Snippets: Dawn Richard – ‘GoldenHeart’ Album

Published: Tuesday 8th Jan 2013 by Sam

Dawn Richard has been on quite the journey – one which has finally birthed her debut solo album ‘GoldenHeart’.

The former Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money diva has spent the last 18 months drumming up a buzz with edgy videos and ambitious creative concepts, all of which she’ll be hoping give a sales boost to the LP when it hits stores on January 15th via Altavoz Distribution.

With less than a week remaining before the project arrives, Richard has shared snippets of each track. Preview the set below…

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  1. Lax January 8, 2013

    dawn is a very Talented Artist and she’s very Beautiful!!

  2. King B>Rihanna January 8, 2013

    I have to hear the full thing.

  3. ROBBiE ROCKiNGTON January 8, 2013

    No thanks.

    • HALF AMAZIN January 8, 2013

      Don’t thumbs someone down if they don’t like it. Especially if they haven’t been rude about it

      I personally love this. I have her EP “Armour On”. She definitely has a sound that you’ll either love or hate. I think it’s dark and mysterious like some stuff by Esthero, Portishead, Sade, etc. If you’re only a fan of Billboard 100 type stuff then you probably won’t get it or like it and that’s cool. Some music isn’t meant to be radio friendly. Some of it is really artistic expression through sounds. Dawns voice rides the beat and the listening experience tells a story. Same way I feel when I listen to The Archandroid by Janelle Monae. I will be buying! Can’t wait to hear the full songs!

      • Mezzy borrow January 8, 2013

        I will thumb down who the f*** i want regardless of rude or not why make a comment like that in the first place is complete utter b******* and completely uncalled for nonsense i will do as i please so f*** YOU!!! and usually when someone says something like that it’s for shade and it is rude dumbass stop acting like your all so classy and proper

  4. Mr. GQ January 8, 2013

    Yes Dawn! The album sounds amazing!

  5. queen ciara best performer ever is back!!!!! January 8, 2013

    wow im surprised!!!! love it.will buy for sure

  6. Ciara’s Prince January 8, 2013

    Im definitely supporting her!! Dawn is a beast!!!

  7. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 8, 2013

    Well Sam,

    You have no know the truth. NY post has just confirmed that Rita Whora is back to w**** ways. Rob said she slept with famous guys – one of those guys was Evan Ross. Evan Ross has a Longterm GF. Well, even her tour in at the end of this month – The tour that her management are trying to sell on twitter Instead of rehearsing, she was in NYC, hanging out at jay z club, taking pics of herself on rooftop AND…………publicly kissing up on EVAN ROSS at the gold bar in NYC.

    What kind of nonsense is this? And they say this w**** is gonna end rih’s career? HOW, buy f****** every dude she meets in clubs?

    Why is Beyonce endorsing this dirty eastern european girl? Pouring all this money into a lazy hypersexual cocky s***, who seems to party and f*** more than DROP AN LP IN AMERICA.

    beyonce self esteem must be at an all time low for her to act as suger mommy to this trick.

    • Love Kelly January 8, 2013

      ………back to the post. Dawn sound is an acquired taste and I’m grateful good taste live well in my gene pool.

      I’ll be buying this cd.

  8. Nay nay January 8, 2013


    • Love Kelly January 8, 2013

      Well, even if this sell 100 copies Dawn can sleep safe in the knowledge that she will see a good 90% of that bank. Ya fav sees a good 1%……long live the smart indie flop making that good buck off their blood sweat and tears.

  9. Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 8, 2013

    I do not think Dawn is liked in the black community as much as Jhene Aiko. Why? Discuss………….

  10. STONY January 8, 2013


    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 8, 2013

      I agree. First of all……There is no radio song. Second – rically, I did not detect a sense of what she was tryna to say. Third – the production sounds the same, and I do not feel she worked with a producers who can do the eclectic lykke lykke, bjork, florence welch sound she was going for.

      Fourth – it is not organic and very contrived. Fifth – she sounds TOO much like Brandy.

      Sixth – aside from knowing how to sing, she just does not have enough talent in writing or artistry to set her apart from other chicks. If you are gonna be all left field, you need alot inner creative yolk to real pull it off.

      • Mezzy borrow January 8, 2013

        you know what SHUT THE F*** UP and stop acting like some damn music vent critic which in all actually you know nothing.. off topic why are you so obsessed/pressed over rita like can you be more pathetic to worry about someone who doesn’t know you even exist?

      • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 8, 2013

        Mission accomplished: I have taken a year off your life by raising your blood pressure.

        PS: Both Rita Whora and Dawn Richards will both be dropped this year. fuckyoflops/

    • credits January 8, 2013

      correct me if i am wrong but neither did frank ocean.

  11. SentFromUpAbove January 8, 2013

    I have pre-ordered my copy…. i heard the intro and was like HELLL NAWWWW!?!? this sounds like such a journey, i’m excited…… nobody sounds like this…..

    • A simple critique. January 8, 2013

      Oh here we go with that s*** again. You know u ain’t pre-ordered s***. lmaooooooo

  12. UnderRated Artist Lover January 8, 2013

    #Hearts #Heaux SHe cant Flop b/c she’s independent…so as long as she makes money, she’ll succeed…I have her mixtape A Tell tale Heart, her Armor On EP, & her Xmas Whiteout EP…Dawn Richard is the female Frank Ocean, but a bit more artistic, she has a “sound” & creative direction in her videos & the GoldenHeart Trilogy will be epic!!!

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 8, 2013

      Ok, she will never be A list singer.

      • Love Kelly January 8, 2013

        If Rihanna is your ideal A list singer then I’ll gladly keep supporting the less f***** up listers making art and not playing “dream life” when she’s really living a lifeyou wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.

  13. laytee January 8, 2013

    to whoever asked: jhenes music is organic, simple, soulful, thought-provoking and catchy. the average music listener will not appreciate dawns music regardless of their racial ethnicity. dawns music isn’t my cup of tea, but i wish her all of the best. she was my fave in dk.

    • Flop Cheeta Whora gave Rob an STD from her 20 guys January 8, 2013

      Dawn is not organic.

  14. laytee January 8, 2013

    i didn’t say dawn was organic…..

  15. Lord January 8, 2013

    we all know she will never be successful

  16. D.Scott January 8, 2013

    Sounds solid so far

  17. aaa January 8, 2013

    Geezzz! Why comment If you don’t like her? You guys just love to watch peoples downfall don’t cha? Anyway dawn’s amazing and Im not the only one ,so If you don’t like her, fine…move on.

  18. KC36 January 8, 2013

    I like what I am hearing. Guess I will be getting this on the 15th.

  19. desi January 8, 2013

    Dawn love u but everything sound the same hunh.. huhnnnnnnnnh or yeah yeahiiiyeah in every song. And your vocal r not strong enough. Pretty Wicked thing stood out to me that’s it ! I’m still rooting for u though

  20. Maestro J* January 8, 2013

    Although I consider myself a Dawnimite(patten pending) Im not quite feeling this yet. I need to hear the album in full before I make a judgement.

  21. Fran January 8, 2013

    Frankly, these snippets are just as good as Chamnel Orange. Dawn is proving why music truly has the wrong priorities. This album is fantastic and indeed Grammy worthy.

  22. HEARTS HEAUX!!!!!!!!! January 9, 2013


  23. Naomi January 9, 2013

    It drops on my Bday!!!!

  24. Anwar*s light January 13, 2013

    Dawn shine your light ,, your the most amazing singer in the universe you sooo f*** dope you outa space and they can’t take it _Yo army of hearts here 100% gota back ! Mwwuahhhh!!!

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