Hot Shots: Nicki Minaj Channels ‘Chola’ For Brand New Video

Published: Sunday 16th Mar 2014 by David

While the skill she possesses as a lyricist remains undeniable, one could argue that Nicki Minaj‘s ‘visual game’ isn’t half as tight as it should be…for an act of her calibre at least.

Indeed, despite winning on a sales and critical front since her debut, the world is yet to see Minaj birth an era filled to the brim with ‘timeless’ music videos, heading on the right with track with likes of ‘Your Love‘ but steering off course with the quantity over quality approach she took during her ‘Roman Reloaded’ era.

So, one needn’t be surprised at the glee felt by her fans today, when she unveiled snaps pulled from the set of ‘Rise of an Empire‘s ‘Senile’ video, teasing a Chola-themed concept available to peep above, and below!



Billed ‘Young Money: The Rise of an Empire’, ‘Senile‘s supporting album hit stores on March 11th 2014, marking the second compilation disk to emerge from the Hip Hop collective.

Also featuring Minaj‘s ‘Lookin’ Ass’, the album precedes the release of the rapper’s third studios set ‘The Pink Print‘ and houses Drake‘s ‘Trophies’, produced by Hit-Boy and Noah Shebib.


Exciting, right?!

Here’s hoping ‘The Pink Print’s videos are just as creative!


Your thoughts?

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  1. Txx March 16, 2014

    Embarassing for a 31 year old

  2. Txx March 16, 2014

    Embarassing for a 31 year old

  3. Kitty March 16, 2014

    @txx It’s embarrassing for a 31 year old to be worth 45 million? i don’t understand your logic.

  4. nicko March 16, 2014

    Love it !!! Wow ! *_*

  5. Money Talks March 16, 2014

    She better slay that verse.

  6. Molly March 16, 2014

    Hot ass mess…

    • OVODasher March 16, 2014

      The way Future’s child support payments are set up though.

  7. Holly March 16, 2014

    Loving her new flow

  8. Molly March 16, 2014

    Barbie Chola? like bitchh get outta here you’re lame.

    • Keyshia Del Rey March 16, 2014

      Where you get off critiquing anybody’s career when you stan for Ciara is beyond me.

    • Nae Nae March 16, 2014

      you have the nerve to call anybody lame when you stan for baby mamma number 12 aka Ciara lmao

    • BarbzRUs March 16, 2014

      57k is what’s lame my dear.

  9. Holly March 16, 2014

    @Molly Have a seat, Nicki is “Choala Barbie” for this video and your pressed ass will just have to deal darling.

  10. BeySting March 16, 2014

    The irony in Molly calling Nicki lame when “Reloaded” sold more in the US than Ciara’s last four albums combined worldwide.

  11. Nae Nae March 16, 2014

    Yass queen them b****** are senile af

  12. Mimi Carey March 16, 2014

    This flop still trying?

  13. Nae Nae March 16, 2014

    Is flopriah still trying?

  14. Rosie March 16, 2014

    She always looks like trash so I don’t see the difference between this look and her usual style.

  15. SLAY_RIAH March 16, 2014

    Garbage, Trash, and flop sums up Nicki’s entire basic ass existence.

    • Metzo March 16, 2014

      Wow, A Mariah’s stan talking about Flops, in 2014. How ironic.

  16. SLAY_RIAH March 16, 2014

    Mariah slays your fave.

    • Metzo March 16, 2014

      LmfaoO. Deluded b****, just like the rest of the Lambs.

  17. Pinker Era print March 16, 2014

    We’ll lookin as n**** is a top 20 hit so……whose the flop though??

  18. CHECK MY VIDEO March 16, 2014


  19. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 16, 2014

    These lames stay pressed how is a moo Stan coming after nicki in 2014? Is her single in the top 2000 yet.. ? Oh.. Ok. And Ciara Stan’s can come after no one!

  20. SLAY_RIAH March 16, 2014

    Gurl… You can come back when Nicki actually scores a #1 single or a Grammy. Until then, You shall remain dismissed.

    • WE FOUND RIHANNA. March 16, 2014

      Hey why are you on a Nicki post if you don’t like her? And 2 where’s You’re Flopping (Eternally)?

