Mariah Mania: ‘You’re Mine’ Video To Debut Tomorrow / Trey Songz Duet Confirmed

Published: Tuesday 11th Feb 2014 by Sam

Mariah Carey is playing approximately no games with her comeback campaign.

Fresh from announcing new single ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ and the release date of its parent album yesterday, the diva has this morning unveiled more details – including info on the clip’s official video(s) and remix.

Titillating tea awaits after the jump…

In an action packed press release, it was revealed that two versions of ‘Mine’ will blast off to radio tomorrow (Feb 12th) – the original and a remix with R&B crooner Trey Songz.

That’s not all.

A duo of videos for the Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins production will be premiered this week; the first (for the solo version) will be debuted on MTV tomorrow (Feb 12th) at 7:50pm ET, while Mariah will visit BET’s 106 & Park on Valentine’s Day (Friday Feb 14th) to unwrap the clip for the Songz assisted remix. Both were shot in Puerto Rico’s El Yungue National Rain Forest.

The first televised performance of the track will air during the BET Honors on February 24th. Filmed in Washington DC this past weekend, Carey earned a standing ovation for her showing.



Work Mimi!

It’s clear ample thought and marketing muscle have gone into the roll-out of this song and video. Should the single be good (which, after previewing, we’re almost certain it will), we hope the grand launch pays off.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Boy Toy February 11, 2014

    I’m only checking for Trey. Yummy 🙂

  2. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    Yea, watever! I will believe it, when I see it.

    Also, I will believe it when I hear it…


  3. Ant February 11, 2014

    Hahahahaha yesssssss!!!!! When Mimi rolls out a single she ROLLS that ish out PROPER!!! I love it! After hearing the low quality snippet that’s floating around the web for the last couple days I can already tell this is gonna be a JAM! Bring it on Mariah!

  4. Suicide Blonde February 11, 2014

    J.Lo’s iconic pose.

  5. Micks February 11, 2014

    Oh no not corny ass Trey songs

  6. Hur February 11, 2014

    I love Mariah Carey! let her be great!

  7. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    The QUEEN is slaying me with all this promo! YASS

    Bxitch you BETTER DELIVER THIS TIME! This needs to at least reach TOP 10!

    Do NOT disappoint me QUEEN!

  8. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    Jlo and iconic is an oxymoron!

  9. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    I CANNOT wait… see how it FLOPS. Better lock in that payola deal Boxriah, that’s the only thing your career has relied on ever since Tommy made the radio “connections”.

  10. YEA February 11, 2014

    FLOP & PAYOLA! Somebody please come get this Cow.

  11. Ant February 11, 2014

    Hahahaha the haters are so pressed! I’m gonna start calling ya’ll “panini’s” cause ya’ll are PRESSED!

  12. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    What Queen is Mimi of exactly? Queen of PAYOLA? YES MOST DEFINITELY.

    You delusional lambs kill me.

  13. JOHNVIDAL February 11, 2014

    What the actual f***? A video tomorrow too? YAaaaaaaaaaassss Mariah! I´m really excited now. Reminds me of #beautiful promo, which was on point at first. You know, her only other real single, which went platinum in a acouple of months. Slay legend!

  14. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    ^^with PAYOLA

  15. JB102 February 11, 2014

    She basically needs to try and get in Tommy’s married pants again. He was the only one who could make her successful.

  16. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    You know why do people usually HATE?

    They HATE because they feel threatened. They feel insecure.

    It’s understandable that the BIGGEST SELLING FEMALE artist of ALL TIME is making you feel threatened and insecure about YOUR FLOP FAVES insignificant careers.


    *sips martini*

    *smiles shadily*

  17. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    As long as yall keep talking about the QUEEN, I’m HAPPY !

    phahaha *sips cherry vodka on the rocks*

    *smokes cigars on ice, cigars on ice*

  18. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    THUMBS UP this comment if you think that LOVEBIRD needs to GET A LIFE!!

  19. YEA February 11, 2014

    200 Million Records sold my ass. More like half of those 200 million were bought. I read how Tommy even lowered a lot of her #1 singles down to 30 cents. This b**** been scathing by for too long. She’ll never measure up to Whitney, Madonna and Celine. Cheap Payola W****.

  20. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    Don’t forget the b**** has been unable to sing since 1995, some vocalist.

  21. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 11, 2014

    I. Am. Ready.


  22. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    If it wasn’t for Tommy’s payola and clever marketing, people would have noticed those vocal struggles since 95.

    But alas, a ManRiah performance needs either a very loud backtrack or a very loud choir to mask those struggles.

    No one even remembers those #1s, definition of forgettable boring basic microwavable music.

  23. NoLove February 11, 2014

    ^Sit. Read books. And learn history.

    U need it THAT much…

  24. Alan February 11, 2014

    You know she’s coming back to show them how it’s done.
    Nearly 25 years in the game and the still got this much hype. Living LEGEND.
    Bring it home MC show these crusty ass wannabe divas how it’s done

  25. Bey Fan February 11, 2014

    so the video and the song will be released tomorrow… I can dig it.

  26. ToniFace February 11, 2014

    For a woman competing with young acts… she a warrior.

  27. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    I want to know what will LOVEBIRD achieve today February 11, 2014 in his HUMAN LIFE?!

    What productive, proactive, worthwhile thing you did today LOVEBIRD?

    What a fxucking loser? I can never understand HATERS, they will remain losers for the rest of their lives.

  28. KLEEEEEE February 11, 2014




  29. Suryesley February 11, 2014

    Cannot Wait!!!

  30. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    You mean she dumped him after she was done using him like the parasite she has always been?

