Sneak Peek: Britney Spears’ 10th ‘Hold It Against Me’ Teaser

Britney Spears released the 10th teaser of her ‘Hold It Against Me’ video. The full visual will premiere in 4 days. Peep the flip below:


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  1. hello b****** February 13, 2011

    UGH BORED NOW… -_-

  2. andrea February 13, 2011

    At this point, she’s just doing the most with these teasers

  3. jasminee February 13, 2011

    I’m already over the song..we are not in that era where music videos are important anymore. I don’t get the hype

  4. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ February 13, 2011

    People ain gon like this one.

  5. hello b****** February 13, 2011


    videos are important !!!

    its just this s*** has been draggin for ages and the song aint even hot enough to keep us waitin like we gonna see the birth of christ…. -_-

  6. jasminee February 13, 2011

    I mean, videos are still important, but just think back to the days where videos were like, epic events. You waited all day to watch TRL to see world premieres of videos. That type of stuff. Today, you don’t need a video to have a hit.

  7. Lifee February 13, 2011

    Atleast she isn’t bragging saying her video will be the best thing since water.
    She building up hype. Whether you get bored or not, you will watch it when it drops. Correct?

  8. Dahlia February 13, 2011

    Really crackney? I’m over it.

    The song really isn’t all of that hot and neither is she. Her voice is so over saturated in that song. And every time I hear “I might be a little hayzayyy” I want to slap a puppy! S****** sucks!

  9. matt February 13, 2011

    why didn’t she just release about four really good teasers, i’m so terribly bored, still anticipating the video but not as much as i was before. #teasersnotworking

  10. Jer February 13, 2011

    f*** the teasers. sHe’s whipping the vidoe out VERY FAST, but it’s still not fast enough, everyone’s jumped over to what Gaga’s doing. She should have had that video ready and PULLED IT OUT HER P**** AND THREW IT AT US AND SAID EAT IT B****!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. you mad? February 13, 2011

    This video better have the reincarnation of MJ himself because I honestly dont get the hype..the more you hype up something you’ve done, the more disappointed people will be.

  12. Scheibe February 13, 2011

    LOL B**** Please have 3 words for this lame ass: BORN THIS WAY


  13. Matthew c February 13, 2011

    All you b****** shut the f*** up and BOW DOWN. sick of you little CRY BABYS, you know your excited and who cares if she decided to release teasers up until the full video. just be glad she didnt bomb like pathetic t***** ass lady gaga. and i dont care how many records she just broke born this way is a MAJOR dissapointment!

  14. kaleb February 13, 2011

    Gaga gonna get BOO-ed at Grammy in less than 24-hours!
    Can’t wait.

    This video teasers is hot and a brilliant strategy.
    Let the Grammys fever getting over and Britney will slay starting this Thursday!

  15. Lex February 13, 2011

    Well it’s still ok to release teasers as ‘hype’ rather than hyping and w****-ing yourself and say that your song going to be an anthem of our generation.
    But,..eventually,’s a total rip-off from true legend and receive backlashes.

    Gaga gonna get BOO-ed on Grammys!

  16. X_POSED99 February 13, 2011

    BOOOOOORRRRING!!!!!!!!!! JUST RELEASE THE S*** ALREADY OR STFU. Dayumm, cant understand why a label drags out a lip synced video as long as this shiz for real!! Hope it epic backfires on them and sales end up in the toilet. WTF is right.

  17. Nichole February 13, 2011

    Yeesssssss! Tomorrow is Monday, so that takes the wait down to 3 days.

    @ Lifee. Yes, haters have been anticipating this video for some time, therefore, they will be the first to watch the actual vid.

    Britney is in her own league with 13 years in the game, and is the only one in her generation that could be considered a legend. This icon has no competition.

  18. JB February 13, 2011

    Whether you like the teasers or not, you cannot deny that it makes Hold it Against Me relevant. And that’s the whole point. The same people who keep complaining that they are tired of the teasers know that they are highly anticipating the full release.

