Lady GaGa & Ke$ha Named Billboard’s Top Artists of The Year

Published: Thursday 9th Dec 2010 by Trent

2010 has officially been declared the year of the woman. Billboard has awarded Lady GaGa their prestigious title of Artist of the Year, based on her chart accomplishments during the period of December 5th 2009 to November 27th 2010.

GaGa is only the 7th woman to receive this honor, following in the footsteps of Madonna (1985), Whitney Houston (1986), Mariah Carey (1991), Alanis Morissette (1996), LeAnn Rimes (1997) and Taylor Swift (2009).

However, the ‘Bad Romance’ singer isn’t the only woman to accomplish top marks this year. Ke$ha has been named the Top New Artist of 2010 after the success of her debut album, ‘Animal’, which has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

Furthermore, all 5 of the Ke$ha’s singles landed in the 2010 of the Billboard Hot 100, 2 of which captured the #1 spot, and 4 of them have been certified platinum (2 are mutli-platinum). The Pop sensation’s 1st single ‘Tik Tok’ has also been listed as the top Hot 100 song after spending 9 weeks at #1 and being certified an astounding 5x platinum.

This makes Ke$ha the 1st woman to have her debut single named the song of the year since Billboard started formulating end of the year recaps in 1946. Congratulations!


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  1. annie! :] December 9, 2010

    CONGRATS! she deserves it <3

  2. LOL December 9, 2010


    THEY F***** SUCK!!!!

  3. FUTURESTARdelux December 9, 2010

    @LOL, *COSIGN*

  4. RI RI THE BEST December 9, 2010

    damn where is rih who had 3 number #1’s i guess they dont really matter :-(…….

  5. sleeper December 9, 2010

    They dont deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as whitney, mariah and alanis

    just goes to show how crap pop music in 2010 has been smh

  6. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD December 9, 2010

    ^ no lol

  7. JJFAN1814 December 9, 2010

    Yall mad Gaga slaying your favs. *Sips tea* Concert ticket sales, album sales and single sales, says it all.

  8. latin86 December 9, 2010

    Get it b****** I like em both of course Gaga is superior but I ain’t mad at ya ke$ha get it b****! BLOW NEEDS TO BE RELEASED SHE NAPPED WITH THAT ONE

  9. latin86 December 9, 2010

    Snapped I meant

  10. Rihanna is the Biggest Flop of the Year December 9, 2010

    HA HA HA HA!

    Take that Rihanna! So much for her number ones and albums.

    “Billboard’s year-end music recaps are based on chart performance during the chart year that began with last year’s Dec. 5 issue and ended with the Nov. 27, 2010, issue.”

    Basically from December 5th which was the start of Rated R era because she had released only 1 single.


  11. MissImaprtial December 9, 2010

    That is really sad that the horrible song Tik Tok is SONG OF THE YEAR.
    Music is getting worse and worse.

    But surprised that Rihanna did not get a mention with her 4 No1 songs this year. This shows that her No1 do not mean ANYTHING YO ANYONE BUT RIHANNA STANS. IT SHOWS THAT THEY DID NOT MAKE ANY IMPACT.


  12. kaye December 9, 2010

    where are the rihanna stans now????

    i dont know when they will get it they keep looking dumb and dumber everyday dont know when they will get it rihanna is doing well on average but she is way overrated…

  13. Ariana December 9, 2010

    Kesha named artist of the year makes a huge statement of how bad the music industry is at this point.
    Lady Gaga is fine to me, I’m not a huge fan but at least she produces and writes her own music. Autotune Kesha is such a poor singer…. bad choice Billboard.

  14. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 9, 2010

    This is what I mean by Hot 100 and #1’s being overrated, nowadays. I do like Gaga (sometimes) and I think she is talented in some right, but let’s be real her music isn’t anything special. This title especially went down hill, when Taylor accomplished this last year. Like I said OVERRATED.

    The 90’s were the best, and at least deserved in most cases. Whitney, Mariah, and my girl Alanis are artists well-deserved of such titles.

  15. never lying —-truth teller December 9, 2010

    i believe the list for all recognition is not about the crappy music, but because of our choices..the music industry is not to be blamed for this s*** but us…we prefer requesting the crappy techno craps and generic music instead of requesting good music…we end up on blogs saying that the 90s music were the best, yet we have artiste out there putting out these records and we choose to ignore it…what about R kelly new album, heck even jasmine, fantasia, even throw in neyo new album, all those albums has variety and substance that can take u back to the 90 era………….but when u have we r who we r debuting at #1 we have to ask our selves, is the music industry to be blame? heck no…so complaining about gaga or kesha making list when real musician dont, make no sense to be fighting over…

  16. jewelz December 9, 2010

    I understand gaga, but ke$ha? really???