  31. YEA February 11, 2014

    Preach LoveBird! Even when Whitney was on drugs her voice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Payoliah 95 thru 2000,

  32. YEA February 11, 2014

    Its more like Mariah Carey and her Discounted/Payola Number Ones. No wonder the music industry never recognizes her supposedly achievements. People rarely refer to her as anything iconic, like Whitney and Madonna.

  33. ROSEGOLD February 11, 2014

    Stop comparing Whitney and Mariah. It’s not 1995.

  34. QueenMinaj February 11, 2014

    Mariah’s career has been in trouble ever since the emergence of iTunes that no longer allowed Tommy to 49cent her way to #1 like back in the 90’s. Record store managers even confirmed that he used to put barcodes to her singles on other Sony artist releases just to manipulate her songs up the charts.

  35. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    I like that all the information on the Tommy/Mariah dirty dealing is coming out.

    Expose the b****.

  36. ??? February 11, 2014

    Top 20 Biggest Selling Female Artists of the 21st Century

    1. BRITNEY SPEARS-23,841,000
    2. Taylor Swift-21,231,000
    3. Norah Jones-18,442,000
    4. Alicia Keys-17,637,000
    5. Christina Aguilera-17,274,000
    6. Beyonce-14,716,000
    7. Mariah Carey-14,660,000
    8. Carrie Underwood-14,575,000
    9. Pink-14,570,000
    11.Mary J. Blige-12,040,000
    13.Jennifer Lopez-10,888,000
    15.Celine Dion-9,459,000
    16.Lady Gaga-9,415,000
    18.Susan Boyle-8,158,000
    19.Whitney Houston-7,957,000
    20.Janet Jackson-7,794,000

    (Total combined U.S. album sales)

  37. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    I’m laughing at you hating ass bxitches because you are GENUINELY MAD and PRESSED of Mariah’s UNTOUCHABLE Success! LMAOOO

    NO ONE takes you seriously TROLLS,oop

    But YAS keep talking and commenting MORE about the Queen!!! DO that sxhit


  38. YEA February 11, 2014

    Rosegold I guessed you missed the name Madonna? I can do whatever I want. Plus WH is the meaning of Legendary and Iconic! Not no Payola b****.

  39. Ant February 11, 2014

    LMFAOOOOO!!!!! I live for moments like this! So let me get this straight; Mariah’s sales have been in decline since the advent of iTunes because her label can’t “buy” her records no more? That actually makes ZERO sense whatsoever! “We Belong Together” sold MILLIONS of digital copies. “Don’t Forget About Us” sold millions of digital copies. “Touch My Body” sold millions of digital copies. “Obsessed” sold millions of digital copies. “#Beautiful” sold well over a million digital copies. And let’s not even get started on “All I Want For Christmas is You” which has sold millions of digital copies since the advent of iTunes. Mariah’s only really had 3 studio albums since iTunes became popular so your theory is a NON-FACTOR! Blooooop! Next?

  40. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    Mariah is more relevant than MANdonna, DEADney Houston to today’s generation and that what’s matters.

    She will slay those basic h*** like she always had done.

  41. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    Mariah has sold more DIGITAL DOWNLOAD including iTunes and Amazon than WHOREdonna and CRACKney Houston



  42. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy perry DO NOT HAVE a higher selling album than THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI which was released in 2005 when iTunes emerged !

    *LOVES IT*

  43. L21480 February 11, 2014

    Mariah is a bad mix of Whitney Houston, Taylor Dayne, Mary J. Blige and Britney Spears all rolled into one hideous package.

  44. Dontdoit February 11, 2014

    Receipts for these accusations?

  45. ROSEGOLD February 11, 2014

    @YEA I prefer Whitney to Mariah too but the beef is soooo 90’s. Let it go.

  46. Young February 11, 2014

    These Mariah haters need to find some serious chill. When will you get it? You can not compete.

    MC stays winning and paid for life, coz she wrote her own songs. You won’t see our girl sweat. Quit it now. Enjoy the music or move on with your life. POW!!!

  47. YEA February 11, 2014

    Yesssss Expose this Payola b**** @ Queen Minaji! I already knew it. When Tommy was in her life. It was like day and night selling records. She droppped tremendously in record sells once he left. Foggy B****.

  48. ROSEGOLD February 11, 2014

    “DEADney Houston,” REALLY? I don’t usually do this ever but Whitney could slay Mariah’s shot vocals from the grave honey. Mariah can have her trendiness and hit-chasing, while Whitney will forever be THE VOICE! 🙂


  49. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    Mariah is giving the kids FACE in above pic. She looks good in the above pic…..Yass ma’am Mrs Mariah

  50. BUArising February 11, 2014

    Mariah didn’t write her own songs. She’s been sued countless times over songs: Sent From Up Above, Emotions, Can’t Let Go, Make It Happen, Hero, Fantasy, Honey, My All, Thank God I Found You.

    Sony would make deals with independent songwriters to buy their songs for a one time flat rate, then give them to Mariah who would then claim full writing and publishing credit for these compositions that she didn’t write at all.

  51. YEA February 11, 2014

    Write all the essays u want @ Ant. The fact is you stan for a Payola B****.

  52. Super Cisus February 11, 2014

    F*** Boxriah with her fat drunk ass!!! Whitney > Slutriah any day

  53. MC!!! February 11, 2014

    SHES COMING FOR BLOOD! that promo game is everything i like how shes using the television route for her videos

  54. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    This went from Mariah new single and video coming out to Whitney Houston. You people never seem to stay on topic.

    Let the Lambs have their moment. Damn!!!!!!

