Cheryl Cole Hits #1 / Makes History

Published: Sunday 17th Jun 2012 by Sam

Proving that talent is no longer a pre-requisite for success, Cheryl Cole will be celebrating today. For, the lip-syncer’s comeback single ‘Call My Name’ has rocketed straight to #1 on the Official UK Singles Chart – with record-breaking sales.

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The Calvin Harris track, which sees Cole’s “voice” baked, fried, and sizzled beyond recognition, shattered sales records for the year, selling 152,000 copies and becoming the highest selling single of the year.



While today’s-image driven society means there are more models parading as “singers”, surely such a practice would be “OK” if the the said models actually had a shred of musical talent? It’s widely accepted as fact that Cheryl Cole can not sing. Nor does she seem to have the desire to. And yet success, accolades, and coins (a plenty) are showered upon her. It’s all sorts of a madness.

Imagine if your accountant couldn’t count? Or your gardener was afraid of bugs? Like the aforementioned, Cheryl’s whole career is an oxymoron if we’ve ever seen one.

The UK charts boast much more equality for acts and are often less “political” than its US counter-part (see, for example, the success of Kelly Rowland). However instances such as this do no favours for the argument that “anything can be a hit in the UK”.

A mess.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde June 17, 2012

    History my Ass, here in the US nobody knows about her making history in the UK.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

      So history is only made when the associated region is the God-forsaken US?

      U bubble head americans need to start sniffin the brewing coffee; the world doesnt revolve around your vacuous sh*thole. No wonder your economy is in shatters. Stop gawking your nose at everyone else’s !

      • HeavyHeavy June 17, 2012

        You said it all!! Check mate

      • Suicide Blonde June 17, 2012

        Then you and all Beyonce fans need to stop with your jokes and shades about Rihanna because she don’t have a US number 1 album.

    • virtuoso intellect June 17, 2012

      Rihanna releases to the US market. Cheryl doesnt …..yet

      • UrbanMusicLover (Keri 2012) June 17, 2012

        Let this stupid h** talk that s*** !

    • ian duncan July 1, 2012

      Cheryl Cole is a waste of space ,talentless and a pain in the b***.The sooner she realises she is so passe the better.

    • Ian July 11, 2012

      I’m in the US, and I’m the biggest soldier alive!!!

  2. Robin June 17, 2012

    B**** please!!!

    The song is awesome!!! and the album is really good too…

    some of the songs are awesome!!!

    she deserves the success she got!! we can live with the fact that she has limited range and skill…

  3. MEC June 17, 2012

    Why so angry? she’s one of the best performers in the UK, can’t wait for ther to come to the US to slay. Her fanbase here is growing so fast.

    Congratulations Cheryl.

    • the real xoxo June 17, 2012

      one of the best performers in the UK? dont make me laugh. she lip syncs constantly, and when she doesnt she still sounds like s***. she is beautiful but has no musical talent. she doesnt even know what her songs are about!

      • Honestly Speaking June 17, 2012

        There is a difference between an entertainer and an actual singer. But I agree with the fact that Cheryl doesn’t have much if any vocal talent. The woman is smart enough however to listen to her label. She obviously has great management which is a huge part of her success in the UK and a huge part of being successful in the entertainment industry in general.

      • Stephen June 17, 2012

        All singers in the industry are entertainers, but not all entertainers can sing

  4. RazB32 June 17, 2012

    Release it in the US, DAME CHERYL.
    F*** these haters.

  5. peter June 17, 2012

    God, Sam, you never cease to amaze me… Who cares if she can sing or not? I certainly don’t. I expect the best from the likes of Xtina, Beyonce or Jessie J, but Cheryl? It’s a fun record and I don’t expect fun to be vocally chalenging and over the top. I’m not even a fan, but I just can’t sometimes… Get over it. You sound so bitter it makes me feel sorry for you… Honestly.

  6. Peter Griffin June 17, 2012

    Them chavs love their queen!