  17. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 9, 2010

    Lady Gaga as a performance artist I find very interesting. Her actual MUSIC, not so much.

    Ke$ha, no comment.

    I agree with everyone that this really says a lot about the state of popular music.

  18. never lying —-truth teller December 9, 2010

    BTW i think sam/trent owns some of u guys “soul” or he just know u guys to well…even when he didnt list rihanna on the list, u guys already giving him the satisfaction…the way i see this is: sam/trent has the best marketing strategy or rihanna has so much power in her name….

  19. OLO December 9, 2010

    “Furthermore, all 5 of the Ke$ha’s singles landed in the 2010 of the Billboard Hot 100,”

    WHAT??? I thought u go to college

  20. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 9, 2010

    @Never Lying—–Truth Teller

    You’re generalizing ALL people who complain about the music industry into one category. Not ALL of those who are disappointed with the music industry aren’t doing anything about it. I support the artists that should be the ones topping the charts and recieving such accomplishments. I BOUGHT Jasmine’s album, I BOUGHT Fantasia’s album, I BOUGHT Janelle Monae’s album, I BOUGHT Ne-Yo’s album (didn’t like it that much), I BOUGHT P!nk’s album, I haven’t bought R.Kelly’s but I for sure will. I didn’t buy Ke$ha’s trash, or Katy’s album, or Nicki Minaj’s album, or Rihanna’s album, or Taylor’s album. That’s not the type of music I support or want to see defining the music industry. The music that is worthy of such praise I listen to which is not limited to Pop or R&B. Yes, the 90’s are the best and probably will always be the best, IMO. Not to say, there isn’t music this decade that isn’t qualified.

    So yes, complaining about Gaga and Ke$ha making the list, when real musicians don’t, DOES make sense, since I support those REAL musicians.

  21. (LIL KIM/ BEYONCE / GAGA) STAN December 9, 2010



    I F****** LOVE THIS B****

  22. MissImaprtial December 9, 2010


    I thought Bee is your Queen?

  23. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare December 9, 2010

    @Amazing.Lee, very well said. Could not agree more.

  24. never lying —-truth teller December 9, 2010

    @amazing lee

    u supporting those artiste u mention is great, but how many others gather your sense of music, cause if we’re looking at the globe at large, those artiste with great music dont make the cut in this generation, cause 1% versus 99%, just indicates that the world prefer the trash, so basically what i am saying is that its not the fault of the music industry, because its merely our fault, cause 10% wont make a different……and artiste alike are trying to breach the gap so they all can create the same time of s***** crap, even beyonce want to go to the uptempo generic stuffs, hell CB is also doing the same generic s*** and breaking loose away from real R&B…so the artiste this days basically travel the route we fans want to hear, cause if they dont they album will be called a flop, so its all about the revenue now and no passion for music

  25. Winter December 9, 2010

    And they are all white… *sips tea*

    Whilst I do understand Perry’s, I fail to see how Kesha or Gaga made any great impact on billboard for 2010.

  26. THAT PUM PUM JUICE December 9, 2010

    Love tha Madonna was the first woman to be recongized!

  27. Heaven December 9, 2010

    What’s with this sharing the award lately? Why is it so hard to pick one? That tie s*** irks me. I wonder if the Grammies are going to carry on with this tradition?

    Anyhoo, why can they be brave? Everyone would still be as pissed offed as they are…lmao.

    Although I do understand the reason to give it to Gaga. Not a stan by any means but I like her. She’s creative and talented. Diamond on her first album is not a small feat either.

  28. GangsterA December 9, 2010

    congrats to Ke$ha good for her also to gaga still have mix feelings about this chick and her overated ass

  29. Traci Summers December 9, 2010


  30. Bryan Kozlowski December 9, 2010

    Congrats to Gaga, Kesha…. WTF!

  31. THEREALNICKY December 9, 2010




  32. Rated Xxx(aka rated x) December 9, 2010

    @Traci Summers

    let them be mad, the madder they get, the more powerful GAGA gets…

    we dont need to write down how many grammys, how many number 1s she has, how much she sold in Ireland..

    the bish works is speaking for it self…..

    1 album, diamond, in two yrs……

  33. Keesha December 9, 2010

    Lady Gaga has talent, but to me, she hasn’t made great music. Ke$ha just sucks period.

  34. Blue Kid December 9, 2010

    Congrats to Gaga, Kesha!

  35. Blue Kid December 9, 2010

    “Team Breezy” Stay positive, congratulations to both Lady GaGa and Kisha.

