Behind The Scenes: Chris Brown – ‘They Don’t Know (Ft Aaliyah)’

Check out behind the scenes footage lifted from Chris Brown‘s forthcoming video ‘They Don’t Know’, featuring the vocals of the late singer Aaliyah.

A far cry from the upbeat feel ‘Fine China’ served, the video sees Chris hit the streets of LA in a clip he hopes will inspire those who see it.

Peep the Pop Prince in all his glory below…

Chris’ new album ‘X’ is set to hit stores on July 16th!

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  1. Team beat a b**** down June 7, 2013

    King Chris.

    • xcncxnxcnrti56856 June 7, 2013

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    • Navy Sailor June 7, 2013

      Lol @ your username…the irony…..

    • Carla June 7, 2013

      You should get your ass kicked for that username…. Did you witness your mother being beat down??

  2. Navy Sailor June 7, 2013

    I wanna hear the song. It sounds promising!!!

  3. nobitchassness June 7, 2013

    This song needs to hurry up and leak!

    Rest In Peace Aaliyah.

  4. IDK June 7, 2013

    Cant Wait!

  5. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 7, 2013

    His Promo is f*****’ Dead , Doubt this Will be a success.

    But good he’s working on repairing his Trashed Image.

    No twitter now , Chris. 😉

  6. Super Cisus June 7, 2013

    The prince of pop is JT not ghetto flop soprano voice cheating abuser Chris brown!!!

    • Grande The Way June 7, 2013

      He’s a Soprano? I wouldn’t know since he never sings live.

  7. eric June 7, 2013

    He knows the song is a tough sale and he’s using the kids to improve his public image. It won’t work until he changes his SELF-image.

    • Ballsy June 7, 2013

      True.. I wanna like Chris but the way he shows himself to the public is not cute and 90% of it has to do with the hoodrats and groupies he hangs with!

  8. Touché June 7, 2013

    -_-Ugh!I really don’t understand why the dumbass artists of this generation feel the need to mess with Babygirls’ beautiful vocals. They have absolutely no clue how she would have wanted her music; so why disrespect her? Let her rest in peace. R.i.p Babygirl.

  9. Fire June 7, 2013

    Still waiting on hearing the song… I think it’s a great think it’s great the younger generation will hear new music from Aaliyah since they may not know who she is. I think besides JoJo…. Aaliyah was the only artist on Blackground that was successful. From what I’ve heard of Aaliyah’s uncle, he is not a good person. He did JoJo wrong too. Plus he Supposedly blew up his ex wife’s car & got suied for 3 million dolllars & some fans believe thats why Aaliyah’s plane crash wasnt an accident. Aaliyah supposedly wanted to leave Blackground because she was unhappy with them. This was also the one time Aaliyah’s brther & mom could not go with her to the video shot & she ends up dying? If they would have went they would not have had Aaliyah get on that small plane. Aaliyah & the crew were not treated right down there & had no running water in their hotel supposedly. Its a shame Aaliyah’s mom & brother arent in control of Aaliyah’s estate or even get roualities like 2 Pac’s mom has control of his estate, same with biggie’s mom too. It’s such a shame Aaliyah’s uncle can do whatever he wants to do with Aaliyah’s unreleased music & the Haughton’s cant do anything about it. RIP Aaliyah & Michael Haughton

  10. caster June 7, 2013

    Can’t wait to hear this and it’s great that he is using this song and collabo in a positive way. Can’t hate on that and Chris love the kids. I been following his twitter and he does so much charity work and free time for and with kids that’s it’s real. no hate here! i will def be supporting this single and his cd when it drops.

    Very talented guy

  11. Jay June 7, 2013

    This may be a song I actually like from him in a long time…

  12. rihking June 7, 2013

    Promo is s***. Most likely will flop

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