  19. KAT DELUNA FAN February 13, 2011

    Dear Britney,

    Get a life


  20. DION-ISH February 13, 2011


    “Atleast she isn’t bragging saying her video will be the best thing since water.”


  21. Nichole February 13, 2011

    @ Ingrid. So what if the hype is gone. If you guys can’t appreciate these teasers, then stop watching them. I mean seriously…who in the hell is putting a gun to your heads, making you sit in front of the comp and watch split second teasers? Get over yourselves.

    The hype is gone because the song has already been out closing in on 2 months, HIAM broke several records and the deed for the song is done. The icon did her thing, and GaGa is doing her’s.

  22. FUTURESTARdelux February 13, 2011

    I agree that she would have been better doing 7 days of teasers but whatever that’sbesides the point, this video looks like it’s gonna be hot s*** and she doesn’t need to go around bragging about it either.

  23. W.E. February 13, 2011

    WOW r u serious…? WTF just release the f***** video this annoyin the s*** outta ppl

  24. WTFLOL February 13, 2011

    @ Nichole if Britney is an Icon. Beyonce, Christina, and Pink are as well. I don’t like the song but to each his own but to keep putting out teasers is not going to help. Gaga will be the billboard’s 1000th #1 next week, so the focus has kind of shifted. Honestly britney should have had her video ready when she decided to release the single

  25. you mad? February 13, 2011

    Gaga is NOT gonna get boo-ed. Are you Britney stans THAT pressed that you have to mention Gaga in EVERYTHING? Why the constant comparisions? They aren’t in the same league..Brit has almost 10 years on Gaga. If you have that much confidence in your girl, you shouldn’t feel the need to down other artists..

    And no matter how crappy Gaga’s new single is, she will always have my respect because she wrote and co produced the track. Not many artists can say that.

  26. FUTURESTARdelux February 13, 2011

    Oh yeah i forgot Gaga would be performing her Madonna tribute song at the Grammys i was too concerned with the real vocalists performing like XTina, Janelle Monae and Florence etc.

  27. hello b****** February 13, 2011


  28. FUTURESTARdelux February 13, 2011

    @YOUMAD “Are you Britney stans THAT pressed that you have to mention Gaga in EVERYTHING?” < this is a BRITNEY post i don't think it was us that brought Mad… Gaga into this.

  29. Nichole February 13, 2011

    @ WTFLOL. Blah, blah, blah, blah. GaGa is a global superstar, and noone expected Britney to keep hanging on to the spot light with HIAM.

    Stop bringing up GaGa as if she’s some kind of a threat.

    Britney is an icon, and has spent 13 remarkable years in the music industry, and has done so many things Lady GaGa can only dream of.

    The attention was bound to “shift on GaGa” because her 1st single has been hyped up for a year, and people were anticipating it.

    Lets see what GaGa has in store in 10 years.

    I’m fed up with threatened Little Monsters.

  30. Pose February 13, 2011

    Gaga gonna get boo-ed from her arrival till her performance!
    That Born This Way is totally a rip-off from Madonna.

  31. Pose February 13, 2011

    Honestly I WOULD LOVE to see Madonna coming to the show (Grammys),..and after Gaga done with her performance,..the camera will show Madonna’s face.
    It would be historic in Grammy moments.


  32. lyssa February 13, 2011

    We love you!

  33. FUTURESTARdelux February 13, 2011

    ^ YES LMAO!!!!!! i would love Madonna to jump on stage and kick Gaga’s coke ravaged ass.

  34. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 13, 2011

    Youtube views!!!!

    Britney Spears – Hold It Against Me (Audio)

    in 1 month 4. 7 million views

    Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Audio)

    in 2 days Over 5 million views

    Lady gaga biggest female in the world??

  35. lyssa February 13, 2011

    that’s what u get when the song is over-hyped.
    People is looking for a song which called ‘Anthem of our generation’ and ‘the greatest song of the decade’…but the real is,…that song is just a rip-off from 80’s.

  36. lyssa February 13, 2011

    what about Taylor Swift singles??