  36. Jesus Juice December 9, 2010

    Dumb people listen to dumb music. You are a product of what you listen to. If you listen to K$sha, chances are, your IQ level is low. Same with Rihanna, Beyonce, GaGa.

    If you listen to Opera, Jazz, Classic R&B, etc, chances are you’re a person who like to keep your mind stimulated with sensible lyrics, and you conduct yourself in a decent matter. You are a product of what you listen to and who you hang around. #TrueLogic

  37. Blue Kid December 9, 2010

    ^^^^^ I agree with you! ^^^^^

  38. Secret Voice December 9, 2010

    Congrats to my gyrl GaGa! Dag,I didn’t know Ke$ha went 5 x platinum,she can’t sing but she seems fun.

  39. jj December 9, 2010

    lmao!!!! for those always saying REAL MUSICIANS! THEY ARE ALL REAL MUSICIANS
    they are just different to each other!

  40. Keesha December 9, 2010

    “Dumb people listen to dumb music. You are a product of what you listen to. If you listen to K$sha, chances are, your IQ level is low. Same with Rihanna, Beyonce, GaGa.

    If you listen to Opera, Jazz, Classic R&B, etc, chances are you’re a person who like to keep your mind stimulated with sensible lyrics, and you conduct yourself in a decent matter. You are a product of what you listen to and who you hang around. #TrueLogic”

    @Jesus Juice I agree. Lady Gaga needs to come out with better music. She has the talent to do so.

  41. Keesha December 9, 2010

    “lmao!!!! for those always saying REAL MUSICIANS! THEY ARE ALL REAL MUSICIANS
    they are just different to each other!”

    There is a big difference between a real musician and a gimmick, and I think YOU need to learn that. Ke$ha is a gimmick. Lady Gaga is a borderline gimmick with talent. She could be a musician if she would stop wearing all the crazy clothing, but with Ke$ha, that’s all she has is crazy clothing and wack songs, which equals a gimmick.

  42. lola December 9, 2010


    Lady Gaga does not produce her own songs and hasn’t. Red One did. Kesha also writes all of her own songs.

    I’m not surprised by this because music is in a sad state. I have to admit, as much as I don’t like Lady Gaga and just don’t take Kesha seriously, they have created some really high quality, hot, club banging songs. I can’t help but listen, sing along, and dance to her singles, but YOU CAN THANK THEIR PRODUCERS FOR THAT! They have the best music producers in the business creating their singles. Kesha sucks, but at least she’s real. Lady Gaga is the one who tries to act like she has such great talents when her voice is generic and her dance moves are easy and retarded and she’s not a natural dancer.

    Lady Gaga is just too much of a gimmick. All she is is s**, kooky fashion, and controversy. Isn’t it funny how her image and antics over shadow her singing talent? Without her image, she would be nothing, even with catchy songs. She would sell only 2 million worldwide instead of 12 million.

    Kesha, if Katy, Rihanna, Justin Beiber, Jason Derulo, Akon, and a lot of untalented acts can be successful, so can she. She’s very lucky to get such a high honor off of crappy lyrics and bumping beats.

    I blame the music industry for putting this sh** out in the first place, but also the idiotic people. But can you really blame the youth, who are the main ones who feed into this bs? They constantly hear bubblegum and s** crazed music and don’t know or haven’t learned about real talent so they just like whatsoever sound good on the radio or iTunes.

  43. Secret Voice December 9, 2010

    Jesus Juice…

    Everybody has different taste in music because everythang ain’t for everyone.The only problem I have is when people try to force their musical taste on other people.While I listen to Bey and GaGa,I may also listen to some shyt that’s is over your head.I’m young but I like all kind of music from Gil Scott Heron to Marvin Gaye to Tupac Amaru Shakur to John Lenon to Boy George and so forth and so forth.You can’t gage a person’s intelligence based on musical taste..

  44. Secret Voice December 9, 2010

    LMAO @ a** off at people that don’t listen to certain artists talking about how they need to improve.There are people that think certain artists can sing who I think sound like the latest sheep but I would never say they are dumb just because I don’t like the artist because the world does not revolve around my opinion.

  45. Nichole December 9, 2010

    Wow. A lot of the RiRi stans were certainly absent in this post. LOL.

    You guys continue making yourselves look like fools.

  46. S*** December 9, 2010


  47. S*** December 9, 2010

    Billboard has become a BIG JOKE

    The Real Queen should have been AOY in 03 & 09, I thought she was lol, What a Joke.

    Tra$ha & Lady SLUTga?? #Billboard FAIL

  48. S*** December 9, 2010

    & in 06.

