Lady GaGa Explains Her Sense Of Style

Published: Saturday 13th Feb 2010 by Trent

Lady GaGa stopped by CNN yesterday. The Pop phenom took the time during the feature piece to explain her fashion sense, something that many consider to be an integral part of her success. GaGa’s debut album, ‘The Fame’, has thus far sold over 8 million copies worldwide and she has 2 #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 to date.

Although many aspects of GaGa’s style have been taken from Grace Jones and Leigh Bowery, she is definitely the most interesting performer on the scene today. Every time we see her, she displays a new piece as she continues to impress and shock her audiences. My only concern is whether she will be able to continue this for much longer. Just like writers experience a lack of inspiration (‘writer’s block’), I wonder how long it will be before her well of ideas runs dry.


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  1. movieman February 13, 2010

    lady godga and beysus are about to slay the lesser gorls club,

    members of the lessor gurls club are : rihanna keri hilson manriah
    more to be anounced soon

  2. matt February 13, 2010

    I absolutely adore her. Her style, her uniqueness, the way she handles the media and press is amazing. She doesn’t give much away, as she says there are no misinterpretations about her, she is what you perceive her to be. Crazy bat or an amazing peformance artist, you cannot help but wait for more.

  3. RANDOM February 13, 2010

    did they mean to put david bowey

  4. Carl February 13, 2010

    I prefered her much more when she first came out. Now she is starting to bore me with her over the top-ness + her music is becoming way to repetitive. She needs new producers.

  5. Aunt Jackie February 13, 2010

    She’s cool, but people are already starting to get over it.

    That’s because most things these days are a fad. If she wants longevity…like madonnna…she’ll have to change it up.

  6. GaGa Is The Messi February 13, 2010

    I absolutely love lady gaga. She’s a pure genius. She’s only true talent musician at this time. other trashy singers like Miss Porno Barbados and Big Ass Carter are just nothing! Beyoncé can won all the grammy of the world she still nothing. She’s doesn’t writte her songs. She has just a beautuful stronger voice and she can dance nothing more. Rihanna, Ciara, Britney nothing to say they’re talentless.

  7. mustask February 13, 2010


  8. matt February 13, 2010

    ill-informed people up there. the man-gaga rumour is so 2009. 2010 is a year for love and peace. if you was a woman and you supposedly got a penis, would you wear some of the clothes she wears, i know i wouldn’t. Rumour is over. Gaga slay them b****** in 2010 and for many years to come 🙂

  9. Dave February 13, 2010

    The Gaga stan needs to sit. Ciara is talented, y are you so pressed on her. Business owner, producer, video director, singer, model, dancer, actress, songwriter, shall I go on? The one is multi-talented, check for facts before stating anything about somebody please. Don’t care for Gaga, like they said she’s for “Shock Value” whatever will keep her relevant, & noticed she’ll do for attention. It’s clear just like her album “THE FAME” She’s HUNGRY for FAME! She’s multi-talented though, i’ll give her that.

  10. Sophie February 13, 2010

    Oh trent! Why can’t you complement someone and just leave it alone? whats with the negative crap? Why has this site just become about criticising people and not recognising real talent?

  11. matt February 13, 2010

    I will admit i am a stan, but i won’t knock other artists. Some stans who do compare and slate other artists whilst bigging gaga up should sit down. Gaga is in a league of her own, the same as ciara, beyonce, rihanna and others are, despite what your opinions are of all of them.

  12. SASHA February 13, 2010

    can anyone tell me when a song is downloaded for 99cents how much of that does an artist get if they are a songwriter and if they aren’t? My friend is telling me that even if an artist sell millions of singles they may not get a lot of money from it?

  13. 12345 February 13, 2010

    Why do you all have the need to put Mariah in the same sentence as Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna?..
    Mariah is here for 20 years, like her or not, she has one of the most unique and beatiful voices, the most sucessful female artist ever, sure she had some flops but no one can name an artist that is here for 20 years or more that hasnt had any flop, you may not like her, but please, respect the veterans. I dont like her new style either but we have to preserve our living legends, talent is rare to find nowadays and you want to put down the people that have it? That is a shame.
    That is the same with Beyonce, I dont like her but we have to respect and preserve the talented ones and Beyonce has alot of talent, almost every artist would kill to have her stage presence, even if she doesnt write or songs or whatever.
    Rihanna may not have alot of a singer/performer talent but she sure has some star quality, she has an uniqueness that not everyone can understand.
    Now Lady Gaga sure has talent, and yes she is doing what it has been done a million times before but we all are inspired by something and I am happy to see someone like her because we really need a breath of fresh air to this generation and I think that Rihanna and Lady Gaga have that ability..
    With flops or not, all these girls are talented and no one has to discuss who’s the better because they are all the best in their league.