  55. Tina Clayton Lord February 11, 2014

    Every time Mariah is about to release a new song, her stans make the same comments about how she’s about to “slay” or is “coming for blood” and yada yada. And yet that hasn’t happened in YEARS. You said she would slay with Up In My Face…didn’t happen. You said she would slay with Oh Santa…didn’t happen. You said she would slay with Triumphant…didn’t happen. You said she would slay with Almost Home…didn’t happen. You said she would slay with Beautiful…didn’t happen. You said she would slay with The Art of Letting Go…didn’t happen.

    You keep saying it, and it keeps not happening.

  56. MINAJ FRIDAY February 11, 2014


  57. YEA February 11, 2014

    Whitney was an was an Walking Living Legend before she died. Everybody and their grandma was touched by her voice. Can’t say the same for that Payola B****. Why is it that Payolaiah has over 10 studio albums and has sold over 200 million records supposedly. While Whitney has only 6 studio albums and has amassed over 200 million records sold. Lol Payolaiah has never been on The Great Whitney Level. If she wouldn’t have paid for all those bought records. She would be around 100 million sold.

  58. MINAJ FRIDAY February 11, 2014


  59. Suicide Blonde February 11, 2014

    How you f****** dare?, Haynes on your avi, his ass belongs to me, mine, mine b****!

  60. YEA February 11, 2014

    Whitney Houston 6 studio albums 200 Million >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Payolaiah 10 studio albums 200 million supposedly

  61. Qbaby February 11, 2014

    Lord you kids have been brainwashed by all off this bad music til the pint where you don’t have a clue about what good music is! As I read these comments, I can’t help but notice that the people behind it are young fools that are between the ages of 14 and 22. Mariah carey will be Mariah carey regurdkess if all the negativity so stop waiting your time. If you can put all that energy into a blog, that means you still have a chance at life to do something better!

  62. Spongebob Squareriah February 11, 2014

    Ewwwww she has no shape or vocals

  63. Bey Fan February 11, 2014

    I dunno why…but these comments have me rolling…LMAO

    I dont know anything about this Tommy and Payola scandal…

    I do know that Daydream is my favorite album. And her voice was pure magic. Not as captivating as Whitney’s but Mariah was definitely a great vocalist.

  64. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    I spill those T’s a while back on a Rihanna post about Tommy and Payola.

  65. MC!!! February 11, 2014

    beautiful WAS successful and if the art of letting go was released on actual radio it wouldve done way better. Mariahs promoting the hell out of this song it will SLAY!! but as always the haters always “worried” but in reality theyre mad.

  66. Todd February 11, 2014

    Cant wait ! And all this hate… for what?

  67. IStanForYourFav February 11, 2014

    A) Don’t bring Whitney in this because she too (like Celine & Madonna and etc) used Payola only their hits are secretly bought. Hell didn’t Madonna use Clear Channel for the flop MDNA and even combine tickets with the CD sales. Isn’t L. A. responsible for Toni Braxton’s success? Didn’t Clive Davis take full responsibility for Whitney’s career and all is even after her death? Didn’t Tommy apologize to Mariah for controlling and beating the f*** out of her??? I thought so… B) RIP Whitney. Today is the day she passed. C) So sad you’re all too delusional to see that Mariah HAS NOTHING to do with WH at all. Nicki doing rituals right after her death at the Grammy’s; Monica & Brandy passing notes and throwing Bamophet signs and cutting ties with Whitney on their t-shirt but yet Mariah is the one who people put their attention towards? Eh. Ight. D) Mariah is the most important range and pop of the music industry & Whitney is the most important power and soul of the music industry. E) Mariah didn’t need Tommy, Tommy needed her. That’s why he purposely signed Celine Dion to come to America under his control and promoted JLo to the maximum when he lost control of MC. She started smoking and etc. I’m sure that’s what agitated those nodules starting in 1997. She sounded fine starting when she won the 1998 Billboard Award for the most #1’s which still hasn’tbeen beat. F) I can go on all day. But no matter who your fav is A MAN is responsible for the success or beginning success of their career. I.E. Beyoncé: JayZ & Matthew Ciara: Lil John & Jazzy Phae & etc. SO in the end, MC is still legend and a few months away from 25 years plus with every album being multiplatinum. Sucks to be your fav on the opposite side. #L4L B******. PEACE!!

  68. Phatty February 11, 2014

    I wish Adele would come back and put this boring flop b**** outta her misery

  69. NONONO February 11, 2014

    No one cares, it will flop for sure.

  70. IStanForYourFav February 11, 2014

    AND one more thing, Whitney has over 6 albums, she has 4 soundtracks, one which is the top selling, and more including an EP, and like 4 more post death Greatest Hits compilations. She is not at 200 million, she’s probably at 195 or so. Mariah has like 13 albums, 2 Greatest Hits compilations, and that’s about it. She is over 200 million. Some say 250 million, but I wouldn’t say all that. Maybe 230 is appropriate because like Nippy, their earlier albums are not certified correctly. Same for Janet and Madonna. I believe Madonna to be at no more than 260 tops. She has been flopping in and out (by her standards) since Erotica. Real talk. And Janet at least sold 150 million. All and all they are all amazing.

    And for the Gimmicki fan above, your fav can’t rap, sing, or dance. She walks around looking like an Asian blow up doll with down syndrome. Her second “album” flopped and hasn’t even sold half of MOAIA which is MC’s lowest selling album in her 20+ year career. And if WH is better than MC who is an talented, gifted songwriter & vocalist even to date, then how much more better is Whitney than Nicki Minaj? I feel awful for putting the two in the same comment section. Have several 10 times over. If you tookthe two weeks it takes for Nicki to recover from her fake ass and used it to find yourself, you wouldn’t be on here. STFU.

    Why is “Lovebird” still chirping? I thought the DoDo bird been extinct for decades… Well you learn something new everyday.

  71. IStanForYourFav February 11, 2014

    Why are people making multiple accounts to shade MC? Lol. The impact of a Queen. And btw Adele’s favorite diva is Mariah. #Fact.

