first artist…I have so many other projects involving films, TV and endorsements, but most important is my album.

Ok then, whatever you say lol. Ma’s release was inevitable after she called out her fellow Terror Squad member Fat Joe on radio last year after her album flopped. What happened to the female rap group Ma, Jackie-O and Shawna were supposed to be in?


Here’s the video for Bobby Valentino’s new single ‘Anonymous’ (ft. Timbaland). I’ve liked the song for a while now and I’m glad the video turned out cool. It’s nothing innovative or ground-breaking, but serves its purpose. Where was Timbaland? Check it out…

This is the full version of a new Ne-Yo track called ‘Make It Work’. I posted a snippet of this a few days ago, saying that I think it will be a standout track on his new album ‘Because of You’. After hearing the song in it’s entirety, I feel that Ne-Yo MUST release this….it’s fiyah, no lie. As always with Ne-Yo, the harmonies are ON-POINT and the hook is real catchy. I don’t think I’ve been so impressed with a Ne-Yo track since ‘When Your Mad’. ‘A-yo A-yo Oh’…you’ll know what I mean when you hear it LOL

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Rihanna has dropped a new mixtape in the lead-up to the release of her new album ‘Good Girl, Gone Bad’ (I still can’t take that name seriously). This track is featured on the mixtape and will most likely make the album’s final cut. The Bajan singer spoke about working with Ne-Yo not too long ago and this seems to be the finished product.
The track, ‘Hate That I Love You’ is guitar-driven and the harmonies are very similar to most of Ne-Yo’s tracks. Same with the instrumentation; I could have sworn I heard Ne-Yo’s ‘Sexy Love’ in this track. It’s a decent song and I can see it doing well in both the Pop and R&B markets. I’m still yet to hear a Rihanna track that will be relevant in the next 5 years though.

What you think?

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This was too funny; it aired last night. Kelly was set up by her friend, tennis star, Serena Williams. I guess her manangement see any publicity as good publicity, because Ashton (the host) slammed Kelly pretty hard at the beginning. Time will tell if she can shake off the pereception that some have of her. Anway, check it out…

Some of you may have already heard the rumours about Olivia being kicked out of the G Unit; and supposedly suing them for sexual harassment. Well, 50 Cent has shed some light on the situation. During an interview this week on New York radio station, Hot 97, 50 confirmed that Olivia is no longer with G Unit. The G Unit leader rubbished rumours of sexual harassment and stated that her departure was due to ‘creative differences’ over her never released album (yeah right).
I’m waiting to hear Olivia’s side of the story because everything about 50 Cent/G Unit is BOGUS. Ain’t but one of them had any success…that one being 50 Cent himself. It’s kinda bad for her; one flop album (pre-G Unit) and now this. Though she was pretty much the standard R&B chick, I wanted to see what they were gonna do with her. Looks like it’s over for her.
We here at That Grape Juice wish you all and your families a Happy Easter. I’m definitely enjoying mine; lots of chocolate!
R&B ‘It-Chick’ Beyonce continued the promotion of her B’Day re-release by performing on The Early Show. The performances were filmed this Monday and were screened yesterday. ‘Irreplaceable’ and ‘Beautiful Liar’ (minus Shakira) were the songs she sang. She did good on both songs, however the audience were kinda dead during the Beautiful Liar performance. I would have preferred her perform something else, as there are stronger cuts on the album that haven’t yet been performed live i.e. ‘Upgrade U’ and ‘Get Me Bodied’. Anyway check out the performances…


Beautiful Liar

What did you think?

In more Beyonce news, a new track which is only featured on the European version of the B’Day re-release (due April 23rd) has surfaced. The song, titled ‘If’, is decent. If anything, it reminds me of Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’.

You liking?

Rihanna Album Cover
This is supposedly the cover for Rihanna’s upcoming album ‘Good Girl, Gone Bad’ (due June 5th). It’s a cool pic and reflects the title of the album. I’m still not liking the idea of her rushing out another album already (her third); she’s only ever released 5 songs.

Lil Kim To Write About Prison Experience

Rapper Lil Kim is ready to break her silence on her prison experience. The pint-sized star has allegedly signed a book deal with St Martins Press and will write about her time in jail for perjury. Kim was convicted in 2005 and sentenced to one year in prison; she was released in August 2006. The book should hit shelves later next year.

This should be an interesting read, seeing as she hasn’t spoken of her time in jail since she came out last year. A book though? I’m waiting on that new album. Kim is at her best when she has something to talk about about other than just sex, as her critically-acclaimed ‘Naked Truth’ album showed.


New Ne-Yo Track – ‘Drugz’


Another track from Ne-Yo’s new album has hit the net. ‘Drugz’ is a nice mid-tempo that showcases Ne-Yo versatility as a writer. Check it out…

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The video for Trey Songz new single ‘Wonder Woman’ debuted on BET yesterday. Though I’m liking the track more than I was at first, the video is kinda blah. I must say that I’m feeling Trey’s new material so far and will be checking for his new album ‘Trey Day’ due May 8th.

Whitney Houston has been awarded sole custody of her and Bobby Brown’s daughter, Bobbi-Kristina (14) in a divorce hearing on Wednesday. The divorce of the controversial couple was been approved by the courts and will become final on April 24th. Check out an extract of the report:

At times dabbing her eyes with a tissue during the court session, Houston testified that she did not require spousal or child support and that Bobbi Kristina could not depend on her father.

“He’s unreliable,” Houston said of Brown, according to the Associated Press. “If he says he’s going to come, sometimes he does. Usually he doesn’t.”

Houston declined to comment to reporters after the hearing. Attorney Ram Cogan, representing Brown (who did not attend the hearing), said he will file a petition on behalf of his client to overturn the judge’s decision.

Houston filed for legal separation from Brown on Sept. 8, and then filed for divorce in mid-October.

On Dec. 28, she requested a default judgment to fast-track the dissolution of the marriage.
Since their separation, Houston has been recording a new album with J Records president Clive Davis in Los Angeles.

Whitney ain’t playing. She’s making moves to sort out her life, yet there’s no sign of Bobby doing the same; she deserves Bobbi-Kristina. So much for the friendly relationship Bobby claimed he and Whitney were maintaining.

Click here to see the video of Whitney leaving court

Two new clips from Ne-Yo’s upcoming sophomore album have leaked. The first, ‘Do You’, is an ok sounding mid-tempo track; it wouldn’t make me want to run out and buy the album though. ‘Make It Work’ is much better; it’s a slow-jam that is sure to be one of the album’s standout tracks. A problem I have with most of the leaked clips/tracks so far is that Ne-Yo seems to have played it too safe this time around- no artistic growth or progression. Only time will tell if his new album, ‘Because of You’ (due May 1st), will be able to top his first.

What do you think?

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