    • MEC June 17, 2012

      What chavs? I’m 26, I went to university, PhD Telecommunications Engineer, I work in what I love… not that sure about you. I see, if there is a chav between us it must be you.

      • skintightjeans June 17, 2012

        Like someone cares about your credentials….it makes it even more embarrassing for you rattling off your credentials and admitting to liking Cheryl….

  7. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 17, 2012

    We´ve all said it many times: UK singles charts are pure s***, for years now. Ok charts are s*** everywhere nowadays, but uk singles charts…. wow lol At least album charts still exist…

  8. Andre June 17, 2012

    Not sure the “introduction” was appropriate – I thought I was going to listen to a mess of a song and it’s far from that! Sure, its not a vocally challenging song but neither are many songs from artists we all love. This is certainly nothing worse than what we’ve been given by artists like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. It’s a fun radio song – have fun.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 17, 2012

      I agree it´s on a Britney/JLo level: pure s*** haha

  9. sam June 17, 2012

    lol kelly rowland?? that b**** didn’t sell f*** all albums in the uk

  10. NoNo June 17, 2012

    I don’t like Cheryl one bit and think she’s fake, but it’s a decent song and she clearly has (great) talent in the dancing/performing side of things. There are other acts that are good singers but can’t entertain for s***. You’re pressed, biased and a s*** writer on top of it.

    A mess.

    • Stephen June 17, 2012

      “There are other acts that are good singers but can’t entertain for s***”….and vice versa

  11. zamoracarl June 17, 2012

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  12. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! June 17, 2012

    Ha. To all those people saying cheryl needs the xfactor to get to number 1!

    • Peter Griffin June 17, 2012

      But her former relation to the X Factor is the only thing that sells her records. loads of people didn’t know who she was until she signed up!

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! June 18, 2012

        She was known for being in girls aloud, she didnt get to be a judge on the xfactor for nothing.

  13. Tomc6687 June 17, 2012

    I don’t get image obsessed? Adele surely proves that statement wrong. Cheryl is a performer, some of the best performers don’t have amazing voices. Cheryl’s fans want to be entertained and you can’t deny she puts on a good performance.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

      Adele is one in a million but then again there’s Ed Sheeran. How do we explain that one? ….. I rest my case

  14. Deangelo June 17, 2012

    It’s annoying how everyone sits up behind their computer screen talking sh*t about Cheryl. The girl CAN sing, with a LIMITED range. As long as she’s making good music, I can live with that. The album is amazing, and if she tried cracking the US market I know she’d be a big hit. Everyone needs to calm their asses down with “she can’t sing” I don’t see you all posting s*** about Katy Perry. Hmmmm. That’s right.

  15. Chk-ahh June 17, 2012

    She can’t sing – check her at the Jubilee Concert

    The song is worse than Rihanna’s generic meaningless trash music. Which says a lot.

    What has the industry come to.

    lets go back to the days of Led Zepellen, Janet and Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye.

    Where the music had meaning, and wasn’t so repetitive, and you could listen to for years, not just for one week and get bored.

    Where you would have to listen to the song tenfold and still discover new things about it and uncover its meaning.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

      There were wack singers back in the day too. Cheryl dint start this trend. Why cant a girl take advantage of what she has?

  16. THE TRUTH June 17, 2012

    Oh Sam, stop being such a b*tch a** n*gga… like ffs. I’m tired of your essays and b*tch a** comments.

    People are buying Rihanna’s and Cheryl’s music because they like THE SONGS!!! If a model cann SOUND OK and MAKE CATCHY MUSIC… then people will buy…

    Kelly Rowland (Ur fav) is an OK singer (Can’t sing live, but I’ll let that slide), but has AVERAGE SONGS… If she was making GOOD CATCHY SONGS, then maybe you have a point.

    LEONA has a good voice, but rubbish songs…


    The Cheryls and Rihannas of this world will contnue to sell MUSIC not their VOCAL TALENT.