  72. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    YAS, I’m LOVING this!! Write dem comments GIRLS, pour it up, pout it up.



    *sips whiskey & redbull*

  73. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014

    Yall know VORTEXriah is coming for blood when haters are SEETHING and making multiple account to hate.

    Oooop, Mariah did it again!

    What a legend, what a Queen, what an Icon!!! SLAYriah GODrey

  74. BeyIsKing (Mrs. Carter Show 2014 – 10 Days left) February 11, 2014

    The LQ sounds really good. This song will be a hit.

  75. YEA February 11, 2014

    Lies! Adele stans for Beyonce. I haven’t heard hardly anyone of this generation say Payolaiah was the one they looked up to. Majority are Whitney and MJ. Payolaih is hardly remembered at all. People only really reference her to those bought number one singles. Still the fact remains Whitney sold more records with less albums. Don’t you lambs ever wonder why Payola never gets the attention Madonna and Whitney did?? The record industry knows about the payola. Mariah lost the one thing she had other than those bought number ones a decade ago. That voice.

  76. YEA February 11, 2014

    Yea the single will sell because of her on going payola connections but the album will certainly and surely FLOP. #THE END

  77. elihkyh February 11, 2014

    All I have to say is HATER gonna hate let the bitchs with no JOB no life hate thats all thay have to keep from killing them selve…..mariah is the DIVA and thay can’t take it…..beyonce ass mad a deal with the devil we all know her CD sells are fake she been trying to get a 1 album from the start of her solo career and then out of no where she sells all these CD but still can’t get a 1 sigle and u hating ass sad as no job no life having ass’s got the nerve to say mariah is paying for her CD’S b**** boom get it over with and KILL YOUR SELVE’S now watch this be beyonces only CD to sell that much….STUPID people just make me sick…

  78. Lovebird February 11, 2014


    Colton is mine.

  79. Common Sense February 11, 2014

    DEATH @ stans of trash like Rihanna, Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj even showing their silly little heads off in a thread of a legitimate artist. Hopefully Mariah stays focused and promotes this single and tries to get this album out on schedule now.

    @Lovebird You stan for Rihanna babe, you calling anyone else’s singles “microwavable music” is the definition of pot calling the kettle black. Not to mention people constantly cover all of Mariah’s music all over the world. When was the last time you heard ANYONE cover anything by R******?

  80. elihkyh February 11, 2014


  81. Music Stan(y’all know who I Stan 4) February 11, 2014

    I’ve find it quite comical how the Navy keeps throwing the word “Payola” around lol I think Mariah has proven over the years without Tommy she can sale (I’m not a fan of her nowadays but back then I love her) She sold millions without the help of ITunes or having a “fraud ratchet ass image” unlike Rihanna… She did this without needing help from shady ass blogs like this to help promote her music, she also has one think that Rihanna doesn’t have “A Voice” yea her voice isn’t what it use to be now but back then Mariah could belt those notes!!!! With all Rihanna’s number one it starting to look fishy to me since her fanbase are throwing the word “Payola” out there vas love accusing Talented ppl for stealing her style and sound, but it seem to me that same thing you are claiming that ppl are doing to Rih, she is doing herself…. Rihanna style and image is a mixture of KELIS and Fe Fe Dobson but Rih didn’t pay them or acknowledge that did she??? Nope!!! Beyoncé and Mariah both have vocals and sell tons of more music than Rihanna but y’all claim they buy their way to the top!!! Hmmmmm Rihanna voice sounds like a drowning cat being prepare for orange chicken at the nearest Kim lang restaurant but she has a list of number ones??? Sound like Payola to me!!!!! She sell singles but never albums…. Hmmmmm that sound like payola to me!!! I thought the singles are suppose to make ppl want to buy the album not just the single it took her seven try to get one number one album hmmmmmm sounds like payola to me!!! I think the Navy might want to take a seat before throwing a shady word such as “Payola” around cause all the fingers are pointing at ur fave just fact and truth!!!! And why are y’all bringing Whitney into it on her anniversary of her death let the woman rest please

  82. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    But of course touch my body is ground breaking isn’t it @Common Sense?

    Heartbreaker must be that timeless classic no?

  83. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    A legitimate artist is Janet Jackson who didn’t need payola and Tommy’s shady dealings to create a legacy for herself.

    Payolariah is all smoke and mirrors.

  84. Music Stan February 11, 2014

    But does Rihanna payola too???? I mean the chick release seven album and only one went to number… All those singles she release and only one number one album….. Sounds a little payola to me if u ask

  85. Britt Bratt February 11, 2014

    Who even remembers most of Mariah’s forgettable #1 hits?
    -Vision Of Love
    -One Sweet Day
    -Always Be My Baby
    -We Belong Together
    I can’t even remember half of those forgettable ass shits

  86. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    Interesting you should say that. I’ve been wondering how DIL hit #2 last week.

    NY Times

    NEW YORK — To disguise a payoff to a radio programmer at KHTS in San Diego, Epic Records called a flat-screen television a “contest giveaway.” Epic, part of the music giant Sony BMG Music Entertainment, used the same gambit in delivering a laptop computer to the program director of WRHT in Greenville, North Carolina. He also received a PlayStation 2 console and an out-of-town trip with his girlfriend.

    In another case, a Sony executive considered a plan to promote the song “A.D.I.D.A.S.,” by Killer Mike by sending radio disc jockeys one Adidas sneaker, with the promise of the second one when they had played the song 10 times.

