Watch: Alicia Keys & Miley Cyrus Star In ‘The Voice’ Promo

Published: Tuesday 9th Aug 2016 by Sam

All roads lead to September 19th for Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus.

The ladies (and label-mates) are the latest addition to ‘The Voice.’ They’re joining season 11 of the NBC smash as coaches alongside Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Their recruitment continues the show’s tried and true tradition of rotating major names across its Spring and Fall seasons.

Christina Aguilera, Shakira, and Gwen Stefani remain in the mix, yet this marks the first time females will appear simultaneously.

To tease the premiere, the network have released a titillating teaser that is out of this world – literally.


Watch the ‘Men In Black’ inspired promo after the jump…

Ahead of its debut, season 11 of ‘The Voice’ will be previewed August 21st in a special presentation on NBC after the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

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  1. IloveD August 9, 2016

    I want Miley to get rid of the gimmicks this era. It will end up ruining her like it ruined gaga. I’m rooting for Miley

    • JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2016

      Girl. Mylie has barely sold more copies of her best selling album than Gaga has from her worst selling album. They are not alike. Nobody has taken Mylie seriously at any point and she doesn´t possess the talent. Only good thing about her is that she´s vegan.

  2. LISA LEVINE August 9, 2016

    Christina Aguilera keeps producing blah material. Loving Me 4 Me, Soar, Get yours get mine, Walk away, FUSS we know what she’s capable of, she just has not found the right producer to bring out that soulful side of her voice that is “DYING” to be released. Stripped is still her Gem.

    • maurice August 9, 2016

      I’ve been listening to Bionic a lot lately and damn, I never knew how much it slayed.
      The album is veryyyyy camp and gaaaayyy, but it’s so good.
      Seeeeeeeeex for breakfast, in particular. She really did that with Bionic. I’m rooting for her.

      • JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2016

        My favorites from Bionic are probably two of the slow songs: S** for Breakfast and All I Need. Some of those few times where her voice doesn´t sound irritating at any point of the recording. Half of the album was great, however the other half was a total mess. Her best are obviously Stripped and Back to Basics.

    • Meteorite August 9, 2016

      I love Christina to the ends, but “Lotus” was such a huge let down it felt half-aśś. And I knew that album wasn’t going to be all that because she never takes 2yrs breaks, it’s always been 3-4. I don’t even count “Lotus” to be honest. But vocally she still sounds good based on the singles she been on here and there. I need a fusion album with a mix of “Stripped,” “Back to Basics,” and “Bionic.” I need Christina to give me life on this upcoming album. I’m like dying to have my weave snatched!!! Also happy 10th anniversary to “Back to Basics”!!!

  3. XYZ August 9, 2016

    What is it with alicia and the bandanas These days?

  4. Fancy BISH August 9, 2016

    Alicia Slays has me interested in at least watching the premiere…I’m curious to see the subtle ways she throws shade lol

    • Diva August 9, 2016

      I hope she is more subtle than Christina, cause Christina flat out doesn’t hide it lol

  5. Ramz August 9, 2016

    Alicia keys looks so frumpy…tidy up urself girl

  6. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 10, 2016

    Let see how it go for them two on the show when it come out next month

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