#Beyhive Attack Accusers Who Believe Beyonce Stole ‘Spirit’ Music Video Concept

Published: Saturday 20th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Beyonce may be earning critical acclaim aplenty for the African-inspired music video for her latest single, ‘Spirit’ (the leading effort from the ‘Lion King:  The Gift’ album), but there’s at least one critic the Grammy-winner shouldn’t expect to hear praise from: famed photographer and art director Gabrielle Kannemeyer.

Kannemeyer – whose past clientele list boasts big brands such as Puma, Adidas, Guess,  Woolworths, and many more – retweeted a number of posts from commenters who observed similarities between her work and the ‘Spirit’ visual.

A Kannemeyer shoot drawing particular comparison was that of South African artist Petite Noir‘s ‘Blamefire.’ Once the Beyhive got wind of the insinuation of copying, needless to say, hell broke loose.  More inside:

After Gabrielle, who worked as art and fashion director on the ‘Blamefire’ shoot, retweeted this:

…the Beyhive went into attack mode.

Kannemeyer responded with:


Ouch!  Watch Noir’s video below and see if you spot any similarities:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Character July 20, 2019

    Honestly are we surprised!? I mean I don’t entirely blame Bey, but there have been countless times where she has been accused of copying or stealing from other artists not just musical, but creatively. She has even had to settle out of court for these instances.

    • Andrew July 21, 2019

      « Good artists copy, the best ones steal » Pablo Picasso

  2. The truth always comes to light July 20, 2019

    It’s definitely Very similar!!! It’s a shame bcuz she has been praised hell overly unnecessarily praised! She can put out anything & ppl will be like this is so groundbreaking & this is why she’s the best…. it’s crazy that someone can steal the concept of someone else’s hard work & then say I was inspired by it!

  3. Jasmine The Real Princess July 20, 2019

    Yonka stealing once again?
    Wow I am very surprised!!!!

    • Bey Best July 20, 2019

      ???…and the gag is the beyHIVes are still defending the harlot who cannot produce a real human.

      • Will_xo July 21, 2019

        Why go there you’re just a moron and PS you sound like an imbecile why involve someone kids huh???

    • RiriNavy July 21, 2019

      wow this is crazy

      She will settle this in the court again


  4. Clarkson July 20, 2019

    Thiefyonce strikes again
    Nothing she does is original and instead of her to take permission or give credit to the original owners, she doesn’t.

    Why last did beyonce do something original?

    • Bey Best July 20, 2019

      That last question is an unfairly trick question. ???

  5. Bey Best July 20, 2019

    Beyoncé is the Empress of Copy and Paste (and paying TGJ for encouraging B*****+e attacks). Until Bey does Adele or Taylor numbers, thank you, next.

    • Bey Best July 20, 2019

      Beyoncé is the Empress of Copy and Paste (and paying TGJ for encouraging beyHIVe attacks). Until Bey does Adele or Taylor numbers, thank you, next.

  6. Ratedxxx July 21, 2019

    I would have sued her lying. Non talent chicken head a**…

    The peasants are so quick to attack for her stealing other people’s ideas….

    They are the dumbest stan base ever…

    Any idiot can see beyondfake copy and paste this video

  7. AJ July 21, 2019

    AINT S*** SHE CAN DO ABOUT IT BUT GET IN LINE WITH OTHER MAD H***. And nobody will know who she is. clout chaser.

  8. Clarkson July 21, 2019

    Remember when the pest hive accused taylor swift ,a 2 time Grammy album of the year winner (something beyonce will never achieve in her life) of stealing the formation concept and the marching band concept. the pest hive always acting like their fave is not a thief and copy cat also. Bye

    • Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 21, 2019

      Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Janet Jackson, Shania Twain, Diana Ross, Madonna… None of them have album of the year Grammys. And all are considered best artists of all time.

      • ??? July 21, 2019

        lmaoooo but none of them are copy n paste thieves like camel’s pet roach lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  9. Bravo!!! July 21, 2019

    Beyoncé grown woman video could have been comparison as well. Beyonce ain’t stealing s***! She recycles her ideas

    • Arjun July 21, 2019

      Recycle ahahahhahah
      No one ask beyonchief tonrecycle there ideas on concept
      Shes a thieft thats all
      Her hair,her style,her mimics everything to her even she stole a fake pregnancy concept
      She a thieft thats all u beyhive can say every reason u want u lied to urself
      Everyone know shes a liar and thieft
      Point blank

      • goldie jawn July 21, 2019

        please learn your grammar and spelling sis.

  10. Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. July 21, 2019

    Thiefyonce and her trolls are nasty little hood rats.

  11. #TheTruth July 21, 2019

    Well like one of the tweets shows, she’s already used such set ups for Lemonade.
    I think when you take screen shots like that it can be quite misleading because you see fragments of a whole work and people jump to conclusion very fast.

  12. stormiscomimg July 21, 2019

    Bey is reductive as always.

  13. Jasmine The Real Princess July 21, 2019

    She’s also copying Tinashe and other flops with her 18k pure sales first week predictions

    • Dc July 21, 2019


    • thanosoftitan July 21, 2019

      Lmao I fuqin can’t!

    • SuxMyCockiness ? July 21, 2019

      You made me spit out my drink! ???

  14. Arthus Nico July 21, 2019

    Enough of Beyoncé and the Lion King

    Hope TGJ has a good deal with Disney because it’s way too many posts

    • Boss Up July 21, 2019

      Exactly!! I’m so over them…

  15. Keith July 21, 2019

    Here we go again…LOL. It’s called show BUSINESS for a reason. If it’s true, the creator will reap some benefit but most likely this kerfluffle will be forgotten and Bey’s visual will live on. The truth is, VERY LITTLE is TRULY original. All artists know that.

