The Stream Scene: Christina Aguilera, Clement Marfo, Rihanna & Drake


Welcome to another edition of ‘The Stream Scene‘, the ‘That Grape Juice’ original feature shining a light on digital feats made by Pop & R&B’s biggest movers and shakers!

Launched in response to the inclusion of streaming points in many a chart across the globe, each edition will see us breakdown the facts and figures behind by each member of ‘The Scene’s release!

So, which four acts made it into ‘The Click Clique’ this time?

Find out below!





Making her first appearance on ‘The Scene’ today is Christina Aguilera, who welcomes her latest ‘VEVO‘ certification this week!

That’s right, after welcoming ‘Rich Girl’ Gwen Stefani to her management house last month, Christina‘s visual for the single ‘Say Something’ surpassed ‘VEVO’ streams of 100 million days ago, handing it its first certification on the video sharing outlet!





Currently perched at the 102,569,218 figure, the ‘A Great Big World‘-led visual stand 9,234,837 views away from the singer’s ‘Your Body’ video, released as the first single from her last studio album ‘Lotus‘, released on November 9th 2012!





Sailing towards US waters on Brit-Pop’s merchant ship this year is Clement Marfo! Rising to British notoriety by way of ‘Clement Marfo and the Frontline’, the performer sets his sights on solo glory this year after cracking the Official Charts’ ‘Top 40’ with single ‘Champion.’

Two years after its release, the single crossed the 1.6 million views this month, doing so after scorning numerous spins in ads launched to support the ‘London 2012 Olympics’, driving 905 new subscribers to his official ‘YouTube’ channel, and shared 3,014 times since May 25th 2012.

This, after the cut was handpicked by Vince McMahon‘s ‘WWE’ to serve as the ‘Royal Rumble’ theme song, featured before CM Punk‘s main event match against The Rock on January 27th 2013.


With reliable word telling us her forthcoming era is set to be nothing short of a movie, Rihanna extends her lead as ‘VEVO’s most certified artist, after nabbing her 19th certification this week!

With what visual? ‘Cheers’!

Pulled from 2010’s ‘Loud‘, the single’s video made silent steps across the 100 million border days ago, becoming the 19th Rihanna video to score a certification since she touched down on Pop’s scene in 2005!

Set to embrace an “older and wiser” sound with her eighth studio album, Riri‘s latest win comes as Rita Ora’s ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ meets the 33 million views mark, nabbing more streams in 3 months than Fenty‘s ‘If It’s Lovin’ That You Want’ has secured in the two years that’s it’s been on ‘VEVO.’

Indeed, with 23,832,315 spins garnered since its uploading, ‘Lovin‘ fails to reach the digital high enjoyed by Rita’s ‘Down‘ or debut single ‘R.I.P‘, which sits pretty at the 39 million milestone.


Finally, after penning #1 singles for both the ‘Roc’ sisters, Drake sizzles onto ‘The Scene‘ with ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home.’

Featuring Majid Jordan, the single’s video has been watched for a total of 420 years since September 25th 2013, elevating its ‘VEVO‘ views count to the 56,181,074 mark, while ‘Worst Behaviour’ is shown a whole lotta love from members of the rapper’s fan base, who pushed it to the 21 million milestone this month!

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  1. Madame Aguilera July 13, 2014

    Congrats xtina! 🙂

    • Lana Del Slay July 13, 2014

      Are you sad about Lotus’ sales?

      • XtinaSlays July 13, 2014

        B**** don’t bring up Lotus when Ultracrap is
        Flopping harder than Artpop

      • Madame Aguilera July 13, 2014

        GURLLLL BYEE! has lana been around for almost 17 years? Has she sold 100 Million records, does she have 5 grammy awards? Is she even half as talented as Christina? Go worried about your girl christina has already made her impact and it’s in a league of her own why are you so bothered? Genie in bottle the single has outsold lana entires discography! BYEE

  2. Monstarebel July 13, 2014


    • BionicGlam July 13, 2014

      Maybe she’ll sell over 300k first week this time.

      • Jose July 13, 2014

        She doesn’t have to sell 300k first week she always goes on to sell 3+ million worldwide so try another drag that one is tired . I don’t drag Christina because your probably a Beyonce fan lol

      • BionicGlam July 13, 2014

        Was I talking to you?

  3. KeriMeHome July 13, 2014

    Well done to Christina, that Clement guy and Drake. I refuse to acknowledge that witch. I just refuse.

