Ciara Reveals First Pictures Of New Baby Sienna

Published: Thursday 15th Feb 2018 by David

Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson have released the very first pictures of their daughter Sienna.

Ready to meet the couple’s beautiful baby girl?

Meet us after the leap…

In stunning snaps unveiled via the TraceMe App (which both stars are backing), the pair shared the first look at their youngster (who was born last April).

The adorable Sienna is Ciara’s first child with Wilson and second overall as she birthed a son named Future Zahir with the rapper Future on May 19th 2014.



Earlier this year, CiCi revealed that she completed much of her new album while pregnant with her daughter. She also signed her new record deal with Warner Bros while six months pregnant, something the singer has described as empowering!

The set to be released in the coming months.

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  1. Meme February 15, 2018

    Very tacky how she reveals this baby in conjunction with her app. I’m all for money moves but this just seem very weird how celebs pimp their kids.

    • Cough Cough February 15, 2018

      Yes because celebrities NEVER release their baby pics for financial gain, EVER. Never to magazines, never to websites, never to tv specials.. EVER. You’re so out of touch with reality. By the way I wonder how Rihanna will release her baby pics now that she’s pregnant. Maybe a puma collabo, baby line. That’d Be cute.

      • DanYiel Iman February 15, 2018

        Isn’t that the Kartrashian way?!! They live for it!!

    • Jasmine February 15, 2018

      Well regular folk do it free everyday on instagram and facebook so what is the problem with this?

      • Cough Cough February 15, 2018

        @jasmine and mind you the hoards if celebrity’s who give exclusives to magazines, tv shows, websites and various other outlets in their careers.

    • Jay February 15, 2018

      Nah you need to get with the times. Even nobodies are monetizing their babies on Youtube channels and having extravagant baby showers to get money. You late fam

    • Tori February 15, 2018

      It’s tacky how instead of selling her child’s photos to magazines, having her child takes naked photos of her naked, releasing photos of arms and legs but not face, releasing photos 4 minutes after birth, literally having a child on national tv, she waited till she and her family were comfortable with the public perception? The girl had a baby a year ago and waited till her terms to professionally, decently and formally introduce her child and her app, that explores her life, including her children. It’s a beautiful shoot, as was her pregnancy shoot, and a great app. You are clearly looking for something to not only bring her down but anger other people who have positive intentions, like you’ve done in the last few Normani post! Go sit down, there’s a time and place to be childish and this ain’t the time. Rihanna needs to hurry up and release something because you are thirsty as cougar p****. You even started stanning for Camila, of ALL artists. Please grow up!

      • Paulo February 16, 2018

        THIS READ!!!!!! Yessss

  2. Jamie February 15, 2018

    Looking like her Daddy!! Cute.

  3. Superstar! February 15, 2018

    The kid looks just like it’s dad.
    #God Bless That Baby’s Face

    • Superstar! February 15, 2018

      *…. its Dad

    • Lake Erie February 15, 2018

      It’s ??.. When it’s obvious what the gender is ?

  4. Mark111 February 15, 2018

    Sienna has the face and hair that the pest thought Beyonce’s kid was gonna have. Funny.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler February 15, 2018

      Wtf is that suppose to mean Willy Lynch?

  5. Lake Erie February 15, 2018

    The times will change but its still the same ole s***…. Haters seething in a Ciara post like always for what? I still don’t know. Anyways:


    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! She get it from her momma! ❤

    • Superstar! February 15, 2018

      #You’re As Funny As YOU and That Baby Look

      • Lake Erie February 15, 2018

        Ooohh.. I hit a nerve? 😂 lmao. Yes #SEETHING… carry on..

      • Superstar! February 15, 2018

        @Lake – No it’s you who is the SAD one dearie, really you are. And yes I insinuated but now I’m saying out right that the kid isn’t cute. She looks like her build-a-bear dad and that’s NOT a compliment.

        Again, you actually think that people are jealous of a baby mama who RAN AFTER a dude to improve her “brand” or “social standing?” You actually think that the kid looks like Ciara 2.0 (Ciara had a nose job and chin implants as well as ta-tas.) Oh and Ciara and the word gorgeous don’t belong in the same sentence because if SHE believed that she wouldn’t have gotten work done kid.

        Yes dear, I’ll say it ONE MORE TIME, YOU’RE the sad one here.

    • Superstar! February 15, 2018

      @Lake – Nope. Just questioning whether or not you actually believe the ridiculous sheuuut you write. It appears so.
      #Stay Sad And Stupid

      • Lake Erie February 15, 2018

        I said the same thing reading a comment coming from a GROWN ASS weirdo talking about someones CHILD? A baby though? Fool miss me with YO s***! You’re the #SAD one obviously.

      • Superstar! February 15, 2018

        @Lake – We can do this everyday kiddo. I seriously give 0 F’s. I’ll refer you to my comments about Ciara, Russell and their build-a-bear jr kid. I’m not impressed with anything that is Ciara but YOU appear to be QUITE enamored by this broad which leads me to believe you are one of her (5) fans that is in the “baby mama” club. So sad really.

        I guess this puts Ciara and Kimmie in the same basket now doesn’t it. Using a MAN to “LEVEL UP” huh. Clearly. You stans are ridiculous moronic zombie with 0 lives. I suggest you go on the hunt for whomever knocked you up. That’s a life long project kid so I suggest you get to it post haste.

    • Lake Erie February 16, 2018

      Lmao! Wow.. You closet fans are hilarious! Lol. it’s good to know you’re following my girl, even though what you’re saying false… But, don’t forget to cop the album probably latet this year while you’re at it. See you in the NEXT Ciara post. I know you’ll be perched like always, if not under this account, probably another.

      • Superstar! February 16, 2018

        @Lake – I have to agree with you that YOU are pretty funny. I find your actions QUITE comical seeing that you are “trying” your little heart out to stand for a loser like Ciara. (Sadly, you’re losing much like your idol.) Oh and I LOVE how you try to twist reality too babe. (Unfortunately your story telling abilities are lacking, severely much like Ciara’s singing ability.)

        Everyone knows that Ciara has had plastic surgery. Don’t blame me for restating the obvious. Hey, blame Tidal for putting her ORIGINAL face on their streaming service. Heck, blame her first label for putting her ORIGINAL face on the cover of her cd. Regardless the FACTS REMAIN dear, she’s as adjusted as a tranny my dear.

        As for that other crap dear, I suggest YOU PRAY that someone, ANYONE, purchases that garbage album should it ever hit the light of the radio waves. As for ME, I’ll be using my money to purchase dope music by great artists and unfortunately for Ciara she doesn’t make the cut. hehehehe

        Signed, (As ALWAYS)

  6. Fancy BISH February 15, 2018

    Absolutely adorable! 🍼

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