Tamar Braxton Rings In New Year…With Estranged Husband Vince Herbert [Video]

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jan 2018 by Sam

A lot can change in a day. Just ask Tamar Braxton.

The R&B singer’s “split” from husband Vince Herbert has been a fixture in the headlines since news hit that she had filed for divorce back in October.

What followed was public comments from Braxton’s family supporting the break-up and various suggestion that domestic violence was involved.

Adding pepper to the hotpot of mess, this week the 40-year-old songbird took to social media to declare that her “ex” had impregnated another woman (who she branded a “wh*re.” It was also revealed that whatever bust-up that spurred on the announcement also saw Vince locked up for (alleged) spousal abuse on Christmas Day.

So, riddle us this: why then was Tamar spotted ringing in the New Year none other than…Vince?!

Peep the video below…

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Are these two bamboozling the boys and girls of the world or is this a case of lovers reunited?

Either way, the entire episode is a mucky mess.

Like, no matter which way it’s diced or sliced, they both come out of the situation looking terrible. Because if done to garner press for their show, it’d be a new low. And even if not, airing out such dirty laundry publicly only to circle back days later is enough to dent perception. The damage is done.

Your thoughts?

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  1. China January 2, 2018

    She is MESSY. Pure Messy. That gay best friend every since he came in the picture her career has been MESSY. FIRE HIM. Maybe Vince and Tamar is using all this drama to send a MESSAGE to the IRS that Tamar is not involved, when really she is. SMOKE n MIRRORS but FIRE that tired little Queen you have working for you, he’s corny, NOT fierce and Trifilin and ruining your career along with your “EXTRA” a**. Get a PROFESSIONAL TEAM to manage you and be your assistant. Not to mention that tired performance you give at the Xscape tour where you forget your a singer and try to dance. FOOL.

    • DanYiel Iman January 2, 2018

      Totally mess & she’s dancing like she’s a veteran of dance….

  2. Liam January 2, 2018

    Why throw out your personal business about how your husband was doing all this stuff and then ring in the new year with him ? I think it just makes her look stupid but whatever floats her boat I guess ??‍♂️

  3. ~The Aracade~ January 2, 2018

    Tamar is starting off 2018 really bad; first that whole situation with The Queen’s Court and now this… SMH. This is most definitely a publicity stunt.

  4. ??? January 2, 2018

    lol well if the roach can air her dirty laundry to the world about camel cheating on her dumb ass and turn it into a publicity stunt, why cant tamar lmfaooo

  5. Casual January 2, 2018

    I do not think it’s a publicity stunt. Tamar and Vince roll like that — up and down from moment-to-moment. I only watched one or two eps of their show, b/c they were too extra all the time.

  6. DanYiel Iman January 2, 2018

    Anyone with a functioning brain knows that this whole sham was for ratings on that failing reality show!! Braxton Family Values also needs a storyline…???

  7. Oh January 2, 2018

    This ain’t no ones business even if they did air it out. Just because they do that does not mean they have to, now, do what the GP would expect for them to do.
    This is where the press gets out of line.

    • Shellz January 25, 2018

      They made it our business putting it out there on reality TV and IMMA keep asking questions about it!! LMAO

  8. Bill February 22, 2018

    Who wants to marry her after she had “Birdman”? Yawl better give her some “RESPECK”.

  9. Bill February 22, 2018


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