  49. S*** December 9, 2010

    & MADONNA??

    ANOTHER FAIL. PURE GARBAGE, All 3 of these Ugly B******.

  50. dboy December 9, 2010

    @secret voice

    well spoken, when people like Jesus juice speak, it sounds like pure bitterness

  51. Yellow Gorillah December 9, 2010

    Why should Rihanna fans be on this post

    Yall sound dumb this post has NOTHING I repeat NOTHING to do with Rihanna so why the F*** are yall even mentioning her name,, It just shows that you people love to have stan wars and keep rihanna in your minds,,Billboards always given people titles every two god dame days so I could not care less but Congrats to the ladies more power to them but to be honest their music is PURE trash and both girls are white so =/ but whatever NEXT –>

  52. Daniel December 10, 2010

    The guy above me always brings race into it, the same as other blogs He is a racist obvs…

  53. Secret Voice December 10, 2010

    Thank you DBOY and I do agree with what you said about Jesus Juice.

  54. Born This Gay December 10, 2010

    kesha!!! Owns The Single Charts SO sit down gaga flops

  55. Badd December 10, 2010

    GaGa OWNSSSS !!!!

    Born This Way 2011 Bitchessss !

  56. Badd December 10, 2010

    @ S***:
    Don’t get mad because Beyonce’s never won…

  57. Badd December 10, 2010

    Gaga really deserves this.
    Sh’e worked hard.
    & her music is actually good.
    Just because most of you don’t understand it doesn’t
    mean that it’s not great.
    All of her music maybe minus a few songs is written by
    her & has alot of meaning.
    even her unreleased stuff is AMAZING.
    GaGa is a true artist who deserves this.

  58. Badd December 10, 2010

    Lady GaGa music is good….it’s not gold…but it’s good.
    It’ has ALOT of meaning (see. The Fame: Monster)
    most of which ppl don’t understand so insead of trying
    to understand…they criticize. Alot of her music is better
    than alot of other artist because of it’s content & meaning.
    She’s not just singing about s** & randomness to get a hit
    i.e. Rihanna, Xtina (minus a few songs), & Britney (though i LOVE her)
    Beyonce’s music is like that too….nothing is really legendary or
    epic…or really anything with meaning (minus I…Am)

  59. #YeahISaidIt December 10, 2010

    Black gorilla yeah like yall don’t bring her up all the time when she got nothing to do with the pist so you fail

  60. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 10, 2010

    Gaga and Ke$ha are polar opposites of each other in terms of talent, so it’s kind of funny that they’re both named Billboard’s Artists of The Year.

    @ Jesus Juice:

    Do you personally know everyone who listens to the artists that you deem to bring down IQs? No, so stop generalizing. Some people listen to both pop music and what you classify as “real music”. You sound exactly like a music snob who only listens to what Pitchfork says is cool to listen to.

    And for everyone who says Gaga doesn’t have much talent, that she’s all gimmicks and nothing else, watch this:

    Like Badd said, a lot of her music DOES have substance, not all, but a good portion of it. The Fame Monster is a great example of that, it’s a lot darker than its predecessor and more meaningful. The Fame was a fun, party record, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Gaga makes escapist music, and sometimes you just want to escape into trivial things, but that doesn’t mean that the music has no merit. Do you people ONLY watch sad, serious movies? No, sometimes you watch silly popcorn movies to escape. Same applies to music. It doesn’t have to be serious and deep all the time. Quit acting all stuck up about it.

  61. Secret Voice December 10, 2010

    @True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue……

    I so agree!I love GaGa and to me she is a strong singer.Most of the people that talk about her being a gimmick don’t even know her music….GaGa has a strong voice in pop and she stands for a lot more than her eccentric and I might add artistic clothes.

  62. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue December 10, 2010

    ^^^ Exactly. People judge only what they see on the surface, but they won’t bother digging deeper to properly KNOW the artist before judging them. If they did, their opinion of Gaga would change quite drastically.

    When I first saw her, I felt the same way as most of the people writing her off as a gimmick. I thought her songs were catchy, but I also thought of her as just another pop star with mediocre talent. It wasn’t until I looked up her performances on YouTube and looked up her biography and knew of her musical background that I saw how much potential this chick has.

    She is a tad overexposed at the moment, but certainly not overrated. If anything, her musical abilities and creativity are vastly underrated.