  16. Chili July 21, 2019

    Sorry Beyonce used to be a fan, but this is exactly what I was talking about. Beyonce wants to exploit their culture. I’m honestly not surprised.

  17. Megatron July 21, 2019

    This is why I love Nicki videos, they are always original.

    • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 21, 2019

      Nicki stole her entire career from Lil Kim. So, relax.

      • ??? July 21, 2019

        lmaoooo but who did lil skim steal her face and body parts from? lmaoooo ???

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 22, 2019

        Same person Nicki stole her leaking inflated ass from

  18. RiriNavy July 21, 2019

    How come im not suprised? Beyawnce no originality and her fans think she’s the hottest right now in the game? Lol

    We have riri, arianna, billie, taylor, and gaga now

  19. WWWD WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO July 21, 2019

    thief Beyonce…she is nothing like Whitney Houston. Can’t sing

    • WWWD WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO July 21, 2019

      A thief when Whitney Houston was here y’all m************ made it seem like this b**** was so much greater her voice is so great and she cannot sing or hit the notes like Whitney Houston in 20 years.

      • WWWD WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO July 21, 2019

        On to ……….Instagram page, we do not like Beyonce she cannot sing like Whitney Houston….

  20. Tyty July 21, 2019

    TGI act like obsessed loonies I am so bored of these beyonce posts. ??

  21. RiriNavy July 21, 2019

    Shareefa’s Point of no Return sold 37k in a week
    Nicki Minaj Queen sold 185k in a week
    Cardi B sold 252k in a week

    So bish wat your excuse?
    There are black artists out there who sold more than 13-18k a week
    Yance only sold 13-18k plus tidal sales = 50-70k

    But Tidal is not reliable with their sales since you guys know who owns it

    • Interac July 21, 2019

      Shareefa? Lol I like her album but this is so random

    • Lewey July 21, 2019

      It’s not just on Tidal, nice try tho.

  22. Slimi July 21, 2019

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  23. WWWD WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO July 21, 2019

    no white people in the spirit video.

    Whitney Houston would never biso blind

  24. Lewey July 21, 2019

    PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID. you can clearly see that Beyonce used the same images in 2016 before the other person. However, haters pretend as if that does not exist. READING IS FUNDAMENTAL.

  25. JOHNVIDAL July 21, 2019

    Bland song. Visuals are good. She is not made for epic ballads to attach to a film and make them eternal. She knows it and takes much care about her steps in the industry. or at least her team does. Thay know at this point she cannot go to a film and act. They would devour her. Long are the days she was still kind of new and could get away with basic acting. Just to give an example. She knows she was not going to top the monumental original Lion King songs, so she has done her thing in her way: lending her voice for an animated role, making a couple of songs but still giving more shine to Elton and Hans Zimmer… etc.

    PS: sales are so poor. It´s unbelievable. In general.

  26. #TeamTinashe Stan July 21, 2019

    Are we surprised? Btw Beyonce fans are the MOST toxic and nastiest fan base on social media.
    No other stan base can compare.

    • thanosoftitan July 21, 2019

      Some of her fans are sensible, but a good portion of them are not very pleasant or logical when it comes to discussing Beyonce.

  27. Jj July 21, 2019

    What do you expect Beyoncé is not original but this looks spot on to her work but she would have to go after Solange too

  28. Jj July 21, 2019

    Got dammit beyonce this is the spirit video did it again dam lemonade e visuals to decree kissing you to kylie m robot at the bet wards to the Swedish artist with the screens from the billboard awards Is it just things I can think of at the top of my head where she has copy all to Janets whole career LOL

  29. Dosharon July 21, 2019

    How long will it take until the world stops finding excuses to this woman for stealing the work of other artists? I’ve learned so much about her through the years that now I know she’s not half the perfect woman she wants us to believe she is. From her behavior with Aaliyah, ex-members of DC, Ne-Yo which she gave up on as quick as she saw his single was flopping by the time, she’s just an opportunist one. The comedy will end sooner or later just like it does right now with R Kelly, everybody knew, EVERYBODY but what you want? People are hypocrites as long as there is money to make.

  30. ??? July 21, 2019

    lmfaooooo, hey roaches, where’s all this energy for lion king: The Flop and its nonexistent sales?????

  31. TallB July 21, 2019

    I mean it’s similar but not that much.
    So if black people dance in colorful clothes in a desert it’s a copy?
    Some people will find anything to pull other people down.

    • Dot July 21, 2019

      I don’t see any similarities at all. Just the African concept

  32. Dot July 21, 2019

    I don’t see any similarities at all. Just the African concept

    • Jane July 23, 2019

      Exactly just that and the location. I wonder if the accuser invented the desert?

  33. Stevone l Jackson July 22, 2019

    Beyonce Stan’s are Stupid Zombies. This b**** is always stealing and lying like she did something she can’t write or direct without stealing someone s*** this B**** is a devil and her Stan’s are Demons……

    • Jane July 23, 2019

      And the devil is laughing at you ?

  34. stan July 22, 2019

    am i missing something? the only similarity i can see is the african vibe. other than that, the shots aren’t identical at all.

    • Jane July 23, 2019

      Exactly but people want to jump on the Beyoncé hate band wagon so bad. I doubt any idiot here even watched the video.

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