Beyonce & Lady GaGa Among Forbes Most Powerful Women

Published: Thursday 7th Oct 2010 by Trent

Forbes has released its annual tally of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women and both Beyonce and Lady GaGa have managed to crack the top 10. Beyonce, who is credited with sales exceeding 118 million records (obviously including those achieved with Destiny’s Child), 16 Grammy Awards and several high profile endorsement deals, landed at #9 on the prestigious list. However, the R&B singer was out-paced by GaGa who was positioned two spots higher at #7.

The 24 year old GaGa is heralded as the new Queen of Pop for the massive success of her ‘Monsters Ball’ tour which is expected generated a minimum $200 million in revenue by its April 2011 completion. Despite Beyonce’s larger personal earnings in the last year ($87 million to be exact), GaGa is celebrated by Forbes who suggest that she “single-handedly reinvigorated pop music and pop culture”.


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  1. carl October 7, 2010

    GAGA sucks now.

  2. Diagnosticluv October 7, 2010

    Ugggh Gaga but anyway whatever I wish them the best.

  3. Kpolo October 7, 2010

    Both are Queens in their own right.

    Props to both ladies.

  4. T October 7, 2010

    Well Beyonce has nothing to prove first off.

    2nd: I like Gaga but I dont think she changed Pop music in any type of way because her music sounds like everything else thats on Pop radio.

    3rd: I think Trent posted this just to start a stan war so guys please dont fall for it.

    And I caught the pettiness off the (118 million, obviously with Destiny’s Child too)

  5. Drea1204 October 7, 2010

    Get it, BeyGaga! Very proud of both ladies. 🙂

  6. IN Your Face October 7, 2010

    Why??? Why???? I don’t understand. Lady Gaga produces the most generic music ever and it’s just this her “I love the gays” gimmick that made her tour sell. Because when I watch her tour footage, I don’t see anything interesting worth going to watch. This woman is taking over the world, and it is the fault of her stans. I think she steals their souls.

  7. Truthfully October 7, 2010

    Where is rihanna….no where….bey and gaga rule

  8. KAT DELUNA FAN October 7, 2010

    @Dead at Forbes ….the media said the same thing about Britney spears back in the days ..then Rihanna was the new Black Madonna …and now it’s gaga?! lmaoooo

    I am happy for all the ladies doing her power sh*t (to quote Teirra Mari)

    No fight,it’s Girl power baby !

  9. F*** RIHModel October 7, 2010


    MY QUEENS HAVE TAKEN OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    RIHCancelled HAS NOT!!!!!!




  10. Nadjee October 7, 2010

    Trent, Okay…

    Was that whole including Destinys Child thing needed

    How has Lady Gaga changed the face of pop. What has she done new? Explain.

    Those 201 dates and counting is what is getting her 200 milli in concert sales.

    Madonna only had 85 shows and grossed 400 million.

    I respect Lady Gaga’s talent and her stance on issues such as gay rights but Trent just pushed it. And Lady Gaga is the great

    And I agree with T. Trent just posted this to start a stan war.

  11. TEE October 7, 2010

    Please don’t start fighting over who’s higher than whom on the Forbes list. Beyonce’s been on break, but still doing her thing, and Lady Gaga is on tour and she is doing her thing also, just congratulate and move on.

  12. NICKY October 7, 2010






  13. NICKY October 7, 2010


    MADONNA 350-400 MILLION!!!

  14. JJFan1814 October 7, 2010

    Bey stans are mad that Gaga, who has been in the game for about 2 years now, is slaying competition. She re-invented pop music, yes…Woman actually puts f****** work into her songs, the production and lyrics to make it catchy, memorable and stunning as possibly as it can be, and obviously it’s working. Don’t hate that Beyonce can’t write half as good as GAGA!


  15. True Blue October 7, 2010

    Lots of people are fans of both, and both women like each other, so attempting to start a Gaga/Bey stan war is retarded and desperate, to say the least.

    And I agree that although Gaga is a breath of fresh air, saying she changed the face of pop music is going overboard with the praise. Let’s keep things in perspective, here.

  16. Ladia Yates October 7, 2010

    Gaga stans including Trent have no sense of history and seem to believe that Lady Gaga invented the following things:

    Music Videos
    Gay Rights
    Avant Garde Fashion
    Pop Music

    I like Lady Gaga, but she is nothing but the Great White Hope.

    Chris Rock said it best when he said:

    “Black people have to fly to get to the same place white people can walk to.”

  17. True Blue October 7, 2010

    @ JJFan1814:

    As a Ronald McDonald stan, you should spend more time worrying about Def Jam’s little puppet who’s on a sinking ship instead of someone who’s slaying the game. Bey will be around long after your non-singing puppet disappears.

  18. Dave October 7, 2010


  19. True Blue October 7, 2010

    @ Ladia:

    That is true.

  20. Miss Chick Boom October 7, 2010

    I like Gaga, but don’t you think it is a little overboard to say that she changed the face of pop music. When? How? Where?

    That’s what I want to know.

    Anyways I’m happy for both her and Bey.

    I find it funny though that Beyonce was like the second most powerful celebrity but is behind Gaga in overall powerful women.

    Just sayin.

  21. carl October 7, 2010

    200 MILLION dollar Movie Nicky? REALLY? I have NEVER heard of someone getting piad that amount of money for a movie, actually their FIRST EVERY ROLE? Stans ruin the quailty of blogs I swear.

  22. Miss Chick Boom October 7, 2010

    Also no Rihanna stans should even come in here and try to jump on the gaga bandwagon or better yet they should not even come in here tryna diss because there fave isn’t even on the list.

  23. Soulful Roses October 7, 2010

    @Ladia Yates

    That is so true….

  24. True Blue October 7, 2010

    @ Miss Chick Boom:

    She’s also ahead of Nancy Pelosi, so…

  25. Soulful Roses October 7, 2010

    And with that being said…congratulations to my 2 queens 😉

    Rah rah ah ah ah/ Roma roma ma/ Gaga ooh la la…WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE….sorry ya’ll, I had to get it out my system 🙂

  26. Miss Chick Boom October 7, 2010


    Really, I haven’t even looked at the list.

    Off topic: But I love Nancy Pelosi, I live in San Francisco where she is from and I have met her a few times, she is a nice lady.

  27. S*** October 7, 2010

    Lady Gaga is STR8 100% Trash!!…

    I dont know what it is but I hate that B**** with a PASSION in my HEART.

    But Congrats Bey.

  28. Yellow Gorilah October 7, 2010

    Do you know what I will give Lady Gaga credit when it is due

    I think she really has made an impact in the pop industry And she really has made everyone step their game up and I really do think she is a breath of fresh air..BUT! Her music is very generic yes she does talk about gay rights but I think she is using it to her own advantage the gays are the most loyal fans a artist can have look at maddonna Lady gaga to me is Playing the industry.

    Th eindustry is a game it ha snothing to do with “The most talanted no more” YOu have to know what sells and what does not. Lady gaga is really talanted but the b**** does not show it in he rmusic because people don’t want to go to her concert to see her play the piano they want to see her Dance get dragged get hanged get killed blah blah she is the most Gymmicky person I have ever seen. She is soooo concited I’m sorry in interviews the way she talks it is as if she is a living ICON she really needs to calm herself down she is already taking drugs and so on . I cant tell in 10 years down she is going to have a melt down!

    Beyonce is just ………………. Loool ok she is very talented and she works hard but =|
    There is NOTHING special about beyonce, compare her to Lady gaga she is really boring I’m sorry I just cant with her she needs to Reinvent herself she always looking the same her videos are always looking the same her music always sounding the same =| she needs to step her cookies up because a lot of people are bored with her. But I proud of her as she is a black women in a white world and she still is on top something for other black girls to look up too and she really has worked hard (With a little help from her dad and the 5 other girls) she has made a name for herself. Well done to her.

    STAN WAR IN 1,2,3,4 POW!!!!!

  29. S*** October 7, 2010

    BEYONCE = Queen of Pop

    GagMe = Princess of Pop (Above Rihanna & Britney though she sucks WORSE)

  30. pist October 7, 2010

    i no dis is offf topic but i cant believe willow smith’s track is currently sitting at no 24 on the billboard hiphop rnb chart, how does she get diz huge airplay after just 3 weeks? and shez only 9. i must say the track goes hard

  31. True Blue October 7, 2010

    @ Yellow Gorilah:

    Your post actually a lot of truth to it, but… it’s still kinda hard to take you seriously, when considering who you relentlessly stan for.

  32. Bread and Butter October 7, 2010

    @Yellow Gorillah there is nothin innovative about Gaga besides her music videos.

    Her songs are generic.

    And her performances are lack luster, IMO.

    When she performs she does a whole bunch of stiff dancing and her performances are mostly based on the theatrics. She really hasn’t done anything new.

  33. S*** October 7, 2010

    @ Yellow Gorilah

    N**** just STFU. WTF do you know?? Right, NOTHING. F****** Delusional C***.