    The gifts, described in a settlement with Sony BMG that was announced Monday by Eliot Spitzer, the New York State attorney general, exemplify what Spitzer called a broad effort by the recording industry to gain the favor of radio station programmers in exchange for promises to play specific songs

    Sony also agreed to pay a $10 million fine, to be distributed to nonprofit organizations that promote music education; to follow new policies governing its efforts to cajole programmers; and to tighten its monitoring of how its promotional dollars are spent.

    The state investigation found that Sony BMG, which releases music by Jennifer Lopez, Good Charlotte and Beyoncé Knowles, among others, had provided stations with entertainers for station-affiliated concerts or paid for station equipment or other bills in exchange for having its songs played. It also provided vacations and electronic goods for on-air giveaways in a direct trade for airplay. And it hired independent promoters to funnel money to stations.

  87. Theifonce “Puppet of the Enlightened” February 11, 2014

    “A legitimate artist is Janet Jackson”?

    The same chick who constantly talks about s** and will forever live in Micheal’s shadow?

  88. Britt Bratt February 11, 2014

    Every successful artist has used payola at some point in their careers, but it just dawned on me how forgettable a lot of Mariah’s #1s really are.

  89. YEA February 11, 2014

    3 FLOPS in a Row are coming. Hmm….The lambs must have been broke the last two eras? I hope they have their coins togather for this one. 3 flops in a row! Queen my ass lol

  90. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    Great Read and No it’s no shade towards Mariah: Schooling the kids on Payola:

    So have you ever wondered why one specific song keeps playing on the radio over and over again? Sometimes we listen to the radio and wonder how is it possible that this song keeps on hitting the top spots? This is because of the powerful “payola”. The word payola comes from a combination of “pay” and “victrola” record players. So what exactly is payola? Well, payola is the illegal practice of payment by record companies for the broadcasting of songs on radio. Record companies simply give a copy of the record perhaps along with a hundred dollar bill, laptops, digital cameras, ticket to a famous game, walkman, a cruise ticket, and many other expensive pleasures. However record companies were banned from offering valuables to radio stations in 1960. It was U.S federal law that made it a crime with a $10 000 fine and a year in prison. The more times the radio plays a song, the more the audience is going to have to listen to it. The number of times a song is played can influence the popularity of the song. Payola is like food manufacturers paying for shelves in grocery stores.

    Mariah Carey’s “Touch my body” was released on Feb.12th on radio and is her 18th chart-topper. It has passed Elvis Presley for the most No.1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and also now is second to the Beatles. She says “I didn’t do this. This is not me. It is the grace of God.” Could it be that “payola” is something to thank as well? An issue to consider is, did Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” make it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart because “payola” was involved? In Elvis’ time they had to SELL the most copies to be on top instead of having the song being played on the radio with the possibility of payola involved. The music industry would do anything just for their record to be on tops and to make money.

    An article from Feb.13th 2004 proves that payola is used. It says “…Gave a Jessica trip to WKSE to secure Jessica spins and switch foot.” Jessica also known as Jessica Simpson, for whom SONY laid big bucks to turn her into a star.

    Another issue to think about is how Jennifer Lopez’s song “Get Right” did and “I’m real” become such a hit. It is obvious that it was “bought”. The record companies paid radio stations to play the song “get right” and that is how it gained popularity. However it is your opinion.

    SONY BGM Music Entertainment was caught engaging in the illegal practices of payola, after a year long investigation by New York state attorney general, Eliot Spitzer. One of the documents they found was a bribe that took place at New York’s WKSE-FM station where the employees got plane tickets to New York, Miami, and Florida in exchange for playing Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m real”. Now think about it, the song you listen to on the radio, are they really being voted for or are they randomly shuffled by radios? Now Sony BMG is ordered to pay $10-million for the use of payola. State attorney General, Eliot Spitzer says “Radio stations are airing music because they are paid to do so in a way that has not been disclosed to the public,” The attorney general says they found evidence such as demanded documents, emails, and other materials from companies such as Warner Music, Universal Music Group and EMI that Sony BMG paid for vacation packages for radio programmers. Sony hired independent promoters to pay radio’s to get more airplay for records.
    The $10 million will be distributed to non-profit groups supporting music education.

  91. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    DEADDDDDD At LoveBird saying s*** about Mariah Carey…


    Rihanna is the walking truth of what is a SMOKE N MIRRORS artist..


    Mariah Carey proved with Butterfly, Rainbow & The Emancipation Of Mimi that she can have major success without the help of Tommy M…

    Also, Janet Jackson would’ve NEVER had no type of legendary success without the help of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

    Madonna also, was managed by Tommy M.. During the late 80s/90s Tommy had control over Mariah, Michael Jackson, Madonna & Celine Dions careers. He used PAYOLA FOR EVERYONE!!!!

    Mariah Carey was NOT the only artist using payola UNWILLINGLY by their shaddy labels

    Whitney Houston career would be NOTHING without about SHADDY CLIVE DAVIS…

    Clive Davis gave Whitney all those hits… Yes, Whitney could sang but that does not make you a success 50% of the time in the MUSIC BUSINESS..

    Clive Davis used payola for Whitney Houston & lowered her singles during the 80s. Remember when Nippy got 7 #1 hits in a row. THAT WAS BECAUSE OF WHAT CLIVE DAVIS HAD BUSINESS CONNECTIONS WITH RADIO & RETAILS just like Tommy M..

    Michael Jackson is another artist that record companies HYPED up his sales but the real sales were not even half of what they claimed. Like in 1995 when Tommy reported that HISTORY sold 7 million copies in 2 months but infact it was only around 3 million sold.

    Tommy M. is a very shaddy man! Just like 95% of the industry. Lets not act like Mariah Carey was the only artist FORCED into doing shaddy things…

    LoveBird, lets not act like Rihanna is this mad genius. 14 number 1 hits in 8 years is VERY shaddy…

  92. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    So now I wonder if all of Rihanna #1 are due to Payola!!!!