    • Stephen June 17, 2012

      You’re right about almost everything, but I don’t agree with you on Kelly Rowland not being able to sing live

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

      The Cheryls and Rihannas are selling because of the hype machine behind them. These songs wont sound as “catchy” if they were nobodies performing them on the street for some change. Few yrs ago Alexandra Burke music was just as “catchy” now she’s pissed some figure heads off, her new records are “average” huh

  17. gio88 June 17, 2012

    hopefully the song will be a hit just in uk !

  18. coco June 17, 2012

    how much did she pay to be at the top, and who did she f***, Simmon Cowell?

  19. Babii–gs June 17, 2012

    Who cares? Being number 1 means nothing anymore any rubbish can get there now and she just proves it with that awful single. Funny how this song has barely gotten airplay on the top radio and music channels but has sold so many copies in one week seems like someones been buying most of the copies themselves lol. I can bet this time next week that song would not be number 1. Also all the people saying she can sing did you actually hear her sing at the Jubilee concert?? She sounded so bad I had to change the channel one of the worst singing Ive ever heard and she was judging others on singing talent she wouldn’t get through the first round on X Factor LOOOOL.

    • MEC June 17, 2012

      #4 int he airplay chart and #2 in the TV airplay chart. After your comment you’re just proving haters liek you are really sad and know anything about charts.

      • Babii–gs June 17, 2012

        Sweetheart why would I hate on some woman who has no talent and has only gotten where they are by having a husband that cheated on them and being someones lap dog?? Maybe that is what the charts say but am saying I personally have barely heard this song on the radio or music channels. Also learn how to spell before you start commenting back at me. Ive notice lots of these Cheryl fans can hardly put a proper sentence together and their spelling is awful.

    • Saetana June 18, 2012

      I watch the TV music channels and they have barely been playing this video, understandably as its a generic song and, unusually, she looks a complete mess. That new tattoo looks like something nasty running down the back of her leg. Just as an aside, was I the only one who thought she looked like Nadine when she was with her dancers in the video? The urban look really does not suit her. She had enough stans to get it to number 1, the real test will be how long it stays in the top 40. We will have to see ;o)

  20. Roman June 17, 2012

    Cheryl is not believable as an artist. She needs to build character and not this confused fake electro pop sound she’s chasing …

  21. Auntie_Jackie June 17, 2012

    So irrelevant in the U.S. and around the world. – _____ – The UK is a schizophrenic ass country. Likes both S*** and QUALITY music.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

      Screw the US. She’s a British singer. The US is irrelevant to her until she actually sends her songs to yall radio stations. Thank u

      • skintightjeans June 17, 2012

        She won’t send the US her songs because nobody will buy that s***. If the US was irrelevant, she wouldn’t have left that stupid ass island for riches and fame on US X Factor in the first place which thank God she got fired for. OBVIOUSLY the US was important. She left the UK for it.

      • virtuoso intellect June 17, 2012

        im sorry are we talking about the same country where nocalists Katy Perry and Rihanna have like what, 20 number ones between them in what 5,6 years? nuff said

  22. bigboi June 17, 2012

    lmaooo I LOVE THIS SITE…but Ms cole is trash

  23. Virtuoso Intellect June 17, 2012

    Im not even a Cheryl fan like that but these americans deserve a broom shoved up their crooked uppity butts. Lemme find out these are the same folks saying a US no1 is not important.

    Anyways Cheryl is a Geordie lass, these baby jabs wont even tickle her temper. Brits arent as sensitive as ur cry babies, rihanna & chris brown

    • Dezi June 18, 2012

      And she don’t have a pinch of success that rihanna and chris brown got. It’s always a f****** bey stan throwing s*** at other artist – especially black artist.

      • skintightjeans June 18, 2012

        Virtuoso Intellect, You need to shut the f*** up for real. No one cares about number 1’s in the UK. And as an American, you can shove a broom up your ass AND your vag or peen. Whichever you have and judging from your post, you probably have both.

  24. HeavyHeavy June 17, 2012

    Release Ghetto Baby Next!!! Love That Song!!

