‘The Lion King’ Director Dishes On New Beyonce Music

Published: Friday 7th Jun 2019 by Sam

‘The Lion King’ has the world awaiting its roar as its July 19th release draws near.

Beyond promises of jaw-dropping cinematics, many are anticipating the musical component of Disney’s live action re-telling of one its most popular titles.

The involvement of superstar singer Beyonce, who stars as Nala, is widely cited as one of the main reasons for this.

Sans carefully curated trailers, much of what’s to come has been shrouded in secrecy.

However, director Jon Favreau is drip-feeding tea. Join us below for the latest pouring…

Speaking to Variety, he said of Bey’s role and musical contributions:

“Oh, you’re in for a treat! She’s wonderful. She’s been coming by looking at stuff. I’ve been hearing stuff, not just the stuff from that we recorded from the original film, but she’s been working on music as well. And she is a staggering talent and I’m so fortunate to be collaborating with her.”

It’s widely expected that Bey, along with lead Donald Glover, will play an integral role in putting a fresh spin on ‘Lion King’ classics such as ‘Circle Of Life’ and ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight.’ They’re also confirmed, per the quote above, to be cooking up all-new material.

We’re more excited than keystrokes can convey. Roll on July!

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  1. Clarkson June 7, 2019

    Nobody want new beyonce music. Before I let go is at the bottom of the chart.

    Everybody is clamouring for new Rihanna music tho.

    • Tyty June 7, 2019

      You want Beyonce music since you can’t keep away from posts relating to her hell you were talking about Beyonce in the post below about songwriters chart so stop pretending you won’t be first in line to stream her s*** you probably getting your tidal subscription ready as we speak

    • #TheTruth June 7, 2019

      Lol is that why Anti performed so well ? She had to release one hundred « lead » singles to release the damn thing and eventually had to call Drake for some help. That’s how bad people want new Rihanna music.

    • Father Mathew June 7, 2019

      Obscure concepts and music do not mean success. Here we are to witness once again the fall of an American icon

  2. Meee June 7, 2019

    As much as the hive stan it, her actual singing voice hasn’t been relevant in a while. Interested to see what she does and how radio reacts.

    • #TheTruth June 7, 2019

      I agree with you. Vocally she hasn’t recorded anything on a « vocalist level » for a while.
      I’m done with that trap mess, never been into it to begin with.
      Just sing again.

    • Wendy Truth Serum June 7, 2019

      Lmaooo except the entire roach fanbase really is a bunch of welfare bottoms and ratchet baby mommas with nothing to do but wait for roach to perform another 10 year old routine in a bedazzled onesie while her husband runs through her backup dancers lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • DJ June 11, 2019

        Racist much?

  3. Maxx June 7, 2019

    Well I am no Beyoncé stan, but do have me anticipating Can you feel the love tonight as they say it is so beautiful it will make you cry. More than likely a gross exaggeration, but I love good music so hopefully it does not disappoint

  4. ??? June 7, 2019

    Lmaooo yeah right, she’s gonna try to have a star is born moment and its gonna FLOP harder than #HomeFLOPPING did lmaooo, she should call Rihanna, maybe she’ll give her a job at fentys lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  5. Wendy Truth Serum June 7, 2019

    Her homecoming was… shite.

  6. I hate blaccck n whyte June 7, 2019

    He referred to her music as STUFF , SHE is nothing like Whitney the voice Houston

    • I hate blaccck n whyte June 7, 2019

      20 Grammy’s for Beyonce stuff and she cannot sing like Whitney. Damn Mariah you still here and trying they put they foot up your ass, I know Whitney cracking up

      Shout out to Denzel

  7. June 9, 2019


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