  37. Scheibe February 13, 2011



  38. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 13, 2011

    @lyssa Taylors singles dont do aswell, because shes not well known worldwide.. shes really just popular in america.

  39. lyssa February 13, 2011

    Britney has 3 No.1 songs on Billboard in 3 decades.

  40. AB February 13, 2011

    So people get pissed at Britney for not doing any promotion, i.e. the Blackout era, then they get pissed off when she is promoting her video. Like what gives. Trust me she isn’t gonna let this era come and go without a fight. She will SLAY this year.
    As for GaGa, I loved her Fame Monster album, and all her singles were so good, but seriously BTW sucks. Like there is nothing I like about it. I’ve seen GaGa twice in concert so i’m not being biased, but if her CD is gonna be anything like her first single I won’t be buying it.
    Can’t wait till Thursday!

  41. lyssa February 13, 2011

    Britney is normal and not G-A-Y or transsexual or whatever.

  42. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 13, 2011

    Gay people are normal aswell. Loads of briney’s fans are gay.

  43. lyssa February 13, 2011

    GAY is normal?
    that’s why you love Gaga so much.

  44. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 13, 2011

    Yes gay people are normal, your just to close minded to see this!! and i like lady gaga because of the music she makes.

  45. Nichole February 13, 2011

    What has Britney done that GaGa hasn’t?

    1. Two diamond albums.
    2. 3 #1 s songs in 3 decades.
    3. Tied two big records with Mariah.
    4. Sold over 100 million albums.
    5. The 8th most success female artist in the RIAA, and the youngest.
    6. Became an icon from the moment she hit the scene with the iconic BOMT
    8. Has several iconic performances that will be remembered 50 years from now.
    9. Has several iconic videos that will be remembered 50 years from now.
    10. Has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame after only 5 remarkable years in music.
    11. Has a classic critically acclaimed album with Blackout.
    12. A hit film
    13. A huge endorsement deal with Pepsi.
    14. Has a school named in her honor.
    15. Had a show named after one of her songs in the UK.
    16. Is a dominate pop cultural icon.
    17. Been in the game for 13 years.

    The list goes on, and on and on. When GaGa reaches that status, let us know. In the meantime…shut the hell up.

  46. Scheibe February 13, 2011

    @ LYSSA

    B**** PLEASE





  47. Scheibe February 13, 2011


  48. Taylor swifts number 1 fan February 13, 2011

    5,707,086 youtbube views now for born this way-lady gaga on youtube!!! its going crazy!!

  49. MaZ February 13, 2011

    Who she thinks she is? Michael Jackson?

    Those Sneek Peek are boring!

  50. GangsterA February 13, 2011

    god i can’t wait to see this i was watching britney for the record and this woman is a true survivor i don’t think i can recover of the stuff she went through a strong chick and gaga animals STFU i hope your girl get Booed with shity song i know she will pull up the big gimmicks to make pepole talk even more this time #Pathetic

  51. UGh February 13, 2011

    these clips are so f****** stupid

  52. Emily February 13, 2011

    Lets see if Gaga gonna have #1 song in next decade.
    about 9 years from now.!

    A total ripp-off from Express Yourself! LOL LOL LOL
    Desperate Gaga, it what we call a talent??
    A talent in ripping off??

    Lot More:
    Britney is f****** amazing and beautiful,…not looks like t***** & transsexual Queen. 😀
    are we going to see Gaga at #1 for Sexiest Woman Alive like what Britney did several times before??
    And don’t forget,…Britney has two kids,…and Gay/Transsexual Gaga,..i doubt it. Is she going to have a baby??? LOL

  53. Jessica February 13, 2011

    Hey one more thing…
    This one,..Gaga will never achieve…EVER.

    First & second album of Britney debuted at #1 on Billboard,….I mean peaked at #1 too.
    and, addition
    Britney’s first album sold over than 25M…while Gaga’s first album??? Not over 20M rite??

  54. pena February 13, 2011

    You know what?

    Britney was performed The Way You Make Me Feel with the King of PoP!
    Face it and stay pressed.
    Gaga will never.
    Yeah,..she’ll enjoy herself with the King of Gay-Pop = Elton John.

