New Video: Nicki Minaj – ‘Megatron’

Published: Thursday 20th Jun 2019 by Rashad

It’s finally here!

After ample teasing, Nicki Minaj has dropped the highly anticipated, Mike Ho-directed video for her new single, ‘Megatron.’  

Watch inside:

Easily one of the Grammy nominee’s most appealing visuals, the cut makes its arrival nearly a year after her last LP, ‘Queen,’ stormed the Billboard 200.

While we await news on ‘Megatron’s parent project, we can certainly say this era is starting off on a much better foot than its predecessor.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AJ June 20, 2019


    • Jasmine June 21, 2019

      I watched NONE of the teasers so that I could watch the video in full without any hints of what to expect. I like this video and song for Nicki. Of course I’m biased because I LOVE the song this one samples! I think this is the direction she needs to go in. She is a NYC girl and I’m loving that she is embracing the Caribbean sounds she very likely grew up listening to. As for the song and video, I liked it immediately. I hope her fans love on this and help get this to number 1 on the charts. NYC radio like Hot 97 will certainly eat this up and put this on heavy rotation today so it’s Nicki time y’all. Other radio stations usually copy what NYC is playing on their playlists. Let’s go!

      • TruthfullySpeaking June 21, 2019

        Real West Indians especially Jamaicans are CRINGiNG at this Trinidadian imposter marketing herself as Jamaican. That’s Steffy’s lane. Y’all wanna say Cardi a black woman imposter well Nicki has always been a Jamaican imposter. Garbz stay on they hypocrital sh!t.

      • Jasmine June 21, 2019

        Who is y’all? If I like a video it does not mean I am a Stan of the artist! I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like.

      • E. June 22, 2019

        @Truthfully Speaking, it’s funny that according to the youtube comments Megatron is #1 trending in Jamaica.

  2. Kay June 20, 2019

    This is catchy!!!

  3. Erica June 20, 2019

    I wanted to like it, but it’s not it!! She lost her way with the times. And it all just feel like the same thing she’s been giving since anaconda

    Poor nicki plus Camilla & Shawn have duet out today also 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Jasmine June 21, 2019

      Rather than hate why not share the music u like. People are always eager to hear new music. Hating without reason is useless. Drop the names of the kind of new songs u like.

      • TruthfullySpeaking June 21, 2019

        Face it she has no growth. That’s why y’all want her to rivert back to Superbad Nicki. The w**** still be throwing shots on happy heats. Y’all must really like fake smiles cuz all Onika been giving since Red Lobster 🦞

  4. Jjdjd June 20, 2019

    This is a BOP

  5. Js June 20, 2019

    This Song is 🔥

  6. Meme June 20, 2019

    Aight bih! I’m here for all of this. It’s 9’s all around for me.

    Someone said it best in a previous post. We need fun light Nicki back. Her last album was too angry, we need Anaconda and Superbass Nicki and that is exactly the vibe I got from Megatron.

    • WIll_xo June 21, 2019

      Exactly!!! Now I just wish they’d give the song a chance forget beefs and all this Nikki hate , song’s fire periodt.

  7. Dc June 20, 2019

    Not gonna cross over cardi camila Lil Nas X Shawn Mendez gonna rule outa these new songs next

  8. Sandra June 20, 2019

    Okay Steflon Don

    • Donnette June 21, 2019

      Lmaaaaooo you see it too huh!? Jaifakcan Trini Minaj needs to stay inna ar FRAUD place

  9. Gee June 20, 2019

    This is ok definitely summer vibes.

  10. Barb-wire/ thee Stallion Hottie June 21, 2019

    Ayeee!!! It’s going to be the hottest summer. Nicki issa bop sis. Watch this tear up them damn charts and it won’t free fall after a week either.

    I’m the happiest Bih right now. Megan thee stallion is releasing Cash S*** as a single which is a guaranteed hit and The Queen just released this summer bop.

    Life is everything!

    • TruthfullySpeaking June 21, 2019

      “It won’t free fall after a week either.”

      When the pressed barb consciousness SPEAKS! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Goodie June 21, 2019


  12. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie June 21, 2019

    They call me Megatron.
    Shawty’s a Megacon
    It ain’t about the race either
    It’s a marathon. 🔥🔥🔥

    OH what a time to be a Nicki Stan!

    • TruthfullySpeaking June 21, 2019

      Still throwing shots and disguising it under happy beats 😜, can’t coexist with Cardi for the sake of female rap. That’s why Belcalis will continue to put her foot on ha neck.

      • E. June 21, 2019

        B**** bye! Every song and feature Cardi put out lately she sending shots. Yet you wanna talk about Nicki.

  13. Lana Del Fan June 21, 2019

    Bop! A while bop!

  14. TruthfullySpeaking June 21, 2019

    Wow utter TRASH as expected.