    Gaga is Over Rated & NOTHING SPECIAL

    Wanna know why shes so “big”, because…


    If My No Talent ass came out with No Substance Gay Dance Songs & High Fashion Videos I better be Successfull too!! Shes a MAGICian, a Gascade, A FAKE, a GIMMICK, a H**!!.Shes just a Fad that will soon Fade. shes 100% Pure TRASH.

  34. badd October 7, 2010

    YESSSSSSS God-Ga !!!!!!

  35. S*** October 7, 2010

    @ Bread and Butter

    AGREED, Yellow Gorilah is just a DUMB H**!!

  36. Miss Chick Boom October 7, 2010

    @Yellow Gorillah

    You have no place to call Beyonce boring when you stan for Rihanna. Let’s get that str8 now.

    The Look comes second, talent comes first.

    And if you haven’t noticed each era she has had a certain type of video.

    And her music may sound the same to you, but atleast she only has a handful on generic songs unlike somebody you stan for.

  37. badd October 7, 2010

    @ S***.:
    It’s okay boo,,
    we tried to warn you,, but you just didn’t get it.
    Don’t be mad because GaGa’s higher than you’re fave.
    it’s okay hun, just calm down and take a deep breath.

  38. badd October 7, 2010

    @ all you GaGa HATERS..
    Nothing she has is GENERIC.
    Sh’e has always been creative and different.
    She makes pop music but it doesn’t sound
    like anything that is out right now.
    & isn’t like any other songs.
    So just GTFO & STFU


  39. Yeah B**** Im a Hater October 7, 2010

    @ badd

    F*** GAGE, That B**** Needs to DIE a Slow & painfull DEATH!!

    NASTY OVERRATED B****, F****** Disgrace.

  40. badd October 7, 2010

    @ Yellow.:
    Thank you for giving credit to GaGa.
    These ppl just don’t get it.

  41. badd October 7, 2010

    @ S***.:
    it’s okay….that’s why GaGa is surpassing your fav.
    stay mad.

  42. Yeah B**** Im a Hater October 7, 2010

    @ badd

    Gag-Me will NEVER have ANYTHING on Beyonce no matter what she acheives, She will ALWAYS be OVERRATED & Trash. Her music SUCKS Ass, She has NO TALENT & shes NOTHING SPECIAL.

  43. badd October 7, 2010

    @Ladia Yates.:
    ummm gtfo… one ever said she invented anything.
    where do you ppl get this from.
    you all always have something like to say when GaGa’s doing good.
    just stfu. & bow to the queen !!!!

  44. badd October 7, 2010

    @ S***.:
    she already does…
    stay mad 🙂

  45. Yeah B**** Im a Hater October 7, 2010

    Im Sorry, I really dont know what it is but I hate this GagME B**** with a PASSION in my HEART.

    I will never get over how Over Rated this women is, Its Sickening.


  46. badd October 7, 2010

    GaGa has changed the face of pop in many ways,,
    she’s not just another autotuned Ke$ha or Britney (even though I love her)
    & she’s not a regular Katy Perry & she has talent so she’s
    not like Rihanna….she’s brought alot of things back &
    put them in her own special way…which is why she’s doing
    so well right now…& the haters are mad.

  47. Ladia Yates October 7, 2010


    Nobody is my queen and I refuse to bow down to anybody. That’s for the ignorant stans. I stated my opinion so live with it.

  48. badd October 7, 2010

    Stop comparing Madonna sales to God-Ga.
    GaGa’s been out for two years…
    Madonna’s been out decades upon decades and decadeds
    what was Madonna’s tour like when she
    had only been out for two years….

  49. m October 7, 2010

    OMG…LOL @Lady Gaga reinvented Bee..thats so true…See Video phone did nothing for gaga but telephone did a lot for bee…HE HE HE!!!!!!

  50. KAT DELUNA FAN October 7, 2010

    Thanks.Just look at Single Ladies’s impact around the world and the MTV she got ?! the same as PIECE OF ME by britney.White media gonna support their people no matter what (see:Gaga now,britney before her and Amy whinehouse)

  51. badd October 7, 2010

    Congrats GaGa & Bey !!

  52. True Blue October 7, 2010

    It’d be nice to see Janelle Monáe in that list within the next five years… but I know that is wishful thinking. 🙁

  53. ~Team Weezy~ October 7, 2010

    OMG! Dead @ the psycho comparing Gaga’s tour sales with legends/icons like Janet, Madonna, and Tina just to downplay her success. Nice try, though. 🙂

  54. badd October 7, 2010

    @ True Blue.:
    😀 I agree 🙂

  55. ~Team Weezy~ October 7, 2010

    Why didn’t my comment about Beyonce show?


    QUEEN B’ still killing the game on her BREAK!!! YASSSSS!!

    She’s among powerful women like Oprah and Michelle Obama on this list! What other female artist besides Gaga is killing the game like Beyonce? NONE!

    And again, she’s on a F*CKING BREAK!

    Get ’em B’! 🙂

  56. S*** October 7, 2010

    I do agree though that Gaga changed the face of pop music…

    Yeah, FOR THE WORSE.

    Beyonce has changed the game FOREVER since 03, Because of her there is no truth to calling Gaga talented, saying she can sing when she cant, saying she can dance when she cant, saying her music is good when it sucks, saying shes original when shes not, Saying shes a great performer when shes isnt. Saying shes no Gimmick when she is, Saying she isnt over rated when she is. Saying she deserves any success when she doesnt. etc Because comparing her to Beyonce she is total S***.

    Beyonce is in Fact the Better Artist.(period) Talent, great Music, great performer, Everything that Gaga will never have & never Be. Beyonce is a LEVEL that Gaga could never & only dream of reaching. ~Just the truth.

    But what do i know?? I think Beyonce is the greatest artist of All Time IMO.

  57. I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you? October 7, 2010

    Both these b****** sucks. Next year Rihanna will be #1, trumping both Lady GagonDick and BeynoAss. Knowing Beyonce her daddy probablyy bought that position and Lady Gaga only got on ther cuz she white.

    Rihanna>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Genital Warts>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LADY GagonDick and BeynoAss.

  58. True Blue October 7, 2010

    ^^^ Keep dreaming.

  59. S*** October 8, 2010

    @@ I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you?

    Well, Your better than these delusional GagMe stans & your atleast HALF way Right.

    BEYONCE >>> Genital Warts >>> Rihanna >>> H** >>> Untimely death>>> Decaying Dead Bodies>>> LADY GagimickFuckGaSlut

  60. KAT DELUNA FAN October 8, 2010

    Once upon a time,a girl named beyoncé came in the game and most of the b****** have dissapeared…


    Lady gaga hasnt kill any career,ke$ha ..katy …ririh …britney still here

  61. I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you? October 8, 2010


    200 million singles sold worldwide. WHO MAD

  62. I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you? October 8, 2010


    RIHANNA >>> Genital Warts >>> Lady GagOnDick>>> H** >>> Untimely death>>> Decaying Dead Bodies>>> BeyNoAss

  63. Yellow Gorilah October 8, 2010

    How the hell did beyonce CHANGE the music industry????


    Gaga came destroyed and concord without the help of her farther or 5 other girls =/

    I know we all have our favourite’s but we need to give credit when it is due.. Yall already know who my fav is for me it has nothing to do with “Success” or “Power” it is all about who’s music I like the best.. but if we are talking about success then gaga is the b**** she has the hype around her if she continues she will become the next pop icon.. I don’t even like gaga like that but she has worked hard and has made a name for herself in the last 2 years why hate =/

    The funny thing about it is that Beyonce herself STANS for GAGA !! LOOOL

    Your fav called her to be in her video phone video beyonce knows gaga would be her competitor so she made sure they collaborated so people would not put them against one another but that still failed as Telephone was waaaay better and had more success then video phone gaga got NOTHING out of video phone! .

    When it comes down to talent hmmm I would say gaga has more talent as she, can, dance,sing,write and play an instrument..

    Beyonce is not Jesus BooBoo

  64. HBIC-BOW DOWN B****** October 8, 2010

    F*** GaGa with a spear, people give this b**** way too much credit. Especially when Kylie Minogue>>>>Lady GaGa. Beyonce should be higher up though, that Fried Chicken eating fierce b**** is a juggernaut.

  65. KAT DELUNA FAN October 8, 2010

    You sound desperate …
    rihanna stan=B hater
    you’ll support gaga just to try B stan.pathetic & FAIL !!!

  66. RATED X October 8, 2010

    why the Bey bey stans mad that Trey included the fact that she has sold over 108 albums with destiny child?
    umm last time i check beybey was in destiny child, and that group helped her a** be as big as she is now…yall just like to start drama for no reason….

    yes Gaga can be annoying with her crazy outfits. and no, she didnt invent pop music..

    dont hate on the bish hustle, 2 yrs in the game bish is killing the game..THATS Y YALL MAD…
    and dont start with the beybey is better than gaga crap, WE ALL KNOW THEY STAN FOR EACH OTHER..

  67. KAT DELUNA FAN October 8, 2010

    gaga won a BET award over videophone
    try again !!

