Whitney Houston Fans Slam New Controversial Documentary

Published: Thursday 27th Apr 2017 by David

Fans of the late entertainer Whitney Houston have objurgated a new documentary which seeks claims she lived a double life as a bisexual woman.

Named ‘Whitney: Can I Be Me?‘, the documentary seeks to scratch beyond what its creators believe was the star’s surface and unearth what they say was her biggest secret…with help from her former employees.

The stylist Ellin Lavar claims in it…

I don’t think she was gay, I think she was bisexual.

Her allegation comes armed with a remark shared by a member of Houston’s security team Kevin Ammons.

He added:

Robyn (her best friend) and Whitney were like twins.

They were inseparable. They had a bond and Bobby Brown could never remove Robyn. He wanted to be the man in the relationship.

Fans have called for a boycott of the project as the star, who was married to the performer Bobby Brown, identified as a heterosexual woman.


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  1. Kreeeeeee April 27, 2017

    Her fans are mad about a lesbians relationship being the topic? Chile, Whitney was a fcking crack head…it don’t get any worse than that. An alleged lesbian relationship is so small compared to the other mess that was going on.

    • BJ April 27, 2017

      Even though I love Whitney and hate when people call her a crack head, I have to agree in regard to the sexuality thing. It’s not just in this case, people always act like someone potentially being gay or bisexual is the worst thing they could ever be. It’s just stupid.

    • XoMoDe April 28, 2017

      Being a crackhead is more acceptable than being a lesbian. Crackheads at least have a chance to recover. Homosexuality is just degenerate.

  2. We Fall Dowm April 27, 2017

    Comment deleted.

  3. truthteller April 27, 2017

    Whitney’s fans are mad because these unsubstantiated claims about her and Robyn date back from the 80s and they always come from ex employees, tabloids and those who had a questionable connection to her.

  4. JOHNVIDAL April 27, 2017

    All I know is Whitney The Voice Houston is one of the best singers I have ever witnessed and undoubtedly the BEST singer at LIVE vocal showings. Memorable!

    I don´t care if she was bi or not. I only feel pain in case she was bi and couldn´t be who she was because of society and the pressure of fame back the days and her old-fashioned mum. That would have been very sad. And something taht destroyed a few of these entertainers lives eventually.

    • SMH April 27, 2017

      Agreed. I think MJ sufffered & eventually destroyed himself over the very same thing too.

  5. The Wig Snatcher April 27, 2017

    I saw the doc yesterday. It is the rawest celebrity doc ever. Any interview or film before and after this is irrelevant. This doc showed the real Whitney in an endearing way than a salacious or sanitized way. I loved it.

  6. The Wig Snatcher April 27, 2017

    Plus the film was more about the real drug abuse, pressures of her career and how Robin and her first bodyguard being the only people who protected her until they were forced out of her life.

    • Casual April 27, 2017

      I always felt like Robyn was a positive and stabilizing influence on Whitney. I think even Cissy thought that, though she preferred to not think about the full extent of their relationship.

  7. RoyalKev April 27, 2017

    This matter is simply irrelevant and not worth sensationalizing! Is it possible Whitney had a relationship with a woman? Yes! Do I believe she loved her husband and was a dedicated wife? I do! Whitney lived a full life and I’m glad she was able to experience so many blessings before it was time for her to close her eyes! That’s all that counts as far as I’m concerned! She was birthed into a loving and protective family, she slayyyyyed the world, enjoyed true friendships, fell in love, experienced motherhood! … and lastly, but not least important, had some sense of spirituality! People’s judgement after her departure from this life doesn’t change any of that!

  8. DanYiel Iman April 28, 2017

    Can’t wait to view this movie ? …

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