Nicole Scherzinger On Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’: “It Humanizes Her”

Published: Saturday 23rd Mar 2013 by Sam

From fans to fellow artists, Beyonce‘s new buzz cut ‘Bow Down’ has everyone talking.

The latest to be quizzed on the Hit Boy helmed track is Pop diva Nicole Scherzinger.

In a chat with the UK’s Capital FM, the former Pussycat Doll was probed for her take on the  polarizing number. What did she have to say? Find out after the jump!

Scherzinger on ‘Bow Down’:

“I don’t know what to make of it quite yet. I’m probably Beyonce’s biggest fan. I love Bey, I think she’s Queen Bey for sure, nobody can touch her, but I don’t know.

I think there’s going to be really great music hopefully to follow – but I’m not used to the song yet. (That said) it  humanizes her because obviously she’s going through stuff and she’s just kind of being honest – whether or not we want to hear it through her music. 

You feel kind of an angst with it, she’s saying a couple of lyrics, like ‘I’m not just his girl’, so obviously she’s going through her own internal stuff and it really humanizes her. She doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time.

I’m hoping some great music [will] come out – she never disappoints. I’m just not used to this.”

Scherzinger on similarities between a song she has and ‘Bow Down’

“Actually my choreographer, who works with us both, said (I) should have released my song ‘Lean Like Me’ because Bey’s releasing this song (‘Bow Down’) and it sounds like the same club track”.




Check out our recent interview with Nicole below…

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  1. grahamdiamond March 23, 2013

    <3 her

    • MISHKA March 23, 2013

      Yes, she responded like the educated person she is.

      People saying “This song is beneath Beyonce ” are the ones who irritate me the most.

      How far do y’all think a 31 year old woman – with a net worth of $ 400 million and who happens to be the best performer alive and a happily married woman – can go without:

      1. Becoming a crack addict (Whitney)
      2. Shaving her head (Britney)
      3. Attempting suicide (Mariah Carey)
      4. Smoking weed and other drugs (Rihanna / Mary J)
      5. Walking around town naked (Madonna)
      6. Putting on tons of weight (Janet jackson)
      7. Getting her mugshot (Jennifer Lopez)
      8. Drinking her life away (Amy Winehouse)
      9. Jumping from man to man (______) ?

      Who can go through what she’s gone through without losing her damn mind: illuminati, fake baby, devil’s child, and so on?

      It’s ABOUT D*MN TIME she snaps. About time she quits the lady sh!t and does her “relax, relate, release” in front of everybody. Dang can a girl breathe! You don’t like her then fine, who gives a f*ck, give her a d*mn break, that’s all!

      • anonymous March 23, 2013

        life has been brought to me

      • Tupac Lives March 23, 2013

        Not very fair to call Whitney a crackhead.
        Not to speak ill of the dead.
        Janet gained weight because of depression.
        Britney shaved her head to rebel against the people controlling her.
        Beyonce has brought a lot of this to herself with her contradictions.
        Saying she is a christian, then wearing occult clothing and showing images of women crucified in Run the world.
        Promoting health in the salma hayek campaign while being sponsored by pepsi.
        Making guns look s*** in Video phone, and having police state imagery at the Grammys, then supporting gun control.
        I Don’t think she knows who she is anymore.

      • Love Life March 23, 2013

        All I see is excuses^ Your telling me taking drugs and shaving your head is not bought on yourself. Its all down to decisions and surrounding yourself with the right people.

      • mobwife March 25, 2013

        You sound like a damn fool! Whatever she is currently experiencing doesn’t compare to the drama imposed by others upon some of the women you listed about.
        1st – Witney said she didn’t smoke crack so cut the crap! So what she feel into a drug habit but like – Davy Jones (the monkey’s), Charlie Sheen, Janis Joplin, Drew Barrymore, and many others, you fools got over their drug use and let them be acknowleged fo their artisty so STFU and let Whitney be known for her greatness as well!

        Britney, Madonna & Amy also did hard drugs so let’s not leave their drug use out!!!

      • Brooke March 25, 2013

        Ummm Aaliyah did, she might not be alive but before she died she was already making 400 Mil and never degraded herself nor women. She was an inspiration to all girls, women, & even men enjoyed her music. She was always a humble women.

      • ccintheknow July 16, 2013

        Just want to say one thing and I don’t like her music, it’s juvenile and stupid, just like her husband’s. I bow down to no man or woman, only to my GOD who gave his son for my sins. She and Jay chose this life and all the negativity that goes along with making millions of dollars. I wouldn’t want their life for anything because they are out there and they have to behave the way their public and die hard fans want them to. What a life that they really can live as their own. My opinion and I’m entitled to it.

  2. Mother Mariah March 23, 2013

    Nicole, when are you gonna record some great music dahling?


      LOL. OMG.

      The funny thing about that is the fact she is so talented but her music <<<<<<<<

    • anonymous March 23, 2013

      a b**** acting like shes got self-worth to be commenting – SMH wasn’t nicole just singing about how wet her p**** was

      • It Takes One… March 29, 2013

        I didn’t wanna say anything but… You took the words right outta my mouth.

  3. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 23, 2013

    Huh……Nicole. “Actually my choreographer, who works with us both, said (I) should have released my song ‘Lean Like Me’ because Bey’s releasing this song (‘Bow Down’) and it sounds like the same club track”. Why do you feel you still have a shot even when kissing a*s and following so closely in the footsteps of others??? Please take a humble _/ and several of them….going solo is not for everyone and five plus years of struggling EVEN during the hype of PCD should prove that..

    • aryo March 24, 2013

      nicole is better than ur fave and u know it

  4. Cali Cutie March 23, 2013

    She wishes she was Beyonce…

    • MaZ March 23, 2013

      Just like you bish!

  5. My Forehead Tho March 23, 2013

    This is how you criticize a song, Frankie’s child. Although I’d prefer her to be a little bit more honest, she was respectful with her criticism and for that she still has a career.

    • RoyalKev March 23, 2013

      ^ Exactly!

  6. MrTooIncredible March 23, 2013

    LMAO Bey needs to tour to pay back PEPSI !!!! Kiiii !!!

    Any questions ?

    • D.A. March 23, 2013

      WTH, who pays back an endorsement check????????????????? This ain’t an advance. They pay her, sponser her shoes, and she promotes them in turn.

      • D.A. March 23, 2013

        Shows not shoes.

    • Bow Down Bitchesssss March 23, 2013

      King b can pay back every single penny right now if she wants to though she dont have to. Do u know how much that millionaire B**** is worth?

  7. Cali March 23, 2013

    Nicole kissing ass still won’t get you far

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013


  8. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

    she lost me as a fan when she described beyonce as “honest” .

    i see what this nicole b**** is doing right there and it won’t help her in her career.

    so she is bowing down to beyonce ?


    • Mother Monster March 23, 2013

      First of all weren’t you a Beyonce fan??? You h*** flip flop like its nothing weres the loyalty

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

        huh ?

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013

      @pop girl just leave like u said

    • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

      I know what you meant pop royalty,….You were a nicole fan and she lost you when she started kissing beyfrauds ass…

      • Bow Down Bitchesssss March 23, 2013

        Man i cant believe this old wrinkled trans/dude/milf they call honeychildplease is still on here criticizing ppl. B****/dude or wateva it is, ure too old for this s***. This is for the youngsters. Go listen to beethoven or something 😀

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

        exactly. @honey

      • Love Life March 23, 2013

        Oh look, the flip floppers agree with eachother. How ironic!

    • aryo March 24, 2013

      im like the biggest nicole fan but i kinda have to agree

  9. RihannaReign2013 March 23, 2013

    Nicole is THEEE BIGGEST FLOP EVER!!! Ppl shade Keri, Ciara & Kelly all the time but Nicole is just the epitome of a flop, she just needs to stop wasting her labels money and apply at a Walmart or something.

    • aryo March 24, 2013

      yet shes better than ur fave, shes not relevant bcuz she got her ass beat up like ur talntless fave

  10. Mother Monster March 23, 2013

    Do you think Beyonce actually knew who she was when taking that pic??? I doubt it Beyonce makes Nicole look basic n beys wearing shades lol

  11. You Wanna Bey Me March 23, 2013

    Everyone loves bey, well not everyone and they’re on their way to this post, in 5…..4….3…2…..


    I wish some of these girls could be as honest and straight up as Keyshia but then again they’re gonna be called a “hater” for giving their opinion.

  13. mildred March 23, 2013

    She is correct. Beyonce don’t have to be perfect all the time, and we all no mobody is perfect so let her sing about how she feel and what she has achieved in her life. One sung about her great she is, is not a bad idea, bow down

    • MiMi Carey March 23, 2013

      Her fans make it seem like shes perfect… So when she does some s*** like that she ends up getting called out for it

  14. MiMi Carey March 23, 2013

    Guess Nicole knows her place you better bow down b****…. Mariah would never..

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

      i really wanna know what mariah think about that filth that is beyonce’s latest mistake.

      • Love Life March 23, 2013

        Mariah loves Beyoncé, she probably just thinks whatever she gotta do, do it.

  15. mc the place to be! March 23, 2013

    But she still don’t like the song…so….Beyonce ain’t the only celebrity that’d been through things by the media damn I’m sure GaGa gets slammed for her outfits Rihanna for her promiscuity and Whitney for her drug abuse that comes with being a celebrity people are going to talk about you forever even after you die suck it up get over it!

  16. Love Kelly March 23, 2013

    Child please. You were a supposed ‘smash hit’ on UK X Factor last year yet your single charted @ #6, the same spot or lower than Kelly Rowland and the UK public could not stand her.

