Chris Brown Announces ‘X Tour’ With August Alsina, Sevyn Streeter, & Omarion

Published: Friday 8th May 2015 by Sam

Chris Brown is hitting the road…with a little help with some friends.

The dynamo performer has no problems electrifying the stage alone, but it taking along buddies August Alsina, Sevyn Streeter, and Omarion for a string of US summer dates.

Details below…

Taking to Instagram today, C Breezy announced the ‘X Tour’ in support of his album of the same name. He caption the pic below:

#XTourLive coming to a city near you! Get your tickets at today


The dates (which we’re sure will increase as time draws nearer) come on the heels of Brown’s scheduled performance at HOT 97’s Summer Jam at the MET Life Stadium in New York on June 7th.

Kudos to Chris for keeping things moving. That said, in the future we’re keen to see a wholly clean era; and by that we mean releasing an album, pushing a succession of singles, and then touring it. Because, between this project and his recent joint LP with Tyga, it’s becoming difficult to decipher his musical focus.

Your thoughts?

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  1. maurice May 8, 2015

    LMAO at these artists needing 3 artists to sell out their concerts.
    Even Nicki. LMAO!!!

    Bey, keep sh!tting on these heffas!

    • NoHateNoShade May 8, 2015

      All 3 of those artist need that gig and exposure though. Neither 3 of them can tour themselves on that big of a caliber. Chris just came off tour. Giving that fact that he’s friends with all 3 and one is his artist I think he’s doing them a favor by putting a few dollars in their pockets. Why must everything be about Beyonce?

      • maurice May 8, 2015

        because she is a WOMAN and she’s SLAYING Men who have been in the industry for a decade plus. KIIII.

        And… a heffa better realise that they only announced 4 dates to see if anybody even cares to go to the concert, otherwise they will take smaller venues.

        I’M DYING!!!

    • NoHateNoShade May 8, 2015

      Who cares tho! Like I don’t get the point. There not Beyonce so what does it even matter. I’m lost as to the significance of it all. Don’t act like Beyoncé ain’t never had trouble selling tickets or anything.. She couldn’t even get people to watch the s*** for free on TV. So who cares! If they wanna tour thats their business. They’re not tryna compete with anyone. Yall really be doing too much. That doesn’t have anything to with nothing.

      • King May 8, 2015

        Beyoncé had trouble selling tickets ? Please show me the facts cause last time I checked Beyoncé has been selling out arenas for years. She chose to make the seats in the back $40 on her I am tour cause people were broke as hell in 2009 let’s not

      • NoHateNoShade May 8, 2015

        Lol, calm down boo. It’s not that serious! if you want receipts. Go find them yourself, don’t act clueless tho.

      • RihYonce May 8, 2015

        That’s true but every artist out have either had been or are having problems selling tickets but it be 3 artist per tour, & it’s only Beyoncé ALONE selling out everywhere, yeah she had trouble once at a few shows but who doesn’t , but I just don’t understand why the hell is she being brought up in everything like damn just let her be

      • NoHateNoShade May 9, 2015

        My sentiments exactly..

      • AmbeRussell May 10, 2015

        As if beyonce ain’t go on your with missy, Alicia keys and had tamia as the opening act. Also, the ONLY artist that shouldn’t be an opening act is Omarion since he has the catalog of music and he has been doing this for 13/15 yrs or something like that. Other than that, August and Sevyn have just 1 album of music so for them to go on a major headlining your alone is dumb

  2. LB May 8, 2015

    LMAO @ insecure hive, always looking for an excuse to bring up their fav.

    • maurice May 8, 2015

      If you’re gonna mention the Queen, at least @ me, ho.
      Nonetheless, I stan for Ciara.. I don’t stan for women who steal from other people.
      With that said, I cant deny the fact that Bey is sh!tting on everybody, and your momma.

      • Monica Stan May 8, 2015

        I stopped reading @ “I Stan for Ciara”…

  3. ANTMO May 8, 2015

    How many tours this negro been on in the past year lol

    • maurice May 8, 2015

      LMAO! That child support reign just won’t let up.

  4. Mark111 May 8, 2015

    With all these flops, expect more tours. Labels have to make money somehow.
    Is X even gold? Cause I know the other X album is platinum. Shout out to Ed Sherman. #PlaysThinkingOutLoad

  5. Mark111 May 8, 2015

    And eww at his pig like body. Thank God I’m tall, dark and handsome. Light skin only works for ladies.

    • maurice May 8, 2015

      I’m 6’5, mixed race and handsome — are you mad?
      When I squat at the gym, you should see the stares I get from everyone.

      BYE now, wit yoru pigmented vitiligo self.

      • Mark111 May 8, 2015

        … guess I hit a nerve. ????

    • RihYonce May 8, 2015

      Stop lying no always

  6. Stephy. May 8, 2015

    And eww at his pig like body. Thank God I’m tall, dark and handsome. Light skin only works for ladies.


    • TheElusiveLamb May 8, 2015

      I thought he said he straight…

      • Stephy. May 8, 2015

        Baaaaybeee! Did you see the way he phrased that “Ewww”…??? Chawl, what “straight man” types like that? But, then again.. Why “straight man” consistently visits sites filled with gay men?

    • Mark111 May 8, 2015

      Don’t hmm me! Lol, I mean as in pig like skin. Even the Rihanna and Beyonce’s have a tan. These Chris Brown’s and Tygas look like lost piglets.

      • Stephy. May 8, 2015

        Girl, that’s not why I “Hmmm’d” you…

    • Barb B**** May 9, 2015

      LOOOOL. That power bottom ain’t fooling anyone.

  7. Stephy. May 8, 2015

    Chris Brown had such a nice future ahead of him… Until he messed it up. In 2008, he was finally reaching the masses (white people) with his songs. Smh.. Anyways, hope this tour goes well for his big dickk ass.

  8. TheElusiveLamb May 8, 2015

    I wish this tour well bc I’m a big Sevyn Streeter fan and moderate fan of August. I might go… (might go)

  9. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 8, 2015

    He could have possibly been the next Michael Jackson, but he had to go a f*** it up. Oh well, hope the tour sells cause it heard his last one with Trey and Tiger was struggling.

    • Dossome May 9, 2015

      “He could have been possibly the next Michael Jackson”

  10. Monica Stan May 8, 2015

    Tours gonna flop but Sevyn is my girl.

  11. Barb-wire May 8, 2015

    Good luck Baybie! Run it is still my jam.

  12. Black power May 8, 2015

    This is great news for Sevyn

  13. MARTREZ May 8, 2015

    His ass has been on so many so called TOURS for a while it seems like…

    Im rooting for him …but it feels like he has taken another different direction..he needs to pull it back together.

  14. RihYonce May 8, 2015

    Love all 3 of them !!! Especially Chris ???? he’s so damn beautiful & August …..lawd!! I’m definitely going even though I just seen CHRIS at the BTS tour , I hope this pushes the album sales up

  15. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 9, 2015

    Great for all of them also Omarion did a remix song called post to be check that out

  16. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 9, 2015

    OOOOOP robyns changed her hair back to bright red, guess we are back in 2010. I’m surprised TGJ’s slow ass hasn’t posted on it yet.

  17. @FutureCIARA May 9, 2015

    Hey Markeisha?

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