  21. DGAF March 16, 2014

    Icky Garbage is back !

  22. RDK March 16, 2014

    Nice can’t wait to see the video, nicki doing her thing love the looking @ss video. and telling from what i am seeing so from these pics, i am going to like this one too.

  23. March 16, 2014

    only thing Mariah is slaying, is her own singles in the top 5000.

  24. Dafreshprince84 March 16, 2014

    Nicki flow and deliverance is always good but her lyrics lacks substance!!!! For example lil kim -queen b**** lyrics she takes you on a journey it’s a store it flows!!!! It’s not just random s*** put together and how man times is she gonna use the line all these rappers/b******/n***** is my son ????? And I don’t give a f*** about how much she sales that don’t mean the music is good it just means a lot of you new generation kids don’t care about substance in lyrics anymore but this is just my opinion so take it how y’all want !!!!!!

  25. Realest March 16, 2014

    “I used to wear moschino, now every b**** got it but now I rock colorful minks because my pockets stay knotted”

    Sound familiar?

  26. Realest March 16, 2014

    And keeping it real TGJ why would you expect “timeless/classic” videos from an artist who has yet to make a timeless/classic rap album? She may be y’all fav in TGJ butch cuhnt head qtrs but where it matters (in America not UK) her contributions to rap/hip hop are strictly from a popularity standpoint. Check for a timeless video once she has a song STAPLE in rap history. I wish y’all would stop trying to critique rappers music, like seriously

  27. Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014

    She look good as shitt! If I was straight I would have a lil crush…

  28. Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014

    Damn, she looks real good.

    Also, I didn’t know Nicki Minaj was 31 years old. I thought she was like 25!

  29. K March 16, 2014

    Nicki can’t wait to see the full video.

  30. WE FOUND RIHANNA. March 16, 2014


  31. WE FOUND RIHANNA. March 16, 2014

    @Rosie where’s Lana’s Grammy?

  32. WE FOUND RIHANNA. March 16, 2014

    OMG. Where’s Lana’s Grammy or #1? Rihanna has 8 that’s more then Del Flop Botox & Manriah Scary combined! Lorde slayed your basic flop fave!

  33. Solo Dolo March 16, 2014

    @Rosie crying.

  34. The Truth March 16, 2014

    Try again Tricky Nicki Threesome. The blacks are over you now you run to the Latinos. Anything to save your career I see.

  35. iconic cici March 16, 2014

    She looks like a chola bout to get gang banged.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014


  36. Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014

    She Looks Good!

  37. Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014


  38. iconic cici March 16, 2014

    @Stephy stfu for once c** dumpster .

  39. iconic cici March 16, 2014

    Dont reply to me

    • Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014

      F*** YOU HO!

  40. Stephy Tha Lambily March 16, 2014

    Iconic Cici, bitchh please! Mind your business ho!

    • iconic cici March 16, 2014

      you will always be beneath me.

  41. iconic cici March 16, 2014

    Don’t you have a dickk to go suck?

  42. Minaj-eh-tous March 16, 2014

    *looks at your avi* the nerve! Ciara is a flop sis.

  43. Minaj-eh-tous March 16, 2014

    B**** you mad because Ciara hasn’t sold over 200k since 2007

  44. Mark111 March 16, 2014

    The fact that Mariah is now compared to a Nicki Minaj says a lot about her alleged legendary career.

  45. Mark111 March 16, 2014


  46. Eldela March 16, 2014

    I like Kim better…

  47. Metzo March 16, 2014

    Nicki Minaj >>> Mooriahh

  48. Lovebird March 16, 2014

    A Lana Del Rey stan talking about somebody’s looks though….I CAN’T.

  49. Lovebird March 16, 2014

    BTW, this s*** looks basic and retarded.

  50. SLAY_RIAH March 16, 2014

    Metzo = bitter/pressed bxtch.

  51. Rosie March 16, 2014

    Rihfund stans coming for Lana’s looks when their fave basically copies and pastes what ever she sees on
    And Borde is slaying Lana where? BTD is outselling Payola Heroine in most countries with none of the payola, manufactured hype, and label-paid endorsements from other celebs/brands. And even in the US, Borde’s biggest market by far, Lana’s tour sold out in minutes compared to Borde’s, which took at least two or three months to sell out.