  17. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 23, 2013

    I understand her sentiments…

    But look, either way Dude, music is subjective, therefore, different people are expected to, and are going to, interpret and internalize songs however and whichever they feel. Personally, the idea that I gathered from the song was that she was responding to all of her naysayers.

    Publicly speaking, Beyonce has always been presented as “nice” and “humble” for most of her solo career (I don’t care for her personal life’s secrets) and songs such as “Diva”, “Run The World” and “Ego” were given to the world under her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, as she puts it, so this is probably the first time since “Survivor” that she has spoken her mind about the way everyone has been treating her over the years and is one of the VERY RARE occasions in which she has defeated the atypical ‘Beyonce status-quo’ that has been associated with her, which is why this song is being perceived so negatively by some.

    I just feel like it’s only so much a person, artist or not, can take before they finally retaliate.

    At the end of the day, the song isn’t even a “single”, per se, but more so a buzz single to get folks talking and excited seeing that her ‘stans’ have been putting her into overdrive, regarding her new single and album etc…(and clearly it’s working).

    She’s a 31 year old woman who has achieved a large amount throughout her career, so she can say whatever she wants to on whatever she decides to sing/record.

    And, in all honesty, what’s the difference between this song and the thousands of other songs, released by rappers that have included a-plenty subliminal messages, curses and ‘bow down’ disses… blatantly distributed to fellow rappers without, exactly, naming names? – Eminem? Lil Wayne? 50 Cent?

    Rihanna told B****** to ‘Bow Down’ on “Hard” back in 2009.

    Folks are still saying “That Rihanna Reign just won’t let up!”

    Nicki told B****** to ‘Bow Down’ on “Did it on Em”, “I am your leader”, “Come on a Cone” and “Romans Revenge”, “Tragedy” etc.

    Lil Kim told Nicki to ‘Bow Down’ on “Black Friday” etc.


      I think that you just broke the record for the longest essay ever written on this blog. SMH

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 23, 2013


      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        Where’re the lies, though?

    • RoyalKev March 23, 2013

      You said everything that needed to be said!


      @. : : H 2 O : : .

      Who said that there were lies. I’m just saying that his essay was long.

  18. MiMi Carey March 23, 2013

    I wanna hear Keri Hilson & Ashanti opinion on the song esp Keris

    • anonymous March 24, 2013


  19. Riqueen March 23, 2013

    Im a proud riri stan but even i know Nichole needs to stfu.

  20. Navy Sailor!!! March 23, 2013

    Nicole is always talking about what she should’ve done, what music she rejected blah blah blah. B**** you are a flop. Your opinion holds no weight! Exit stage right —->

    • KEY March 23, 2013

      LMAO I see no lies

  21. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Well said Nicole. She’s not kissing ass or bowing down. She’s just telling u how she feel. And she’s more on the side of not liking it. But she was still respectful. Keyshia Gutter Coles ass bashed the song and was disrespectful. U don’t operate like that, if ur ass is trying to get where KING B is. Have some respect. Its funny how all the people who bash KING B a lot, says she was rite. That’s why her career will definitely struggle now. #Good ridens h**.

  22. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Well said Nicole. She’s not kissing ass or bowing down. She’s just telling u how she feel. And she’s more on the side of not liking it. But she was still respectful. Keyshia Gutter Coles ass bashed the song and was disrespectful. U don’t operate like that, if ur ass is trying to get where KING B is. Have some respect. Its funny how all the people who bash KING B a lot, says she was rite. That’s why her career will definitely struggle now. #Good ridens h**.

  23. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Well said Nichole. She gave an honest opinion. Gutter Coles bashed the song and was straight up disrespectful. U can’t operate like that and still have an successful career n the business. That’s why her career is struggling now. Because of her big mouth and ghetto antics. Lmao U people really think Nicole is the only who would say the same thing. People from Adele to Tom Hanks would’ve said what she said. Gutter Coles is just an agry bird, who is pressed cause her career is n the dumps. Its funny how the people who bash KING B a lot, is the one siding with Gutter lmao. U gotta fit n somewhere.

  24. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    ok i agree with Nicole but can we get into the fact that the King looks like pure f****** slayage in that top picture.

  25. ShadeNOShade March 23, 2013

    *Dickrides Bey So I Won’t Get Dragged*
    Nicole Basically Is Saying The Song Is Trash & Hopefully Bey Delivers With Better Material. #NOSHADE

  26. Nahjee March 23, 2013

    I see @poproyal is flip flopping again that’s why I can’t associate my self with pop royal, I can’t be friends with somebody who probably lives in his mommas basment, and stays on TGJ and eat pizza all damn day. My dad told me never to associate my self with “bum ass flip flopping ass two face b******” that’s why I can’t stand pop royal stupid bum ass, I wanna smack the hell out of that f****** c*** sucker

  27. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    I think Nicole FLOPzinger likes to embarrass herself. Honey, you’re not going to happen, never happened and never will happen. You’re a never-been. Now sit your ass all the way on the floor and think about all the BS you’ve spread about how great (FAKE) BEYondFat is.

    • Poisonous March 23, 2013

      At least Boomerang didn’t sell 600 Copies in its first weel

  28. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

    This is is why she is gonna fail, They are hyping this up way to much. Humanizes her? SHE IS A F****** SINGER not mother theresa. They making beyonce out to be so important, the GP is rejecting it. SHE is not even the biggest selling singer. She is not even the youngest Highest selling singer or the highest selling BLACK SINGER.

    Set herself up for the fall/ Oh well!

    • WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE? April 1, 2013

      That’s where you people get it twisted. They are SINGERS, therefore the SINGING is what should matter, not the sales. Granted it is an industry, but there are so many artists out here (namely Rihanna) that are commercial success yet VOCAL atrocities.

      In short, it doesn’t matter if Beyoncé’s the HIGHEST selling SINGER or not. The fact is she is undeniably talented AND selling records, selling tours and rightfully holding down the game – ask anybody. Rihanna is dominating as well.

      I don’t see the point of you people on here always trying to argue about who is better by fact spouting and cussing out each other. Do you really think that Beyoncé or Rihanna give a crap about these irrelevant things? They are both successful and DEFINING THEIR PLACES IN HISTORY, while you sit behind the shadows of a keyboard wishing to be a part of their lives by arguing on a blog. THEY AREN’T GIVING YOU ANY OF THEIR MONEY OR SUCCESS SO WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?

      Go outside and DEFINE YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY and make a difference. Rihanna and Beyoncé are already doing it.

  29. Nahjee March 23, 2013

    I don’t wanna put my hands on trash like pop royal cause that will make me trash. Point blank stay away from the flip flopping b****

  30. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

    What is going on with Rita ORAL she is obesessed with Rih, which says alot about beyonce LOL your protege is obsessed with your younger rival.

    On Rita Whora’s instragram she has a picture of a dress Karl Lagerfielf from Chanel made for her/. Copying Givenchy and prada custom clothes for rih. Of which she says # fukwhaevayourdoing# LOL LOL Now copying Rih’s every last move from Posting pics of custom designers to ” F*** your ”

    Shame she cannot copy Rih knack for topping the charts all over the globe.

    LOL LOL Phuckyoclonestalker. Rita WHORA is stalking Rihanna. Damm! Radiaactive was released in American 3 weeks ago. It did not chart.

    Pour it up the remix is now at 49. Poor dat stalker flop.

  31. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Which of our faves flopped the hardest on ONLY the 4th studio album era???

    Mariah – Merry Christmas 5x platinum, 15 million WW

    Rihanna -Rated R Platinum , 3.5 million WW, WW #1 hit Rude Boy

    Alicia – Element of Freedom 4 Million WW

    Mary – Mary 2x platinum

    Janet Jackson- Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814, 6x Platinum, 14 Million WW
    (4) #1 Hot 100 Hit
    (Only artist to have (7) Top 5 Hits from 1 album)

    Britney – In the Zone 3x platinum, 10 Million WW, Top 10: Toxic, 3

    Beyonce – 4 , top 10′s n/a, top 15′s n/a, top 20′s w/o exploiting an “unborn child” n/a, # of videos released – lost count, memorable iconic single n/a , 2.3 million WW…….

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      4 sold 2.1 but great breakdown.LOL and they call that thing a legend? LOL LOL overrated hot ass mess who TIME IS over. SHE WAS WACK – Always was, always will be.

      You know only 800k was sold WW? LESS THAN A MILL WW bought her wack s***. Great breakdown. Let see how they explain this.


      Mariah WINS.

    • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

      LMFAOo ahahahahahaha thinks for the read hun…TRUTH no lies in this

      • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013


    • lola March 23, 2013


      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        LMAO first you attempt to inflation 4gotten’s numbers and now you’re attempting to deflate Rated R’s numbers.


    • RoyalKev March 24, 2013

      It would be just as interesting to see you list stats from every artists first three albums too! … (without including artists from the 80’s/90’s, their sales are impossible to reach today with illegal downloading).

  32. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    I would like the Hive to explain this Dangerously in Love 11 million WW MYTH.

    We and everyone else including their momma knows Beyonce is LOCAL, and all her albums are always weighted more to the USA (meaning over 50% of her album sales are accounted for in the USA).

    Now if DIL sold 4 million in the USA, where did the other 7 million come from?? Those cannot be WW figures because Beyonce is LOCAL. I want to see some receipts.

  33. Natz March 23, 2013

    I dont like Bow Down cos its just not to my taste musically but I think people took that song/snippet (whatever it was) way too serious just cos it was Beyonce. But shes human and an artist she was probably feelin’ herself that day like everyone else so just thought go for it. But cos its Beyoncé, its terrible, partly cos of the image shes built for herself. I think this is just her way of breaking out and having a bit of fun. As someone whos not a die hard fan but always liked Bey, I dont think there was a need to analyse it the way people did. Its doesn’t mean her whole albums gonna be like that, and it doesn’t mean shes literally gonna walk around looking down her nose at everyone. People need to chill out.

