Nicole Scherzinger Bumps Up Premiere Of New Single ‘Your Love’

Published: Wednesday 28th May 2014 by Rashad

‘Wet’ wailer Nicole Scherzinger continues to wet the appetites of fans looking forward to her soon due new single ‘Your Love.’

After unveiling news of its July 2nd arrival last week,  the former Pussycat Doll frontwoman has been climbing her way up Twitter trends by teasing the The Dream/Tricky Stewart-produced dance tune via Instagram.

With finishing touches being placed on its accompanying music video as well, tuck in below to see snaps from the set, hear Scherzinger shine with an a capella take on the tune, and find out just how soon you’ll be able to hear the song in full:

Premiere Date:  May 29, 2014

Behind the scenes of ‘Your Love’ video

Sneak listen:

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  1. Mark111 May 28, 2014

    This shows that being Pretty doesn’t guarantee sales and success.

    • kovalzecvncn May 28, 2014

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    • Monster Cake May 28, 2014

      Mariah’s new album is utter..SHITE


  2. oh May 28, 2014

    She’s still trying? Bless her heart.

  3. Hur May 28, 2014

    I just don’t see it for her…

  4. king May 28, 2014

    Samantha, you’re delayed. The song was set to premiere tomorrow anyway.

  5. FutureCIARA May 28, 2014


    • Stephy May 28, 2014

      Hey daddy what time are you off tonight? Can you bring me a McNugget combo with a diet coke? I will wait til after you plunge me to eat it though cause I know you hate your 5 3/4″ uncut canvas to be painted plus I’m all deusched out! I don’t think waiting that 8-10 minutes will be too bad for my food. See you soon daddy I love you!!!

  6. The new classic May 28, 2014


  7. Killer Lover May 28, 2014

    Screw Ya’ll!!!No Success? Just Pretty? She’s got talent b**** & MILLIONS…SO Ya’ll Can Sit Your Ass Down!!!

    • Teacher May 29, 2014


  8. CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

    Cheryl ended her career

    • Realest May 28, 2014

      With the 17k she’s supposed to sell this week the only careers she’s ending is her own. Yikes!

      • Killer Lover May 28, 2014

        Yasss B****!!! Yasss!!!!

      • CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

        You mean the 160k? 5x Nicole’s? Absolute and utter death.

  9. Killer Lover May 28, 2014

    I do love Cheryl but Cheryl is basic as f***!!!
    Basic dancing
    Basic singing

    • Realest May 28, 2014

      Yeah and even if Nicole doesn’t do much she sings and dances circles around Cheryl. I don’t know her well but I know the PCD much more than Cheryl.

      • Killer Lover May 28, 2014

        So True…Nicole Should’ve Been Up There Next 2 Beyonce…I X Know What Happen…Its Sad That People Like Justin Bieber Even Selena Gomez Bigger Then Her When Her Talents Is Way Up There!!!

        But I Don’t Care…Will Always Support Her…

      • IStanForYourFav May 28, 2014

        That is true. I watched her sing Phantom of the Opera on YouTube. She can Dance and Sing. IDK why she isn’t WW, but I do hope it happens for her.

      • CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

        I’m screaming!!!!! Why did Simon fire nicole for cheryl? Why can’t nicole sell anything anywhere? Why has nicole been perched in London thinking it’s her new home, yet getting outsold by cheryl ( 5 times as much). Death

    • Realest May 28, 2014

      @cheryl but PussyCat dolls are more successful and much more world known. And you may be dying at whatever delusions you’re dying over but the fact still remains Nicole is a vocalist and a skilled dancer. Cheryl is only a reality show judge who is aimed to sell 17k. Yikes

      • Realest May 28, 2014

        I don’t even know Nicole like that but I know one thing, give Nicole and Cheryl a mic/song to sing and a complicated dance routine and only one will come out on top. And it won’t be Miss 17k. At the end of the day Nicole’s talent far overshadows ANYTHING Cheryl can do as a musician and performer. That’s what really counts especially when comparing two not very successful solo acts (PCS was successful)

      • Killer Lover May 28, 2014

        So True…Yes…Scream Cheryl WTF Soldier…Scream Cuz Barely Here A Thing When Cheryl Sing…Nadine is so much better then Cheryl…People like you that makes some of us hates Cheryl when we don’t have a reason to hate her…cuz people like u…

      • CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

        Babe cheryl was in girls aloud if we wanna include group work. Where’s the 17k receipt? Oh right, you made it up. Why has Nicole’s most successful single sold less than 100k? Why has her flop album gotten absolutely no certifications? Why have all if Cheryl’s singles hit the top 20, with all of her albums certified? Nicole will always be Cheryl’s lessor, even as she desperately tries to cling to Lewis Hamilton, who comprises 75% of her net worth. You’re dismissed.

