Video: Usher & Fan Get Close

Published: Friday 31st Dec 2010 by Sam

R&B crooner Usher brought his ‘OMG Tour’ to Memphis, Tennessee last night, where one excited fan was extra keen to make her moment with him (during the show’s staple saucy segment) a special one.

Check out the hilarious action after the jump…

{Spotted over at Punch Bowl}

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  1. ugh December 31, 2010

    she is a freak….usher is hot….but she is krazy

  2. wal December 31, 2010

    im a little disgusted. and by little i mean a lot

  3. MISHKA December 31, 2010

    She gotta to be the best of all the girls he brought on stage lately, she’s not shy but she’s not all over the place either.

    Nice job, sis!

  4. Jasmine December 31, 2010

    ………And he wants to be the next King Of Pop???….yea right!
    He doesn’t even have half the class!..He’s still a little boy in my eyes!

  5. meme December 31, 2010

    ummm she looks like his ex.

  6. Angie December 31, 2010

    Dayum.. she was getting it. My eyes were slightly assaulted, but at least she took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity LOL. I just sincerely hope there were no children in the audience. I was @ the MSG show, and I saw lil’ 10 year old white girls there with their parents. SMH.

  7. magdalena December 31, 2010

    hahahahahahahhahaha omg so funny

  8. keri slays December 31, 2010

    so is that usher fault….no they parents know what they are doing b4 hand so they doing at they own risk i hate people like you always blaming the stars action’s for what yall kids do how about yall the parents be the role model and not the other way around and quit blaming these grown a** people for yall mistake’s

  9. BlaqKrypton December 31, 2010

    she did her thing no doubt….as @mishka said, she is one of the best so far that came up on his stage…she enjoyed herself…shoot if it was me I knew I would lol

  10. truthfully December 31, 2010

    wow, she did her thing and I aint evn mad…..she sure knows how to entertain,lol

  11. Jasmine December 31, 2010

    Cute. They both did their thing on stage.

  12. TIMMI December 31, 2010


    He still going with these THIRSTY ass women after last time he got fly-kicked in his face..

    I can’t.

  13. Ene December 31, 2010

    OMG!!! I’m 52 and I had to cover my eyes from embarrassment. On another note, that big girl made sure that she made the most of this unique opportunity. I can’t be mad at her.

  14. Oystrshkr December 31, 2010

    She is one beautiful, thick, young lady. Too bad she’s so shy!!!

  15. December 31, 2010

    MY CITY!! Yes, iHeard ole girl was WILDIN’ OUT!!!

  16. Anthony The Great December 31, 2010

    YAS! B****.


    Get it how U Can. Get it how U can. I ain’t mad at cha’.

    Had it Been me…GWARL

    I know Usher got some good vitamin D.

  17. Kaviar December 31, 2010

    Sweat and belly meat all over the place!!!!

  18. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 1, 2011

    OMG! My side hurts, I was laughing so HARD! NOOOOOOOOOO! I think it was even more funny because this chick looks a hot ass mess! Why does he always seem to pick the most unattractive chicks? LOL!

    I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to have been on stage with that yumminess of a MAN! I don’t know if I would have been as corny as ol’ girl, but I would definitely tried to get a few humps in, LOL! Hmmmmm-mmmmm, Usher! <3

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