Timbaland Weighs In On New Aaliyah ‘Duets’: ‘ Big Brother Jay And I Adopted Drake’

Published: Wednesday 24th Jul 2013 by David

As is often the case with producers as influential as he is, the world will struggle to appreciate just how groundbreaking Timbaland‘s work is until we’re a decade or so removed from it.

Crafting the sounds of debut acts who have now gone on to become just as iconic as he is ten years down the line, it’s his work for Aaliyah that seen him secure the most praise and acclaim- solidifying his status as one of the greatest maestros of all time.

Want to know what he thought of the use of her voice in new songs crafted by Drake and Chris Brown.

His take below…

While we hope the chopping and screwing of Aaliyah vocals to create new songs comes to an end, we can’t but disagree with Timbo a little.

For, the likelihood that he would be the only producer she would have worked with had she still been alive is slim to none.

In saying that, there’s no doubt that new Aaliyah music without his input and her family’s full approval will never be right, even though ‘Enough Said’ turned out to be the gem that it is.

So, let us know…

Are you anticipating the new posthumous Aaliyah album?


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  1. LLASAP July 24, 2013

    Jay got Timbaland whipped.

    • Peter888 July 24, 2013

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    • Oleg July 24, 2013

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  2. Sweetnothing78 July 24, 2013

    ‘Enough said’ was inscribe and she sounded beautifully haunting.
    I want this album and I was a massive fan since the first album, Drakes done a beautiful job with her work. TIM let go she used other people on the red album.

    • cxzvzxverty547 July 24, 2013

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    • wtf July 24, 2013

      you HAVE to be kidding if you think “Enough Said” was amazing!
      It was amazing to hear her.. yes.. but it was a drake track… it sounded like drake altered his voice to sound like Aaliyah…

      NOTHING said Aaliyah about the track except her vocals.

      I am a huge Aaliyah fan and although I believe Tim is wrong in thinking she wouldnt work with other producers.. I DO think that anyone who is smart would at least ask Tim and Missy for some input or their blessing.

  3. Still I Rise! July 24, 2013

    Timbaland is so damn delusional. He thinks he owns Aaliyah’s music and WTF he mean he adopted Drake and DJ Khaled? I guess he never heard the song “NO NEW FRIENDS”. Lmao…

    • 2bad2bme July 24, 2013

      OMG I was just about to say the same thing… he acts like he owns this woman…

  4. Navy nick July 24, 2013

    I dont c y they get so angry over using her work…, Aaliyah was an artist everyone liked, she has fans still, & we appreciate the work (when done like drake did it), even CB’s song is nice. Let it go people,

  5. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 24, 2013


  6. Mim July 24, 2013

    That grape your late and falling off big time your loosing appel quick, just some friendly advice.

  7. gema July 24, 2013

    I don’t care that much about duets…I would love to hear Aaliyah’s new music, that’s really exciting!!!.
    I think Timbaland’s attitude is so wrong, he was great with her but Aaliyah sounds good with any other producer cause she was so talented and special, no need to work only with Timbaland, he should be more modest..

  8. Shaundapooh July 24, 2013

    Y don’t they just use the leftover tracks from one in a million they said she recorded alot they should update remix those instead of chopped and screwed and i get a bad feelin’ nicki is gonna end up on.them .

    • Gopit July 24, 2013

      Don’t put it in the universe PLEASE!

  9. MK July 24, 2013

    Have Blackground still not filed for bankruptcy?

  10. Justsayin July 24, 2013

    Sounds like a jealous person to me. What is this s*** about adopting Drake? This dude is a has been which needs to sit down forever.

  11. woodly July 24, 2013

    Jay leave this dude alone, he’s nothing but a hater

  12. Dev July 24, 2013

    Timberland cannot guarantee that him and Aaliyah would actually be speaking as they had fallen out prior to her death. Also, didn’t her brother Rashad state that she had already started a new album instructed by the record label shortly before her death? I don’t recall anyone mentioning Timberland being on them.
    Timberland needs to get over himself. For all we know Aaliyah could’ve given up music for acting if successful enough. The point is that we will never know.
    Most of Timberlands new music sounds instantly dated anyway, I’m surprised that anyone is actually using him

  13. Mark111 July 24, 2013

    Ok the real Aaliyah fan is here. Now, would Aaliyah still be working with Tim? Yes, but not only with him. Aaliyah moved on on her self titled album with other producers. I think Tim only did 3 songs on there being We Need a Resolution and More Than A Woman, I Care 4 U was recorded in 96. But I remember an interview of her saying that Tim was the only one that got her artistry. She was beanching out and more then just a singer. Something tells me that Missy and Tim got a lil big headed close to the end, cause they were working on their own stuff, plus even Missy distance herself from Tim later on. But I will say this, there was Aaliyah before Timbo and there was Aaliyah after. Don’t forget that SHE put them on.

  14. Mark111 July 24, 2013

    With that said. Just release an album. No need for an update or with all these features with artist that weren’t even out then. I can post a lot of songs that had leaked and they’re great, but no way to buy them.


  15. shutup July 24, 2013

    Oh please, Fatty needs to keep that ego in check.
    Enough Said and Don’t think They Know are actually decent tracks. and if Aaliyah were still alive I’m sure she’d had left his ass in 05 anyway. Her Debut album still shits on all the stuff he did with her.
    Talmbout ‘it don’t work cause i’m her music soulmate’.. No

  16. cruz July 24, 2013

    Too bad the vast majority of her last album self titled “Aaliyah” was largely produced/written by Static & Tank and an entire new team.

    She was solid with R.Kelly on her debut, even better with Tim & Missy on One in a Million, and put out her most critically acclaimed work with new producers…Common thread?

    Aaliyah was the magic…Flawless!

    • Gopit July 24, 2013

      The biggest songs on that record were produced by Timbo, though.

    • Teflon Boy July 24, 2013

      Well said..,

      When you are a true artist the production team work for you. They follow your instructions and give you what you are feeling, adapting what they do to fit you…, Timbaland is/was an amazing producer but the reason he sounds mostly basic with almost everyone but Aaliyah is because SHE had him tailor his sounds to fit her sultry/noir style. Anyone else notice how ‘busy’ his tracks sound in general, whereas with her they are sparse as hell.

      That is Aaliyah’s influence on those tracks, she knew how to get what she needed from his production. No-one knows what she would have gone on to do but knowing how she worked prior to her death and how much personal style and musical integrity she imbued her music with, I think she would have easily found a way to work with new people and successfully bring them into HER lane without losing her style or identity.

  17. Gopit July 24, 2013

    Arguing wit the opening statement. Everyone appreciated Timbaland when he came out and they still do now.

  18. YouDidn’tEvenKnowIt July 24, 2013

    Aaliyah would have worked with any of these producers or rappers today because she was versatile so I’m going to need Tim to chill a bit. As of matter of fact she would have been on any features that Rihanna did because back then every rapper wanted Aaliyah on their track. And her tomboy s** appeal was one of the reason why plus her voice would have killed any of these tracks out today. And that’s facts people!

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