Watch: Chris Brown – ‘Fortune (Webisode 1)’

Ahead of its May 8th release, Chris Brown kicks off the promo for new album ‘Fortune’, with a brand new web series.

Named after the long awaited LP, the series will follow the star as he readies its launch and today marked the release of Episode 1.

All the fun and festivities below…

Fortune Webisode I from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

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  1. QueenOfTheNavy March 2, 2012

    Have you returned that girls phone Chris? Have you?!

  2. IllGraffitiMyFameWhenYouGiveMeYourFortune March 2, 2012

    he didn’t steal that phone. thatbitch rihanna set him up.

  3. SWEETA THAN A RICE CAKE March 2, 2012


  4. Kathy March 2, 2012

    That was kinda nice!

  5. Lax March 2, 2012

    S*** if Rih set him up i wonder how did she do it
    from London, Dam Rihanna is a bad bytch to be able
    to sale music and set chris up…Dream on looser!
    Hang in there Chris, don’t let them get you down man.
    Talk have never killed anyone that i know of but ,,,,worry?
    that is a horse of a different color bro.

  6. kingbreezy March 2, 2012

    the young king is getting ready to slay U MAD ????

  7. Mel March 2, 2012

    They should do a Grammy edition where hes ducking and dodging rihanna so she don’t get caught on camera.

  8. CBE March 2, 2012

    Saw this on his twitter! and he twitted a hint about Open road! hopefully it wasnt just a random tweet I need it as a single and on fortune.

  9. Teacher March 2, 2012

    Those first two comments are hilarious!! LOOOL

  10. Teacher March 2, 2012

    Breezy be baaallin!!…..Beyonce’s breath stinks!

  11. VA STAND UP!! March 2, 2012

    Man this was short as hell and left me longing for more but I’m so glad he brought back the webisodes!! I figured he would start doing them again since he has the album release coming up. These are great for promo and since he’s not doing any interviews (which I think is for the best) these are a great ways for the fans to get some insight to what’s going in with him. We really get to see his personality and that what I love best!

    I like that he showed us what he was doing during All Star weekend & the performance with Pit but at the same time I really hope we get to see him in the studio and him working on ‘Fortune’. I hope he continues all the way up until the album release and we get more behind the scenes footage for his videos.

  12. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 3, 2012

    he is COOLness. no wonders my fav loves him 🙂

    so happy he’s enjoying his tyme 🙂 , and i loved the ” fortune” album cover , a lot of ppl said it is “cheap” but IDGAF , i like it 🙂

    U go CB. and mr. worldwide was doing his thing too ! u two are good 🙂

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