    What am I saying here, it is time for us to stop putting down the few talented and unique artists that we have, if the music industry is dead, it will just get worse if we dont give a chance for artists to experiment new things

  14. 12345 February 13, 2010

    *even if she doesnt write her songs or whatever.

  15. Gaz@NokiaMusic February 13, 2010

    I still believe the Lady Gaga ‘Character’ is Stephanie Germanotta’s infiltration vehicle for the purpose of sabotaging pop music from the inside, so she won’t need to keep it up after she kills the character off… Just a little theory that’s been bouncing around my head.

  16. cutiegurl February 13, 2010

    love Gaga and her crazy style, she never keeps me bored it’s like what next?

  17. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut February 13, 2010

    B**** has to wear crazy s*** because she’d never make it as an artist if her style was normal/typical. FACT!

    It’s really quite a shame though, as in today’s market you either have to be very attractive or dress like a sideshow act in order to be relevant.

  18. yesyes February 13, 2010

    omg this presenter made me cringe. She talks to people SO patronizingly! I dont think its deliberate, but even her colleagues are looking at her like ‘ooohkay’. :S

  19. Christian February 13, 2010

    Ok, she thinks shes cool… NEXT

  20. rightround(U.S.A pride!) February 13, 2010

    I think Gaga is a breath of fresh air. she’s unique and doesn’t care what anyone think. she just does it for her fans. If she came out like every other pop star(britney wanna-be), she wouldn’t be one of the biggest stars right now. Best of all… she is so TALENTED!

    go Gaga!

  21. Raychel February 13, 2010

    I love lady gaga
    she is the next Madonna
    soon she will change it up just like madonna did with Ray of light and American life
    that’s why Madonna never got old, and I believe lady gaga will take the same route

    go girl!!! I love you 🙂

  22. here to laugh February 13, 2010

    Lady “Godga” and “Beysus” really? SMDH at some of these sick ass stans. I hope that wasn’t a grown ass person that posted that.

    Anyways i do think that Lady Gaga is very talented, but i am growing a little bit tired of all of her over-the-top antics. Sometimes the stuff she does seems really contrived, and to me she doesn’t really need all that because she already has talent. Oh well, i still like her music.

  23. newsflash haters February 13, 2010

    what sense of style?

  24. It’s me again February 13, 2010

    Am I the only one who noticed that Lady Gaga was not wearing pants, or underwear, during this CNN interview…?

  25. ANONYMOUS February 13, 2010

    THE T***** IS BACK.

  26. NOT READY February 13, 2010


    Roisin Murphy, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, & Kylie Minogue.

    Roisin Murphy, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, & Kylie Minogue.

    Roisin Murphy, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, & Kylie Minogue.


  27. 12345 February 13, 2010

    @not ready
    + Grace Jones, David Bowie the list goes on

  28. vegasgirl February 13, 2010

    I have to say I really have LOVE for GAGA, she is a smart woman who knows Exactly what she is doing. You can tell she has truly studied the aesthetics of artists before her and pays homage to them constantly through her music and costuming. I get it. And what I love about her most is you can see the fire in her belly for what she does, music and pop culture, she loves it ( and i have never seen the same performance twice, to come up with a new concept every performane is HARD)
    She ADOREs her fans and seems to try to think of the greater good ( waiving her performance fees and donating concert revenue to charitiy). Good for her but I do wonder how long she can keep ” surprising” people. Maybe next album will be a little less image and evem more about the music. No she is not original but compared to some of the stale stuff out there now she is a breath of fresh air ( to me at least)

  29. Kenney February 13, 2010

    So why do people want to cristicize Christina for what she wears or the 10 lbs of makeup she has on her face??? Then yall want to praise Gag-Me for her style? You’re forgetting who put her here……She took a lot of styles from the older singers.

  30. Ben February 14, 2010

    I don’t think Gaga will be leaving anytime soon. It’s funny, just a year ago today, I didn’t think much of her, I didn’t think she would last, until I started to really understand what she is trying to do, and that is be someone CREATIVE. I think being like other pop princesses is the last thing on her mind. Yes, her outfits -they are outrageous, yes they are shocking, yes even I disagree with some of the stuff she wears, but she is just being expressive of who she is, and it is even better when you hear her speak. You would think that she would come off as cocky as her look, but she is so down to earth. Step on the Gaga train, cause it ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon.

  31. Kevin February 15, 2010

    The fame is going to go Diamond at the rate its going. That hasn’t happened since 2004, with Usher.

    It really bugs me when people say that she isn’t original, and is doing what others have done before. She doesn’t claim to be original, she doesn’t really claim to be anything except a pop singer. She mentions her fans in every single interview I have read or seen that she’s in.

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