New Song: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Whatever You Like’ (ft. T.I)

The much anticipated debut solo single from Pussycat Dolls front-woman, Nicole Scherzinger, has finally surfaced. Produced by Polow Da Don, the uptempo club track sees the ‘Don’t Cha’ singer team up with rapper T.I. Though the song is good – especially the production – I’m not sure that it lived up to the hype. Perhaps it’s due to the song having the exact same beat as one of Chili’s (of TLC) new tracks ‘Straight Jack’ (the irony). Be on the lookout for the video in the weeks ahead.

Hit or Miss?
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  1. Anonymous July 6, 2007


  2. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    Did Polow Da Don run out of beats??? When I first played the song I was like WTF this is Chilli’s “Straight Jack” song. I guess I had very HIGH expectations for Nicole. I wanted something new and fresh. Not OLD recycled production.

  3. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    Even if the beat is recycled the song is HOT! Definite hit in my opinion.

    The vid will be hot as well.

  4. Aries July 6, 2007

    ohh DEAR! this song is AWFUL!! it’s a shame to call it a SONG!!..

  5. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    I couldn’t get half way through the song. IT SUCKED. I’m sorry, but I know she can do better. It’s like she doesn’t know what to do with her voice since she’s not with PCD. O.o Hope this isn’t the best track on her album, hoping it’s the worst & everything is better. =.=

  6. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    It sounds okay. I won’t switch the station when it comes on, but it won’t be my favorite either.

  7. Jelena July 6, 2007

    can somebody explain me why the beat is identical to the one in chili’s song??? I can’t understand WHY????

  8. Anonymous July 6, 2007


  9. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    what the hell is this its rubbish

  10. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    its kinda annoying…..

    but i like nicole though

  11. Anonymous July 7, 2007

    I wud sue dat mutherf**** Polow Da Don fo givin the SAME beat as Chilli’s song “Straight Jack”. I mean what is he lik a One Beat Maker…Nicole shuda been aware of wat she doin or she’s dumber than Paris Hilton

    P.S Bow Wow’s new girlfriend is Melody Thornton (frum PCD) it’s even confirmed….just had to throw dat in

  12. Missomygoodnezz July 7, 2007

    @ 6:58 AM, Anonymous

    Its not “illegal” for a producer to recycle beats. It happens all the time. I think Polow has done this before. If I remember correctly he pulled the same stunt with Gwen Stefani’s “Luxurious Remix” and Fergie’s “Glamorous”. Ludacris even had the same flow in both songs. As long as it’s the same producer you cant sue, it’s HIS work. Now If Timbaland came back and did a Polow beat, thats a different story.

  13. Anonymous July 7, 2007

    This Mess is horrible I call it mess cause thats what it is….. What is the point of her going solo if she is going to sing the same nonsense that she sang with PCD…….

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