Eternal Eye Comeback? Louise Redknapp Addresses ‘Big Reunion’ Reports

Published: Tuesday 6th Aug 2013 by David

With Urban music struggles to find credible footing in the UK today,  it may be hard for some to believe that an R&B quartet once stood at the forefront of the nation’s Pop scene, alongside the force that was the Spice Girls.

Eternal….the four piece band that rocked to the top of the British charts with 1 Quadruple Platinum album, and a run that saw each and every one of the singles peak no lower than Top 20- a feat, that’s all too telling of their undisputed run at the top.

Now, 13 years after parting ways, former member Louise Redknapp has opened up on reports the group are to reunite on the hit ITV show ‘The Big Reunion’.

Her explanation below…

Documenting the journey of groups as they plot their reunions, ‘The Big Reunion‘ found itself linked to Eternal when reports indicated the group had signed on to star in its next series.

However, in an interview given to ‘Mail Online’, Louise (who left the group in ’95) explained:

‘They have asked about Eternal getting back together, I haven’t spoken to any of the other girls but I don’t know if the knee pad days are over. We used to always wear kneepads and big boots. It was great, but I can’t see the four of us ever reuniting. I can’t see us really doing it all again now.’

‘It would be great, if we could do something where it wasn’t a ‘reunited, big thing’ and actually we just went back into the studio and it worked in an organic natural way then great, but I couldn’t see us doing it for a TV programme or anything, no.’

Though the group struggled to match their British success in the US, the notoriety in Europe and Asia makes them-by any standard- one of the UK’s most celebrated exports.

Unfortunately, as is oft the case, very few music listeners who weren’t around during their run are simply unaware of them, which is why heading to ‘Reunion’ wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

For, while it’d force them to address issues they’d much rather steer clear from, it’d also help them to repackage their brand and drive home the impact they had to the show’s viewers, recapturing the gaze of their old fan base while introducing themselves to a new one.

Then, even if they decide not to take their reunion any further than the show’s cameras, the girls could opt for a new ‘Greatest Hits’ release and use its momentum to launch fresh television careers, a la Sharon Corr and Mica Paris.

Recognise the last song?

Peep Monica‘s  1998 cover of the jam below!


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  1. Leon August 6, 2013

    They need to do this and squash the beef!

    • Jonathan Gardner August 8, 2013


      I can’t imagine it can be worse than the Honeyz!

      Poor Celena had to deal with being dropped twice because of members leaving and has reunited with them!

  2. JanetXone August 6, 2013

    Yes girls. COME BACK TO US.

    • clair212 August 6, 2013

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  3. DC34Ever August 6, 2013

    Love em.

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