  63. Badd December 10, 2010

    ^^ YESSSS 🙂

  64. Geronimo Deuces December 10, 2010

    congrats to them………..

    m listening to last time together by cb

  65. KYLE December 10, 2010

    I really dont know how Gaga got this considering this year she only had 3 hit sinlges none of which hit the top of the charts…all within the top 10 tho…Then theres Rihanna who had like 4 number 1s and i think 1 or 2 other top 10 hits ….soooo maybe thats based off album sales too??? hmmm anyways i dont think gaga shoulda got this her songs r OK all the hype comes from the vids

  66. marion December 10, 2010

    these trashes can continue for being trash. I like Gaga but her music ain’t original. While Ke$ha only a low-class artist who love to give a s*** while talking about other celebrity.
    i’m here to say Taylor Swift deserve for everything in 2010.

    Lets move to 2011,..
    2011 will start with Avril Lavigne – Britney Spears – Lady Gaga – Kelly Clarkson and maybe Beyonce again.
    While Rihanna will continue her reign in R&B things.
    her S&M and California King Bed set to release and ready to bomb.

  67. CiaraFan December 10, 2010

    I F****** LOVE KE$HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Beyonce Who? December 10, 2010

    Who the hell is Beyonce? Is that a new ass wipe brand?

  69. The Truth December 10, 2010

    Congratulations to Gaga. It’s amazing that she is still doing so well based on one LP & EP. She is a very talented lady in every aspect, loves her fans and works her ass off- she deserves this honor.

    Oh and Congrats to Ke$ha as well. I am not a fan but I can’t knock the hustle. 😉

  70. TAMI December 10, 2010


  71. stem cells therapy December 11, 2010

    GaGa’s award arrives just one year after she was named Top New Artist. Susan Boyle also made the New Artist list but the way they’ve worded it,she actually scares me, if I were to see her in real life I”d prolly run away crying like a 2 year old.

  72. Shan December 27, 2010

    You guys are idiots. “If you listen to Kesha you probably have a low IQ. Well she got a near perfect SAT score and Gaga went to NYU’s Tisch so I’m sure they’re smarter than most of the people here. You can’t say someone’s not a real artist because you don’t like they’re music. I don’t like Rihanna because she steals peoples sounds and images like Fefe Dobson, a real artist who I support who was kicked off her label for being unmarketable who has written for Disney stars, alot of pop stars and some Chinese pop stars too. But I can’t say she’s not an artist because I don’t get her or her music. Kesha’s Tik Tok was the biggest single of the decade, as in longest amount of time on Billboard. Obviously, she deserves getting single of the year and newcomer of the year. If you listen to her music it’s about being young and free it appeals to teenagers and college aged students. That’s why she sells, that’s what she’s about. If you don’t get that, then say that. Don’t say she’s not an artist when she writes her own music and knows how to play instruments and is singlehandedly making trance music or the electropop genre popular. Gaga is a straight pop artist she’s not an electropop artist. And don’t come at me with oh you listen to crap music because I don’t even listen to pop music I listen to rock music where people have to know how to sing and play instruments unlike other genres.

  73. Delia January 8, 2011

    Definition of music from
    the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity

    I would love to see Ke$hit try to sight sing some sheet music. Wouldn’t that be a hot mess. Seriously, I doubt she can compose, let alone read and comprehend notated music. Computer generated pitches on virtual instruments and auto-tuners don’t count.

    The fact is, most of the noise we hear on the radio today is NOT music. It’s all the same verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus format, no dynamics or functional harmony, shallow enough that you could stand in a puddle of it and not get your feet wet. Not to mention the variety of subliminals being pumped into your subconscious through the radio and TV.
    Most “artists” on the radio have had no formal musical training and simply mimic the sounds they heard on the radio when they were growing up using fancy new auto-tune technology and computer generated sounds. It’s been dumbed down so this retarded generation can listen to it without their brains exploding.
    It sickens me to see the popular music industry regress so much over the past 20 or so years. Just when music was starting to sound good, modern, intelligent, this electro-dance-pop-rap s*** poked its ugly head out and scooped up the public. They mask their clever, devious marketing schemes under the most easily accessible, influential media source.

    Eh, I’m done. I don’t know what else to say. I respect Gaga. She knows who she is and what she stands for. Her music sounds horrible, but she is an incredibly deep and intelligent woman and she doesn’t hide behind a f****** facade of false identity like Ke$ha does. Maybe she should stay away from music and write poetry or something. All I know is Ke$ha does NOT deserve the title. Seriously, how dare people call her a musician. Makes me sick. Bleh.

    Don’t argue with me. I’m entitled to my opinions.

    Peace/Love to all

  74. Delia January 8, 2011

    Oh, and to avoid being bashed by retarded high school kids, I am one. I’m part of this generation. And I wish I wasn’t.

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