New Video: Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, & DJ Khaled – ‘Dinero’

Published: Thursday 24th May 2018 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez has unleashed the video for her latest jam, ‘Dinero.’

The song, which features Cardi B and DJ Khaled, has been hailed as a bilingual banger and has been burning up the airwaves and iTunes charts alike.

Acclaimed director Joseph Kahn was tapped to helm the clip for the track, which has been hotly anticipated since stills hit social media last month.

Did it deliver? Check it out below…

We really wanted to love this, but the black and white effect really took away from the overall presentation.

The song is a sizzling summer anthem and yet the video purposefully does away with color in favor of a film noir feel. It’s really mismatched – something not even J.Lo’s powerful performance could distract from.

In any case, this is gaining a lot of traction on streaming platforms. As such, we imagine the video will help this on its way to be a hit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ashanti May 24, 2018

    J.Lo has GOT to let this go. She looks good even with the airbrushed abs but it’s just not 2002 anymore. She needs to find a good acting role to get her an award (she has no Grammy, Golden, or oscar). She constantly feels the need to be “young” when she’s pushing 50. IDC how good you look, you old. This is try hard.

    • Kevon May 24, 2018

      Shut your jealous ass up

    • xavier clone May 24, 2018


    • China May 24, 2018

      She will NEVER get an Oscar, Grammy or Emmy – because Hollywood KNOWS she a “DANCER”. only. She has no REAL talent other Than Dancing or Laying on Her Back to Get gigs……with her NASTY “ME TOO MOVEMENT GUILTY” PERVERT Manager Benny Medina.

      • Kevon May 24, 2018

        Does awards mean all that when I’m already filthy rich with out having of those s*** … Please go live your life and make money for your retirement

      • LostOne May 24, 2018

        U sound stupid asf. How u gonna say she has no real talent then turn around n say she’s a dancer. She’s a natural born dancer that’s real fuxnn talent. Ppl pay millions n spend years trying to learn how to dance like her. It’s plenty of big name actors n actresses without an Oscar n guess what they’re still acting. Will Smith the one of the highest paid actor of all time don’t have no Oscar.

  2. Kevon May 24, 2018

    I like the song and video…but to be honest they mess it up by taking away the colour
    … Jlo always do some s*** to mess up her work

  3. China May 24, 2018

    Jennifer Lopez is NOT a singer. She is a “GIMMICK”. Enough already, Bish – please just act or dance or continue to sleep with any rich available BLACK EXEC’s to get to the top. OVER-RATED dancer. Cardi release I LIKE IT and take over the summer then jump on She Bad and seal the Clubs.

    • drixx May 24, 2018

      let her live. she’s been doing something right for the last 20 years and here you are commenting negatively online

      • China May 24, 2018

        Bish, you have your opn. I have mine. She’s a Bronx Tramp who Slept her way to the top. Never Liked her. IF SELENA WERE ALIVE, SHE WOULD BE A MANAGER OF A MCDONALDS WITH 7 kids by 8 different Black Fathers

  4. Meme May 24, 2018

    Video pretty video. I wish the whole thing wasn’t in Black and white though.

    Cardi B lit. Her verse go hard and he looks were dope.

  5. Luke May 24, 2018

    On the whole the video was ok but it looks like a 90s throwback. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table. J lo for however much of a high class entertainer she is, hasn’t pushed the envelope here.

    The monochrome visuals aren’t bad but the director did not take into account that most music consumers today watch videos on their smartphones and black and white particularly when not HD high res, does not always work well on a small screen. It loses its grandiose which I imagine was the reasoning behind the cinematographic choice.

    The main issue I have with this track and video is how crass it is. J lo is still rehashing lyrics about her rocks and money. In today’s global climate and consciousness, I would have hoped we had moved on somewhat from worshipping the dollar. She certainly doesn’t need money which makes the whole thing a pointless exercise. Like she’s just trying to throw down with all the young players who like to brag about owning fast cars etc but she is a grown mature woman with children. It doesn’t sit well.

    Having said that there are some iconic cinematic visuals including j lo with the ostrich, and the barbecue sequence. But the rest was just recycled fodder.

  6. SMH May 24, 2018

    Meh, its cute but forgettable. I also wish at this stage in her career she would concentrate on acting, she’s a good actress (as far as singers-turn-actors go) and never really gets props for that.

  7. NOBITCHASSNESS May 24, 2018

    Summer anthem!?

  8. Xoxo May 24, 2018

    Why is it that a mature woman can’t sing about nonsense too? It’s a fun song, get over it Haterz

  9. Suicide Blonde May 24, 2018

    El Anillo remains superior.

    • Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) May 24, 2018

      Shut up B|tch and keep my name out of your white trash mouth! STOP impersonating me and using my name on your troll accounts you POS. You are sick and you need help. You are so thirsty for attention.

  10. Gee May 24, 2018

    This song is trash and the video does nothing to change that.

  11. king z May 24, 2018

    after hearing cardi b’s verse the song should’ve been cardi b ft jlo and not the other way around

    of course, as usual, dj khaled serves no purpose

  12. Jj May 24, 2018


  13. Arden May 24, 2018

    Ok so a couple things this song 1. this song needed a third person who could actually bring something to the track (so not DJ kahlid) 2. I would have actually like to hear beyonce do J.LO’s verse I would have believe her more . I love J.lo but I does have moments where it feels like a reach. HOWEVER with the insane amount of product placement I know that are getting a bag on top of a bag . LASTLY people forget now a days J.lo really only makes music for her core group which is the latin community this will be great for her on there charts and they will always support . I think why most people don’t like it cause J.lo has lost her musical crossover appeal but cardi smart this song plus” I like it ” plus the song she had with Quanzo that was number 1 on latin airplay she bout to have this summer on lock in the latin community

  14. Barbara ‘Hunnychile’ Perez May 24, 2018

    H** long ago was this filmed cos Cardi sure don’t look pregnant. I really wish Jen would rein in the OTT production/ video / choreo and do something stripped back and simple.

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