  34. Suicide Blonde March 23, 2013

    I didn’t know Beyonce was so loved until i found ThatGrapeJuice maybe because i’m not black and in my world people don’t listen to her music but i feel like black people worship Beyonce as if she’s the best thing they ever had, like every black woman should look like her, like if she is the epitome of talent on a person, like she is the most perfect human being, i’m not saying this because of Nicole but foe some black people i know, another example is this site, they put MJ down just to make Beyonce looks better, even on Facebook a friend of mine posted her new song saying “I don’t know how I feel about this” and he is the only white guy i know who likes Beyonce, my point is, be honest, she’s not that good as an singer, good voice (nothing exceptional), good performer (nothing out of this world), good looks (not even close to be the best), i don’t consider her a musician cuz she doesn’t play instruments and is not even a good songwriter, that been said, i think she is talented and good at what she does, she just need to stop trying to be a QUEEN cuz she is not ruling anyone, everybody is doing what they want even if it is trash. I could say lots of things about her persona and fake image but i won’t cuz i guess everybody knows everything by now, she’s not fooling anyone anymore. That’s it folks.

    • Mickz March 23, 2013

      Well for a start, I am mixed race and love Beyonce, but most people in my inner circle are white and I know many white people that love Beyonce so it all depends on who you surround yourself with. Maybe its because of my age (19) but while her core fan base is black there is a large proportion if white people that love her also and all the other stuff you put about her looks and talent is subjective because I personally think shes the best performer of her generation, I cant think of any other female of her generation that could challenge her on stage besides Pink. But that is my opinion.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ March 23, 2013

      The amount of racial profiling is just pittiful. I’ve said this to you on multiple occasions, NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE LIKE/LOVE BEYONCE.

      Can you be anymore racially unaware? Since when is it okay to group people together based on one race?

    • Jess March 23, 2013

      You just sound damn ignorant here sorry. I know plenty black people that dont like Beyonce and plenty white people that do. How do the people in ‘your world’ count towards everyone?

    • Teah March 23, 2013

      Wtf are you talking about? I’m not Black and I love Beyonce. You’re generalizations are not only racist they’re beyond ridiculous and childish. Oh, and I don’t worship Beyonce and like her because I respect her artistry…there’s a difference. But being that you are a Rihanna stan I wouldn’t expect you to understand *example of a generalization*. Being that you, as well as your fave have no music inclination

    • anonymous March 24, 2013

      YES i forgot the ghetto trash on this website represents the entire black race. ^^^^ ignorance

    • RoyalKev March 24, 2013

      Why do you have to mention the random people that put down MJ and praise Beyonce like this represents the perceptions of her entire fan base. There are plenty of Madonna stans that think she’s better than MJ as well (and I for one don’t see her being nearly as talented, matter of fact I consider Madonna to be lucky more than anything). You constantly feel that you have to go on about how Bey’s not perfect like there’s a scripture on it in the bible. I’m starting to think that’s your own thoughts in the back of your mind! I adore Beyonce, but I don’t worship her. I also don’t want every black artists to be like her. I love variety. Janet, Whitney and Brandy are my other favorite female artists and they’re very different from B in many ways. Too much generalizing here!

    • Lolz March 24, 2013

      WTF are you talking about. I thought you were actually rational in your comments until now. The entire comment is just narrow minded and unrealistic. You make it seem like Beyoncé has some Keri Hilson or Keyshia Cole type fanbase. She has a vast fanbase hence why she is so mainstream. And more to the point, your ratial stereotyping is just embarrassing.

      • Lolz March 24, 2013

        And then you have the nerve to come at people for talking about Justin Timberlake?

    • j April 1, 2013

      your an idiot

  35. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Oh oh, someone has spilled some more tea, I LIVE.

    Beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT!

    March 23, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Did you hear about the tea that was leaked about why beyonce album is being stalled – even scrapped? Well, according to snitches ( who have now been forced to remove the tea ) Producers and songwrites no longer want to give beyonce thier best work cos she steals the credit and forces them to hand over their royalties, as well proving she CAN FLOP.

    Now they are selling basic tracks and saving all the HOT stuff for singers who will not force them to sign over their publishing. LOL LOL it is all coming out now……….

    And another snitched leaked that she is touring and huntin for endorsment deals cos PEPSI are pissed and want their $ 50 mil back, so she needs to find money to recoup before the year ends.

    Then, another snitch ( all this is coming in the last week ) said that HER LP might not come out this year cos SONY hate the music she is submitting.

    LMAO BADDIE BEY just needs to retire at this point. Songwriters and Producers with-holding their songs, PepsiCo utilizing their exit clause (called it), SONY rejecting her music (called it). I said it that SONY was reluctant to fund this project after the disaster era that was 4closure and now everything is unfolding.

    Wasn’t this album supposed to come out towards the end of last year, then early this year, then April, then before tour and now could altogether be scrapped. This s*** is hilarious.

    • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

      LMFAOooo ahahahahahahahhhhhhhhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa F****** lame as flop!!! She could never be MIMI or even rih rih

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013


    • Jewell March 23, 2013

      Who posted that Sybil? Smh.

    • HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013


    • Love Life March 23, 2013

      Where is the credibility in this ‘source’

  36. . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

    Some pressed heauxz in this thread are NOT #BoutDatLife ! ! ! !

    Like, even Nicole knows the truth tea and they don’t . . .



    That song was one of the best things to ever happen to my life.

    King B, I f*****’ LOVE YOU B****.


    **Plays “HAM”**
    **Adds “Bow Down / I Been On”, “No Church in the Wild” and “Clique” to playlist**


  37. HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

    Damn beyflopce 4 era looked better than this one….Girl can’t win for nothing LMAOOOo ahahahaha

  38. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Matthew is so disappointed I bet, Beyonce is destroying everything he worked so hard to build. Matthew has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and worked hard to put that degree to use, he even quit his job to make Beyonce happen only to see everything he worked so hard to build to be tarnished by illiterates like JAYonce.

    Poor dat, I bet he wishes he didn’t sabotage Kelly FLOPland, Letoya Luckett and Farah.

    • RealNegro March 23, 2013

      A bachelor of science in business administration? Really? science and business, business and science doesn’t go together lad!

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        If you can get a

        Bachelor of Arts in Economics

        Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics


        Bachelor of Science in Economics.

        Why can’t you have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration??

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        http:/ /poole . ncsu . edu / undergraduate/academics/majors/business-administration/

      • Mother Mariah March 23, 2013

        LMAO…realDUMBnegro. Smh. I have a BS in Business Administration. 🙂

    • Yeah I Said It March 23, 2013

      @Lovebird wow you got time boo

  39. . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

    #NoShade but . . .

    If Beyonce is local and sold more than 35 million albums outside the states since her debut album (1998), then what the f*** do you call Rihanna who can’t even sell a good 30 million albums in the entire globe???

    1) LUKAL

    2) Too FLOP to be local

    3) Singles Artist!!


    Answer the question, and I might let you lick my balls CLEAN..

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      JLO has even sold more albums than beyonce, as has Alcia keys.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        Hew and Hew?

  40. HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

    BEyonce is a f****** HAS BEEN!! Madonna is not even relevant but still sales out tours..aint nobody checking for her music…That star is no longer shining boo super nova Exploded long ago…This b**** is in trouble…………LMFAOoooo she owe so many people it’s a damn shame! Rih rih the game is yours honey!

    • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

      Meaning so what bey is touring the b**** is still a has been..My point..Nobody buying that album but the hive………….* CHecks 4 numbers* on second thought not even the hive

  41. HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

    Pay back is a b**** huh beyflopce?? You stepped on, and destroyed those young ladies career now we all get to watch yours fall apart…I will be enjoying this

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      I agree! Beyonce and her dad destoyed so many people I am glad she is being f***** up and I cannot wait for the final beyonce downfall to begin.

  42. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Someone call me a pastor, I cannot deal with this inflation. Can we have a Bank of Music to tame this inflation, I cannot deal.

    30 million albums outside the USA??? Let me guess, Destiny’s Child, DVDs, Soundtracks, Ringtones…etc.

    If that’s the case, then Rihanna’s 180 million records sold WW > Beyonce’s.

    Where is that pastor, this inflation is killing me.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Yes, my HOOD ass followed BILLBOARD’S HOOD ways of counting Destiny’s Child’s HOOD ALBUMS towards Beyonce’s solo sales.

      And you read it right : “BILLBOARD”

      Can you do anything about it but SEETHE, you powerless skinny B****??

      So . . . KING GLOBAL-YONCE has sold 70 million albums and DVDs WORLDWIDE.

      And they may become 100 million ALBUMS if you even DARE and pull that fake-ass “180 million records worldwide” card.

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013


        I see the breakdowns, you cannot deal with Beyonce’s FLOPPING. You cannot deal with Beyonce’s irrelevancy I see.


        Go do that.

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

        why are you swearing at her? You did the same to me on the other thread. This is our opinion….no need to get angry. WOAH! If you, a stan, I can only imagine how mad beyonce must be, after all, it will hurt the most when HER CAREER BLOWS UP IN HER FACE.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        But wait, though . . .

        100% off-topic means that my comment of PURE TRUTH and #WINNING has EFFECTIVELY punched you in your 8~11 STOMACHES ! ! ! ! ! !