    • Rihyeezy July 13, 2014

      I like Keri so don’t make me drag you

      • KeriMeHome July 13, 2014

        Drag a chastity belt across Rihanna’s p**** first.

    • Mother July 13, 2014


  4. OVOBarbie July 13, 2014

    Congrats Christina and Drizzy!

  5. Rihyeezy July 13, 2014

    Yas CHEERS!! Tgj is so gay it’s so hard for them to congratulate the queen. How dare you mention Rita’s Flop name in RIHS accomplishments. Y’all aggy

    • GoodGollyMiley July 13, 2014

      But they did congratulate her.

  6. BeyBeyKing July 13, 2014

    Poor Rihanna has never sold any more than 300k opening week. Poor thang.

    • Rihyeezy July 13, 2014

      Random. This is post is about vevo views :/ I’m not surprised the behive is in here perched as planned. Get your fung ass on f**

      • Rihyeezy July 13, 2014

        Funky ho*

  7. ChakaYonce July 13, 2014

    Yaaaaaaaassss Rita, slay ha digitally!

  8. SexlijahBlake July 13, 2014

    That’s mad cute for all of them.

  9. Rihyeezy July 13, 2014

    Behive is PERCHED lmao

  10. Slayrita LegendORA July 13, 2014

    So Rita is slaying Riwhore on Vevo? I see. *Gigglestomyfuckingself.

  11. WhenItComesToBey July 13, 2014

    LMFAO! Rita is getting more views than Rihanna? How is this happening!

  12. Paula Partition July 13, 2014

    Rihanna went to Brazil to get some soccer player d***, such a s***.

    • BeySting July 13, 2014


    • Lily July 14, 2014

      So the rest billions fans and superstars went to the WorldCup too to suck d**k? Pathetic moron. Hating b****.

  13. Mimi Carey July 13, 2014

    Lol @ you comparing Rita’s CURRENT flop single to Rihanna’s flop single from 2005. How desperate lol. I don’t like Rihanna but Rita doesn’t measure up to her success 2006-beyond 🙁

    • BlackWidow212 July 13, 2014

      I have an idea, why don’t you worry about Ariana slaying Mariah in her own lane instead about what Queen Rita is doing. Ofuckingkay?

      • Miss Keri Representer July 13, 2014

        Yours Truly aint even gold

      • XtinaSlays July 13, 2014

        You acting like Keri has a bunch of platinum plaques to her name

      • Proud-Arianator July 13, 2014

        Gurl worry about No Boys allowed

      • Miss Keri Representer July 13, 2014

        FYI Keri has 4 platinum singles and her DEBUT album went gold!! NBA has sold around the same amount as Yours Truly now THATS the shade!!!!

        BTW whens the last time Xtina had a solo hit or certification? I. Will. Wait.

      • XtinaSlays July 14, 2014

        Receipts please

      • XtinaSlays July 14, 2014

        Sigh do we have to so this
        You know this will just end with me dragging you a that lame ass nonentity you stan for
        When was the last time Keri had a number one album or a hit?
        You wanna come for Xtina when her debut has managed to outsell Keri’s discography
        You wanna come for Xtina when Keri’s Grammy case is emptier than the contents of your skull?
        You wanna come for Xtina when she has sold out arenas and stadium while Keri is struggling to fill up 5K venues
        Gurl why dint you just hush Keri will never reach xtinas level no matter how hard she tries Keri is nothing but a used piece of toilet paper that deserves to get flushed

  14. PrettyGirlRocker July 13, 2014

    @ProudCopyriana What did you say b****?

    • CommanderKaty July 13, 2014


      • KatyCat July 13, 2014

        Pops pussay like Katy does

  15. Mark111 July 13, 2014

    Man Rihanna just kills it everywhere she goes. #1 Vevo artist, most #1’s this and last decade (and the youngest to have yhe most might I add), platinum albums and a gold debut. Man, Princess of Urban Pop!

  16. JOHNVIDAL July 13, 2014

    LOL This new section is so damn random and irrelevant, at least in the way it is written right now. And btw, you could report about Mariah being almost at 1 billion global views. Really great considering “current” artists like Justin Timberlake are below her in that global views list.

  17. dotti July 13, 2014

    congrats to christina and great big world. they were a big hit right out of the gate thanks to christina. the song is beautiful but her voice was definitely the frosting on the cake!

  18. dotti July 14, 2014

    btw, beautiful pic of christina!

  19. J.E July 14, 2014

    Congrats to Christina and Drake.

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