    To be real I think every artist has used some form of Payola……ALL

  93. Britt Bratt February 11, 2014

    A Mariah stan calling someone else box shaped???? Lollll the jokes write themselves

  94. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    But Rihanna has survived 3 billboard rule changes; Beyonce hasn’t considering her last number one was 5-6 years ago. That screams PAYOLA.

    Mariah doesn’t even hide her payola anymore, she does it openly now *looks at beautiful*

  95. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014



    Also, DEAD at that article saying Elvis Thiefly had to sell copies to top the charts. UMM HELLO ELVIS WAS A WHITE MAN SINGING & DANCING LIKE A BLACK DUDE WITH GOOD SONGS WRITTEN FOR HIM OF COURSE HE WAS GOING TO TOP THE HOT 100 RACIST charts during the 50s/60s LOL

    The Beatles used payola to gain their 20 nmumber 1 hits less than 10 years in the 60s. There record companies would pay stations to play their stuff all the time. Even after John Lennon said those comments about JESUS! & america started boycotting the Beatles records THEY STILL MANGED TO GET NUMBER ! HITS hmmm I wonder how PAYOLA!!!

  96. Theifonce “Puppet of the Enlightened” February 11, 2014

    “A Mariah stan calling someone else box shaped???? Lollll the jokes write themselves”?

    Lies. A box shape is the same thing as a rectangle shape which would mean you have no shape at all. Mariah holds most of her weight in her upper body(i.e. her large shoulders and breast) which would make her an inverted triangle not a box shape.

  97. BeyIsKing (Mrs . Carter Show 2014 – 9 Days Left) February 11, 2014

    Everyone should STFU Payola is used by EVERYONE. Period.

  98. Theifonce “Puppet of the Enlightened” February 11, 2014

    “But Rihanna has survived 3 billboard rule changes;”?

    Riherpes is a W****, of course she “survived”. She sucks all kinds of d*** just to get some type of success just like understudy Rita Flopora.

  99. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    But all of Rihanna #1 screams Payola….The irony of it all.

    Rihanna is the true definition of smoke and mirrors!!!!!! All day

  100. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    Lets be REAL honest! Alot of these STARS have lots of help!

    No ARTIST has EVER been extremely successful of off their talent alone.

    These artist have MACHINES BEHIND THEM!

  101. Theifonce “Puppet of the Enlightened” February 11, 2014

    I don’t understand how a Riherpes stan can even mention Payola when all of Riherpes’ generic fast food music was over-played and over-hyped to the extreme. You can tell she hasn’t been sucking d*** too much since her last album flopped so hard.

  102. Bey Fan February 11, 2014

    No ARTIST has EVER been extremely successful of off their talent alone.

    not even back in day. The music business is a BUSINESS… talent is not whats needed to be successful in the business.

    There are some artists who have the success and the talent to back it. But no artist has succeeded based of talent alone.

  103. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    The stans of Whitney, Mariah, and Beyonce all have something in common….. TALENT….Rihanna stans really need to cut it out. Y’all sound so damn stupid.(doo doo bird)

  104. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    If it wasn’t for Jay-Z, L.A Reid and a few others rihanna wouldn’t be where she is.

  105. Nelli February 11, 2014

    I don’t think rihanna has used payola anymore than anyone else. Her singles sell like hot cakes (4-5 million) and she gets 100-200million+ views on youtube and hella streams but people don’t want a whole body of work from her. Like Beyonce said, “it’s all about SINGLES these days”

  106. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    So touch my body and heartbreaker are groundbreaking timeless classics right?

    How do you shade Rihanna and stan for the queen of Payola Mariah herself. That is just hilarious.

  107. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    And ever since itunes gained traction, Beyonce’s payola stopped working. This is why single ladies is her last #1.

  108. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    Also, why do people bash Mariah Carey for being with a man like Tommy. Mariah new NOTHING about the industry. She was just a 19/20 year old girl comming off the streets with a few demo songs (Vision OF Love & Vanishing songs she wrote before even knowing Tommy).

    Mairah Carey had Tommy

    Whitney had Clive

    Janet had HER LAST NAME & Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis & Jo0e Jackson

    Celine had Renee’ (Her 100 year old husband)

    Beyonce had Mathew & Tommy Mottalo!

    Rihanna has JayZ, LA Ried (Who is VERY shaddy) & 100+ writters & producers & her make up team & stylist & hair stylist to hide that forehead!

    Jennifer had TOMMY Mottola (After he stopped manerging her career, she has not sold nothing!) Thats why J-Ho has 100000000 commericals & American Idol…

    Tommy even stole a idea/melody from Mariah & gave it to Jennifer which became “Im Real”…

  109. RICHIE_RICH February 11, 2014

    If Beyonce was using Payola like that,don’t you think she’ll have more #1 singles? Stop reaching for the stars, you stan for Rihanna for GOD sakes. What does Beyonce’ have to do with this post again? You just had to find some way to bring her up. Such a sad lonely f**. You’re life must really suck.

  110. Theifonce “Puppet of the Enlightened” February 11, 2014

    So steaming dog s*** songs like Umbrella and Rude boy(ironically involving being rough) which clearly took about a whole 5 min. to write, are considered great songs right?

    How dare you shade Queen Mimi and you stan for a goat sounding, alien forehead prostitute named Riherpes who fails at singing. That is just hilarious.

  111. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    LoveBird, you are so dumb!

    Beyonce’s songs Halo & If I Were A Boy were huge sellers & had radio airplay but they were blocked by other songs. Thats why Single Ladies was her last number 1…

    Also, aint nothing classic about Rude Boy, Whats MY NAme, Only Girl, S&M, We Found Love & The Monster so stop!

