Hot Shot: Kelly Rowland & LaLa Relax In Turks & Caicos

Published: Sunday 10th Apr 2011 by Sam

R&B diva Kelly Rowland jetted off for brief West Indian getaway this week.

The singer and pal LaLa Vasquez soaked up the Turks & Caicos, where they also posed for this pic.

Rowland, 30, is currently gearing up for a promotional tour to support her new single ‘Motivation’ – which is blowing up at Urban radio.

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  1. LENOR April 10, 2011

    KELLY n LALA lookin good!

    #motivation GO GO GO GO

  2. MISHKA April 10, 2011

    That’s what’s up , ladies !!!

  3. muni April 10, 2011

    Motivation video is #1 on iTunes
    GO GO GO GO ….
    Whoa Lover

  4. royalkev April 10, 2011

    Love their friendship. Where’s Brandy though???? Kelly really is beautiful!


  5. Dave April 10, 2011

    Kelly > Love her. Can’t wait to buy ‘Motivation’ April 20th! 🙂

  6. i’m a talentless billy goat…. i have them all fooled April 10, 2011

    Ah, don’t they look cute!

    TGJ you are right, Motivation is spinning every 2 secs…LOL!

    Go Kelly, its time for her to have some success.

  7. Anthony April 10, 2011

    What the heck is up with Lala lately. She is just soaking up all the fame and has been hanging around with Kelly, Ciara and other stars frequently. I just wonder how much of Carmelo’s money she is spending.

  8. GREG April 10, 2011

    Congrats on the #1 status on itunes Kelly….ive been saying all along you just needed to get away from Matthew Knowles and it would happen for you.

  9. incognegro April 11, 2011

    I love it!!! Both Lala and Kelly look amazing. The song is doing extremely well, and the video is hawt – so things are looking up for Kelly. A couple of great live performances, and another strong single (I’m that Chick perhaps lol), and she will do damage.

    I must say though, I don’t quite understand the “motivation” behind Kelly’s new do. I loved the short cut, it was edgy, different, and I noticed that it gave Kelly a little extra ummmpppphhhfff…this style on the other hand, is less striking. Either way, Kelly could be bald with a Kangoo hat and would still look good. Team Kelly!!!

  10. uhh April 11, 2011

    Well kelly better enjoy her mediocre success with motivation, because when Queen Bey pops up later this summer its a wrap for kelly. Poor thang.

  11. theman April 11, 2011

    @Uhh kicking you and your lousy a** comment out of here you >>> BANNED !!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, Kelly looks beautiful, both she and Lala look great here, they both look so peaceful and serene. The reason you see Lala with all of those ladies is because she is good friends with all of them.

  12. GREG April 11, 2011

    @uhh crawl back into the idiot box with the rest of the beyonce fans/fools who worship her like shes god…..noone wants to hear your constant cheerleading for Beyonce….and i actually like Bey, i just dont like her fans.

  13. dakkylove April 11, 2011

    beautiful positive women, i love them , no running around half naked in night clubs, no being arrested for DUI , no s** tapes, just staying beautiful supporting each other. that’s what’s up. go go go go motivation,

  14. DANCE DIVA April 11, 2011

    @Greg I agree. I stan for both and will never bring QUEEN B name into a KELLY post and vice versa. @Uhh STFU! I dont give a damn who is going to be out this summer, because THE DANCE DIVA MS. KELLY is still going to snatch wigs hunnie, while u sit ur pressed ass back hating LMFAO. LETS SNATCH & DRAG THESE HEFFEAS KELLZ!

  15. Keira Singleton April 11, 2011

    One of the main reasons u can tell Kelly is a FORCE is when you usually hear someone make comparisons or say she better watch out it’s usually Beyonce who, like her or not, is one of the BIGGEST names. So continue to throw the shade. It just shows how relevant Kelly truly is. She just like Beyonce came from one of the hugest girl groups of all time & she is the second most successful in the group as a solo artist. Both women have #1’s as well as Grammy’s outside of the group. So while you wanna speak on how mediocre Kelly’s success is remember THAT! And hell if this is mediocre sign me up asap. Ppl like you who hate for no reason is her motivation. So go go go GOOOOOOO kill yaself.

  16. lax April 11, 2011

    kellys song motivationis a great song i love her song
    and the video this is what she needs to keep doing
    just this. the song is hot, keep up the great work kelly!

  17. lax April 11, 2011

    many are going to have to bring it really hard to beat this song
    “motivation” is a hit the video, dance and her voice sounds better than?

  18. tera April 12, 2011

    luv kelly******* not sure abt the friend thing though later in life they always turn out to b frienenemy ????? only god nos our hart ## just sayin

  19. sunglasses hut April 17, 2011

    Both Lala and Kelly look amazing.I like kelly more..

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