        It EVEN went to KNOCK the P*** and EVERY LAST ONE of the FRESHLY-GULPED Justin Bieber FECES out of THEM ! ! ! ! ! !



  43. mr.m March 23, 2013

    WOW! Beyonce looks like a man next to Nicole XD
    That drag queen is done .. she is so fake!!
    She even had a fake baby LMAO!!
    Copying Janet, J.Lo, Shakira, Britney and Xtina since she begun with NO identity ..
    She might achieved A LOT in her career .. BUT!!
    All her career was build with NO originality
    She’s a manufactured negro XD


  44. Mickz March 23, 2013

    Whatever. Im just waiting for Beys new single. And I cant wait to see her on Tour! Xoxo

  45. Mickz March 23, 2013

    Whats with all these trolls all of a sudden. She aint reading your comments calm down lol.

  46. Poisonous March 23, 2013

    @ POP ROYALTY… Dont give up on her just yet. I know you feel like she wasn’t being honest. lol. But let Nicole slip this time.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      She’s already given up on her for like 6 times TBH..

  47. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

    TEE HEE HEE there is talk that Lady Gaga new single comes out in September and the aRTPOP comes out in 2014. Rita ORAL s** is also meant to be dropping in 2014, most likely Beyonce. 2014 is when Rih taking her break – or so they think! What her drop in NOV 2014. OOOPS! YOU can run…..but you can’t hide.

    PS: Lady gaga went to Rih concert in Chicago, last night. Gaga knows, deep down, that her only THREAT IS RIHANNA – NO OTHER B****.

  48. SNIFF MY BALLS March 23, 2013

    My n**** H2O in the building and Lovebird ain’t busy suckin’ c**** tonite, YASS the World Dragging Day!

  49. My Forehead Tho March 23, 2013

    Questions for the Navy…

    1) How the f*** does one arguably the biggest fan base out of all the current pop stars, yet has the lowest sales and ratings on everything?

    2) When Rihanna joins Ashanti, Brandy and Mya on team irrelevant after her break, will you be joining the Hive again?

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      Dont put Rih on the levels of beyonce, ashanti, brany or mya. Lady Gaga came to her show yesterday. FALL BACK!

      • Yeah I Said It March 23, 2013

        And Lady Gaga,Paul McCartney, Bono, Adele and the Obamas have all been to Beyonce shows…

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

        Only Lady Gaga was meant to drop artpop in march, but instead she spying on HER NUMBER 1 RIVAL – THE ONLY GIRL THAT CHALLENGE HER TO BEING THE NEW MADONNA.


      • Love Life March 23, 2013

        Rihanna is not competition for Gaga.

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      Dont f****** go there. Lady Gaga is considered the biggest pop star since Britney and she went to watch( study) teh Don Diva Queen of pop, Rih at her show in Chicago last nite.

      Who gon check you? I’m gon check you, he!

    • quetta March 26, 2013

      They did everything but answer that question tho. Dead

  50. RealNegro March 23, 2013

    I agree with Nicole. She’s not god, a robot, or anything else. It humanizes her just like Rihanna when Chris Brown beat the brakes off or her or Mariah Carey when she started blowing up off that testosterone oops I meant hormones for her bipolar/schizophrenia disorder.

  51. Yeah I Said It March 23, 2013

    People are still talking about Bow Down? And I love how these haters spend more of their time tryin to figure out what Beyonce is doing/talking about Beyonce than on talking about their own ‘so called’ faves. LOL.

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      NOT IN good way. WE are dissing BOW down or using it as another excuse to TEAR BEYONCE DOWN. Especially the Conservatives whites who hate Obama, are trying to get at him and michelle, by attacking beyonce. I love it. Hopefully they will shut her career down like they DID JANET

  52. lola March 23, 2013

    The hatred for Beyoncé is preposterous. Beyoncé is and always be a gifted, recording breaking, international, successful singer and entertainer. This woman has sold well over 150,000,000 records worldwide. Without DC3, there would be no Beyoncé. People need to stop acting like “4” was a flop. How the hell can a mostly R&B album be a flop when it sold 3 million copies worldwide?! CIARA, KERI HILSON, MARY J BLIGE, TREY SONGZ, MONICA, BRANDY, CHRISTINA MILIAN, ASHANTI, NICOLE SCHERZINGER, JENNIFER LOPEZ, and many more are f****** flops. Many of them couldn’t even get as little as GOLD CERTIFICATIONS, let alone platinum certifications in the last few years! Beyoncé is still winning and is on top. If Beyoncé recorded and released boring, redundant, sad music that sounded like it came from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s like ADELE, SHE’D GO DIAMOND AND IF she recorded and released up-tempo, techno-pop and electro-pop music with some generic ballads like Rihanna, SHE’D GO DIAMOND! But f****** Beyoncé does her own thing and has a different taste than many other music artists and producers. WTF don’t you retards get???? Y’all haven’t noticed that Beyoncé’s last album didn’t hop on the bandwagon as other successful artists?

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      BEYONCE HAS ONLY SOLD 75MIL YOU F*** SHE HAS NOT GOT NEAR BRITNEY’S SALES. 4 was heavily promoted more than any act of 2011 and it sold 2.1 – FLOP. Think of the money THEY SPENT AND 2.1 IS ALL SHE SCOULD DO, SHE SHOULD OF DONE 2.1 IN ONE WEEK


      They did not have BEYINCE HEAVY PROMO BUDGET. Also, JLO had A SMASH KILLA HIT – Number in more countries than ANY BEYONCE SONG AND HER LP SOLD 1.1 with no promo. SO JLO, in my opinion SLAYED THE F*** OUTTA BEYINCE FLOP.

      BEYONCE cannot do Rih type of music cos she is to old and ghetto to pull of WE FOUND LOVE. She tried with RUTW AND IT FLOPPED. Rightly so.

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 23, 2013

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOO 150 millikon records? H** youre DELUSIONAL

    • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 23, 2013


  53. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    “1) How the f*** does one arguably the biggest fan base out of all the current pop stars, yet has the lowest sales and ratings on everything?”

    **Looks at the sales of 4closure, the inflation of Dangerously in Love, the Fat ass OPRAH FLOP ratings, the HBO FLOPumentary FLOP ratings, the poor catalogue of music, NON of Beyonce’s album scoring as high as Rated R on the Metacritic metascore rating**

    I CANNOT —-> _/

    • Yeah I Said It March 23, 2013

      And yet rated r was sold for how much during the holidays and barely did any better than beyonces full price album sales. And couldnt even touch Gaga numbers at discount.

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        Please, 4closure is going at half price right now, and yet NO ONE IS BUYING THAT S***.

        Target, Walmart and Bestbuy will soon give that s*** out for free because of all the stale inventory they have.

      • RealNegro March 23, 2013

        99 cents……..

      • Yeah I Said It March 23, 2013

        4…is that all you got? After all that, my point still remains true and you know it.

  54. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    wait the poor man’s version of Mariah Carey fans are talking about ORIGINALITY.



  55. Vannessa B March 23, 2013

    I love Beyonce! People jump on any bandwagon to bash her its ridiculous. Some people are just incapable of giving her any credit and always look for the worst in her career. That girl has achieved so much, give her a break and get real. Shes one of the biggest starts of this generation and is already inspiring young up and coming artists, people always name drop her and shes not even a legend yet. I cant at these biased haters. Maybe i should take the Beyonce route and love the haters too they sure are dedicated to her!

  56. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

    Australian Albums Chart[115] 9
    Australian Urban Albums Chart[116] 2
    Austrian Albums Chart[117] 7
    Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders)[118] 18
    Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia)[119] 18
    Canadian Albums Chart[120] 2
    Croatian International Albums Chart[121] 2
    Czech Albums Chart[122] 1
    Dutch Albums Chart[123] 18
    Finnish Albums Chart[124] 5
    French Albums Chart[125] 7
    German Albums Chart[126] 4
    Greek Albums Chart[127] 3
    Hungarian Albums Chart[128] 13
    Irish Albums Chart[129] 7
    Italian Albums Chart[130] 6
    Japanese Albums Chart[131] 5
    Mexican Albums Chart[132] 5
    New Zealand Albums Chart[133] 12
    Norwegian Albums Chart[134] 6
    Polish Albums Chart[135] 13
    Portuguese Albums Chart[136] 13
    Russian Albums Chart[137] 4
    Scottish Albums Chart[138] 6
    Slovenian Albums Chart[139] 6
    Spanish Albums Chart[140] 3
    Swedish Albums Chart[141] 14
    Swiss Albums Chart[142] 1
    Taiwanese Western Albums Chart[143] 2
    UK Albums Chart[144] 6
    UK R&B Albums Chart[145] 2
    US Billboard 200[105] 5

    THIS IS JLO LOVE ALBUM FROM 2011. IT sold over a million. AND HAD ONE OF THE BIGGEST SONGS OF THE DECADE – ON THE FLOOR. It sold a million less than beyonce, even though BEYONCE HAS CRAZY PROMO IN USA, UK AND FRANCE. SO, in my book, they made more profit with JLO, than with FLOP BEYONCE.

  57. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    SO far this era will FLOP harder than 4closure. That Arena and Theatre tour is for PepsiCo who want their money back.

    Columbia got a clean escape by refusing to fund this era and now judging from the catalogue of s*** music that keeps on being rejected by Sony (who will bid for Rihanna since her contract is fulfilled with DefJam), I cannot see this album even getting a release date.

    LMAO Thanks to Rihanna, Beyonce is not as powerful as she thinks she is, producers and song writers can now tell her to F*** OFF.

    Every producer/song writer including their momma wants a song with Rihanna. Didn’t Dappy’s camp submit over 100 songs for the Unapologetic era, that’s right, everyone is paying Beyonce dust.