      • Killer Lover May 28, 2014

        We’re Talkin Bout Talent Wise…Wassup With The Numbers etc?
        Can’t u back up Cheryl with her so so talent? I Guess Not…
        U should wear glasses…Big Glasess…Some of our post we did mention y shes not big we also dont know y…
        Im talkin bout talent not sales but i guess since the 1 u stand got ZERO talent…u can’t bring that up… So its fine…Most of us understand that CRYSTAL CLEAR…Even Cheryl knows that…That shes got useless. That’s y her new album is call Crystal Clear Zero Talent…Girl Bye…

      • CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

        Babe because everything you’re saying is absolutely subjective and therefore invalid. My girl is much more successful. End of story.

    • Realest May 29, 2014

      Like I said. They are both singers, well one is anyway. That is their job so do does it better and is actually a singer? Nicole. Neither are very successful solo but Girls Aloud? They’re local as PHUCK and again Nicole songs CIRCLES AROUND Cheryl and dances just as well. Cheryl can’t even outsing Ashanti and can’t out dance Rihanna so.. NEXT! Oh and as far as the receipt for 17k that’s my bad. I was mistaken that for Cher Lloyd. Your fav and Ms Lloyd are basically the same kinda “who is that” kinda deal so I got the 2 non factor asss boo itches mixed up. I know neither one.

      • Realest May 29, 2014

        You cling to sales (which both suck at sales) and I will stick to talent , which Nicole has excess of. Neither of them seem like they will be slated to have long term careers as “singers” but at least if Nicole ends up working on broadway or in Vegas or at Burger King she will have her talent. Cheryl will be and remain a NOCALIST, no Singin asss, mediocre person who was in the right place at the right time. Her voice is wack and forgettable . Could she song the national anthem or any vocally demanding song? Lol who am I fooling she couldn’t even sing a Nicki Minaj or a Drake hook and they’re rappers #SheAintNoSinger #SheAintGotVocals

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

        Still waiting for actual receipts. Going 3x platinum with your debut album is not flopping, unlike your fav. Fight for this love is one of the best selling singles of all time. Nicole is absolutely nowhere on any chart. Cheryl’s new single will slay nicole. I’m screaming that you don’t think cheryl is a good performer. She’s classically trained in ballet, ballroom and has had hip hop dance training. Your “drags” are so bad. Try harder.

      • Realest May 29, 2014

        You assume because I say Nicole is more talented singer and performer that she’s my favorite? Not even my top 100, try again. But like I said she sings cirrrrrrrrrrrrcles and dances a million times better than Cheryl. Her and her group have no known songs in American. At least PCD is known and again, Nicole can say she’s a vocalist. Can Cheryl say she’s a vocalist? Naw. Never. Not possible. Nicole may be a lessor but SO IS CHERYL. The difference between lessors is one can sing the other CANNOT!!

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

        What are you doing? Everyone knows that it’s not just about the voice. Britney and Madonna are prime examples. Cheryl slays your fav in every possible way.

      • Realest May 29, 2014

        Ur comparing the dismal sales of both because you’re a dismal delusional Stan. Like I repeated before a few times I barely know Nicole and I have NEVER heard of Cheryl but as. Lover of music and vocals – not a delusional Stan, it’s much more pleasant to the ear to hear someone who can deliver stellar vocals as opposed to a chick who can’t even rival Kesha vocly. Next

      • Killer Lover May 29, 2014

        Don’t need to waste time replying to CRYSTAL CLEAR delusional people…
        It’s a nicole post…if u dont like it…don’t view it at 1st place…not here for all this nonsense drama…what u get out of this?nothing…at least they makin money so grow up!

      • Realest May 29, 2014

        Britney and Madonna have hundred of millions of records. Cheryl doesn’t have anything close to that so dragging with sales is something you cannot do. And dragging with talent is something you COULD NEVER do with her, cause she’s wack. Sorry

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

        First, anyone can drag nicole with sales. Second, you just ruined any argument you had by saying it’s okay for Madonna to be a bad singer. You’re dismissed.

  10. IStanForYourFav May 28, 2014

    She is just so pretty. She has joined the most beautiful woman list… JLo, Shakira, Lupita, & now Nicole. I don’t know how to say her last name though… but I wish her well.

  11. RihIcon May 28, 2014

    It sounds like it’ll be cute.

  12. CT May 28, 2014

    I just found out that cheryl cole and cher loyd are two different people….

    • FutureCIARA May 28, 2014

      Thanks for teaching me something new

      • Mother May 29, 2014

        B**** where my happy meal at??

  13. GagaLovesBey May 28, 2014


  14. CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

    Why are you being shady FutureCiara? All of these girls do bigger numbers in the uk than Ciara does in the us.

    • Killer Lover May 28, 2014

      Ciara Got Grammy…Cheryl?

      • CherylSoldierr May 28, 2014

        The self drag

    • FutureCIARA May 29, 2014

      The US gives the UK our leftover artists….


      Come back when the GP knows about your fav

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2014

        Still wondering why your fav is selling less in a country with 4 times the population. But okay.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY May 29, 2014


    • Killer Lover May 29, 2014

      Ghetto???But She’s weak…

    • RihIcon May 29, 2014

      This song slays

  15. Jessica May 29, 2014

    She looks quite manly. Her jaw is very square.

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