    10 years from now just like Mariah, Rihanna number 1 hits will be forgettable!

    We Found Love is already starting to sound like a generic dance song….

    Aint nothing classic about Rihanna & her PORNO/DEMONIC videos niether

  112. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    I never said Rihanna’s songs are timeless; you tried it though.

    I like that you admitted Mariah’s music like touch my body, heartbreaker… Etc are forgettable.

    Nothing timeless about Beyonce’s music. When the rules changed to reflect more of what consumers are listening to, Beyonce’s payola #1s ran out.

  113. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    Sony was slapped with a lawsuit and even admitted to payola, which they partly used on Beyonce’ according to the NY Times article.

  114. Theifonce “Puppet of the Enlightened” February 11, 2014

    But why is Cuntbird evaluating anyone’s career when the f** stans for Riherpes. Riherpes will forever be a lesser to both Beyonce and Mariah so there is no point in shading them. The only things that Riherpes will be remembered for is getting beat the f*** up by Chris brown, giving everyone a STD, and her try hard fashion.

  115. Toto February 11, 2014

    MC the MC !!!!

  116. Toto February 11, 2014

    Rumor Mill: Mariah to Help Bobbi Kristina Launch Career

    Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson are reportedly planning to help Bobbi Kristina Brown launch a singing career.

    Mariah Carey wants to help Bobbi Kristina Brown launch a pop career. The ‘Hero’ hitmaker and fellow former ‘American Idol’ judge Randy Jackson were close friends of Whitney Houston – who died in February 2012 – and have now vowed to do all they can to help her daughter achieve her musical ambitions.

    A source said: “Mariah and Randy were close friends of Whitney’s and were heartbroken after she died suddenly in 2012. They kept in touch. Now Randy has decided he wants to make a full court press to help Bobbi Kristina become a star – and Mariah told him she wanted in, too.

    “Mariah would love to step in and provide mentoring to BK because she and Randy have been so close and even worked together on last season’s ‘American Idol.’ They have years of music experience between them and will share all their knowledge with Bobbi Kristina.

    “Randy wants to move quickly and is presenting a plan for the potential star that gets her on the pop charts in under 12 months.”

    While 20-year-old Bobbi Kristina – whose father is singer Bobby Brown – is said to be very talented, she is cautious about venturing into the music world.

    The source added: “For her part, Bobbi Kristina is being extremely careful about her first steps into the pop singing world. She wants to be a singing star just like her mom, but she wants to be really careful about how she does it. Bobbi Kristina understands how important first impressions are when you release music.”

  117. Zenslayda February 11, 2014

    Queen zendaya will replace rihanna sorry!!! Shes younger cuter and a budding fashion icon stay mad navy

  118. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014


    *loves it*

    Her single will still be released tomorrow, with many radio appearances, radio deals, promotion, MTV deal, online marketing promotions.

    The Queen is coming biatch!


  119. DOSSOME February 11, 2014

    Rihanna stans talking about payola…They deluded as f*** to imagine people genuinely care for this tired looking,disease spreading,talentless,vocal coach boycotting example of a female singer

  120. Queen MARIAH > YOU h** February 11, 2014




  121. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    LoveBird, I like you. But you be turning me off with your ignorance. I just dont understand you at all.

    1.) You call Mariah out for being shaddy but you stan for one of the shaddy-est Ratchet smoke N mirrors artist of the 21st century!

    2.) You call Beyonce a s*** & w**** but you stan for one of the biggest whores in the music industry. She even sings about her whorness on almost all of her songs. While Beyonce is a w**** for her HUSBAND!

    Dont Rihanna suck Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mills, Matt Kemp, Some football player, & im sure some other random dudes dickk on the regular!

    I true-ly dont understand you…

    Its like you talk s*** about others like you & your fav RIHANNA dont do tha same shitt you calling others out for…

    Is it just me or *Kanye Shrugs*

  122. Oinkriah Carey (Pork De Force) February 11, 2014

    If this songs fails to chart on iTunes tomorrow Oinkriah will be drug for life…

  123. DD1G February 11, 2014

    Beyoncé is actually one of the few major artists who I **haven’t** heard about using some kind of “radio deal” whenever she puts out a new song. Virtually everyone she’s frequently compared to (Rihanna, Gaga, Katy, Britney, Mariah, etc.) tends to have a documented one in place whenever they put out something new.

  124. TC!!! February 11, 2014

    Mariah is one hello of a vocalist- Whitney Houston on Mariah carey during Prince of egypt promo RIP WHITNEY!!! for real you guys payola?

  125. Sexyluv February 11, 2014

    Mariah is played out & her music is predictable fluff these days.

  126. Tyler February 11, 2014

    Lovebirds just mad because Rihconcubine will forever be remembered for getting the breaks beaten off of her big ass forehead by Chris Brown.

  127. JOHNVIDAL February 11, 2014

    LMAO LMAO LMAO at @lovebird!!!
    How can he hate Mariah Carey so much now???? He was stanning for her a few months ago, or at least using her to downplay Celine Dion and more talented artists. He is the biggest no-life flip flopper I´ve seen in this site, and believe me there have been a lot of them since I started coming here.
    The funniest thing (or saddest) is that his favorites (usually, cos you know, he is a proffesional bandwagoner) are Rihanna, Katy Perry and Justin Beiber LOLOLOL omg it´s hilarious.
    Every single BIG artist needed a whole label behind including “payola” to make their songs known. Point blank period. Understand that once and for all. The only difference is that some years ago it was “fair” cos the artists heavily promoted and heavily successful were incredible talents (Mariah, Whitney, Madonna, Michael, Celine, etc, etc), while nowadays we have no-talent-whatsoever b****** being promoted: Rihanna and the rest.

