New Song: Durand Bernarr – ‘Vicky’s Secrets (Elijah Blake Cover)’

Stop whatever you’re doing and check out the jam we’ve got waiting for you below.

Originally written and recorded by R&B freshman Elijah Blake, ‘Vicky’s Secrets’ has now been taken on by the ever phenomenal Alcohol Harmony…otherwise known as Durand Bernarr.

To say the least, we’re in awe of his arrangement of the cut and angelic harmonies that carry it.

Check it out and please let us know what you think about it below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. VisionOfMimi June 30, 2013

    Baby Mariah.

    • BionicGlam June 30, 2013

      She wishes.

  2. Dev June 30, 2013

    He’s cute and he can sing, but why was he lip syncing to his own song? I have to hear that live to be totally convinced.

    • Trilla July 3, 2013

      ummm that’s what youtube clips are for . you obviously don’t know jack about this dude…strongly suggest you do your research before you post…good evening and goodnight your what? #Tired

  3. TheUrbanGent June 30, 2013

    Not a bad cover at all. He can definitely sing, and there were some nice harmonies there, however, I prefer the vibe and sound of Elijah Blake’s original. I like Elijah’s tone better and this one was just too gospel-like for the content of the song. It was cool for what it was though, just a bit too busy for me.

    • Trilla July 3, 2013

      Your saying that because you obviously cant take it. Do you even know the meaning of ‘alcohol harmony’ ? i’ll wait……still waiting…..Um exactly, have several seats….matter fact have an Delta flight and take off sweetie

  4. Trilla July 3, 2013

    he obviously slayed the original piece…as he does all the others….Tamar Braxton doesn’t need to sing Love & War after Durand redid it. point blank period. and neither does India Arie for that matter with I Am Ready for Love….and the list goes on and on and on and what? on….Kudos to ThatGrapeJuice for pointing out real talent.

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