Christina Aguilera Begins Work On Scripted TV Series

Published: Thursday 5th Mar 2015 by David

As Keyshia Cole continues to pull in epic ratings with her latest unscripted series, Christina Aguilera now finds herself on course to soaring in similar territory after inking a deal with Lionsgate TV.

Good news below…

The singer has teamed up with her fiancé to create the production company ‘MX’ which has now joined forces with Lionsgate to produce scripted and unscripted TV projects.

Doing so under the radar, Aguilera’s concepts are said to have impressed the company so much that they renewed the contract she signed with them to extend the partnership for another year.

Yes, as fans look forward to her new studio album, the singer has secretly sold a show named ‘Hearts and Club’ to ABC, signing on to produce it alongside Rutler as the network dominates screens with the viewer magnets that are ‘Revenge’, ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and ‘Scandal.’

Keep it locked on TGJ for more on Aguilera’s exciting new venture!


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  1. Career Ender March 5, 2015

    bìtches, SMH, maurice and other pressed muppets, your fav AGimmeSomeMorePiza -Lera its going to flop like everything she’s been touching lately

  2. BLACKOUT TBH March 5, 2015

    Soooooo she’s becoming a TV producer?
    Wasn’t she like…the voice of our generation?
    Isn’t she like…Legend X?
    Oh yeah, that’s right! She hasn’t had a solo Billboard #1 since 2000.
    Say what you will about Britney and her ONE flop album but she won and if after 16 years you still can’t tell that she won – you’re an idiot.
    R.I.P. Xtincta’s music career. Say hi to Jessica Simpson’s discography at the discount rack tbh.

    • dotti March 8, 2015

      xtina is one with many talents. unlike britney who survives because of the sympathy of ‘britney loving’ media and music industry that can’t let go of the pig-tailed short-shirted britney from the 90’s. even though she is now a talentless has-been!!! if you call that “winning” OK!!!

  3. LB March 5, 2015

    Is the title of the TV show, “SCREAM” by any chance?

    • Career Ender March 5, 2015

      can your fav scream without sounding like your home made kettle when its boiling?

  4. J.E March 5, 2015

    haters gonna hate. Xtina is expanding her horizon. She literally can do everything.

    • Career Ender March 5, 2015

      she can’t sell past pencil lead certifications nor nab a hot100 top 40
      screaming flop

      • XYZ March 5, 2015

        oh and that’s why she is still earning more in a year than most of us in a lifetime?

        can’t with all those normal People calling everyone a flop…

      • J.E March 7, 2015

        im not gonna argue with a hater.

  5. JC March 5, 2015

    Why there’s so Muxh Hate again Christina she’s Beatifull and talented Spread the Love I wonder if this People have it Soul ..

    • Career Ender March 5, 2015

      the hate is probably a reflection of what SMH and Maurice are

      • Jc March 5, 2015

        Hey B**** do me a favor please go buy yourself the biggest d**** you can find and stick it up all the way up in your nasty c*** lol

      • Career Ender March 5, 2015

        your bitterness won’t resurrect Bionic or her last album (I forgot its name cos it came and went in a speed of light 3×10^5) and help those flops sell past a mere 500k

  6. Sue March 5, 2015


  7. rihicon March 5, 2015


  8. TheElusiveLamb March 5, 2015

    Very interesting route to go in right now. I wish her well.

  9. pow March 5, 2015

    Aguilera creates hi- quality music such as You Lost Me, Bound To You, Beautiful and Hurt. I dont care if her albums flop. I enjoy her ballads bcauz the meaning is so deep and empowering. I just dislike oversexual images she has shown.

  10. FutureCIARA March 5, 2015

    TV is where its at! Congrats Xtina

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