Watch: Ciara Debuts ‘Super Turnt Up’ Music Video Short

Published: Friday 12th Jul 2013 by Sam

Ciara keeps the viral push for her new self-titled album popping with the arrival of the video short for fan-favourite ‘Super Turnt Up’.

Unwrapped moments ago, you can check out the visual snippet for the song (which needs to be a single at some point) after the jump.

Granted, CiCi shines brightest in a traditional music video setup, we’re loving the creativity and thinking that went into the concept of these virals. They speaks to the visual age we’re in, don’t cost much, yet still manage engages her fanbase and beyond. A number of Ciara’s contemporaries could and should take note!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde July 12, 2013

    Again , Carlos this won’t help.

    • CCFan007 July 12, 2013

      Her name is Ciara you dumb white f**

      • Suicide Blonde July 12, 2013

        I love you too.

    • refdxcbxcbxbfd43 July 13, 2013

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  2. Paul July 12, 2013

    As long as she releases ‘Livin’ It Up’ I don’t really care.

  3. CCFan007 July 12, 2013

    Yaaaaas queen ci love it.


    CIARA >

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 12, 2013

    Eh…I bought the album..but it’s nothing memorable honestly. It’s just an album for the season. Glad she’s still going hard with the promo though!

    • CCFan007 July 12, 2013

      The album is phenomenal sweetie try again. Glad you purchased the album tho xoxo

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 13, 2013

        To me, there’s nothing of substance, she’s not really “saying” anything with this album. The lyrics are very subpar and I hate to say it but…basic. The Evolution you had “Promise,” “Like A Boy,” and “Crush,” songs that had something to say, now it’s just…idk, nothing but how soft her bed and skin is lol. I will admit though it’s an ok “dance” record for clubs but I just don’t see people listening to this going into the winter season and new year. For me, it got old really fast…Still respect her talent and I hope next time she’ll have the album that truly brings her back to mainstream limelight.

  5. blue July 12, 2013

    still waiting for the post to explain that mess of a post that poll star chart was…tgj posting fabricated charts now…do your homework sam!!!!!

  6. jump July 12, 2013

    All these haters are calling cici a flop…
    nobody expected her to do 100k in album sales
    shes building her name back.

    and we got 2 singles on their way to certifications!!

    TURN UP!

    • Rosie July 12, 2013

      Are you illiterate? All predictions said 55-65k.

  7. blue July 12, 2013

    although i dont see it helping much im pleased cici is promoting her project kelly and xtina could learn a lot from her…give your best till the very end, if it flops its not on her…

  8. cake like lady gaga July 12, 2013

    its nice.

  9. #DirtyLaundry July 12, 2013

    Oh Cici you gotta do better these songs are a mess

    • jump July 12, 2013

      lol and whats kelly doing?
      where is she on the charts?


      • bow down b****** July 12, 2013

        B**** Kelly is doing x factor collecting them checks now the question is what will cici be doing after her album flops & no ones checking for the t***** don’t come for princess Kelly

    • jump July 12, 2013

      kelly has been in the game since the 90s and DEMI and Paulina rubio are making more than her.

      did you mean welfare checks?

      • bow down b****** July 12, 2013

        making more than ciaras man ass tho

      • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

        That was WEAK @BowDownBitches
        Back to the drawing board with you ….

        when will you queens stop with the man rumors. Lol that s*** is late, not even an insult anymore, never was.

        You wish you knew a Fem queen as real as Ciara…. all you t***** friends #CouldNevah

        It tickles me from the fact thats what Ciara haters result to EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  10. Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

    I love Ciara, I hope she goes on tour.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 13, 2013

      *Plays One Night Man*

  11. blue July 12, 2013

    another question if all other rnb chicks are pulling the same numbers, how exactly is cici pulling those exact numbers flopping? the logic in this place sometimes frightens me…

    • jump July 12, 2013

      and comparing to BI

      they throw the word flop around like its nothing.

    • blue July 12, 2013

      like how do you trust a poll that tells you a person doing a stadium tour, averages 13k people per show?

      • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

        According on Billboard, Rihanna was grossing $1 million a night in the US, according to Pollstar, she was grossing $700K a night in the US LOL. Something is fishy…

      • blue July 12, 2013

        billboard has her at 31mil for her north american tour, and they had her at 23mil.

        also the numbers much like forbes are generated from what the artist camp tells them, and those artist who dont report get estimated…as the boxoffice editor Bradley Roger explained. they even explained that had rihanna reported in like beyonce, she might have gotten a more favorable position…

      • Lovebird (where’s the single heux?) July 12, 2013

        Someone posted this on another site,

        “Rihanna’s figures have to be inaccurate. I’m not sure if this has been pointed out, but the 31 shows of her first North American leg drew 408,020 spectators. do they expect us to believe that the 23 overseas shows that they included only drew 211,263 spectators? that would mean an average of only 9,185 people, and it’s pretty much a given that her 5 stadium shows in Paris, Cardiff, London and Dublin drew at least 50,000 spectators each.”

        So I agree, Rihanna’s figures are way off.

      • blue July 12, 2013

        lol…wonder how the bey stans that were having a field day in that post will feel once they see the final numbers…seeing as bey reported hers we know for a fact she is at 55mil or was it 56mil, riri is still unknown all we know is that is is def over 50mil

  12. bow down b****** July 12, 2013


  13. Prince Carter Fenty July 12, 2013

    Flop !!! She already released about 15 singles and they all flopped. RIP Ciara’s career.