    So exactly what did the Superbowl achieve?? Judging from this, a whole hip of NOTHING….LMAO.

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013


      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        The breakdowns that will result, I cannot wait.

    • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013

      This bish and her delusional fans thought she was really winning big this time around…Everything beyonce has done went to hell…LMAOOooo i just can’t it’s just too much excitement to take all in..The big payback is coming strong at this thieving bish

  58. RoyalKev March 23, 2013

    Bey’s just damned if she do and damned if she don’t! People get their life shading B, there’s no right move she can make in their books. I laugh sometimes because these people are on both sides of the fence. If B delivers something with meaning, she boring and dried up. If she goes hard and doesn’t take herself seriously she’s not acting her age or like a mother. They never have these silly restrictions on their favs (nor would they if it was the exact same situation). I wish people would stick to directing their favs more and get out Bey’s back yard!

    • Teflon March 24, 2013

      ^Hey there Mr, I think while some people clearly do ‘get their life’ from throwing shade at her I do think that a lot of it is warranted. Every artist is held accountable for their short-comings but when it comes to things like talent, there really is nothing to be gained from pointing out that Rihanna is no Whitney or that Mariah can’t dance etc. everyone knows and takes as given that Beyonce is a talented and beautiful woman. However, with each of the artists routinely gossiped about on here i.e. Janet, Mimi, Adele, Christina, Brandy, Rihanna etc. their short-comings can be backed up with at least one body of quality music that pushed the envelope at the time of it’s conception. At some point in their careers each of the greats have ‘gone there’.., even if people don’t want to admit it yes Rihanna even went there with Rated R. Beyonce for all her strengths really pales artistically when compared to her peers even if her talent level, performance ability and vocals shine brighter when confined solely to the stage. The problem if you will is that when compared on speakers, her output with the exception of a handful of songs is unacceptably low-brow and un-befitting of someone with such lofty ambitions for themselves. As a Brandy fan I can only imagine that having her in your music collection fills the glaring holes that Beyonce cannot fill.

      As this new era has been billed as QueenBeyonce at her most artistic and effective, BowDown’s unjustifiable crassness has simply exposed her supposed artistry for what it is and left her open to criticism as this is supposedly the ‘real her’ and all it really is is artless and uninspired. I personally believe that there is a ‘classic’ buried deep within Beyonce if she is willing to get off her pedestal and re-engage with humanity but that she will never locate it if she contains to work with the same old producers and refuse to live her life in order for her to have a story to sing about. However, at this point she clearly still feels a need to continue to market and promote herself as a musical deity whose problems start and stop at haters not giving her her supposed due. Unfortunately, she is not an Empire and her audience (not just her detractors) are letting her know that.

    • RoyalKev March 24, 2013

      Hey Tef (Long time …),

      I understand some of your points and you know I respect your voice when it comes to music, but I do think your personal taste may be distracting you from key factors here.

      Bow down is simply one of those songs that is meant to make a statement, more so than to be held as some serious piece to be included in a body of work that defines a singer’s artistry. Imagine if we separated one “statement song” (or tracks that was done for fun) apart from the classic albums made by each of the artists you named that “pushed the envelope”…

      Rihanna – Hard (Rated R)
      Janet – Go Deep (The Velvet Rope)
      Mariah – It’s Like That/ Shake It Off (TEOM)
      Christina – Dirrty (Stripped)
      Brandy – U Don’t Know Me (Like You Used To)

      …Seems a bit unfair to judge and dissect these songs in particular, don’t you think? These songs were all singles too! BTW, I’m not being biased (because I included my favs as well in the point I’m raising, which I’m sure you’re fully aware of). I don’t think Bow Down is for everybody, but you have to admit people jump at the opportunity to indulge in bashing B! This was a snippet for Heaven’s sake … If you go to JT’s post, or Christina’s, Adele’s, etc., you will see the randomness that goes on with this site and the obsession with B.

      You also speak of Bey’s catalog and claim it’s “un-befitting of someone with such lofty ambitions” and that her “quality music that pushed the envelope” doesn’t exist.

      With all due respect sir, how could you disqualify 4? (Love On Top, I Miss You, I Care, Best Thing I Never Had, I Was Here – heck, even End of Time). These singles were innovative and an ode to the 90’s at the same time (mind you Bey crafted a mature R&B album in 2011, despite being a high caliber mainstream artist in a techno-driven industry). That’s pretty gutsy in my book!

      I have to add, since I’m using the Q word (quality) that I can’t dismiss the greatness on IASF either …
      If I Were a Boy

      Still, my bottom line is that you have to sometimes remember that B is a person. She should be able to get things off her chest. The Hive is accused of placing her on a pedestal, but her haters want to keep her in a box. I found these remarks you made interesting:

      * “there is a ‘classic’ buried deep within Beyonce if she is willing to get off her pedestal and re-engage with humanity”

      * (Beyonce) “refuse to live her life in order for her to have a story to sing about”.

      I would theorize that a wife, new found mother, business woman, etc., would have enough in her arsenal to think up something thought provoking for her next album. Bey sees a lot of backlash that most of her male counterparts wouldn’t receive. Believe it or not, that’s probably why she spent most of her career uplifting and uniting women. She thinks of herself as a man’s equal! Her overall purpose is not in one song, it’s in her entire movement.

  59. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013


    World: 11,000,000
    US: 4,900,000
    UK: 1,143,299

    World: 7,000,000
    US: 3,300,000
    UK: 385,078

    World: 7,000,000
    US: 3,000,000
    UK: 1,411,189

    World: 2,100,000
    US: 1,300,000
    UK: 500,000


  60. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Bwahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahaha Lmao I know why the Hoeianna stans are mad. Its Nichole fought lmao. They are mad that singers come out the woodworks to praise THE QUEEN, when their is controversary n her music lmao. They mad that nobody gives a s*** about R****. Nobody came out and said s*** when Breezy beat her ass down to the ground. If that was KING B, Breezy would b six feet under. If R**** was on fire, the industry wouldn’t even p*** on the h** to save her lmfao. #Burn Hoeianna Burn

  61. Natalie Nunn March 23, 2013

    Just stfu no one cares about what you say w**** your f****** irrelevant mama..

  62. Tash March 23, 2013

    I agree with Nicole. People think they know what Beyonces all about, when really they just cant fathom her.

  63. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Oh apparently Dangerously in Love sold 1 million in the UK, why is it only certiied 2x Platinum then???

    • Tash March 23, 2013

      Why do you care so much? Is it affecting your life?

      • Love Life March 23, 2013

        Theres probably no life there to affect.

  64. Natalie Nunn March 23, 2013

    Look how big Beyonce is compared to Nicole Beyonce a fat ass like I’ve said before

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      I was gonna say that LOL LOL BEYONCE IS HUGE – SHE IS AN NFL PLAYER IN A WIG. Nicole has nice slim, womanly figure. BEYONCE IS THE FEMALE HULK, have u seen the meme as beyonce as green HULK? LOL LOL beyonce is the b*** of everyone’s jokes.

      • Teah March 23, 2013

        I know you are not trying to talk about Beyonce’s body when Rihanna wear’s a SIZE 13 STILLETTO. The b**** is 6ft, has a pertrusive forehead, and is definitely none for small. Her features are no more feminine than Beyonce’s. And that wide ass nose of her’s does her no justice. She looks like a d***. Just saying.

  65. Tash March 23, 2013

    Oh look the same THREE trolls are here writing their paragraphs on Beyonce like their lives depend on it lmao.

  66. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Lmmfaooooooooooooooooo Nicole got these c*nts super duper mad lmao. Why did u have to do that Nicole? YESSSSSS Hun praise THE QUEEN even when she tell these h*** to BOW DOWN! Nobody gives a ratass about R**** lmaoooooooooooo Y’all mad huh lmaoooooooooooo

  67. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    RIAA covers the record industry in the USA. If you want to check UK industry, you check the BPI and for the world, you check the IFPI.

    So this is how they inflate Beyonce’s sales…I CANNOT.

  68. XtinaaLovee March 23, 2013

    The beehive will Stan for anyone who says anything nice about fraudyonce…. Lol a joke

  69. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    This Beyonce inflation has made me Kiiii the whole freaking day. Oh Lord, those B’Day and DIL figures are not believable because Beyonce is LOCAL.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Beyonce is so LOCAL, then why did she sell more than 35 million albums outside the states, more than Rihanna’s WW mark?

      Answer this Question!

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        The simple answer is because Beyonce did not sell 35 million albums outside the USA and you know it.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        What I know is that Billboard >>> Your opinion, that’s the only thing I know TBH..

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        Nope, Neilsan Soundscan > Billboard.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        I don’t disagree, but when did Nielsen Soundscan ever say DC sales don’t count towards Bey’s solo sales?


      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        They haven’t just like they’ve never said DC sales count towards Fattie Bey.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        They never said, but Billboard did!

  70. pour it up pour it up March 23, 2013

    Thumbs up if you think solange >>> trashyonce

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Fashion, of course.

  71. HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

    Rihanna’s UMBRELLA ENDED BEYFRAUD CAREER. That song alone is more epic than anything thiefonce has done in her career.

    • Lovebird March 23, 2013

      That song is simply ICONIC.

      • HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

        Yessss & the video too >>>>>>>

    • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

      To, me, that was the start of the end for BEY. THE MOMENT RIH GOT the song, hair, style and swag BEY has been on a downward spiral ever since. HA

      • HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

        Rih dragged that w**** by her lacefront to the flop bench !

      • HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

        Rih dragged that heaux by her lacefront straight to the flop bench !