  128. Micks February 11, 2014

    All I can say is you are delusional if you think any of the girls you are talking about, have not used Payola at some point, especially Rihanna. Mariahs a legend but the difference between Beyonce and Rihanna is, Beyonce is the jack of all trades as a pop star. She can sing, dance entertain, the pull and had her days of being a huge radio artist. Rihanna is not. When radio turns their back on her (like they do with most artists) she will not have s*** to fall back on like Beyonce who has her rep as an amazing performer so can Tour off her name alone already. Rihanna stans kill me, shading other artists when your fave is the epitome of a smoke and mirrors artist. When the smoke and mirrors (image, radio play etc) decline (i’ll give her another 3 years tops) it will spring to light how basic she really was.

  129. Micks February 11, 2014

    Shading other artists for their teams***

  130. JER February 11, 2014

    Ok Mimi go on then!!!!

  131. Rosie February 11, 2014

    The fact that her album and Lana’s are likely coming out on the same week though…
    If it actually sounds like 2014 then it will probably go up into the 30s on iTunes. If it sounds like 1996-2005 it’ll flop so hard, the album will be pushed back for the 285th time and Moo will be forced to pick out yet another “lead” single.

  132. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 11, 2014

    i can’t tell if that zendaya fan is serious or not lmaooo
    and DEATH at spongebob boxriah i’m cyiing! she would have to do more promo than gaga to get this single in the top 10

  133. CzarM February 11, 2014


    And what exactly does “1996-2005” sound like and what does “2014” sound like?

  134. LANA IS A DEPRESSED LESBIAN February 11, 2014

    @rosie b**** mariah will outsell that ho at her worst.
    thiefyonce and boxriah > lana del lesbian

  135. LANA IS A DEPRESSED LESBIAN February 11, 2014

    riherpes > Lana del flop

  136. Rob February 11, 2014

    Shut the F*** UP!

  137. Lovebird February 11, 2014


    Are you serious? Is Lana’s album coming out in the same week as Sponge Bob Payola pants?

    I think I’ll buy ultrasound just to make sure it sells more than that art of letting go of my vocals.

  138. Rosie February 11, 2014

    Once again LMAO @ the pressed f** above me. My impact.
    Remember just a few days ago when you all said Lana wouldn’t get a platinum album? Remember last year when this album was supposed to drop in July?
    Besides, Lana probably outsold whatever flop b**** you stan for.

  139. Rosie February 11, 2014

    Not talking about @Lovebird, I was mentioning the one whose gravatar comes from a flop parody from 2012.
    And yes, Lovebird, Lana said May 1st to the paparazzi when they asked. However, that’s a Thursday, and she always yells out random dates just to shut them up, lol. At the same time, she’s doing a couple of festivals and even some US concerts in April/May.

  140. Toto February 11, 2014

    Nothing iconic about J-Lo other than her being a no talent w****. I saw a meme the other day on FB that summed up J-Ho. It was Selena with the caption, “If I were still alive, Jennifer Lopez would be working at Taco Bell”. EXACTLY !!

  141. xoxoxo February 11, 2014


  142. Theman February 11, 2014

    Nicki’s fans need to focus on bringing her back to relevance.. Musically anyway !! MC got THIS !!!!

  143. Common Sense February 11, 2014

    @Rosie What happened to Lana’s guaranteed Oscar nomination though baby gurl? You were gloating and prancing around here over how sure you were your robotic fave was guaranteed to get an Oscar LOL.

  144. MCFAN February 11, 2014

    YESSSSSSSSSSS, Legend and ICON better get PROMO!!

    Not all of you hatin ass biatches seething that the Queen will yet again SLAY 24 years into her CAREER!

    Is yall mad that the Queen is still getting PLATINUM in 2013 while your faves are struggling 5 years into their careers?

    Is yall mad that the Queen is getting more money just by sitting on her private plane, or sun-tanning on the Bahamas with her singles from years ago while your faves are struggling with their current singles?

    Is yall mad that the Queen is more ICONIC, LEGENDARY, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, CREATIVE, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE than all of your faves combined?

  145. IStanForYourFav February 11, 2014

    Had to come back to read these b******.

    Rosie You stan for Lana. Sweetheart you’re self shading, because even after all of your stanning, I still don’t have the energy to Google the ugly b**** receipts. Have several

    XOXOXO You CAN NOT in any way Stan for J-Local and call her a legend. Their is NO COMPETITION AT ALL. Mariah came out in the prime of Whitney, Madonna, MJ, and more. JLO came out because she was supposed to be Selena’s untalented replacement. She is NOT S***. And plus, she is on the lowest rated AI season EVER and still being paid LESS than Mariah. On the Floor is nothing nut a rejected Lady Gaga or Rihanna RedOne produced song that neither wanted. She sounds like s*** and Pitbull can’t rap. Song of the Decade is We Belong Together, not OTF. Also, Mariah has always wanted to do movies and etc but Tommmy wouldn’t let her. J-Local is nothing but a watered down burrito to Mariah Carey. Because guess who’s fortune is over $500 million while J-Local is barely at $100 million. And to end this convo I have one thing to ask. If JLocal is so beautiful and down to earth, why is Mariah the one still married and JLocal still popping diet pills with one billion perfumes and two billion exes that say she doesn’t wash her hands? Plus, I’ve seen the b**** in person, that glow is as fake as her “straight” bf’s love for her.

    Enjoy the essay. Peace OUT!!

  146. IStanForYourFav February 11, 2014

    NICKI fans should not be talking about anyone’s body, when it takes the b**** 45 minutes to assemble hers.

    Mariah goes up and down in weight, but when she got it, she got it. I.E. When she was lipping at BET last year, I thought she looked so pretty.

    Also, I have one more question, where is Gimmicki’s number one?

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