  68. RATED X October 8, 2010

    i’m soory are the rihanna stans on here really talking s***?

    wow 2 yrs the bish made over 200 million for a tour..

    umm how long has rihanna being in this game? 5,6 yrs
    gaga got 1 album alone who sold 10-12 million, with zero remixes, with zero re released..
    it took rihanna 3 albums to reach 7.6 million..

    all her tours cant even come close to 200 million


  69. True Blue October 8, 2010

    LMAO @ Yellow Gorilah pretending to be a casual Rihanna fan just so he could pit Bey against Gaga!!! Wow, you are really sad, aren’t you? I clearly remember in past posts, you would downplay both Bey AND Gaga’s success and talent to try and make Rihanna look good, and now you’re trying to be objective? You are fooling no one. What would you know about talent, I mean look who you stan for. Apart from S***, nobody here is mad at Gaga. In fact,some of us Bey/Gaga fans, so unlike you, we’re not downplaying anyone’s success to make Bey look good. Bey’s accomplishments and talent speak for themselves, which is more than we could say for a certain red-headed clown.

    And nobody said Bey is Jesus, but guess what, neither is your fave, and I don’t see you telling your psycho stans like Nicky to calm down. And Bey and Gaga are equally talented in their own ways, if songwriting and instrument playing automatically makes you better than someone who doesn’t, then by that logic, Taylor Swift is more talented than Judy Garland (not that I am in any way comparing Taylor Swift to Gaga, but it is to point out how Gorilah’s argument is flawed).

  70. What!! October 8, 2010

    Nice way to try to get Gaga Stans and Beyonce stans against each other. #fail. Beyonce has nothing to prove. Beyonce hasn’t done s*** in 2010 but take break yet she makes the list. QUEEN. I respect Gaga.

  71. LivingGood October 8, 2010


  72. True Blue October 8, 2010

    * some of us are Bey/Gaga fans.

  73. RATED X October 8, 2010

    Beyonce and Gaga deserves to be on Forbes, those two broad are the most hardest working bishes in the game, who works hard for their money…

    like I said yes gaga is annoying but, yall cant say she doesnt work hard to make her stans and fans happy..hence the tour taking 2 yrs…
    bad bishes dont cancel dates they add more dates…

  74. SunDee October 8, 2010

    this post is dedicated to SH*T VS BADD….
    (oh lord at that 2 names) ^^;;;

    Btw, Congrats to Beyonce & Lady Gaga
    They both are great in their own ways 😀

  75. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010

    @Yellow Gorillah

    How has Beyonce changed the Game?

    Of course, Beyonce is clearly not your average mainstream pop performer.

    Firstly, Beyonce has completely mastered an intoxicating mixture of R&B and Hip Hop that redefined Pop music in the 2000s. Like Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill before her, Beyonce mixes Soul and R&B with elements of Hip Hop (with a touch of pop) in a way that is neither forced nor haphazard. She can move seamlessly and assuredly between both aesthetically, attaining a certain level of believability.

    The core of what makes Beyonce’s take on Hip Hop/Soul so unique is her hiccupping, rapid-fire vocal style. Rather than going the Mary J. route, and basically utilizing a classically Soulful vocal style over Hip Hop-inflected beats, or the L-Boogie route, and both singing and rapping masterfully (but separately), Beyonce combines the two, delivering her soulful, R&B vocals in a stuttering, rhythmic fashion that almost sounds like rapping. Though Mariah Carey flirted with this style on her 1997 album Butterfly (particularly with “Breakdown,” her collaboration with Bone Thugs n’ Harmony), Beyonce clearly perfected it; she rides beats the way a rapper does, but never gets lost, staying focused and firmly on pitch. This was the key to the success of Destiny’s Child; the group improved upon their model by blurring the line between R&B and Rap vocals. “No, No, No Pt. 2” is a prime example of this. (In which Wyclef said in an interview Beyonce introduced it the remix to him). Beyonce sings almost impossibly fast, while retaining a soulful delivery, melisma and all.

    Usher (“Confessions [Part 2]”), Ciara (“1,2 step”), Chris Brown (“Kiss Kiss”), Rihanna (“Hard”), and basically every male or female artist that incorporates elements of Hip Hop into Pop music in the 2000s owe some debt to Beyonce in regards to this alone.

    Musically, Beyonce’s best work takes the Hip Hop-meets-60’s soul and makes it danceable, club-ready, and pop-oriented. Listen to “Crazy in Love,” Beyonce’s high achievement musically, and you hear many of the same retro-influenced elements in songs today;” particularly the raw, live instrumentation, and those insistent, Motown-inspired horns that anchor the song. And while Dangerously in Love may be Beyonce’s most impactful album, B-Day is unquestionably her best, as she explores this interesting balancing act over the course of the entire record.

    Live instrumentation was employed for most of the songs on B-Day, as well as some sampling from 60’s and 70’s soul artists like Curtis Mayfield and Betty Wright, and they blend perfectly with a contemporary, fiery hip hop production style that gives the album a rich and musical, yet radio-ready personality; Ike and Tina-meets-Swizz Beats, if you will.

  76. HBIC-BOW DOWN B****** October 8, 2010

    Y’all better act like you don’t know that it was Kylie Minogue who made this dance\pop movement popular. People just wanna jump on GaGa because she’s whats in right now. GaGa and her gimmick ass will never last as long as Kylie has. That Guida better better bow down and pay homage to the pioneer, Flylie Winogue!

  77. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010

    @True Blue

    Lady gaga and Taylor Swift are also more talented than Whitney Houston ever was as well. Going by yellow gorillahs standards.

  78. Slavaka Shanae Thompson October 8, 2010

    So other than some A-hole hacking my Twitter (I do NOT have v***** dentata… anymore), the only other thing that’s been tickin’ me off lately is a b**** named Lady Gaga and a h** named Beyonce. It’s like okay, here I am going through every blog, and seeing these two everywhere, nobody cares about those b******. Not me atleast

  79. Chris October 8, 2010

    I couldn’t agree more. Lady Ga Ga is a MONSTER. 2-3 yrs in the business and already declared Queen of Pop N single-handedly reinvigorated pop music and pop culture 2day.. SMH! Beyonce Who?? They declare her Queen of Pop back in August and look how they jumped ship to Ga Ga.. Lmao.. Beyonce is good in all but Ga Ga is a Monster and much bigger!

  80. BLACK October 8, 2010

    How has gaga surpassing beyonce, beyonce has been n one comercaal for one whole year and she still on top of the forbes list. SMH at these haters

  81. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Ladia Yates:

    This is not the first time he has made himself look so incredibly stupid with his p***-poor arguments. He’s like the more articulate version of Nicky.

  82. BLACK October 8, 2010

    WAIT, is the rihanna stans mad, LMAO

  83. iLoveXtina October 8, 2010

    Congrats to them both, they deserve it.

  84. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Chick Boom:

    I am glad that I am not the only person who thought B’Day is her best album. Some people complained that it was too all over the place, but I love how she displayed her versatility on that record. Quite a huge jump from DIL.

  85. S*** October 8, 2010

    @ Yellow Monkey

    B**** just STFU. How the hell is Cockga more talented when She cant Sing or Dance??

    Bey can Sing, Dance, Act, Write & Produce. All gaga has is her filthy ass piano H** which isnt doing her many favors being she sucks live REGARDLESS. Again H** Gaga is NOTHING SPECIAL. & her success means NOTHING when shes successful for all the WRONG Reasons. Shes the GIMMICK of all Gimmicks & thee most overrated Person on the Planet~ THAT is what I WILL give her CREDIT for….

  86. BLACK October 8, 2010

    good read @miss chick boom but that was an article posted back in like 06

  87. Blasian October 8, 2010


    The only reason why Lady Gaga is higher because she STANDS up for GAY RIGHTS she’s on FACEBOOK, Youtube and Twitter talking about those issues which make Headlines, Beyonce is not that type of Pop Star . Lady Gaga is very Madonna , which did this type of things back in the 80’s where Whitney Houston didn’t

  88. Blasian October 8, 2010

    Awww Another list Rihanna didn’t Make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  89. HBIC-BOW DOWN B****** October 8, 2010

    Lol death at Beyonce supposedly being able to act and write! She’s my b**** but that is reaching! Chi…I just can’t.

  90. F*** GAGA October 8, 2010

    Beyonce = QUEEN OF MUSIC

    & Better than Gaga in EVERY WAY imaginable.

    Rihanna >>> GagMe

    ~THE END

  91. F*** GAGA October 8, 2010

    HBIC-BOW DOWN B******

    Why Not??

    Saying Beyonce can act would be no more Reaching than saying caca can Sing/Dance.

  92. F*** GAGA October 8, 2010


  93. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    Beyonce can write, but I believe she doesn’t write that much of her own music anymore because she is a limited writer meaning that if she did still write her songs with any help everything would sound like Destinys Child and her first album. And that prolly wouldn’t sell.

  94. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    No that article was actually written in February of this year.

  95. Blasian October 8, 2010

    For Beyonce not to now how to act The Chick got more than 3 Golden Globes Nods and those Roles keep coming in LOL

  96. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010


  97. MUSIC LOVER October 8, 2010

    They are both iconic. Stop arguing you stupid little petty ass b******.

  98. Mya October 8, 2010

    Congrats Gaga and Bey!!!!!!!!! Did your fave do it yet lol?