    • bow down b****** July 12, 2013

      Lmao exactly shes so desperate to make a comeback yet she hasn’t realized that the GP isnt checking for her

      • blue July 12, 2013

        so what? should she give up? then what would that achieve?

        b**** knows her situation and is attempting to change it, and whatever the outcome she but 110% into it…the GP aint gonna be checking for her if she is at home spread curled up on the floor crying about what used to be

    • jump July 12, 2013

      damn you guys are faster than a cici stan to comment on a post about her!!!!!

  14. TheHive July 12, 2013

    FLOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!.. And for the person who said she selling 100k…. ummmm.. where??????? please let me know cause we all kno she doin 55k.

    • blue July 12, 2013

      learn to read and not just bat those soulless meat balls open and shut… the person said “nobody expected her to do 100k in album sales”
      meaning if nobody expected her to do 100k then the numbers she is doing are fine, its not like we all expected her to pull in 200k and is only gonna do 65k…difference

    • bow down b****** July 12, 2013

      lmao she’ll do 58k max kiiiii

      • blue July 12, 2013

        untill the numbers come in i will like to be optimistic and quote the higher region of her predicted sales

  15. Rosie July 12, 2013

    Can’t even hit 70k with as much promo as Titty Perry.
    F L O P

    • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

      The fact that you dont realize that DelTaco was meant to be a clone of Katy…..


      • Rosie July 13, 2013

        And that Cedric was supposed to be an urban clone of Rihfund this era and still couldn’t sell.
        F L O P

  16. Tamar Stan July 12, 2013


    • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

      Hows PushBackBraxton doing on the charts hun?

  17. gg boo 4 u July 13, 2013

    Okayy..phenomenal to u…but not to the person who said it was just ok..which it is at best. I give it 2 out of 5 stars. Average oversexed recycled material. .

  18. JER July 13, 2013

    Maybe Cerror shouldnt have spent all her money on paying thatflopjuice to promote her then she could afford to make a decent video

    • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

      What she is releasing are TEASERS/SNIPPETS, You know, visuals to accompany the audio. Ciara said herself, Only a moron would call these FULL release videos. as if 1-2 min visuals could even be considered by Billboard or RIAA

      Its obvious these were all shot on the same days as Im Out, notice some of the same backdrops and sets..

      F***** Idiots

  19. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 13, 2013

    I see the bird is still pressed that the queen outgrossed her s***** basic fave…
    Aint no Tamar stan calling cici a flop. Your fave is a definition of a FLOP!!!

    Good job ciara….
    I see You!!

    • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

      OKAY, That Tamartian tried it

      No matter how many times Ms. Braxton pushes back her album, Keeps stealing from the Gays, and from Beyonce…..

      She’ll NEVER be Toni Braxton, Or do, what big sis has done.

      She should just give up. this game is not for her, or that silicon face.

      • Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 13, 2013

        She wants to have her sisters status which will never happen.
        She was even helped by Lady Gaga to get that no #1 on Itunes. We had to download her s***** single just because Lady gaga asked us…
        She’s also a Gimmick!
        Her fans shouldn’t call anyone a FLOP!

  20. Boss July 13, 2013

    U kno she doin somethin rite if she gt a gang of haters coming to her post to call her a flop

  21. MusicLover July 13, 2013

    Again this song wasn’t her best. She was trying to hard in her snippet video. I know that Ciara doesn’t rap but her rapping wasn’t that great.

    • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

      Shes not a rapper, so that would make sense.

      She was having fun on a track.

      Like me saying your not a good critic. #GTFOH

  22. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 13, 2013

    Hit Singles Potentials for CIARA are ?


    1.Where you Go (can be Body Party pt.2 or somethin’ like she can continue the story she started in the first music video, trust this will be great), her relationship with future is a sure “Buzz”…..

    2. Livin’ It Up (Again, you have those 2 and they made a video already, i need to do it again for this one, but only in a different Set)

    3. Overdose (I’m sick of talking about that one already)


    Other Songs are better as Fillers and best when you play the album without skipping a track.

    good album, but the promo started to be messy now and like she has a diarrhea of videos, also it is like she sampled them all in “I’m Out” MV . Budget problem, cici ?

  23. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 13, 2013

    Good points…. I do see potential in her she’s a great performer she can just like Janet Jackson she just needs diversity in her music to win many audiences…
    Janet wasn’t the greatest singer but she had lot of audiences, that is why she was so successful. Ciara still can be great if she just gets new writers and producers…
    She can get hit top 10 singles and headline Festivals effortlessly…
    She really needs a Ballad can be Pop with Urban and Folk Elements.
    She is talented something that is lacking to the current pop stars!

  24. Remey July 13, 2013

    Honestly, it feels likes she was trying to pull of Beyonce’s B-Day anthology. But it’s not working correctly. It’s just getting messy and out of control. She should have just pushed “I’m Out” or preferably “Living It Up” or “Where She Go”…..them promoted that for a minute. I wouldn’t have pushed up the “video anthology” part of the promo until she went on tour later this year.

    However, I do like the intensity of promo she’s doing. It’s working.

    • IDK July 13, 2013

      You say its all going wrong but at the same time say its working ?!?!? smh. ok.

  25. WE ALL AGREED BEY PEAKED July 13, 2013

    This song is a mess just like ratchet or bow down(my career is over)

  26. Sucre July 13, 2013


    • FutureCIARA July 13, 2013

      You’ve #LostIT b****.

      Although i agree with you to some very small degree.

      Just tone it down a bit girl

  27. MusicLover July 13, 2013

    @FutureCiara mind your own business. I know that Ciara is not a rapper no duh. If you don’t have anything to say then why don’t you GTFOH. Ciara was trying hard in this video snippet. I like 2 songs from ciara album. I’m out and Livin it up. For the rest of the songs i don’t care most of them because they weren’t really that great.

  28. bibi93 July 14, 2013

    We love U Ciara!!

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