Watch: Leona Lewis Performs ‘Trouble’ On ‘The X Factor UK’

Published: Sunday 7th Oct 2012 by Sam

With the release of Leona Lewis‘Glassheart’ album but a week away, The X Factor alum returned to the stage that birthed her career to perform the LP’s latest single ‘Trouble’.

Watch Ms. Lewis soar after the jump…


Trouble never sounded so good! Vocally stunning performance!

‘Trouble’ is on iTunes now, while ‘Glassheart’ arrives on October 15th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lax October 7, 2012

    Yes Leona bring it on this is getting very, very interesting
    right about now, the more the Merrier.

    • Madea October 7, 2012


    • Madea October 7, 2012

      and another thing I hope you die in yo sleep tonight h**

      • SHUH October 7, 2012

        Yo c***. Go run along the train tracks until the train comes and flattens your ratchet ass. Just because nobody gives a f*** about the oxygen you steal. You’re more than likely 14 you big keyboard warrior. Go grow a set of balls before you grow a p****.

      • Madea October 7, 2012

        Suck my d*** s*** head and go run in traffic b**** you ass face

      • Madea October 7, 2012

        and one more thing i will smear my p**** in yo face b**** deal with it

  2. Sarah Says October 7, 2012

    Sorry, i wasn’t moved. I also find that thing she does at the end of every sentence annoying. The people will decide

    • JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2012

      I know what you mean. She is not versalile enough to have a career on top. It only lasted for a first album

    • Madea October 7, 2012

      you Heartless ass b**** go wash yo raggedy p**** w**** and warm it up in the oven b****

  3. mr.m October 7, 2012

    Leona is the real deal ..
    gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you rocked it <3

  4. wrinkle flop ora October 7, 2012

    The best vocalist to ever come from the UK and the most beautiful too. Rita Ora cannot f*** with leona in god given talent or looks. Rita will also never sell 20 millions like LL.

  5. SDF October 7, 2012

    This girl is a true gem.What a beauty.What a voice.What a song.

  6. Beyonce’s Weave October 7, 2012

    No one can deny the FACT that the Girl can sing but she is so damn boring.

    I think if I’ll be going to see her on tour, I better bring a pillow, my teddy and a sleeping bag because it is possible to fall asleep at her concert.

    I will be buying the album though.

  7. JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2012

    I know I´ve been hard with this girl sometimes. She has issues with the boring thing and always sounding the same you can´t deny. I just needed to put things in their place when she debuted in 2008 and people were saying she was the new Mariah or better than her and blah blah blah. It was like “what?”. You know everybody jumps on the bandwagon when something new works even if it´not half as good and won´t last.
    But that said… in a world where we have had to suffer crazy stans talking about Beyonce´s and Rihanna´s greatness on the vocal department, Leona sure be higher on the charts. I wish her not to flop. At least in the UK

  8. Todd October 7, 2012

    Haters will always hate.

    This is even better than the acoustic performance, and I really enjoyed it! Plus, she looks stunning! Go go go Leona! #glassheart #trouble #no1 #leonalewis

  9. October 7, 2012

    No tricks. Just talent. She owned the stage. Go Leona!

  10. @091094_ Twitter October 7, 2012

    Beautiful, I wish this girl would slay the charts, it hurts me when leona and other talents flop, and Christina’s Your Body should be number one on billboard why o why

  11. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 7, 2012

    Next week Taylor swift.. bring it one!

    • Redy October 8, 2012

      I CAN’T WAIT!! Did you hear the preview for Taylor’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble!?’ T’lamour is going to snatch some MORE wigs this Red era!! She slayed me with a damn snippet! Lovin’ all her countdown singles so far.

  12. mob: b**** i’ll carry UR head October 7, 2012

    WTF was the prevideo for? Who is she suppose to be Whitney, Mariah carey or Celion Dion? Girl bye…. The song is okay but nothing more…

    • Madea October 7, 2012

      SHUT THE F*** UP go suck Chris browns pencil d*** b**** i hope he stab you in the throat with it you ass face b****

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