    • Saetana June 18, 2012

      God no, its terrible. It sounds like what it is – a Lana Del Ray cast off and it does not suit Cheryl’s very limited vocal capabilities, she sounds bored as f***! I actually like a few of her singles from her previous albums but the new album is a hot mess, S*** Den a Mutha (aside from having a stupid ass title) is another piece of crap. I can see it maybe debuting at No 1 (not many copies needed at the moment, album charts are quiet) and sinking faster than MDNA after that ;o)

  25. #Sweat June 17, 2012

    The sad thing is She is slaying and Making money and Yall are hating? Lmao who’s winning? CHERYL! Duh

  26. MISHKA June 17, 2012

    Even though everybody and their momma go #1 in the UK, don’t hate Cheryl ’cause she’s beautiful, Sam.

    I love her a new attitude, she finally unleashed her inner dragon after the xfactor-gate. She’s as pretty as Kate Beckinsale, she’s fierce and she can bust a move (for a white girl).

    Two thumbs up, Cheryl.

  27. Sad sad June 17, 2012

    Sam Is sad cus Alexandra burke flopped so hard its actually funny! I like alex but her music is complete TRASH (well not all) ! Cheryl new album >>>>>> alex new album……

  28. Halin June 17, 2012

    Yes, her vocal is uninteresting….

    but did it ever occur to you that maybe people are appealed by her moves and the song itself?

    not everyone who sings good become commercial success.
    look at Leona Lewis…. and well, sadly Alexandra Burke…

  29. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! June 17, 2012

    Rita ora turned down call my name… mistake me thinks

  30. Curtis June 17, 2012

    Shutup Sam, you b**** ass punk. You’re MAD and giving her more free promo! Gwan get that moneeeeey Cheryl, with her fine ass.

  31. Gaaglooo! June 17, 2012

    Lllol This Is Very Funny: Most Of The Greatest Artists ( Beatles, U2, Amy Winehouse, Gorillaz, David Bowie, Led Zep., Rolling Stones, S** Pistols, Radioheads, Queen….) Are From Uk, But Most Of The Untalend Popstars, Can Be Successful In The Uk! WTF?!!

    But, As Much She’s Untalented And Lipsyncs, I’ll Choose Her( Cheryl) Show, Over Adele’s Show.

  32. neutral June 17, 2012

    anything in this industry can pass nowadays. Cheryl can atleast move

  33. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 17, 2012

    She slayed….LOL….Why you mad though Samantha??? LOL.

  34. commanderofthedancefloor June 17, 2012

    haa, sam is too much. i am not a stan for cheryl because she doesnt really make an attempt with her music, but criticising her for lip singing while praising chris browns performances where he does lip sing is really stupid!! im just saying pick a side and stick with it!

  35. skintightjeans June 17, 2012

    She got major cankles!

  36. yeyay June 17, 2012

    Interesting that Cher Lloyd is being pimped to US Radio by Epic/LA Reid and Cheryl Cole has not…wonder if this changes and who will be the most successful in the US?

  37. why you mad? June 18, 2012

    She’s s***! I’ll pay attention now. Lol In all honesty this song is hot only because of Calvin Harris. She has the POP star package though. One has never had to have the best voice to be a POP star TGJ. I know it sucks but that’s just the way it is.

  38. JER June 18, 2012

    Everyone wants Calvin Harris now after Rihanna worked with him

  39. M June 18, 2012

    I’m sorry but just because she is not the best vocalist does not give you grounds to say that she doesn’t have a SHRED of talent! She’s got a lot more shreds than Rihanna, that’s for sure! & you have to give it to her, she is an exceptional dancer and performer, which is a somewhat fair sacrifice for her “lacking vocals” when there are extremely successful “singers” who lack both singing and dancing abilities (i.e. Rihanna and Katy Perry)

  40. Hinton June 18, 2012

    WHAT A NEGATIVE WRITE-UP! Remember where Cheryl came from? Pop Idol. Singing LIVE every week until she was to become a member of Girls Aloud.


  41. TeamBreezy June 18, 2012

    So Negative! How dare you criticize the people who buy the music they want to listen to!

    get it together

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