    Even as a hater I can say Chun-Li is better than this mess. Only thing Hot is the beat and it’s not even original. I cringed at them fake “Bratatata” Rasta man chants. She literally raps the same sh!t and gives the same formula over and over again because little white kids who can’t tell the difference between real dancehall and “tropical house” eat it up! 😂And she still can’t sing. No wonder she tryna stop Stefflon don bags, the real Jamaican femcee who can toast sing, rap and buss a whine. “ Boasty alone sh!ts all over this track. It will fall off next week mark my words!! 👏🏽🥴

    • E. June 21, 2019

      B**** I’m sure you seen the trailer so why did you feel the need to come back for the video? You replying to everybody’s comment that don’t agree with you. B**** BYE!!!!! This is for Nicki supporters not HATERS.

  15. SNF June 21, 2019

    I like this one. 💪🏾✨

  16. Are you Kidding Me? June 21, 2019

    This is going to be at EVERY Caribbean party this summer.

    • Dumb h*** June 21, 2019

      No it is not this jafacian ass s***. This b**** not even Jamaican she from Trinidad… where is the soca?

  17. stan June 21, 2019

    the video is… predictable. the song is a bop though

  18. Interac June 21, 2019

    It’s alright. It’s nothing new or fresh for nicki.
    She was King Kong, chun li, now Megatron. Next she’ll be, hmmmm, Sailor Mars? I’m calling it now.

    • Justafan June 21, 2019

      lolz Sailor Mars! I second that, so ridiculous

  19. Blaine Kelley June 21, 2019

    The positive: I like it and feel like this light/fun vibe is where she needed to go back towards.
    (Either light/fun or some Monster-esque sh*t aka lyrical creativity and a fiery dynamic delivery)

    Cons: while i like it, it doesn’t have any standout moments for me. It feels like something she’s done before without a dash of newness. (Yes, i want her to revisit older vibes but not just a plain rehash)

    Additionally, I don’t think it’s strong enough to compete with all the other summer songs clogging up the charts. Therefor, she likely won’t get a very strong debut/peak, and that’ll make her look bad and provide her haters with plenty of fuel….i kinda wish they’d write it off as more of a buzz single….

    I’d love to be wrong and see it blow up but neither the song or video feel fresh enough…

  20. Jackx June 21, 2019

    It’s the same old formula she follows for every video…

    1. Minaj submerged in some sort of liquid
    2. Minaj showing her b*** in a doggy style position or crawling somewhere
    3. Same old body suit costumes…
    4. Same old boring choreo that she doesn’t even bother learning
    5. Same old background full of people partying or something related…

  21. JaylaTooBad June 21, 2019

    We all know the main b****** gonna hate on this post I don’t need to drop names y’all b****** are tired and late sis my b**** gonna bring the heat every time to burn y’all miserable ass b******!!

  22. London lad June 21, 2019

    So she’s trying to get a head start on Rihanna reggae album….try harder

  23. Jez June 21, 2019

    Love it!! This is def fun Nicki. Hope NM 5 is a Pop/Rap album.

  24. Urg June 21, 2019

    OK ole girl I see ya. I actually like the song.

  25. ThBeyoncé June 21, 2019

    Summer is officially here m. This is a smash. I am not a Nicki fan but this will do for summer 2019

  26. Ronna June 21, 2019

    I couldnt get through it.

  27. IG: mixedboy June 21, 2019

    Just listened and watched the video. It’s not bad. Good club song. Rests heavily on the reggae sample tho

  28. tika June 21, 2019

    Itsa a good song

    But from Niki this is a megaREPEAT! like ive heard this song like 10 times from her!

    Shes has to switch it up! you cant just give the same melodies and visuals 6 years in a row its boring at this point!

    She needs Co writes , new melodies,

  29. High Price June 21, 2019

    Smh i swear, haters are her BIGGEST critics. They just have the answers, yet they stay consistent om doing what they do best: Hating.

    Well i love this joint! It gives me fun, summer vibes. She looks happy too! Nothing try hard at all. I can tell she just said [email protected]%$ It, I’m doing me. Hate me , or love me. I’m not even a Nicki fan but this joint goes! Def in my playlist! Female rap is winning in 2019 I see! It’s half time now, let’s bring it home ladies!

    • Kara June 21, 2019

      I agree with you 💯 and I don’t blame her for this new approach. Just do u and what makes u happy and let the chips fall where they may. I do hope when she returns to Queen Radio she leaves all that drama behind and focus on the new Nicki.

      • High Price June 21, 2019


  30. Just Sayin’ June 21, 2019

    It is a lazy effort. Sure the song is OK for the summer but the video is a super lazy effort. It like a recycle effort from Anaconda!! Come on Nicki u can do better!!!

  31. Sabah June 21, 2019

    Barbz let’s blow up youtube views streaaam

  32. Caleb June 21, 2019

    If you don’t want to support her don’t watch it. You’re just giving the song a stream so she get a certification based off YouTube streams.

    • E. June 21, 2019

      You’re absolutely correct but why are you here? You made it clear that you’re not a supporter.

  33. PinotNoir June 22, 2019

    Fact: I like her ballads better.

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