  99. …………………………………………………. October 8, 2010

    Gaga more powerful then Bey?? Why because shes White?? SMH Gaga aint no Queen of pop either! Britney Spears is!

  100. …………………………………………………. October 8, 2010

    Funny how Rihanna name gets brought up even when shes not mentioned! NOW THATS POWERFUL! HA

  101. BENJAMIN October 8, 2010

    Interesting. I’m sure Beyonce worshipers will be smashing their screens about now.

  102. Mya October 8, 2010

    ^ this is one time where i think race has nothing to do with it because Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are one and two respectively

  103. KAT DELUNA FAN October 8, 2010

    2 years for lady gaga?
    I dont get it …it’s like sayin:
    “It tooks Obama 2 years to do what it takes Martin Luther King a decade “.This argument is lame

    2 different time,2 different type of music,2 styles & ….2 races for B & gaga

  104. Nothing But My Opinion October 8, 2010

    Congrats to both Bey and Gaga.
    seeing some pressed stans on here omfg lol

  105. Nothing But My Opinion October 8, 2010


    ” Beyonce = QUEEN OF MUSIC ”

    the lies you tell your too far up beyonces ass.

  106. LETS GET REAL HERE! October 8, 2010

    Y’all are really sick! You come to a Rihanna post and argue till it gets to like 300 comments. Then Trent does a Chris brown post and you still argue about the same damn thing everyday. Now you guys are on a Gaga and Beyonce post and still arguing over some dumb s***. The fact is that they are all hardworking individuals striving to make earns meet. What are you guys striving on? At least they have an occupation and they get paid for it. Do you get paid for commenting? I thought so. Its not a crime to comment, but when it becomes an everyday rant of negative things, then something is wrong somewhere. Its not every post I comment on, but when I do, I comment once and that’s it. However I noticed that it is the same people that come everyday sounding bitter and condemning God’s own creatures instead of encouraging them and thanking God for at least giving them the talent to entertain you. I really hope you have a profitable job or a you are a student of some college. If not, then you are addicted to getting on blog sites every minute of the day whether you believe it or not. I’m not gonna call names, you know yourselves.

  107. I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you? October 8, 2010



  108. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    I’ve always thought B’day was her best album. Suga Mama alone trumps Sasha Fierce.

  109. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ 100% agreed. To be honest, I though IASF was really boring… apart from a few songs, I didn’t care much for it.

  110. kaye October 8, 2010

    where is rihanna on this list…lmao

    @nicky is in hiding now…lol

  111. Jaki October 8, 2010

    Oh @NICKY ~ Still reaching, you sound like an old worn record, saying the same thing on every post. Trying to make yourself believe that hype about Rihanna. $2OO Million dollar movie… that she didn’t put a dime in it and by far won’t be getting paid that much for her role. Now, the article is about the most powerful women and she didn’t make the list… point blank…. You can post all night and at the end of the day…. she still wasn’t on the list!!!!

  112. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    I love Bee, I think she’s one of the most talented artists out right now. And I like Gaga too, mostly. I can do without her “this is for the gays”, just let your music do the talking. I haven’t seen a performance from her that has impressed me, but we’ll see. Congrats to both ladies doing it big.

  113. JAZ0195 October 8, 2010

    I Like lady gaga but beyonce shits on everythhing she does. F*** BEYONCE HATERS.

  114. JAZ0195 October 8, 2010

    @JACKIE Co-sign

  115. Daniel October 8, 2010


  116. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    Really? The songs didn’t have that oomph I was expecting but my favorite track off the album is Disappear. Her tone and harmonies in that song are some of the best I’ve heard.

  117. sheesh October 8, 2010

    i like lady gaga…but beyonce is wayyy better….and she is on break and still made the top ten, POWER….but congratulations to both women. sn: where rihanna on this list? lmao…that no signin b****…come on rih stans…where you at now?

  118. I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you? October 8, 2010


  119. I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you? October 8, 2010


  120. Daniel October 8, 2010


  121. S*** October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    I think all 3 albums were great & Very Under rated (when you look at albums with higher reviews). Id put all 3 pretty much on the same Lvl. Bey unfortunately has no Definite “best Album” which can be a good & bad thing. IASF was a really great album, Its just too much of a risk & too multi-Genred for everyone to appreciate all of it. I know the haters usually go for DIL the most while fans lean more toward B’day & IASF. I hope her next is even Better cause Beyonce really is a strong Album Artist.

    @ the Delusional Gaga Fans

    Please help me to understand just what has accomplished in 2 years that took bey “forever”. ALL that gaga has done is reach Beyonce’s LVL of POPULARITY, thats it really. if I remember correctly Beyonce’s DEBUT was HUGE also. Bey scored Hits back to back(4 top 5s 2 #1s spending 17 weeks together), went on tour & sold 11.5M only without any gimmicks & no re-release, & she had the Videos on lock too & recieved the same notoriety. Beys Tour wasnt as big but she did win more grammys(in her Debut). What gaga did in 2 years is impressive but dont act like Bey didnt already do it & WHEN SHE 1st CAME OUT. & even worse act like Beyonce actually NEEDED a group, how when she has more Talent??

    How can we compare the 2 anyway?? One has Talent(Beyonce) the other doesnt, one with great Music/album(Bey) the other doesnt, One is a great performer(Bey) the other isnt, One uses gimmicks(gaga) the other doesnt & thats aside from the fact that their music/Style is so different. Gaga will NEVER Be on the Queen’s LVL, much less surpass her.

  122. S*** October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel

    You claim Gaga is better yet you fail to back up your Claim?? Bey is a Singer & Dancer yet Gaga is Neither. Bey puts out QUALITY material yet gaga doesnt. Bey puts on a REAL SHOW with no gimmicks yet Gaga Doesnt. Please Explain.

    @ I’m A Fierce Ass B****. How about you?

    B’day >>> GGGB >>> S*** >>> “LOUD”

  123. Daniel October 8, 2010


  124. Daniel October 8, 2010


  125. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010

    “Please help me to understand just what has accomplished in 2 years that took bey “forever”. ALL that gaga has done is reach Beyonce’s LVL of POPULARITY, thats it really. if I remember correctly Beyonce’s DEBUT was HUGE also. Bey scored Hits back to back(4 top 5s 2 #1s spending 17 weeks together), went on tour & sold 11.5M only without any gimmicks & no re-release, & she had the Videos on lock too & recieved the same notoriety. ”

    Thank you…

    I’ve been trying to tell these Lady Gaga fans that for the longest. But you know everybody just forgets about the DIL era though.

  126. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010


    Stop using the group as an excuse to downplay Beyonce’s career. Micheal Jackson also came out of a massive group, but are they the reason he is the biggest pop star ever, no.

  127. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ The Kiddz:

    It’s the acoustic side I wasn’t enthralled with. Yes, I did enjoy a few songs from it (If I Were a Boy, Ave Maria, Halo, Broken-Hearted Girl), but all the songs sounded samey to me. The songs I enjoyed from the “Sasha Fierce” side were Radio, Sweet Dreams, Scared of Lonely (my personal favorite, I wish it had been released as an official single), Single Ladies (well, that song has been overplayed to death, so now I have go a while without listening to it to appreciate it again), but the rest of the album was just… meh to me.

  128. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel:

    So by your logic, Lady Gaga is also more successful than John Lennon because the majority of his success stemmed from having been in The Beatles prior to going solo?


  129. Move B**** October 8, 2010


    One can also say no one cared about Lady gaga until Christina Aguilara dissed her. That’s when everybody start checkin for her.

  130. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Yeah.. part of Mj’s success is that he came from a very well known group.. you cant say thats not a factor in him being already without even releasing a song.. and being very well known.

  131. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Yeah.. part of Mj’s success is that he came from a very well known group.. you cant say thats not a factor in him being already well known without even releasing a song.. and being very well known.

  132. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @True Blue He got shot not long after the left the beatles, you cant use that as an example. and he probs has sold more albums as a solo act still… music doesnt sell anywhere near aswell as it did

  133. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010


    But is Madonna a bigger star than MJ because she started off as a solo artist.

  134. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @Move B**** I first heard about lady gaga. when just dance come out.. i was like wow!! I like this girl… and then pokerface come out andn was like damnn this girl is amazing and bad romance was f****** amazing

  135. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Madonna has sold over 300 million, and Mj has sold loads more… Madonna is the biggest female seling star theres ever been. But saying that madonna has done it all by herself.. you have to say, shes had it more tough

  136. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel:

    The Beatles are the highest selling music act of all time with over 1 billion albums sold worldwide. I don’t know how many albums John sold as a solo artist, but even if he had lived and continued making music, I’m damn sure his album sales would not have approached 1 billion.

    And Thriller alone eclipsed anything the Jackson Five ever did… point is, you don’t work any harder being solo than you do being in a band. I know most rock bands bust their asses to make to where they are, meanwhile the majority of today’s (no-talent) pop stars practically have everything handed over to them. And being on a major label and being well-marketed plays a huge role in how well you do, regardless of how talented you are. So your logic STILL fails.

  137. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    I agree. I swear if I was running things Radio would have been a single. That track was CRAZY, especially her live ad-libs. *DIES* Scared of Lonely is a fave of mine too.

