The Predictions Are In: Nick Jonas’s ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ Set To Sell…

Published: Wednesday 15th Jun 2016 by Rashad

With hits ‘Jealous,’ and ‘Teacher’ to its credit, former Jonas Brother star Nick Jonas saw his debut album launch him to solo success.  Successfully breaking the chains of “teen pop star” to respected adult artist, the ‘Chains’ singer managed to wiggle his way to the Hot 100’s upper half more than once over his debut era.

Yes, the album itself managed an impressive placement on the Billboard 200 upon its arrival (#6 peak), but with 37,000 sold its first week the numbers weren’t exactly singing the same tune its singles boasted.  As ample buzz and heightened star power picked up any slack the figures left (in the eye of the general public), the triple threat divo – courtesy of his new album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ (in stores now) – is ready to put both concepts to the test yet again.

Kicking the new era off with songs ‘Close’ and ‘Bacon,’ Jonas was hoping the releases would help his latest sizzle on charts in ways its predecessor did not.  Unfortunately, if newly surfaced reports are any indication, ‘Complicated’ misses the mark…quite a bit.

Details inside:

1st Week Predicated Sales:  37,000 – 42,000

Predicted Placement:  ???

With the week’s highest predicted sales + streams among debuts (at 60-65k), Jonas will most likely not shift Drake from his perch at the top of the Billboard 200.  And, while we give Nick an A for consistency, there is no way to shake the poor performance these numbers spell.

If they speak more to the quality of the product vs. the strength of his star power, time will tell.  But, what is certain is if the figures are indication of interest in ‘Complicated,’ it won’t last two weeks in the top 20.  Ouch.

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus June 15, 2016

    Everyone might as well just focus on selling singles because these singles success doesn’t correlate with their album sales.
    Anyway Drake will be #1, Nick will be #2 and Bet will be #3 ?

  2. King Mark111 June 15, 2016

    People want to talk about r&b not selling, I told y’all these pop stars aren’t selling any better. He’s not an album artist imo, he have one or two good singles and that’s about it. Nothing about him has me wanting know how complicated his 2015 was.
    So 5th Who who, Taco Grande, No No girl and others albums barely lived for a week. How sad because these are pip acts lol. And they say streaming is so easy, clearly not.

    • HailBeysus June 15, 2016

      But streaming is easy. These flops will have multiple certifications by the end of the year bookmark me ?

      • King Mark111 June 15, 2016

        Well it clearly not helping the artist I named.

      • wrosy3 June 16, 2016


    • Grande the Way June 15, 2016

      Dangerous Woman only has one single carrying it. Into You hasn’t even been released to radio yet. The album is also doing great worldwide, better than My Everything. Ariana is just fine

      • King Mark111 June 16, 2016


      • Grande The Way June 16, 2016

        No where to be found on the album tracklist. Any other questions?

  3. toeknee June 15, 2016

    Sad where the music industry is, because the album is actually good. People claim streaming is the new way music is consumed but still not many are streaming well(& not artist are putting their songs on all streaming platforms).
    Congrats but I really expected more as his singles tend to do better.

  4. toeknee June 15, 2016

    this just shows except you’re adele, Taylor, Beyonce, drake(for now) & hopefully Bruno, pink, JT & rihanna(lool I joke) album sales are becoming a struggle. Sadly singles $1.9 will never equate to album sales.
    This streaming bullsh1t needs to go cos artist aren’t appreciated for their work/record labels won’t make much profit hence artist like ciara & tinashe get dropped.

  5. truthtea June 15, 2016

    If y’all gon report precitions, make sure they’re accurate! He’s predicted to upwards to 60-70k.

    • HailBeysus June 15, 2016

      They’re only showing his PURE SALES predictions. He is predicted to have equivalent SALES between 60-65k according to HDD.

    • HailBeysus June 15, 2016

      I hate you! Now my BFF youtube history is going to have porno’s ????

      • Sean June 16, 2016

        Omg is that Lanette Scavo from Desperate Housewives…that show is epic

  6. Grande the Way June 15, 2016

    Well this album didn’t really have any massive hits to sell it. I could see if he was in 5H’s situation with a massive radio+streaming hit but tragic numbers. But he didn’t have that. The problem that I have with Nick is that he panders so hard. From pandering to the black community with his music to gay baiting, it’s tacky and does nothing to sell him as an artist. Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and even Bieber have a set image and sound for people to buy into. Nick has just given us abs, a few bops, and pandering. He’s stuck in the same lane as Jason Derulo imo. I’m rooting for him though. This album was a solid effort.

  7. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timelyyouyi June 15, 2016


  8. Dev June 16, 2016

    Nick Jonas doesn’t make good music, he makes a good s** symbol that he thinks will transpire to sales.
    A mediocre album and a few magazine covers were never going to save him

  9. Theman June 16, 2016

    His album is good. He needs about three pure pop hits. It’s like pop radio will give you a hit or two & then it gets rough from there. If these artists are going to release albums, then promote them as such and not as a single..

  10. Reality June 16, 2016

    I think another reason why music isn’t selling like it used to, is because there are too damn many new artist out! Seems like every week there is someone new.

    • #JACKIE June 16, 2016

      Yeah the industry is overcrowded. Nick actually has a budget and decent promo though. I don’t know why the same can’t be done for R&B artists when he is selling the same as them.

  11. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 June 16, 2016


  12. adelefan June 17, 2016

    Great album jonas. Thanx

  13. Bey-Minaj June 17, 2016

    Dang if this is what he’s selling imagine how much Iggy will. Probably 20,000

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