    • Love Life March 23, 2013


  72. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    With all this inflation going on, next the HIVE will say DreamGirls grossed over $300 million USD and will bring doll sales, Blue Ivy drawings and Soundtracks to justify it, I CANNOT.

  73. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    the fool should know that ceriftcations are based on shipments and not actual albums purchased.
    that is way a a record that has not passed 500,000 copies sold still is ceritfied GOLD because it shipped in excess of the 500,000 marks.

    don’t try playing intelligent because it really does not work for you.

    plus you have Lil Wayne cover of his latest album as your avi thus you should be the the last talking about music.

    • Lovebird March 23, 2013

      After Bow Down, you’ve proven that you know nothing about music.

      Secondly I find it awfully fishy that it is only certified 2x platinum (600,000 copies shipped) but only sold 1 million according to you.

      I call b******* on the DIL figures because Beyonce is LOCAL. Her worldwide sales, save for IASF, cannot and have never passed her US sales, this is also true with her ticket sales.

      So how do you justify DIL selling that much WW when we all know Beyonce cannot beat her US sales with WW sales. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  74. HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

    UMBRELLA>>>> befatce albums & singles #DEAL. befatce wishes her gorilla, jay Z didn’t signed that caribbean Queen to defjam….

  75. LDN Chick March 23, 2013

    Im so ready for Beyonce this summer! I just hope she adds some more legs to her tour and motherhood doesnt make her stingy cos they sold out so fast in the UK, Im going to see her at V fest but soo wanna go to the official tour too 🙁

  76. phyneassphuck March 23, 2013

    Good sis nicole betta spill d tea. king b stays shittin’ on basic b******

    we luv u beyonce, love from Nigeria

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

      go clean your hut and hush.

      • THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. March 23, 2013


    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      I LOOOOOOOVE your username! 😀

  77. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    but again your are troll you are not worth…keep living in delsuional land because it simply will not work.

    oops and single ladies came and made umbrealla look like dirt. don’t act like your muma was not on Youtube trying to do the FOSSE.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

      and we found love came and flushed what remained from her career 😆

      beyonce did what keri told her in that diss track , good girl.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        Did you get into how the King’s current global tour is NOW slapping every last ML of p*** out of your fav’s 8 stomachs, without any Rih-scounts, and on the first 2 legs alone too @POP girl?

      • Express Yourself (Godonna Army) March 24, 2013

        I still cant stop laughing. you read him and rihfailure downe ! 🙂

  78. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    DIL = 12Million sold! Bday = Over 7 million sold! IASF = over 7 million sold! The album is close to 8 million sold! 4 = 2.5 sold and she didt even tour or promote that much. Rihoes first album = 2 million sold. AGLM = 3 million sold. GGGB = 7 million sold. Rated R = 3.5 million sold. Loud = 6 million sold. TTT = 6 million sold. Unaflop = 2.7 sold. KING B WINS H***. And she have less albums! #SUCK THAT S*** UP

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

      constantly lying like your fav i see.

  79. LDN Chick March 23, 2013

    Ugh and the Rihoena stans need to stfu, she aint even all that. They are soo delusional. Umbrella aint no more iconic than Crazy in Love or Single Ladies.

  80. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    gurl you are scum of the earth your replies hold the weight of dust and vapour so you can go hibernate.

    beyonce so local but her world-wide tour is sold out. oops you can go suck on a d***.

    • Lovebird March 23, 2013

      She’s performing at Arena’s and Theatres, anyone can sell out an Arena. Even Usher can sell out Arena’s all over Europe.

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013

        And neyo. Emimen is playing castle to 100k . That will be rihanna soon.

  81. Lovebird March 23, 2013


    • Lovebird has no life March 23, 2013

      Those are facts…dumbass
      You’re always trying to throw shade at beyonce
      yet you stan for that flop ass Leona Lewis? The irony
      When will rihannna have a album do over 10 million in sales? Never!!!

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        Leona Lewis can sing circles around Beyonce and no, those are the hives delusions.

  82. Bow Down Bitchesssss March 23, 2013

    Carribean what? Bwahaha.
    Thats like saying CHINA is the world’s superpower.
    Wat u dont realise is that Rihanna despite her sales, is NOT anibg the best artist out there. Yes, shes got many album sales but that dont make her to be the best. Psy has the greatest number of views on YouTube si i guess ull say he’s got the most popular song in the world or something.rihanna is ur idol n ik ull do wateva,to support her like a daughter would support her mom but dude, u gotta face the fact that rihanna os not n will never be among the bests.PERIOS!!

  83. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    THE QUEEN has 3 albums that have sold over 7 million WW! R**** has one lmao. She’s the local b****. DIL 12 million sold >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rated R. A Flop Like Me, The first flop and Unaflop all combined n WW sales.

    • Lovebird March 23, 2013

      LMAO you and I both know that DIL figure is fake. The hive’s inflation.

  84. Express Yourself (Godonna Army) March 23, 2013

    Lmao at the navy deflating beyonces global figures to make her seem local. Pepsi already reported she’s sold 100 million albums so deal b******.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      I guess . . . Don’t pull that “100 million albums” card until they pull their “37 million albums” one.

      It’s still too early now!

  85. Emeral March 23, 2013

    People just love and respect Beyonce point blank period. Bow Down was like one of the most controversial things shes ever done lol and compared to what some popstars have been through, that was nothing. She’ll be one of them popstars that people will cite as a door opener for them in terms of influential pop stars of the noughties and 10s. Just gotta love Bey 16 years and still up there with the new girls, hardworking and in control of her career. Its not delusional when people call her the HBIC. We’ll see if the Rihannas and Katy Perrys will have that a decade from now.

  86. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 23, 2013


    When does beyonce new single come out? What date in April does the LP drop?

    Any hive care to share?

  87. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    you still won’t learn won’t you…… your wasting your energy. you stan for basic b****** in the industry so opinions or thoughts that you think are profound, hold the no weight and i could careless unlike other HIVE members I don’t have time for your delusion.

  88. Lovebird March 23, 2013



  89. Kyle March 23, 2013

    Beyonce looks so fierce in that picture dayummm! Lol

  90. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    i could understand if you like Rihanna because I like some of her songs but when you stan for her then your right to have opinion on anyone else in the industry is automatically revoked. What do you stan besides numbers cause it clearly it is not talent.

  91. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    These cun*s of Hoeianna are seeeething mad lmao. Get this thru ur delusional sad pathetic brains. Nobody cares about Hoeianna but u c*nts. If Breezy beat her ass again. Nothing will b done. Cause she the dumb h** anyway to go bac lmao. KING B RUN THIS S***! Like it or not. Just accept it and oh, “how wonderful u would feel. #2013….THE YEAR OF THE IMMORTAL BEYONCE

  92. slaylor swift March 23, 2013

    Beyonce only gets flops attention aka Keyshia n Nicole…. I expect rita to make a comment next these h*** can only get shine Beyonce name…
    Taylor Rihanna Adele GaGa & Katy will never speak on it they know their above Beyonce they all probably laughed when they heard the record this is coming from a girl who hasnt had a hit in 5 years…lol

    • King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

      the same Rihanna that cited Beyonce as her idol.

      and Gaga who called Beyonce one of the realest in music and her only friend in music.

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        They were just being polite, they know that they are past this FLOP who’s last hit was some 5-6 years ago.

      • I Will Adorn You March 23, 2013

        Just being polite. How do you know what goes on in their head exactly. Has it ever occured to you they might actually believe what they are saying.

      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        They don’t, Gaga and Rihanna know they are their own competition, they know Beyonce is not in the ring, she’s heading towards FLOP and Has-been boulevard.

      • I Will Adorn You March 23, 2013

        And like i said… How do YOU know what goes on in their head exactly.

    • hellooo March 23, 2013

      They know their above beyonce? didnt adele say that she was STAR STRUCK when she met beyonce and that she adores her? didnt she also go and see beyonce before the album 4 in battersea powerstation. Rihanna also said that beyonce is one of her idols. not to mention Lady Gaga, Mary J Blidge who have all complimented beyonce on her artistry.. YOU ARE CLEARLY A HATER AND NEED TO F*** YO LIFE

    • Love Life March 23, 2013

      Just like Beyoncé never speaks on their shenanigans.

  93. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    At this rate, ArtPop will come out before Beyonce’s soon to be major FLOP album, if it ever gets released seeing that SONY are dragging their feet.

    I bet Matthew is getting an endless stream of phone calls from SONY, telling him to come back and keep is daughter in check.

    LMAO what are you so afraid of Bey?? Waiting until there’s no competition?? At this rate, they’ll be a new black chick slaying the charts with Rihanna whilst you dust the fat Couch Fat ass Oprah gifted you with at the retirement home.

  94. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    anyway back to the King… can The Hive discuss the perfection of that look.

    she looked like I’m that b****.

  95. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    This year, ArtPop, Katy Perry’s album, some new artist, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, The Pink Print, there’s simply no room for Beyonce since she hates competition and only releases when there’s no competition.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      LMAO, no stupid b****!

      She’s not releasing her new album until June for high sales. We all know albums don’t sell s*** in the first two carters compared to the second half.


      • Lovebird March 23, 2013

        Oh June now??? LMAO They keep on pushing this release date back LMAO.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        And when did the album ever have an original release date in the first place?


  96. I Will Adorn You March 23, 2013

    These Rihanna stans are sad. Why are they so bothered about Beyonce rofl.