  55. pena February 13, 2011

    @Taylor Swift No.1 Fan

    People looking for that song on Youtube, Twitter, FB and whatever because of the backlashes.
    More news today with lot of producers, radio stations complaining about the song.
    Look,…Express Yourself trending on Twitter.
    most of them criticized the song,’s like 80’s back into business.

  56. Reviews about BORN THIS WAY February 13, 2011

    Here are SOME (lot more to come) negative reviews on Born This Way:

    Following months of anticipation and online buzz, Friday’s release of Lady Gaga’s new single saw the public explode in a flurry of talk about the possibility that Gaga had ripped off pop icon Madonna.

    Critics and fans alike noted that “Born This Way,” a bold, fast-paced club song that Gaga has called her “gay anthem,” borrows from many of Madonna’s older hits, including “Express Yourself,” “Ray of Light” and “Vogue.”

    Caryn Ganz at the Amplifier called the song “overworked, overwrought, noisy, cheesy, and very, very derivative” and cited Gaga’s claim that she wrote it in ten minutes as the root of the problem.

    “‘Born This Way’ follows the blueprint for an early ’90s club hit remarkably carefully: keening strings on the first verse, a propulsive four-on-the-foor thump, layers of squelching synths, soulful vocals.” Ganz added that the song also has hints of Kelly Rowland and David Guetta’s “When Love Takes Over” and TLC’s “Waterfalls.”

    London’s Daily Telegraph thought the song’s imitative nature would affect perceptions of Gaga’s artistry. “Basically it is a reworking of Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ with a touch of Madonna’s ‘Vogue.’ Which is a bit too much Madonna for someone who is trying to establish her own identity as the, er, new Madonna.”

    Twitter was also abuzz with comparisons, so much that “Express Yourself” started trending on Friday. Fans were split over whether the likeness was a good thing, while some celebrities tried to stay objective.

    “Just listened to a clip of Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’ and I gotta say…sounds a lot like ‘Express Yourself’ from Madonna,” musician Chris Daughtry tweeted. “And by the way…I’m not dogging it. Haven’t even heard it all…that was just my first impress.”

    However, several critics praised Gaga’s nod to “Express Yourself,” with some even preferring it to the original.

    “Lady Gaga has got something to say about ‘Express Yourself,’ and she’s turned Madonna’s fourth-best single of 1989 into her own instant-classic club anthem,” said Rolling Stone. “It’s an event, a statement, the most anticipatrended song in the history of recorded music, or at least since Britney’s ‘Hold It Against Me.'”

    Others dismissed the talk of similarities all together and simply praised the song.

    “Whether its sound comes too close to one or another Madonna song seems beside the point; what current pop hit doesn’t go green by recycling something familiar?” said the LA Times’ Ann Powers.

    Prior to the single’s release, the debut of Gaga’s black and white album cover for “Born This Way” also sparked controversy among fans who thought the artist had copied Kylie Minogue’s artwork for “2 Hearts.” Both covers feature the singers in profile with dramatic eye makeup, dark lipstick and graffiti-inspired font.

  57. Jesy February 13, 2011

    A talent in RIPPING-OFF
    HIAM majorly received positive reviews,…even most of them gave 4 or 4.5 out of 5

  58. Trangaga February 13, 2011

    B**** DID DRUGS

  59. hash February 13, 2011

    My mom also hate born this way.
    She’s a big fan of madonna.

  60. pride February 13, 2011

    Gaga-crazy-mental fans can go out from this post!
    can’t wait for the MV.
    love ya Britney.

  61. MissImpartial February 13, 2011

    Gaga is the biggest copy cat in the industry who is using the Gay scene for her advantage.
    It is sad the way she is ripping off Madonna and don’t tell me this is supposed to be inspiration.

    I hope Brit and Beyonce are more successful than her!!! She is the worst artist to come into the music scene.

  62. KaVion February 14, 2011

    Dumbest one yet.
    The only person who isn’t bored with this is @KYLE.

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