    The quality isn’t that good, but her vocals were on point that night. That’s what I hate about her live dvds, she gets nervous when the camera is rolling, so she doesn’t go all out. This performance EATS the one on dvd.

  138. True Blue October 8, 2010

    Yet interestingly enough, Madonna isn’t as talented as MJ, and MJ did not have the benefit of exploiting his s** appeal, not to mention has been plagued with scandals that should have put him WAY behind with Madonna in terms of sales and overall popularity… so again, FAIL.

  139. Daniel October 8, 2010

    I know, john would never sell that many, still he is on a par with Mj.. seeing as he wrote most of the beatles songs and obvs “imagine” which is one of the greatest songs ever!! Mj didnt make a song with real meaning that is as famous as that song.

    Its not that you work iharder.. but after being in a band.. and getting loads of fans… when you relase a song.. you’ve already got lots of fans.

  140. Daniel October 8, 2010

    what?????? Mj had all the screaming girls, dont give me that!! also the way he grabed his d***. during songs isnt sexual? are you serious? plus madonna wrote 10 at of her 15 number 1 songs in the UK

  141. badd October 8, 2010

    “Please help me to understand just what has accomplished in 2 years that took bey “forever”. ALL that gaga has done is reach Beyonce’s LVL of POPULARITY, thats it really. if I remember correctly Beyonce’s DEBUT was HUGE also. Bey scored Hits back to back(4 top 5s 2 #1s spending 17 weeks together), went on tour & sold 11.5M only without any gimmicks & no re-release, & she had the Videos on lock too & recieved the same notoriety. ”

    UMMM GaGa has done the same things…what’s your point ????

  142. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010


    Yeah, MJ sure as hell didn’t co-write and co-produce “We are the World” which is the most successful song of all time. *sarcasm*

    And also

    Why didn’t John Lennons. Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake’s former bandmates also become as popular as them since they already had a strong fanbase.

  143. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010


    S***’s point is that people keep saying that Lady Gaga did in two years what it took Beyonce whole solo career to do when in fact Beyonce’s first solo album was just as big as Gaga’s.

  144. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ The Kiddz:

    I love the piano arrangement at the beginning! I wish she would do an MTV Unplugged version of all her songs, cause I don’t know if you saw her performance in Vegas, but her songs just take on a whole new sound when they’re stripped down. It’s part of why I love B’Day, a lot of the songs on it have a “live” feel to it, due to the fact that the instrumentals were performed by her band.

    And I saw another performance of SOL in the related vids, in this one she cries in it:

    Maybe it’s because it’s a Virgo thing, but I really relate to the meaning of the song.

  145. Daniel October 8, 2010

    we are the wold? pfft average haha
    Just cause, they have a big fan base, doesnt always mean it will always work.. but its an big advantage for sure if i was to put out a song now.. and if buno fromm u 2 r did the same song.. who’d sell more? he would.. cause his already so well known

  146. badd October 8, 2010

    @ Ladia.:
    who said that ??

  147. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Beyonce’s first solo album? tbh the only song i can remember is crazy for love.. i guess the other ones must be forgetable.

  148. Daniel October 8, 2010

    crazy in love*

  149. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    Your logic makes no sense at all. And to say MJ never made any meaningful songs is downright stupid.

  150. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ Not to say that you must be a Virgo to understand loneliness, but… ah, never mind. My point is I really connect to the song on a personal level, and I feel Bey’s emotions when she sings those lyrics.

    @ Daniel:

    Ringo, George and Paul all put out solo albums over the years, but none ever had the success of John’s solo albums. Fans won’t buy your product if they’re not feeling you, regardless if you are/were in a world-famous band.

  151. DION-ISH October 8, 2010





  152. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Badd:

    Read Daniel’s posts.

  153. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010


    And do you think anyone is going to remember poker face, just dance, telephone in 6 years. The only memorable song I think she has from Monster is Bad Romance.

  154. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    “It’s part of why I love B’Day, a lot of the songs on it have a “live” feel to it, due to the fact that the instrumentals were performed by her band.”

    That’s exactly why I love B’day, plus her vocals were raw and earthy. She was in prime form on that LP. And trust me when I say, I’ve seen EVERY performance from the tour. Every song from every city, state, country. I have no life 😀 And I understand, SOL is a really powerful song, we all feel that at some point in time.

    But RADIO should have been a single!!!!!

  155. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @True Blue I know, im saying its advantage if you’ve already well known if your gonna go solo. I think paul did okay with his albums.. still they’ve sold the most as the beatles.. that cant be taken away from them.

  156. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel:

    Then you must have have been living under a rock during the year 2003, because it was one of, if not THE biggest album of that year. Let’s just say it was a bad year to be a Beyoncé hater, because she was everywhere. It was impossible to avoid her.

  157. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ The Kiddz:

    No, you ARE living the life if you can see your favorite act so many times. If had the cash and free time to do so, that’s what 80% of my time would be spent doing, lol.

  158. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @Ladia Yates Pokerface gets played everywhere.. its more well known then bad romance.
    Pokerface will always get played, at parties.. thats probs the best song in 10 years.

  159. S*** October 8, 2010

    @ badd

    My point is Gaga did NOTHING in 2 Years that Bey didnt do already in her 1st Year in the game. Which contradicts what a lot of you guys who sway Gaga matched Bey’s career success in just 2 years but in reality shes far from it.

    Gaga really doesnt come close to Bey’s 70 Million Albums, 16 Grammys, & 9 #1s.

    Shes accomplished a lot though but just how much of it is owed to her many GIMMICKS??

  160. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    No No No No! I mean on youtube. LOL I do not have that kind of money to be chasing Beyonce around the world.

  161. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @true blue is a madonna song!! just came to me haha.
    IN 2003, I Was 10 haha, and im from the Uk… so probs why i dont remember her being big.

  162. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel:

    The Beatles have sold 1 billion, that’s BILLION with a B, worldwide. Not single member of the group has EVER come close to selling anywhere near that amount. I hope that fact penetrates your thick skull.

    MJ, as SOLO artist on the other hand, has sold 750 million albums worldwide, putting him behind The Beatles and Elvis as the highest selling music acts ever.


  163. S*** October 8, 2010

    @ DION-ISH

    Madonna is NO BETTER than Gaga!! F*** that H**’s success in the 70s, Her music Sucks, She sucks.

    Britney, Rihanna & Gaga >>> Wrinkle-Donna

    Beyonce = New Queen of Pop
    MJ = King of Pop


  164. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ The Kiddz:

    Oh, well that’s alright, I do the exact same thing with my favorite acts (and so do many other people, even if they refuse to admit it).

    @ Daniel:

    Yes, my name is a deliberate homage to Madonna… that being said, even the she has busted her ass to get to where she is, you can’t say she’s worked harder than MJ. He’s been busting his ass since childhood, and I don’t think anyone envies doing that, even if it results in having the success that MJ had.

  165. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @True Blue you have failed!! Everyone knows that Elvis has sold one Billion, which is more then Mj.

  166. True Blue October 8, 2010

    * even though.

  167. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010

    @The Kiddz and True Blu

    I totally agree if i were the mamger this would have been the single choices for IASF.

    Single Ladies and If I were a Boy
    Halo and Hello(Instead of Diva)
    Scared of Lonely Instead of Ego
    Sweet Dreams
    Radio (Now I think that would’ve been a hit w/ a Gaga collab instead of Video Phone)

    And every single would’ve had a great story line.

    And actually every song on IASF had meaning except for those 2 gruesome Sean Garret produced songs and Ego.

    And ppl try to say B-Day wasn’t that good because it had a lot of uptempo’s and wasn’t your regular lubby dubby/sad R&B songs. Every song on B-Day scream female empowerment.

  168. True Blue October 8, 2010

    “MJ, as SOLO artist on the other hand, has sold 750 million albums worldwide, putting him behind The Beatles and Elvis as the highest selling music acts ever.”

    So where exactly did I fail? I never implied MJ sold more than Elvis.

  169. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @true Blue.. hahaha okay my eyes miss read.. probs cause im always used to the Mj fans saying his the biggest selling artist of all time, which he isnt.

  170. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Chick Boom:

    Isn’t funny how most fans these days would do a better job of promoting their favorite act than their record label would?

  171. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @s*** Beyonce will never be as good as madonna.. she will never sell as much as madonna… just face it.. Madonna rules her.

  172. Queen B Stan October 8, 2010

    This is great well deserved for BOTH ladies! I love the Queen B recognition of course as she is one of the hardest working chicks in the game! Beyonce is making her money and working on becoming an icon (all though I think she already is). No one can deny Gaga’s rise to prominence. She might even be the next Madonna. I’m happy for both of the ladies doing their thing. No hate all love! Get em’ girls!

  173. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    I actually thought most of IASF best songs were on the deluxe edition.

    You are my rock, Smash Into You (fave), Hello, Scared of Lonely (another fave), Save the Hero (another fave), etc. Those were her best songs aside from Radio which was my fave up-tempo song. Alot of my friends preferred Diva, Ego, and SL, but Radio is my S***!