  97. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Yes I luv how THE QUEEN got these b****** spitting out lies because they are so freakin mad. Calm down cun*s! U b****** are gonna have an heart attack. U know THE QUEEN has that POWER to shut b****** nervous system down lmao. All I know is 118 MILLION RECORD SOLD WITH 4 ALBUMS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100 million sold by Whoreianna with 7 albums bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  98. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    bow down b******.

    you know you are b***-hurt when you try to reduce official sources stats.

  99. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    Official sources??? Like PepsiCo who are not in the music business and someone has cited as Beyonce selling 100 million albums WW. LMAO.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      I’m not here for Pepsi’s number FOR NOW but didn’t you and the other racist b**** Sybil say “Pepsi is her new label” or some s*** when Bey signed the deal?

      I see you now taking back your words………!!!!!

  100. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Stay mad b******. Stay mad b****** . Stay mad b******. Cause THE QUEEN owns Hoeianna n everyway possible lmao. Ill b mad too if my fav has put out 7 albums and hasn’t outsold a b**** with 4 albums lmfao. 118 million with 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100 million sold with 7. #BOW DOWN BITCHESSSSSSS

  101. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    still replying to me I see and I still don’t give a f*** about your view nor opinion. Call me when you try to troll JohnVidal, Dossome and and so on.

  102. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    At this rate, Ciara, Kelly and Ashanti (Beyonce’s real competition) will have albums out before her.

    I expect fattie Bey to do 150K first week and DROP OFF. This era will end with sales of 400K in the USA and she’ll be quietly dropped by Sony.

  103. I Will Adorn You March 23, 2013

    They goin on like Rihannas album sales are so much better than Beyonces with Rihanns 7 albums. And the only era they can shade is 4. I cant at the desperation.

  104. HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

    Pepsi, Super bowl,Obama’s inauguration (where she got exposed for doing what she does best: LIP SYNCING), Oprah,HBO documentary, Tour ads, Magazines cover…..All this for Bow trash ? LMAOOOOOO i feel the pain of the HOOD H.l.V !

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

      train wreck.

  105. Lovebird March 23, 2013

    The BREAKDOWNS from the HIVE is giving me LIFE hahahahaha.

    They cannot deal with the fact that Producers/Song writers are with-holding their music, Sony is rejecting music and PepsiCo wants to recoup.

    They cannot deal that Bow Down is a s*** song that’s been bashed by everyone including their momma. They cannot deal with the fact that Beyonce is now an irrelevant FAT FLOP heading towards FLOP and Has-Been boulevard. hahahahaha

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Her current tour receipts disagree with you.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 23, 2013

        you mean her tour that still has EMPTY SEATS ? 😆

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

        Yes, and the tour that’s doing 2X better than your fav 😆

  106. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    still made that Beyonce is still better than your basic favs…

  107. HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

    but seriously the H.l.V have to admit that it was so f****** hilarious ! Beyfraud was at the inauguration taking out her ear piece, acting all emotional and s***…and the B**** was Lip syncing hahahahahahahahahaaha

    yup that’s right, when she is booty popping* to her only hits : single ladies and crazy in love, the b**** lip syncs . at the super bowl where she said she was going to sing live, the only thing that was live is when her man voice ( that inherited from TINO Knowles) said :” put your hands together” or ” now clap” LMAO.

    • Lovebird March 23, 2013


    • Tried It March 23, 2013

      Girl you do know singing along to a backing track means you can hear playback hence why she took out her earpiece. Just pointing it out but know your s*** before you make dumb comments like that.

    • Lovebird March 23, 2013


    • Tried It March 23, 2013

      Pre recorded track*

    • HoneychildPlease March 23, 2013


  108. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Lmao @THE HIVE….U all do know Nicole is the reason why the Hoeianna stans are mad as hell. Once again another singer has come out and praised THE QUEEN during controversary. Lmao Ill b mad too. R**** can’t never get any praise for any thing she does lmfao. Praise her Nicole! Yes Rile the Hoeianna stans up. Nobody gives a f*** about that dirty h**. THE QUEEN is so f***** powerful Rush Limbaugh has commented on this. And CNN acts like its Beaking News lmao. When R**** got her ass beat, that wasn’t even Breaking News lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Yes babie THE QUEEN got these b****** mad crying. Typing lies and saying delusional stuff. YES SLAY QUEEN SLAY!

  109. Tried It March 23, 2013

    I agree with Nicole, Im not a Beyonce Stan, but people are just taking it too serious. And if you think Beyonce didnt know she was gonna get some backlash from this then you are about as stupid as you THINK she is. And I also dont think this sound is a reflection of her album either. People need to get real, if we can see whats not chart friendly her team of experts certainly will.

  110. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    CNN: Breaking News, Beyonce Lip sync @ The Inaugration. They spent more. time on THE QUEEN than the President. CNN: Breaking News, Beyonce performance @ The Superbowl was so powerful! It put out the lights. Lmao they were up there saying it was one of the best of all time SB performances. CNN: Breaking News, Beyonce releases controversial song. Lmao they where talking about the song like she walked on water lmao. Chris Brown beats Rihanna up……..CNN****CRICKETS****** LMAO #Nobody Cares for R**** aww

  111. HOTSTUFF March 23, 2013

    @digger bey

    yes, flops are supportive of each others LMAO.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Yet, this FLOP sold more albums in the states alone than your this girl your AVI sold globally, and let’s not even talk tours . . . . . 🙄

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Yet, this FLOP sold more albums in the states alone than your this girl your AVI sold globally, and let’s not even talk tours . . . . . 🙄

  112. King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

    if beyonce is a flop then i’m show more than half of the industry would like to flop with her.

  113. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Lmao THE QUEEN lip sync scandel got more coverage than Hoeianna getting draggggggggged By Chris Brown lmao.

  114. Jess March 23, 2013

    A certain fan base is embarrassing themselves spending all their time on a Beyonce posts over their own fave lmao. Anyway, I like how Nicole put it she came across diplomatic and professional, even though i hate the song I get where Nicole is coming from. Cant wait to hear Standing on the Sun!

  115. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    I’m here basking n glory cause the Hoeianna stans are seething lmfaoooooooooooooo. KING B Lip Sync scandel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hoeianna get her ass beat. Nobody cares about R****. Nobody caressss about R****. Stay mad c*nts. Bwaahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

      Where’re the lies?

  116. LaurieBlue. March 23, 2013


    You obviously dont know how much the b**** is worth!! Have SEVERAL!!

    • King B>Rihanna March 23, 2013

      gurl where have you been?

      • LaurieBlue. March 23, 2013

        Had a bit of a break. But i’ve still been checking the site here and there! Dont visit the site as often as i used to tho.

  117. . : : h 2 o : : . March 23, 2013

    I think I slayed enough H*** for today!

    It’s 2:30 AM in SYR, GOODNIGHT BEYHIVE! 😀

  118. Music Soul Harmony March 23, 2013

    I see no lies though…

  119. Love Life March 23, 2013

    Lol Beyonce makes Nic look so basic in that picture.

  120. Mark111 March 23, 2013

    And as you can see guys, this is what Beyonce would look like if she didn’t make the right moves with her solo album DIL. Crazy in Love was a great break out single. Nicole wish she was in Beyonce, and I’m sure people was in her hear like they were in Bey’s, “Go solo, you don’t need these other girls.:, lol, not everyone can be a MJ, Bey, JT, and Ross.

  121. PSA (FAF) March 23, 2013

    Beyonce sucks, Ciara slays DEAL

    • Chrissy March 23, 2013

      I like Ciara but don’t even try do diss a vet i the game like BEYONCE. If you feel the need to be disrespectful take that s*** out on an artist who actually obtains no talent. Like RihSplice.

  122. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^Who is Ciara? And what is that? Is that some kind of mammal? Just thought I should know. Cause nobody n the music industry exist by that name.

  123. DIGGER BEY March 23, 2013

    Lmao @ H20. Yes u did! Yes u did! I see a bunch of dead bodies WE SLAYED trying to come for THE QUEEN! Those C*nts will never see THE HIVE! And might I add, THE QUEEN looks like The Holy Grail of Divas n that pic! Lol look how Nicole is leaning n @ THE QUEEN. She knows she’s standing next to THE QUEEN! Yes B****! U betta act like ur life is fulfilled. R**** could never.

  124. Mother Mariah March 23, 2013

    Poor Nicole can’t even get an entire thread to herself. Speaks VOLUMES about her career. What a FLOP!!!!!

  125. OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 23, 2013

    WHY the f*** @pop royalty is still commenting on this site???? he a f****** flipflop fake ass c***..I remember him bashing rihanna for unapologetic and now he all back oon the navy??? lmao wow

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 24, 2013

      you know what *looks at avi* …. never mind.

      • OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 24, 2013

        B**** you can look at my avi all day and she still richer than you. looool choose which side you on c***.

      • Express Yourself (Godonna Army) March 24, 2013

        preach! avril, celine and queenb all of them sold more albums than rih

      • OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 24, 2013

        IKR! according to billboard Avril sold 34million albums worldwide alone! rihanna only sold 25mil. lmao

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        @ Express Yourself

        What’s your fav Madonna song?

        Mine is “Human Nature”, even the video >>>>>>>>>

        A true f*****’ artist!

        @ OMG

        According to Billboard – (who give creadits for Beyonce’s success as the leader of a female trio too, not only her solo efforts) – Beyonce has sold 30.2 million albums in the US alone, plus 1.7 million DVDs.

        And that makes me wonder . . . . .

        Why do they keep wasting their time when they can simply BOW DOWN for our superior fanbase??!!!

        SPECIALLY when their fav can’t even make it to 29M albums in the entire GLOBE.


      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

        Sorry, just checked the stats . .

