Watch: Trapped In the Closet: Hiding In Hip-Hop (Part 2)

Published: Thursday 8th Sep 2011 by TGJ

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For all the social strides towards equality, the topic of homosexuality remains taboo in many an arena – not least in Hip-Hop.

Indeed, despite living in an era where displays of sexuality are as flagrant as ever, such showings in Urban music are almost exclusively of the hetrosexual (and often, misogynistic) persuasion.

Do such practices point to same-sex relations being non-existant in the Hip-Hop diaspora? Of course not. However, what is potently underscored here, is Hip-Hop’s willing silence on topics of the rainbow persuasion. Particularly when it pertains to artists active in the hyper-masculine field.

What’s bothersome for many, however, is the genre’s continued embrace of homophobic lyrics and images. Images which perpetuate the ideology that to be gay is to be ‘less’ than a man.

And yet for many industry and cultural analysts, such a stance is as ironic as ironic can be. For, the very industry at the heart of discussion is dominated by those of the gay persuasion. From make-up artists, to managers, to label execs, to – of course- artists themselves. Rapper the Game indeed made no mistake when he declared “Beyonce really should have sung, who run the world? Gays”. Well, at least when it comes to any such discussion relating to the music world.

As such, in our drive to continually push the envelope, That Grape Juice TV brings you a telling segment from Byron Hurt‘s 2007 documentary ‘Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes’.

In this riveting piece, Hurt probes Hip-Hop’s homophobia and undercover displays homo-erotica in the videos and images of some your favourite rappers.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts below…

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  1. Ulises September 8, 2011

    The truth is, there ARE gay rappers that are closeted. Unfortunately, people like to live in a delusional world. Sometimes, people just don’t want to deal with the truth or just plainly, can’t handle it. That being said, I think it’s more accepted in the Pop world, but u know, there is always a first for everything so I’m sure people could come around to the fact that some of today’s top Hip-hop artists are gay. I say, just be honest from day one and then you’ll have nothing to be afraid of. Nonetheless, very interesting! Thanks for sharing. BTW- is there Part 3 to this ? =P

  2. VLB September 8, 2011

    Those who concentrate on hating Gay people are insecure about themselves. Why have so much of an issue with something that has nothing too do with you?
    Someone who protests too much gives more of a gay vibe than anything physically aspect of a person’s appearance on my opinion.

  3. nice_gurl September 9, 2011

    Of course there would be people in hip-hop that won’t come out of the closet, because of the fact that it will become a huge media subject. I wouldn’t care if a rapper/singer said they were gay, because it doesn’t change who they are. I don’t think they will have as many fans if they said they were gay though.

  4. DallasUCMR September 11, 2011

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