    And I thought B’day was actually the most raw of her albums because she used actual instruments and she experimented with a more funk sound. That’s why I don’t understand why people say she doesn’t take risks when B’day was VERY risky because it was so different from not only DIL but also her DC music.

  174. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ Chick Boom @ True Blue

    I’m anxious to hear her sound on the upcoming album. I really hope she collaborates with Of Montreal, that track would be insane. Too much funk. Maybe even a Prince collab?

  175. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ Her & Prince in the studio together would cause an explosion.

  176. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ Team Weezy

    “That’s why I don’t understand why people say she doesn’t take risks when B’day was VERY risky because it was so different from not only DIL but also her DC music.”

    STANDING OVATION!!! Thank You!

  177. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    i spit ALL OF MY DRINK OUT over that one! lol Poker Face?? Best song in 10years?! DEATH!!!


    Um Thts like Saying Usher, Beiber and Justin Timberlake OWN Michael Jackson….Its just impossible since Madonna has paved the way for most Pop acts today and is still VERY relevant after 25 YEARS!! but i dont feel like getting into it tonight becuz its VERY obvious Madonna is the queen soo….whatever

  178. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    he just has the biggest selling album ever

    Did fyou not read the latest concerts reviews. I think I read about 4 reviews where the writers stated that the quality of Beyonce’s tour was better than Madonna’s hot candy tour. I can careless about quanity(although it counts) but quality is what matters most.

    One review that I can remember of the back of my head, “I’ve seen Beyonce, Britney, and Madonna all in one year and I can firmly say that Beyonce was by far the best.”


    That’s not the exact quote but it went something like that and I don’t really feel like searching for it.

  179. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    GIRLLLLL BYE. I Suggest you watch The Sticky and Sweet Tour DVD….THAT-IS-ALL!!

  180. Slam October 8, 2010

    gaga is only big because 1.the majority of America is white and 2.the majority of legal music purchases are made by white people…plus trust me when i say gaga gets NO love in the hood, she’s just another corny pop chick…anyway gaga is good but she’s more gimmick than anything…all the crazy outfits are for attention…and why do people think she has any fashion sense is beyond me. I mean WTF would where anything gaga wears! Anyway I will have to admit gagas music is better than beyonce, I love me some B, but she only has a handful of hits…IMO…But rihannas music is far superior to anything gaga + beyonce have done…but I just wish rihanna would start dancin…and I dgaf about some
    dumb add forbes list, or even numbers. yes Rihanna gas more number ones than any female since 2000, but she would still be my fave no matter what. Anyway she’s about to slay at 2011 Grammys, have you not heard rated r??

  181. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    Just like their Grammy performance. Prince has already covered Beyonce’s songs (Suga Mama) during his concerts and has given glory to the name of Sasha Fierce. Lol

  182. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @DION-ISH I dont mean, best song meaning wise… but probs the most recognizeable song.. as soon as i hear the first 2 seconds.. its like thats pokerface!!

  183. iLoveXtina October 8, 2010

    When will ppl realize that sales do not = talent?

  184. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @ Slam so what your saying is black people dont buy music.. they just steal.. wow your making black people sound good.
    Plus saying that most of america is white as a reason to why lady gaga is so big is just silly.. shes big cause people love her music.. not cause shes white.

  185. Slam October 8, 2010

    Rated r + blackout are the best albums period. Rihanna>Britney>Gaga>beyonce and pokerface is good, but I hear it everyday at work at it gets annoying after a while.

  186. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @Miss Chick Boom you say beyonce’s tour was better.. but remember madonna is 52 now.. you cant expect her to be dancing etc like beyonce now. plus thats just one persons opinion!

  187. the kiddz October 8, 2010


    Yup. Last time I checked Justin Bieber had a platinum album.

  188. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ TheKiddz:

    I never knew that. Well, I wouldn’t know that because he won’t allow any of his performances & videos on YouTube (which is extremely stupid, if you ask me).

  189. iLoveXtina October 8, 2010

    @the kiddz

    & so does KE$HA so that credibility automatically flies out the window!

  190. Dane October 8, 2010

    MJ sold 750 million records before dying…..He is in the 800 million mark now…

  191. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ And let’s not even get started on Taylor “I Can’t Carry A Tune To Save My Life And I Write Lyrics Like A 12-Year-Old” Swift.

  192. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^ @ I Love XTina.

  193. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    @ True Blue

    Ewwww….don’t even mention that Chinese mouse.

  194. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ LMAO!!!!

  195. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Omg!!! I love Taylor Swift haha. She might not be the best singer, but shes a sweet girl.. and i have a massive crush on her.

  196. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    I DONT KNOW. A Great Pop record YES. One of the best and most recognized in recent years…IDK

  197. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    LMAO @ Chinese mouse! So true!

    Gosh, I can’t STAND Taylor Swift! She is SOOOOO overrated! Ugh!

  198. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010

    In less than a year, I’ve seen Madonna, Britney and Beyoncé… [Beyoncé] was by far the best of all three.”

    “I tweeted last night that Beyoncé‘s show beats the hell out of both Madonna and Britney Spears‘s concert performances and today I absolutely stand behind that assertion. It was, most definitely, the best big arena pop concert that I have ever seen in all my years of attending concerts. For over 2 hours, Beyoncé sang, danced and divaed her way into my heart. The woman not only worked that stage but she WORKED hard on that stage for every single person in that sold-out are”

    Those are the reviewers words not mine.

    I have no place to talk about Madonna’s tour being that I didn’t go or even care to pay it any attention. The only Madonna songs I like are “Like a Prayer” “Like A Virgin” AND “Vogue” everything else is eh in my opinion.

  199. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Team Weezy:

    That’s the ONLY reason I’m mad at Kanye for doing what he did. He (unintentionally) made her bigger, and now harder to go away.

  200. Queen B Stan October 8, 2010

    I’ve loved all three of Beyonce’s solo albums. Each one sounds very different than the other. I can’t wait to hear her new sound. I’m glad she told Sean Garett to shut up, as I’m looking to be surprised. Hopefully she drops two singles like she did with the last cd. I still remember when Deja Vu came on, it was MY summer anthem!

  201. iLoveXtina October 8, 2010

    @True Blue & @the kiddz LMAO!!!

  202. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @Miss Chick Boom
    “I tweeted last night that Beyoncé‘s show beats the hell out of both Madonna and Britney Spears‘s concert performances” and then you say you have no place to talk about madonna tour!! haha. i guess they make different kind of music.. Madonna makes pop music.. Beyonce RnB.

  203. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    @True Blue

    Yeah, that’s true. People who knew nothing of her or even those who may have dislike her before, now sympathize with her. She’s just….UGH! I can’t explain it. I thought I would never but…. Rihanna (studio) >>>> Taylor Swift.

  204. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Taylor Swift is good, she doesnt need s** to sell music unlike Beyonce.. who doesnt well much at all, and yet.. her album in america was the biggest selling album.. even sold more then susan boyle.

  205. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    I think I feel the same way about Taylor Swift as @S*** feels about Gaga. LOL! (Maybe)

  206. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Team Weezy:

    Agreed. Rihanna is Michael Jackson compared to Taylor Swift (wow, I NEVER thought I would ever type this in all seriousness).

    @ Daniel:

    Yeah, and what did Taylor use to sell her music? Cause it sure as hell wasn’t talent. At least Beyoncé doesn’t get by on the public pitying her.

  207. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010


    Not many country singers have to sell s** to sell their music. Their fanbase is the most loyal compared to ANY genre, PERIOD!

  208. Gilberto October 8, 2010

    It looks like having seven #1 hits doesn’t make you better than Cassie.

  209. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    Taylor Swift didn’t need s** all she needed was Kanye West dumb antics to help her sell.

  210. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @Miss Chick Boom Yeah i mean.. how can you tweet that beyonce concert are better then madonna ones If you’ve not been to a madonna one? your just going by what others have said.

  211. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    EXACTLY….There TOTALLY different artist!

    With Madonna i just get SUCH an adrenaline thats hard to explain…That women is absolutely amazing musically, Live, just EVERYTHING.

    My favorite album is DEF Confessions on a Dance Floor ….Get Together and Hung Up are AMAZING. plus of course she has tons of iconic incredible hits and unreleased tracks on albums

  212. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ I love Confessions on a Dance Floor. Soooooo underrated.

  213. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @True Blue Taylor Swift was already popular before the Kayne west thing. Her songs are good, i have her first album.

    @Team Weezy That doesnt take away from that fact, she doest need to use her body to sell music., which Beyonce does.

  214. Daniel October 8, 2010

    DION-ISH Yeah.. i love hung up aswell, i have a lot of her music.. and selling 300 million records has to mean something. Shes awsome.. but someone should tell her to stop trying to act. haha

  215. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    I was quoting a reviewer.


  216. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel:

    Pre- Kanyegate, her popularity was confined to teens and tweens. After Kanye, she blew up in the mainstream and starting winning a bunch of awards that she DEFINITELY didn’t deserve.

    And if Taylor wasn’t a white, skinny blonde chick with a virginal image that made her appealing to Middle America, you think she’d be HALF as popular as she is right now? Justin Bieber doesn’t sell s** either, and he has no talent. You think his image as being a “good role model for kids” isn’t the driving force behind his popularity?