        2 million DVDs in the states, not 1.7 million 😀

  126. Jackieyonce March 24, 2013

    I been on>>>>>>

  127. Jackieyonce March 24, 2013

    I happen to be mixed race. Black mother and white father. My white family loves beyonce so I’m confused when people say she has only black fans. My black cousin dislike beyonce, they just don’t like her. So I’m confused with these ridiculous comments. Suicide blonde is a dumb old gay that still thinks Madonna is the Queen.
    Lady gaga>>>>Madonna
    Get that in your thick skull moron. She ended her career.
    Navy you can’t stop beyonce do what pleases yall and comment and comment and comment. Beysus could care less what yall think! 🙂 . F*** everyone

  128. ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

    I can tell that Nicole is not really feeling the song. All she had to do was come right out and say either “Yes” or “No” in terms of whether she likes it or not. Period. She’s skating around the issue instead of just being totally honest. This is why I appreciate Keyshia Cole’s honesty. She was real and didn’t take back anything that she said. She stands behind her comment and I can respect that. I’m sure there are other women in the industry that want to speak up honestly about the song too, but they all act like their scared. Just like Beyonce may feel it’s a free country and she can record a song like this if she wants to, then it’s a free country as well for people to verbally admit if they like the song or not. Not everyone is going to like it or be comfortable with it. And, people have a right to express that if they want to. Mad respect goes out to Keyshia.

    • Lolz March 24, 2013

      Nobody asked Keyshia Colesaw whether she liked it or not so her ‘honesty’ was not needed.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

        I understand where you’re coming from. But, a person doesn’t have to be asked about their opinion on it, in order to give it. If it rubs people the wrong way, they have the right to make that be known. If this were a man who made a song like to this to women, I doubt very seriously if everyone was going to just sit back and let it slide. You would have definitely heard some women speaking up on the subject. And, a woman doesn’t have to be a “b****” in order for it to hit a nerve. It’s just downright offensive to women in general. We already have a problem with men referring to women calling them “b******”, and now we have one of our own saying to us? It doesn’t matter if it was towards the “haters”, “stans” or towards Beyonce’s industry peers. It’s offensive and uncalled for. There’s a way to address your “peers” or “haters” and still keep it classy.

      • Lolz March 24, 2013

        I didn’t see it as offensive because I didn’t take it as serious and nobody even knows for a fact who she was talking about. Its Ok for people to shade Beyoncé all the time but as she comes back its terrible. She puts up with so much s*** said about her and always turns a blind eye so when she wants sound egotistical in her music she has every right to because she doesn’t do it often. My thing with Keyshia is, why is what Beyoncé doing of such great concern to you? The nature of her tweets were so angry. It wasn’t about you, so why are you so pressed? AND she misinterpreted it since Beyoncé was talking about b****** not women in general, people took it too serious. I don’t even like the song myself.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST March 24, 2013

        I think it bothered Keyshia for the same reason that it bothered alot of other women: the hypocrisy and cocky attitude behind it. You can’t push “female togetherness (or) empowerment” and then flip it and start calling woman “b******” and commanding them to “bow” to you. Which one is it? Pick one and stay with it. People are coming at Beyonce a little more harder than any other female singer because she was always known to “SUPPORT” sisterhood and speak of females so highly in terms of having each other’s back. So, when she goes and puts out a song like this, (regardless of whether it’s towards her haters, industry peers, etc.), it strips off all of the positive things she’s ever had to say about females. She’s contradicting herself. And, that’s what Keyshia was talking about. Again, a woman herself doesn’t have to be a “b****” in order to find the song offensive. Beyonce was always known for being “ladylike” and “classy”, so this was out of character for her. That’s another reason why people are shocked by this. If she wanted to address her industry peers or the “haters”, again, there’s a way to do it. This song doesn’t make the “haters” look bad, if anything, it makes Beyonce look bad. No need to stoop to their level. Handle it with grace and dignity while still being firm and direct about it. If she thinks addressing folks with this song is going to get her the respect that she deserves, then she’s got it all wrong. People are drawn to a humble nature. If anything, this song will only repel instead of drawing people towards her.

      • Lolz March 25, 2013

        But like I said, it wasn’t about WOMEN in general. She can still be about sisterhood doesn’t mean she has to ass lick the B****** in her life. That’s where people jumped to conclusions.

  129. Kate Middletom March 24, 2013

    LOL one of her thigh is as big as Nicole. who the heck wears stockings with that outfit?

    epic fail walrus.

  130. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ b**** u became an Epic failed once u were born. I bet ur mother and dad wishes they never had ur non factor bottom of the barriel ass.

  131. TDM March 24, 2013

    In my opinion Nicole served some truth tea. Beyonce has been the ‘perfect’ Rolmodel for years and maintained it for the biggest part of the show. Now her and her team have come to realize that ‘Perfection’ is the opposite of ‘Humanity’ and they had to make her look less ‘Build-up’. It’s to late for this new marketing strategy, every attempt to make her look more ‘real’ has failed thussfar.

  132. Lolz March 24, 2013

    I agree with Nicole. She may not have liked it but she didnt need to sound pressed and distressed like Keyshia Colesaw cos what Beyonce does in her music, is Beyonces business.



    • What? March 24, 2013

      And Rihanna has how many albums? And as for the group thing. Some of the greatest solo artists have come from groups so don’t try it.

      • RealNegro March 24, 2013

        How many of those albums did she sell for 99 cents or $1.29?

  134. DIGGER BEY March 24, 2013

    The Rihcu*ts are known for lies. 37 million albums???????????? I guess that’s n Pluto where she comes from with that big ass Dinosaurce forehead. I see somebody took the 2 out and put n a 3 lmao #POOR RIHOEANNA STANS

  135. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez March 24, 2013

    Lmfao. The navy are dragging Beyonce… It’s mean but it’s funny as hell.

    I thought I was the only one that thought Beyonce sounds like a n*gga from Oakcliffe LOL

    • Lydia March 24, 2013

      They should worry about their fave and her lackluster vocals and performances. Its embarrassing really. Yet they wanna come and critique someone who actually has talent. And its not mean, its the same three bored ass haters thinking Beyoncé actually gives a s*** about their opinions.

    • Te$$a:) March 24, 2013

      Who? The same hateful and bias people, you being one of them. Your’re not capable of being objective plain and simple smdh. Like I have said countless times before, you’re criticism is not constructive but hateful and ridiculously childish. Why talk about Beyonce looking like a “n****” ? Rihanna’s features (head shape, height, and wider nose) are just as manly. Especially being that Beyonce has better facial symmetry. So there’s really no need to hate. But since you are consistently irrational and despise Beyonce with a passion, why I’m not sure but that’s what I’ve observed, your hate of her existence will always skew your common sense and better judgment. But if that’s the impression that you are trying to make then your’re entitled to that smdh.

  136. . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

    @ Bey got Rih scared to book a 81th arena date aka. Rih got Bey scared to drop a single :

    If Rihanna has sold 37 million albums, then Beyonce has sold 100 million albums!

    PEPSI got her at that!

    She still shits on your fav

    😆 😆

    #WeBADYouMad bae

    KINGBHIVE status: #AlwaysWelcome

  137. RealNegro March 24, 2013

    Most of Rihanna’s albums were sold for discount prices 99 cents and $1.29. Pow Pow Pow #Poordat

    • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013

      And yet, she can’t even make it to the 30M albums worldwide mark after 7 albums, she’s still somewhere behing 29M or something.

      Rihanna is a really f****** BAD album seller, hell . . .

      If what her stanbase are claiming is true (37 million my ass), then they should simply agree with Beyonce’s numbers from Pepsi (100 million total album sales).

      • . : : h 2 o : : . March 24, 2013


  138. Beyonce who? March 25, 2013

    Beyonce fame is coming to an end. Everyone is waking up!

  139. mobwife March 25, 2013

    Nicole with her pretty self! I hate that the PCD fell apart. I enjoyed them as a group!I wish she would get with better producers and produce some good music that would help her thrive within her lane…..

  140. max March 25, 2013

    omg these fans on both sides are crazy lol why are people typing college length papers to defend either Beyonce or Rihanna when these two young, talented, and successful woman are riding for each other!?!?!? have we forgotten that Bey’s King/Husband Jay-Z helped put Rihanna on? We don’t have to break one down to build the other up…Bow Down caused controversy but when Beyonce drops her next single people won’t even care anymore about that….I’m riding for both RiRi and Bey and i still play 4 and Unapologetic religiously lol…when i want to hear crazy high notes, angelic harmonies, dance and listen to nice ad libs i listen to Bey when i want to hear raw lyrics, hard dance beats, catchy hooks, and crazy lyrics i listen to Riri…it all depennds on your taste people

  141. i love real music not bubble gum garbage March 26, 2013

    Are you seriously that dumb? Bitchonce obviously made that garbage for her fans point blank period. She made that whack ass b******* telling you to bow down and worship her . So called haters are not impressed and would never bow to that overpaid stripper. Real talk how dare she sing that b******* garbage to anyone period. Even her ass licking fans deserve better. Bitchonce needs to bow out like disappear cause she done lost her mind after she drank and got drunk off her own p***. B**** please retire your f***** up blonde lace front. I think her fans deserve better untill they start talking s*** defending that whack ass song and fake b****. That when i know shes talking to her ass licking fans word.who died and made that b**** queen for real or for fake?

  142. i love real music not bubble gum garbage March 26, 2013

    Like the song states her ass licking fans bow to her. Having a lot of money don’t make you better. Nothing about you and im sure you paid a lot of money for what ever you have. But sorry nothing about you is worth bowing down to. Let them numb numb numb test tube babies i mean hive bow to you. They are so dumb they don’t hear the lyrics ,

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