    • woman to woman March 17, 2014

      Lana struggles for 2 years to go platinum while Lorde goes platinum within 3 months. oh Rosie you’re jealous its so obvious.

  52. Rosie March 16, 2014

    Let’s not even get started on Payola Heroine’s worldwide sales. Only 1.9 million after 6 months with one of the biggest hits of 2013, multiple videos, tons of promo spots including the Grammys, kii. Lana did better than that with no US support in that time. 53% of that coming from the US and 75-80% coming from 5 countries, all English-speaking.
    Most of the world dropped her after Royals. Team only went top 10 in 7 countries, the US and Canada being the only major ones. Truly the definition of a local basic b****.

    • woman to woman March 17, 2014

      choke on a c*** s*** and stfu Lorde owns Lana

  53. FutureCIARA March 16, 2014

    I like the update to the blog @TGJ

    Hey @MOLLY

    Hey c*** @Rosie

  54. karl March 16, 2014


  55. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    At least Rihanna never had to go under the knife to enhance her looks. Lana Del Rey has her surgeon on speed dial.

  56. cake like lady gaga March 17, 2014

    Why is a Lana stan saying anyone looks like trash?

  57. Lovebird March 17, 2014

    Hey Samantha, make a post about Cher Lloyd’s new song “Sirens”, it’s pretty deep for her age, and pretty good.

  58. woman to woman March 17, 2014

    Lana del rey is completely irrelevant and a non factor

  59. woman to woman March 17, 2014

    Rosie be seated before you really get dragged

  60. Mileys movement March 17, 2014

    poor Rosie getting dragged for dear life.

  61. ASBEENISH (BLACKOUT – ONYX HOTEL) March 17, 2014


  62. the truth honey March 17, 2014


  63. Kiss my ass March 17, 2014

    and how much are you worth? thought so 🙂

  64. nivea March 17, 2014


  65. Ahmad March 17, 2014

    Rumor has it Kelly Rowland got dropped from Universal! Just wondering how true it it….

  66. Skyfall March 17, 2014

    I think she looks good.

  67. Roman Minaj March 17, 2014

    In reply to the first person, it’s embarrassing? For a 31 year old? How so? Because she decided to let go of all them colorful and out-of-the-way ass wigs? Because she’s not colorful and animated and she’s showing the hip-hop queen people have “forgotten” she was? O. Please, embarrassing is making promises that you can’t keep, promising your fans new work and material but never follow through so you get pregnant at 40 just for a little publicity, in which you STILL DON’T RECEIVE, even with the weight that your a “so-called legend”. THAT’S embarrassing. NOT Being worth $40 million, being the “head” female rap artist in one of the most successful record labels of the decade, selling single after single and hit after hit and working with some musical legends including Madonna, Jay-Z and many other people. Not to mention headlining TWO WORLD TOURS in ONE year as well as being one of the most successful female rappers of ALL-TIME. That indeed is NOT embarrassing.

    Furthermore, I love her make up and the looks she’s picking for this video. I love how she looks with her real hair just looking to fabulous. It’s obvious that the video is gonna interpret a cholo and mexicans, because Tyga had his Cholo flow going as well. IDK about Birdman (who’s not needed) and Wayne. This video is gonna be the s***, if none of the verses weren’t…

  68. Nicki ♥♥♥ March 17, 2014

    I am in love with her. Ciara fans should gtfo

  69. Nicki ♥♥♥ March 17, 2014

    I am sorry but who is lana?

  70. WTH March 17, 2014

    The Lana Del Rey influence is real.

    Not saying she “invented” the Chola look but I’ve been noticing that Lana’s been bringing some styles/ways into the industry and bigger artists have been taking note.

    I like the look on Nicki. I think this era we finally got back that girl we all loved with those mixtapes. Cant wait!

  71. Rosie March 17, 2014

    Death, I come back and see you no life f*** trying to “drag” at 3 in the morning. I guess you all have all night to stay up when your Wendy’s shift doesn’t start until 5 PM.

  72. Rosie March 17, 2014

    And I’m sorry, we don’t know who Keyshia Cole is in Canada. Please stay in the local b**** club with Lorde instead of trying to come for people who are actually known outside of a few English speaking countries.

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