  217. DION-ISH October 8, 2010

    OWNED it with disco get up! lol

  218. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Dion-ish:

    LMAO @ the comment section, looks just like the one here.

  219. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010


    Yes it does take away from that fact! The country music fanbase is not only large but extremely loyal! If people are gonna buy your album regardless of what you look like, then why bother with selling s**?

    And Beyonce does not solely sell s**! She doesn’t NEED s** to sell!

  220. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    I Dont think thats fair to say BEING that winning that award was the reason Kanye went up there, sooo obviously she was going to win regardless …i Think she’s worked just as hard in the industry esp doing the type of music she does to make it sooo mainstream and relatiable even tho you might not like country…she writes and plays her music, all without selling s** and being a positive roll model and that i think deserves respect.

  221. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Miss Chick Boom Im sorry then.. its 4:35am and my eyes are not that alert haha.. im gonna go to bed in a moment.

    @True Blue You cant use the fact shes whit as a reason why shes popular.. some could say Mj is popular cause every single black person think his a god!!

  222. DION-ISH October 8, 2010



  223. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    True Blue is not talking the VMA. SHe is talking about the AMA’s, People Choice, and The Grammys…ETC.

    And Taylor’s music is only relatable to 15 year old girls.

  224. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Dion-ish:

    Note that I said she was popular among teens and tweens prior to the VMAs, I didn’t say she was a nobody before Kanye.

    And I will not bother explaining to you for the thousandth time how marketing is key to being popular these days. Talent is PURELY optional.

  225. True Blue October 8, 2010

    “@True Blue You cant use the fact shes whit as a reason why shes popular.. some could say Mj is popular cause every single black person think his a god!!”

    The majority of his fans outside the US are actually white.

  226. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Team Weezy. could you see Beyonce doing a video wearing something taylor swift does? Noooooooooo. Her fans expect her to be half naked.

    ~Team Weezy~ I dont think its anymore loyal then RnB. Beyonce had very loyal fans

  227. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    You really need to sleep staying up all night. SMH. It’s only 8:40pm in my part of the world.

  228. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @True Blue Only probs cause theres more white people…. i very much doubt theres many black people that dont like micheal jacksons music.

  229. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @Miss Chick Boom yeh i know… i should go but then another comment comes up haha… even though my comments probs stoped making sence ages ago:)

  230. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    If I were a Boy
    Me Myself and I
    Beautiful Liar
    Flaws and All
    Broken Hearted Girl

    Those are all videos where she is not half naked.

  231. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @true blue Oh i know madonna uses s** to sell records. and im not saying thats wrong.. im just saying Taylor swift sells music without needing to do this.. and thus setting a good example to children.

  232. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010


    So I guess Madonna, Janet Jackson, etc. don’t sell s**, right?

    It only applies to Beyonce, huh?

    Beyonce is ONLY artist to EVER sell s**???

  233. Daniel October 8, 2010

    Miss Chick Boom Hahaha. Yeah some vids shes not. Me Myself and I … I HATE THAT SONG!! fricking terrible.
    Okay im off.. been good talking byeeeeeeeeeeeee

  234. Slam October 8, 2010

    it’s a white mans world, that’s why taylor and gaga sell. Where are the dark skin chicks at, why don’t they sell?? why is it that only super light skinned chicks like Rihanna and beyonce are succesful, answer: because they look like tan white girls, they blEnd in, but even then white people would rather embrace ther own. I love white people don’t get it twisted, but like I said the majority of America is white, and te majority of music consumers are white, i never said black people don’t buy albums.

  235. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010

    @Team Weezy and True Blue

    Let’s not forget Lady Gaga whom he stans for

  236. the kiddz October 8, 2010

    Not really a fan of Madonna, but I will never deny her greatness. I LOVE “Take A Bow” and “Like A Prayer”. Those songs for me, make her iconic.

  237. Daniel October 8, 2010

    ~Team Weezy~ I never said it was just Beyonce!!
    @true blue thats not nice making fun out of the way Taylor swift looks!! shes actually very pretty.

  238. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    “Oh i know madonna uses s** to sell records. and im not saying thats wrong.. im just saying Taylor swift sells music without needing to do this.. and thus setting a good example to children.”


    So why did you have to use Beyonce as an example to compare to Taylore as if Beyonce’s the only artist to EVER sell s**? Why not just say Taylor Swift doesn’t have to sell s** rather than comparing it to Beyonce who’s not the only artist on this earth to sell s**?

  239. True Blue October 8, 2010

    “@true blue Oh i know madonna uses s** to sell records. and im not saying thats wrong.. im just saying Taylor swift sells music without needing to do this.. and thus setting a good example to children.”

    So her appeal is that she sets a good example for children (ALL Taylor Swift stans say the exact same b*******)… well in that case, she should be on Sesame Street or the Disney channe, NOT polluting the radio with her “music”. Musicians should entertain, not be role models for your kids. Parents should be role models for their children.

  240. True Blue October 8, 2010

    * Disney channel.

    Really, Taylor Swift and Rihanna stans are equal in terms of IQ level.

  241. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @True Blue Well im 17, and i like her music.. you probs dont like her style of music, just like i dont like rap music much.. i just think its terrible.. i dont understand why people like it…

  242. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Daniel:

    I hate country music in general (with the exception of Johnny Cash), however I can still recognize talent when it is there. I don’t have to enjoy someone’s music to judge their talent.

    Taylor, in whatever genre she’s in, is terrible. I don’t care if she was pop, R&B or rock, she would still be talentless.

  243. Melissa October 8, 2010

    I love country music and I hate Taylor Swift. She is not real country at all. That watered down pop stuff she does is annoying and should not be labeled country at all.

    I’m team Carrie Underwood and Reba all the way.

  244. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    When it comes to s**, and things of that nature ….thats just how madonna was. She was a strong powering sexual women BUT she also has dept as a musician..shes not JUST about s**.

  245. Daniel October 8, 2010

    @true blue. I really do love country music.. you must have heard “need you now” by Lady Antebellum.. thats been massive.
    Also Carrie underwood is awesome!!
    Im really off now haha. byeeeeeeeeeee

  246. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    ^^^^And neither is Beyonce or Janet Jackson! Soooo…….

  247. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010


  248. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    Saying Rihanna lied and said she text gaga….How absurd!

    i actually SAW the interview and she NEVER Said that…She said Katy perry ONLY. we all know GAGA is anti-social with her follow pop stars…she loves to play that role for some reason SMH

    He’s like sooo desprate for Gaga to be friends along with Katy and Rihanna or something.

  249. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    and i NEVER said they werent.

  250. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Dion-ish:

    Whatever her reasons were for doing it (and it’s not that I disagree with your reasoning), she still sold s** , and it did play a big part in her appeal. So I find it highly hypocritical to say that Beyoncé is only popular for selling s**, and then stan for Madonna. If Madonna does it because she’s comfortable with her body, then who’s to say that it isn’t the same for Beyoncé? You can’t have double-standards.

  251. Ladia yates October 8, 2010

    Dion-ish loves the talentless who have numbers for some reason.

  252. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    BUT…I never said that about beyonce??

  253. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Dion-ish:

    Gaga isn’t anti-social:

    Bey, Florence Welch, Cyndi Lauper & Elton John have all met and said nothing but nice things about her. Just because you don’t see her hanging out with everyone doesn’t mean that she’s “anti-social”. She could be quite shy, or prefer to have non-showbiz people as friends (and who could blame her?)

  254. the kiddz October 8, 2010


    Ugh. Perez gets on my nerves. Such a two-faced little drama queen. But, what is the reasoning behind him insinuating they are friends? And I wouldn’t say Gaga is anti-social, she does seem to get along quite well with Bee.

  255. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Dion:

    I didn’t say YOU said those things about Bey. I’m talking about Daniel.

  256. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010


    I was saying, because some Madonna fans like to be hypocritical when it comes to selling s**, just like some Gaga stans. It’s always referred to as ‘art’ but it surely doesn’t make it better.

  257. ~Team Weezy~ October 8, 2010

    typo * I was JUST saying….

  258. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    and i KNOW gaga isnt like antisocial all the time…BUT when it comes down to her pop comtemparies shes keeps her distance like she think shes better or something…nobody’s saying BE FRIENDS…but gessh show some gratitude or respect, i mean both Rihanna and Katy have disclaimed there liking of Gaga.

  259. Geronimo Deuces October 8, 2010

    WoW………… go beygaga go

  260. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ When has she disrespected anyone?

  261. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^ @ Dion-ish.

  262. DION-ISH October 8, 2010

    I didnt say she DISRESPECTED anyone….i Was saying Show some sign of respect with your pop contemparies instead of acting like your better or above them….

    but MAYBE thats not it. Maybe shes just a little shy or doesn’t care one…All i can think of.

  263. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ She has never, to my knowledge, acted in a self-important or snobby manner towards her contemporaries. And yes, she is quite shy, and shy people (like myself) tend to be uncomfortable in social situations, and yes that will be misconstrued by some as being standoffish.

