Hot Shots: T.I & Tiny’s Mug Shots

Published: Friday 3rd Sep 2010 by Trent

Here are T.I & Tiny’s official police mug shots. The duo were arrested on September 1st in West Hollywood after being reportedly found with ecstasy pills in their vehicle. {Source}

What do you think of the pics?


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  1. movieman September 3, 2010

    a mess

  2. Nic September 3, 2010

    They look good *nods*

  3. Urban Elegance September 3, 2010

    Somebody tell em to GET IT TOGETHER…#ICant

  4. Bias dude September 3, 2010

    Everything will work its self out. What I don’t understand is, why are people so impatient that they must smoke in the car? Why can’t you wait until you to your house or room?

  5. bjksolo September 3, 2010


  6. Duh September 3, 2010

    I never hate on Tiny, ive always respected her…

    But she looks like Miss Piggy forreal in this photo LOL!

  7. Jeremy Danté September 3, 2010

    GRRRRRRLLLLLL. it was more than ecstasy.

  8. Chimier September 3, 2010

    Stupid stupid stupid stupid little clunks. If their brains were dynamite, they obviously wouldn’t have enough to blow their hats off….

  9. TRUTH September 3, 2010

    i really didn’t want to laugh but i am dying at Tiny’s mugshot,i know im not the only one laughing at her pic

  10. erin chenault September 3, 2010

    t.i’s nose looks like a old navaho arrow

  11. Tiff September 3, 2010

    OMG how tragic!

  12. TRUTH September 3, 2010

    Also LMFAOOOOOOO! #DEATHHHHHH at @bjksolo no you did not say request ciara’s songs lmfaoooooooooooooooooo you know you wrong for that

  13. Tiff September 3, 2010

    @ DUH

    I know right…lol she really does look like her!

  14. bjksolo September 3, 2010


  15. Chris September 3, 2010

    I hope they sort themselves out and start being parents to their children.

  16. X,Y,”and Z” September 3, 2010

    @My most-beloved Team-Breezy family –

    >>Look at what I found:

    “EXCLUSIVE: FX has added two more No.1 summer movies to its roster, acquiring the TV rights to Sony’s The Other Guys AND TAKERS, both expected to fit right into the cable net’s core male demo.”

    “Terms for the acquisition are said to be standard, with license fees in the 10-12% of the domestic box-office range, depending on each movie’s overall performance.”

    “The Screen Gems crime thriller Takers, which snuck up on The Last Exorcism to claim the top boxoffice spot this past weekend, has amassed $24 million to date. ”
    Here’s the link, have a read:

    Now, I’m NOT a part of “the industry,” so I don’t know “what-is-what,” but this HAS to be good for T.I./Will Packer/Chris.

    If anyone can get word to T.I/Will Packer/Chris’ people, maybe y’all can have ‘em twitter something ’bout it!

    X,Y,”and Z” – OUT…!!!

  17. SEAN2010 September 3, 2010



  18. kody September 3, 2010

    come on tip mane this couldnt come at worser time with takes being number one hopefully it can go two weeks

  19. Yellow Gorilah September 3, 2010


    Both of the are a HOT MESS! How he just been out of jail for a hot minute and already he is getting arrested what a god dame shame!

    Looks like there is going to be more seasons of Tiny and Toya =|

  20. Luv-Lee September 3, 2010


  21. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 3, 2010

    Well seems like we get to see their mug shots

  22. Angie September 3, 2010

    That’s embarassing as fu*k. They have like nine kids… a mess. SMH.

  23. Bluekid September 3, 2010

    Oh Well! I love them both and I hope that can get out of this mess, I wish Tiny would have keistered, and the popo would have never found it.

    What a mess, I feel so bad for T.I., he will come out of this okay and a hole lot smarter, I hope.

  24. Bluekid September 3, 2010

    I know they did not meant any harm and the drugs where for there on personal use, T.I and Tiny was going to go to their hotel and get freaky and this s*** had to happen. Damn! Damn!
    Tiny will have to be more careful and watch out for her man, ecstasy is one of those drugs that some woman like to get down with.

    Tiny looks really guilty in that pic, she can’t hardly say that the pills where hers and loose custody of her daughter and her children by T.I.
    I know they both must think how the drugs and the freaky party wasn’t even worth it. I pray they can get their life straight and I mean really straight with the Lord.

  25. NikkiIsChillin September 3, 2010

    I feel so sad for them. I love both of them. But, I’m just a little angry too! Come on, with all that money, you can’t buy sense. Doing drugs is so lame. Get high on life! Get high on God! Get high on your family! Please people get it together!!! SMH

  26. sterling8 September 3, 2010

    hahahahah yall going for the throat

  27. Ciara’s Left Bollock September 3, 2010

    LMAO I can’t! Tiny is giving me Miss Piggy. A mess.

  28. Daznielle Jones September 3, 2010

    Smt this cant b the same n**** that just got of jail the other day lol people never change lol and he wasnt on tv say abouth how he is change lol sadd wow but still a t.i fan jut disappointed thought

  29. Robier September 4, 2010

    T.I. and Pitbull aka Ms Piggy. smh

  30. iLoveXtina September 4, 2010

    Oh lawd she looks like a Snooki + Miss Piggy + Bulldog hybrid

  31. BENJAMIN September 4, 2010

    Just like ole’ times.

  32. True Blue September 4, 2010

    Two dumb b******. >:(

  33. Stacey September 4, 2010

    I wondered why those two always looked older than they actually were. If they’re doing meth, I know why. Look at some before and after pictures of people who do meth after a couple of months. It literally turns you into an old man or an old woman. Tiny isn’t exactly the most attractive woman in the world, so she really should avoid doing anything to make herself look worse.

  34. PLEXXHF September 4, 2010

    Man… they human. Jus a routine traffic stop and the cops got lucky. Besides, what person doesn’t come home and party… Then he jus had a block buster weekend at the box office. Man! T.I. my blessings go out to u and ur family. And a big F*** You to tha police! Leave dat man alone!

  35. idrag4mj September 4, 2010


  36. iLaugh! September 6, 2010


  37. jenn September 7, 2010

    good for nothing they have all this money and cant do s*** wit it… they are so selfish knowing that they have kids they gnna do stupid s*** like this!

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