Watch: ‘All About Aubrey’ (Season 1 / Episode 4)

Published: Tuesday 29th Mar 2011 by Sam

Former Danity Kane star Aubrey O’Day is back with new reality show ‘All About Aubrey’. The Oxygen show sees the ever-outspoken singer battling her way back into the music industry.

Initially a little cynical about this all, yours truly was pleasantly surprised with how legitimate Aubrey and the show come across. Put simply, this is essential viewing.

Check out episode 4 after the jump…

{Video Removed As Requested}

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  1. FLEXXX March 29, 2011


  2. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known as Rhitard The Goat March 29, 2011

    Aubrey is really pretty! Jus a little 2 orange though!
    I watch this show and BGC, I think Ashley and Chris would make a cute couple

  3. Ms. MOrgan March 29, 2011

    She literally came out of no where i haven’t seen this little girl in a longgg time. Please no body support her so she can go away and get some help

  4. Alexis Carrington March 29, 2011


  5. Blanco Family March 29, 2011

    TEAM AUBREY ! all f****** day!!!!
    HER MOM is so mean tho
    and that whole stephanie thing was so staged
    SEAN is the buisness, he could get it.
    That 20 year old was too f****** s***.. i wudda SMASHED if that was me. F*** AN AGE DIFFERENCE

  6. Jade March 29, 2011

    Best episode to date…

  7. rolls March 29, 2011

    aubreys talentend,she really need to get a good makeover coz she looks like a p*** star

  8. dabest March 29, 2011

    everything britney SHOULD be. Love aubs<3

  9. Holla March 31, 2011

    The 20 year old muffin man was soooo cute! Of course he’s too young for a relationship, but he ain’t too young for a lil summin summin, if you know what I mean.

  10. unknown April 3, 2011

    One question where is Aubrey’s ass in the second video in that blue dress?

  11. Kathy April 5, 2011

    Please upload episode 5:)

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