  264. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    Well in that case, maybe i was wrong and interpreted in a different way.

  265. GaGa Stan FoRever October 8, 2010

    comparing Gaga to Beyonce is like comparing Micheal Jackson to Rihanna. And Gaga is Micheal Jackson.she sings and dances way better than beyonce i believe and she is smarter. plus she has more respect in the industry and more icons have taken notice of gaga. what icons have taken notice of beyonce.

  266. True Blue October 8, 2010

    ^^^ Stay delusional.

  267. Ladia yates October 8, 2010


    Patti Labelle
    Micheal Jackson
    Tina Turner
    Janet Jackson
    Toni Braxton
    George Micheals
    Anita Baker
    Alana Morrsete
    Whitney Houston

    They have all said wonderful things about Beyonce.

    Just to name a few. I’m tired so I can’t name everyone right now. Good Night.

  268. GaGa Stan FoRever October 8, 2010

    Well the only people I know of on that list are Bono, Micheal Jackson, Reba, and Alanis so I guess those other ones aren’t really that famous. Are they?

    @ladia yates

  269. Miss Chick Boom October 8, 2010


    Gaga stan forever must be some

    14 year old rich white girl who has never been exposed to MUSIC outside of pop.

  270. GaGa Stan FoRever October 8, 2010

    @ Miss Chick Boom

    lmbo. i am 16 years old actually and you are right i am and just because i have not heard of those artist doesnt mean i only listen to pop. if those others artist were icons wouldn’t i know about them therefore they cant be icons.

  271. GaGa Stan FoRever October 8, 2010


    Wow, all I can say about that comment.

  272. DION-ISH October 8, 2010


    B**** you CAUGHT…..sooo who are you posting under multiple accounts


  273. True Blue October 8, 2010

    @ Gaga Stan Forever:

    Nicky? Nicky, is that you?

  274. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010

    DamN I was caught.

  275. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010

    @True Blue

    That was me.

  276. Ladia Yates October 8, 2010

    I’m bored right now with no life and I can’t go to sleep so I was trying to troll to start some arguments for some good laughs.

  277. wonderland October 8, 2010


  278. S*** SAYS F*** LADY GAGS October 8, 2010

    ^^^ DITTO

  279. S*** October 8, 2010

    @ GaGa Stan FoRever

    I understand your a Gag-Me Stan but that doesnt mean you have to be so DELUSIONAL.

    It is infact just the OPPOSITE & you know it!!:

    Comparing Gaga to Beyonce is like comparing Rihanna to Micheal Jackson. And Beyonce is Micheal Jackson. she sings, dances & Performs way better than Gaga ever could. plus she has more respect in the industry and more LEGENDS have praised her & some even cover her songs.

  280. Queen B Stan October 8, 2010

    I have to agree with the majority…Beyonce and Gaga are very different. I appreciate Gaga because her gimmicks are making her money, and I’m not saying she’s talened…she just uses a little….help (crazy outfits, hair, meat etc.)…Beyonce doesn’t need all that. She is an all around entertainer who has a great voice, dances, does movies, writes and produces music…Beyonce is very versatile. Both ladies bring their own to the game. To each his/her own 🙂

  281. GangsterA October 8, 2010

    yay to beyonce shes on a break and still shittin congrats to gaga too

  282. Muni October 8, 2010

    Destiny’s child need to be mentioned because Beyonce would be nothing today without KELLY ROWLAND ,she helped alot and people pretend to forget about that, ut know GOD is GREAT the justice is happening one day

    BY the way congrats to them!!!

  283. SHIMMYCOCOA October 8, 2010

    Ladia Yates

    October 8, 2010 at 6:07 am

    I’m bored right now with no life and I can’t go to sleep so I was trying to troll to start some arguments for some good laughs.

  284. FUTURESTARdelux October 8, 2010


  285. Blue Kid October 8, 2010

    @ FUTURESTARdelux

    I agree Modonna is still the queen on pop, not throwing shade that would make Lady gaga the princess of pop.

    I think both Beyonce and Lady gaga are talented and are both great singers in their own way. I didn’t see what the fight was about it is not like Lady gaga is proclaiming anything, but this is what the media is putting out their in the cosmos. “I hate the media”!

    Anywhooooooo Rihanna name shouldn’t have been mentioned in this thread, this post was about true talent and substance and not about a clown, and I could careless about what the media says about that clown, pretty much she has limited talent not much to talk about.

  286. PLAIN AND SIMPLE October 8, 2010

    GaGa is one talanted and smart woman. If she would have been with that record label Def Jam who knows how far she would have come. She also sang about Def Jam in one of her songs. And here are the lyrics. Also I want to Congrat both Gaga & Beyonce

  287. Spunkypoop October 8, 2010


    1. GAGA is the new POP Queen to be watched! Her music is going to be evolving through time. Love her since day 1. “JUST DANCE” NO i am not a monster, or anything like that. I am just a fan who happens to love Gaga! I love her voice, her opinions in her music, and her bold spirit is what drives me ga ga for ga ga. She is going to be around for a long time……She may be a carbon copy of that other Blonde Magesty! but she took something from her and made it hers. I respect that. her new album is my #1 Most anticipated album of 2011!

    2. Beyonce – Loved her since Destiny Childs. I grew up with them on the radio in my cd player and on my TV. I loved “D.I.L.” one of my favorite RnB Albums of all time. HEr voice is angelic and strong. She is my guilty pleasure. I stopped loving her after I accused her of “stealing” my other favorite artists “TIME and SHINE” if you know what I mean. But I can’t deny she is a BEAST! and one of the Best female recording artist of all time!!! BOOM!

    SO 2011 will be a HUGE YEAR!!!! MAY the battle of the DIVAS begin…..

    GAGA, BEYONCE, BRITNEY!!!! all in the first quarter.

  288. Spunkypoop October 8, 2010

    Congrats to Both LADY GAGA (QUEEN of POP) and Beyonce ( MEGA POP STAR) !!!! (lolol)

  289. Anthony October 8, 2010

    This is like deja vu again, when Madonna & Janet was called Queens of Pop in their time, and now you have Bey N GaGa going @ it for the title for this generation. I think Ga Ga is the true Queen of Pop of this generation anyway. 3 yrs in the business and already accomplish everything while it took other ppl 10 yrs.

  290. Dane October 8, 2010

    Beyonce Been in this game since 1997, she been here 14 years……GAGA been in the game 2 years…….SHe have a long way to earn the title of QUEEN of anything……SHE has had one album and one ep…….COME ON NOW…lets make sense out of this s***….GAGA have to be around more than ten years to prove her self to be called the Queen..she is the new POP PRincess but QUeen no way……Beyonce have touched every chart and everything in popular culture…….Charts, Music, Movies, Production Companys, etc…….Plus Beyonce and Gaga are in two different generations………Every ten years, its a generation in the music industry…….

  291. Shouw October 8, 2010

    Congrats to Beyonce and Lady Gaga
    I love them both

  292. theman1 October 8, 2010

    For starters Beyonce’ is not the Queen of Pop period.
    Britney has sold a shitload of albums, and is still one of the most Popular Pop Superstars there is, and she does’nt even have to do nothing I.e look at what she did with her appearance on Glee’ Incredible !

    Madonna did not sale no damn 300 million albums, more like 170 to 185 million albums.

    Bey fans are pissed lol. They can’t deal with it. Beyonce is a get wit. She tried to hop on the Gaga wagon because Gaga exploded. Gaga is about the biggest Pop female superstar there is right now. Beyonce’ is very strategic, she brands herself with whats hot ot with whatever is a big at the moment. Why do you think she’s back in the studio now, she feels threatened again, now she’s scattered brained trying to figure out what to do next.

    Gaga has taking over. Beyonce has still been doing alot even on her so called break. Gaga single handiedly made people pay attention to Pop music again, with her outrageous style, creative performances, her song writing and producing abilities, and just her overall uniqueness. She is a breath of fresh air. Beyonce is plain a** Jane. She has the same look and sound all the time she’s boring.

    Her personality is very boring Gaga has spunk, Gaga has done so much for entertainment in the short time that she’s been here. Beyonce’s Bday album was a funk album, it was good but she was being extra on that album. Mariah introduced the world to Pop Hiphop collabo’s. She owns that crown, Beyonce just started doing it afterwards. Mariah did it effortlessless.

    Beyonce fans are pissed. They knock all of the other females and call them flops, but they know Gaga’s got this. Gaga can sing, she’s her own person, and she makes you look at her. Beyonce has become very boring. Gaga gives you a real show, not to mention that she does’nt steal songs and try to get credit for them.

  293. theman1 October 8, 2010

    Gaga writes her music, produces, helps with production, from wardrobe to everything else. She’s an overall artist. Gaga can sing to she sounded really soulful and good when she sung that lil part of her new song on the Mtv awards. What she has done in such a short amount of time is quite astonishing. Beyonce is really just a performer/entertainer/dancer, yes she has decent /good vocals, but thats it. You would think that by now she’d be able to come up with something groundbreaking or damn near close to. Beyonce’s stans are pissing in their pants. Now they’re trying to say that they are two different artists lol. Gaga is smashing it !!!

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